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Eyeconomy Media Pack

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Eyeconomy Media Pack2011

  1. 2. About Eyeconomy In business since 1996 Specialists in online advertising Performance Network – IASH accredited Brand Network Unique Ad Formats: Subsites and Sublines Contextual Targeting Lead Generation
  2. 3. Premium environments for online advertisers Published in house or exclusively represented Range of sectors Reaches desirable and receptive audiences in high quality environments and well placed ad sites For DR advertisers, all sites can be used as an open network High level of video content for rich media advertising opportunities Integrations, sponsorships and other creative opportunities available Brand Network
  3. 4. Brand Network Reach quality targeted audiences with top tier domain name sites, exclusively represented by Eyeconomy. Sports Channel Total News & Entertainment Channel Total 7 Million Monthly Uniques 167 Million Monthly Ad Impressions 14 Million Monthly Uniques 158 Million Monthly Ad Impressions The Eyeconomy Total 21 MILLION Monthly Uniques 325 MILLION Monthly Impressions
  4. 5. Brand Network Reach quality targeted audiences with top tier domain name sites, exclusively represented by Eyeconomy. Sports Channel News & Entertainment Channel Footymad.net 5m Monthly Uniques 140m Monthly Ad Imps 28 Median Age 55% ABC1 % 81 / 19 M/F Football.co.uk 900k Monthly Uniques 7m Monthly Ad Imps 3O Median Age 64% ABC1 % 72 / 28 M/F Sport.co.uk 1m Monthly Uniques 20m Monthly Ad Imps 26 Median Age 68% ABC1 % 85 / 15 M/F Cricket.co.uk TBC Monthly Uniques TBC Monthly Ad Imps Rugby.co.uk 50k Monthly Uniques 300k Monthly Ad Imps Golf.co.uk TBC Monthly Uniques TBC Monthly Ad Imps Tennis.co.uk TBC Monthly Uniques TBC Monthly Ad Imps Motorsport.co.uk TBC Monthly Uniques TBC Monthly Ad Imps Boxing.co.uk TBC Monthly Uniques TBC Monthly Ad Imps Express.co.uk 2.1m Monthly Uniques 41m Monthly Ad Imps 55 Median Age 61% ABC1 % 63 / 37 M/F Dailystar.co.uk 2m Monthly Uniques 27m Monthly Ad Imps 25 Median Age 32% ABC1 % 64 / 36 M/F OK.co.uk 900k Monthly Uniques 10m Monthly Ad Imps 21 Median Age 57% ABC1 % 16 / 84 M/F MGID.com 7.5m Monthly Uniques 44m Monthly Ad Imps 32 Median Age 66% ABC1 % 78 / 22 M/F New-magazine.co.uk 200k Monthly Uniques 1m Monthly Ad Imps 19 Median Age 40% ABC1 % 7 / 93 M/F Star-magazine.co.uk 25k Monthly Uniques 180k Monthly Ad Imps 19 Median Age 40% ABC1 % 7 / 93 M/F OntheBox.com 1.1m Monthly Uniques 30m Monthly Ad Imps 25 Median Age 51% ABC1 % 68 / 32 M/F FlightComparison.co.uk 250k Monthly Uniques 4.8m Monthly Ad Imps 3O Median Age 64% ABC1 % 7O / 3O M/F From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM From £8 CPM From £5 CPM From £8 CPM From £8 CPM From £5 CPM From £5 CPM
  5. 6. Household name press title ’s website, high level of user trust 2.1m UUs, 41m imps, 60.8% ABC1 Targeting via content sections Reaches affluent middle aged demographic Opportunities for cross media executions Also new-magazine.co.uk, 200,000 UUs, 1m imps Brand Network: Express.co.uk
  6. 7. Site of Britain ’s youngest newspaper, a brand with a buzz… Young, entertainment hungry audience with disposable cash 2m UUs, 27m imps, 72% male, 72% under 44 years old Targeting via content sections Opportunities for cross media executions Also star-magazine.co.uk - 25,000 UUs, 180,000 PIs Brand Network: DailyStar.co.uk
  7. 8. Britain ’s best selling celebrity magazine - online Young, female audience looking for the latest fashion, glamour and gossip Aspirational, glitzy and vibrant 900,000 UUs, 10m imps, 57% ABC1, 83% under 34 94% female Strong response rates for advertisers Brand Network: Ok.co.uk
  8. 9. Leading site for UK TV, film and radio listings and content Ranked #1 on Google for ‘TV’ and ‘TV Listings’ 1 million UUs, 30 million imps Consistently great response levels for advertisers Recent overhaul adds UK cinema listings and film reviews…. Brand Network: OntheBox.com
  9. 10. Fastest growing independent sports site in the UK 1 million UUs, 20 million imps News, video, exclusive features, high profile columnists and much more Google p1 for ‘sport’ Glossy, sleek environment Male slant, high ABC1 Receptive user base Brand Network: Sport.co.uk
  10. 11. Performance Network* IASH accredited network 1.5 BILLION premium monthly impressions Exclusive sites including ComScore UK top 100 100% blind, lost-cost-and-volume purchase All standard units accepted Sophisticated targeting to major channels Real-time Online Reporting Professionally managed in-house, optimised both automatically and manually with daily communication. Competitive CPM ’s - with or without targeting * Eyeconomy Performance Network is a division of Eyeconomy Ltd
  11. 12. Targeting: Channel Day / time IP Browser Geo City Delivery Channels: Automotive  Business/Finance Career Community/ Social Networks Dating Education Entertainment Gaming Music News Property Shopping Sports Technology Travel Weather Women and Health Campaigns can be high volume and reach, or target a highly specific audience. Performance Network* Targeting
  12. 13. Pop unders As a user minimises or closes one of our host sites, your site is shown in browser behind Maximum exposure, high impact Takes user to the point of purchase / acquisition Capped at 1 per 24 hours. Traffic in all major verticals, delivering to 30 million unique users every month. Rotating landing pages, including video. SubSites
  13. 14. Subsite activated on user minimising or shutting down the host site Video SubSites Traffic in all major verticals Delivering to 30m unique users every month Your advert opens in the background as host site closes Capped 1/24 hrs; targeting specific offers, promotions, competitions, registration, viral, downloads
  14. 15. User permission-based technology Keyword search and URL format which delivers YOUR brand on top of competitors site 8m unique user network Excellent ROI ’s - e.g. finance – 50-100 new leads per month Achieve your cpa targets 10-15% of all users engage and interact Take key market share Capped to 1/24hrs User keyword search Our client ’s advert Contextual Targeting
  15. 16. Floating interactive tool bars Multi-functional – can include video dropdowns, XML search feeds, multiple pack shots….. Run on individual sites, or across targeted performance network No extra production costs Can achieve several objectives in one ad Multitude of information made available to user within a single ad, delivered in neutral environments Reduce number of clicks to purchase; different elements of SubLine can click through to different landing pages SubLines
  16. 17. SubLines Innovative format, invites interaction Rich-media floating toolbar, multi-functional; always in view above the fold Overall CTR ’s up to 5% Creative produced in-house free of charge to client spec
  17. 18. Real time online reporting and client logins Pixel implementation available on all campaigns to allow tracking from page impression to sale Self-optimisation tool to help campaign efficiencies Expert in trafficking optimisation across all verticals A personal account manager continuously fine tuning to ensure we hit campaign goals 90% of campaigns result in a re-book Campaign Management
  18. 19. “ Eyeconomy was a particularly effective DR mechanism that we utilised for Skype. Using a blend of their network and subsite offerings we managed to achieve a seemingly unachievable CPA across multiple European markets.” - Adam Rowley, Account Director, Mediacom (formerly MGOMD) “ Eyeconomy Subsites has been the main placement that converts consistently under target for Ladbrokes. For Ladbrokes Casino the quality has really stood out and the management of the campaign has been excellent.” - Davina Dunlea, Client Services Director, TBG Digital “ Eyeconomy are one of our favourite teams to work with- not only do we know that we are going to get results but also that we are going to enjoy the process.” - Gabi Dawson, Digital Account Manager, Vizeum UK "SubLines helped drive new users to our client, and proved to be the most effective creative we used for the campaign “ - Dean Browne, Account Manager, Mindshare “ Eyeconomy have consistently delivered results on target resulting in month on month increases in spend whilst maintaining our R.O.I.” - Adam Jenss, Account Manager, All Response Media “ Subsites brought great online visibility to our client American Express’ brand as well as strong DR results. We were very happy with the care Eyeconomy took in managing the campaign so it hit exactly the right audiences.” - Jenny Luche, Account Manager, Mindshare (formerly TBG Digital) “ Sublines have proved an effective Web 2.0 format for our campaigns, helping us expose our brand in an innovative way.” - Kathryn Maytham, Digital Account Director, Vizeum UK Testimonials
  19. 20. Contact Eyeconomy Telephone: +44 (0)20 7148 4139 Fax: +44 (0)20 7329 7444 Email: [email_address] Address: Ground floor, 77 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4AY Thank You