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Takin’ It To The Streets
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Takin’ It To The Streets


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This presentation was made to the ASTD Leadership conference to explain how a loose network of individuals came to launch an annual professional learning conference, EDUCATE.

This presentation was made to the ASTD Leadership conference to explain how a loose network of individuals came to launch an annual professional learning conference, EDUCATE.

Published in: Career, Education, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Takin’ It to the Streets Bringing Employee Learning Week to the wider Community
    • 2. Presenters
      • Megan Devlin-Petty, Organization Development Manager, City of Bloomington (IL)
      • Diana Hauman, President, DDH Enterprises
    • 3. Objectives
      • Increase awareness of potential partners for Employee Learning Week celebrations
      • Plan activities to move Employee Learning events beyond ASTD chapters and into the non-ASTD community
      • Increase community contacts/potential membership base
    • 4. If you could celebrate your profession, who would you invite to the party?
      • Pair up with someone from outside your chapter
      • Introduce your role in the chapter, your role in the community (in-house trainer, manager, consultant, academic, other)
      • Who else do you work with when developing learning activities?
    • 5. Who’s who and what they do
      • And who do they know?
      • What will it take to get you working toward a common goal?
        • What goals do you have in common?
    • 6. How Employee Learning Week came to central Illinois
      • ALC 2005: ASTD promotes Employee Learning Week to chapter leaders
      • One person training department of Bloomington, IL concentrates training activities that week and invites the neighbors
        • We already did this, but this time said why
        • Called the newspaper
        • Advantage of being government: get the Mayor to make a proclamation
    • 7. What didn’t happen working alone
      • No camaraderie or fun
      • No big splash
      • Limited participation outside one organization (CofB)
      • No sense of impact
      • No one to celebrate with afterwards
    • 8. 2006: That was nice but…
      • There have to be more people doing employee learning, right?
      • Two ASTD members talk—in May—about December
        • What if we could get the community college involved?
        • What if we could get the Chamber of Commerce involved?
        • How do we get the community’s largest employer to recognize this?
    • 9. There’s a new guy (or two) in town
      • One old acquaintance leveraged
        • How can we get your new boss on board?
      • One new acquaintance made
        • How can we help you establish yourself in this community?
    • 10. A lunch date set
      • What if we could….
      • Wouldn’t it be great if…
      • Would you help us with ….
          • And
          • Do you know anyone
          • who would …
    • 11. A Committee is Born!
      • Not all smooth sailing
        • Some didn’t work out (no fire in the belly)
      • One key member joined as a replacement
      • How to tie a community and a huge company?
    • 12. Exercise #2: Plan Your Battles
      • What obstacles might you face?
        • In own organization
        • In partner organizations
        • From partner individuals
        • In timing
        • In resources
        • Other
        • Self
    • 13. Obstacle  possible solution (x7)
      • Always touch base with your motivation
        • Why do this?
        • Our reasons may not be your reasons
    • 14. What worked
      • Layers of promotion
        • Leveraged multiple networks
        • Media (limited success)
        • Calling
        • Email signature lines
      • Calling on friends
        • Big speaker, no fee
        • No charge, free things
    • 15. What worked
      • Speaker
      • Panel
      • Networking time
      • Parallel internal celebrations (2 organizations)
    • 16. What didn’t
      • Timing
      • Relationships with “sponsors”
      • Keeping people for the whole day
      • Mini-sessions
    • 17. What’s next
      • Exercise: what have you done?
        • Successes:
        • Learning experiences:
    • 18. Celebrate immediately
      • Pass the baton
      • Accept new ideas
      • Focus on success
      • Start planning future success
    • 19. Plan your next steps
      • Don’t leave ALC without a plan
      • Schedule your plan
      • Take first steps in next week
    • 20. 2007: CIELE becomes
      • EDUCate (Employee Development Unlimited Conference a team effort)
      • Shifts from an ASTD function to a chamber of commerce function with ASTD sponsorship (this is OK!)
      • Calendar and day schedule rearranged (not Employee Learning Week—this is OK!)
    • 21. EDUCate: Latest news from Central Illinois
      • October 11, 2007
      • October , 2008
    • 22. How can we help you?
      • What else do you want to know?
      • Who do you have in mind?
      • What are you going to do next?
        • Thank you for learning from our successes and growing pains!
    • 23.
      • What are you going to do for Employee Learning Week?
      • And now a word from our sponsor…