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Diet and Exercise for (Obesity) Teenagers

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  • I believe that teenagers and even adults need to know the importance of this topic because it is a serious matter. Our generation is growing worse of over weight children, and the next generation will become over populated of obese kids. There needs to be more organic foods and more activities for children in school.
  • PositiveIf people eat small proportions they will loose weight Eat big breakfast and you can burn your food throughout the morning Medium lunch because you feel full quickly Small dinner- by the end of the day you won’t feel like your starvingFollow the food pyramids because every food group is important to you body.Negative Some food programs are sometimes successful but can cause health problemsPeople spend to much money on programs that they can just work on at home.People get surgery to look thinner, eat less, and they spend to much money.( (
  • -Having a better environment in your house hold will make you feel better about your self. Having variety of colors on your plate of fruit and vegetables-The food pyramid has everything that someone uses for there diet-Eating natural food would have chemicals that will improve your health, eating “junk” food like chips or to much microwave food can cause types of Cancers in your body(
  • Teenagers get a lot of drama going around them and sometime just wanting to go to a fast food place is getting bad. They need to try healthier food that will get rid of cravings so they not shove food in there mouths. “When life brings me down I need a snack a.k.a Comforting foodWhat should I stay away fromTHE COMFORTING FOOD!Ice creamChipsCandyPopcorn Soda What should do I eat?Yogurt (frozen or non)Cereal (Cheerios, whole Grain)FruitsLow fat foodsWater (
  • 1)Gaining muscle can help people mentally and emotionally, special those days when something terrible happen running through it helps to not think about the situation By working out helps people with anger problems. Decreases depression 2) Maintaining the body will not confuse your body system by staying fit will help keep a balance diet3) Decreases the risk of health problems. When working out it improves having health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.If have medical problems it have help decrease some of the problems, working out helps lower down blood pressure (“Body Fat and Your Health”, TheGuelph Mercury)
  • It is important to move around everyday. Just walking is a good way to be active. We need to move our bodies to burn fat or calories. I really helps a lot when it comes of up coming age and not getting risks of health problems like diabetes. Moving around helps you burn fat and by burning the fat makes the metabolism get faster.Keeps you movingNo risk of health problemsDiabetesHigh blood pressureBlood sugar“it reduces the long-term risk of developing cardiovascular disease” (Braunstein)Makes your metabolism faster("A new model - Combining weights and aerobics”,Joel B. Brainstein)
  • Your not putting enough effort when your reading and on the tread mill, listening to music would be better because you will be listening to music and staying focus.("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 2) Skipping a snack can slow you down eating like nuts or banana will keep you energized("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 3) People can actually confuse there muscle if they change there works out everyday and they won’t gain ("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 4)Weights that are too light will not help gain muscle, if you don’t feel the work out in your arms then you need to go heavier.("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 5) Better keeping track of your weight by fitting into jeans to see if you lost weight, but sometimes the scale can also lie. Each day your weight can change, pick a day of the week and weight your self every week to keep a better track.("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 6) Its better to do different works out every month to keep your muscle guessing and challenging them to get bigger and stronger. It also helps by improving parts of your body if you do different types of work out besides cardio. Cardio is good for some parts of your body but not all.("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 7) To much socializing will distract a you and you loose focus on loosing weight. If there's a bunch of people you know at the gym its good to talk but if its distracting you to work out then your not getting the feeling of a good work out.("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 8) Yoga and Pilates are good but you got to add strength training with these because if those types of work out that just keeping you active, if you want to improves some muscle need to have strength training to your work out. ("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 9) You should look at the scale at least once a week no less then that because your weight might not change everyday.("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • 10) What happens when you get those hard work outs? Do you continue or stop? Most people after they get to there dream body they slack of keeping it because they stop after the program("Bad-habit Busters”, Karen Kwan )
  • Just by walking can get teenagers to be in better shape. As long as they do it more then thirty minutes a day can make a difference. Going to different place can be be good because you wont get bored and it will challenge your body to walk a different path everyday.Try to making challenges Going to the groceries park the car farther then usualWalk up and down the stairsWalking around the neighborhoodHanging with friends and just walk and talk(Walk A Way The Pounds, Leslie Sansone)
  • Basic quotes of when people “say” that there going to start exercising or dieting“I will start tomorrow”“Defiantly next week”“After the holidays”“Summer time so I can put on my birthday suit”“To much going on I will start after when everything cools down”WHY NOT START NOW?Its a lot better to start as soon as possibleKeep putting it off will lead to bad habitsBefore they know it there gaining more weight and taking a longer process to loose weight.(
  • -Having someone in the family who been over weight since there family can influence a child to be over weight or it runs in the familyTypes of food can make someone overweightOver working on something or putting your self last can make you gain weight and increase agingCan lead to depression if your into much stressRare diseases can cause weight gainingNo exercise means all food you eat will not burn but stay in your bodyYou over eat and eat twice as much then normal. Twice the amount of calories per day.Causes of being over weightFamily History “Runs in the genes”FoodStressCan lead to DepressionMedical & PsychologicallyLack of ExerciseNo Balance diet(
  • ( those dots represent how many McDonalds there are in the USA and that alone is McDonalds imagine if Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, KFC etc. were in this then the whole thing might be white and bearly see dots
  • is with the most with other fast food restaurants and McDonalds still cover most in the United States.
  • Stress on a teenager can cause obesity by stressing a teenager outBetween ages of 12 and up is when teenagers go through a lot of problems like school, family. and if there going to college or hope to be successful. Relationships can be brutal when it comes to break ups, most women and girls gain weight because stress takes over them and want the person they love to love them back. Leads to obesityAges between ages 12 and upChildren can become over weightLikely cause from family problems, school, friends and etc. It can get uglyWears someone outFoods are comforting and less exercise leads to packing the pounds(
  • Teenagers can create less stress on them selves by taking there mind off of the stuff that there stressing about. They want to get in to an activity that would get them off there stressor. Boxing is the best way to exercise for people who have problems, by hitting the bags or having a trainer putting the gloves up can get out all the stress that is hiding inside them.xWhat teenagers or can do to create less stress in there lifeGet into a active hobbieBoxingInstead of eating through the pain walk or run the pain.Walking, Jogging, or running is a good way to keeps you away from thinking about the stressors around you.Try not to shove food in you to make you feel betterEat healthy foods and keep away from junk foods.(
  • -Being over weight can really change a person, not all over weight people are jolly all the time.-People who are alone and have no one to love and someone to love them back can be hard for a person-Relationships between a man and a woman can get ugly because when someone breaks up with someone than can lead a person to do crazy things -Women are more likely would have this problem because we are more emotional then a man.Obesity can lead to depressionYES Person who been lonely for a long timeEat more then normalLack of sleep can make the body gain fat. If not treatedMay lead to diseases, cancers, suicide thoughts, and etc.Relationships can get intense Specially with women because the are more emotional then a men and they need comfort so they go to the food (
  • -Breakfast is the most important because you need energy and you need to burn your food-Working out will keep teens active in life-Socializing is a great way to keep teenagers from What should we do?Make sure you have breakfast, lunch, and dinnerDo not over work outLift weightsYoga, Aerobics, PilatesBe sociable really healthy for the brain and for the body.("Recharge Your Body." , Matthew G Kadey)
  • Teenagers who are very active in sport, clubs and maybe just go for a run have to eat more then lets say an adult. We burn faster then adults so our metabolism burns more food.If teenagers are active how much should we eat?Teenagers who are very active should eat every 2 hours at the leastFor diets it’s the best way to make your metabolism speed up by making your body to burn calories How many Calories?Average teenager should have up to 1700 to 2300 calories because of how much we burn for being young and being active.(
  • Diet Programs have been helping a lot of people to loose weight for years. Its one way to have someone with you 24/7 to helping out and supporting as much as they can. Some programs have been successfulExamplesJenny Craig have been for 25 yearsWeight Watchers 96 % successNutrisystem have been for 30 yearsHow do they work?Both sides are portion controlBoth try to make you eat more but eating less calories.(
  • Jenny Craig Having snacks between meal makes you feel not hungry all the time, by having small snacks can change really bad snack cravings. There there for every day, they check your progress every day to see if you are loosing weight.Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack with additional substanceComes with a list of foods to chooseWeigh you every weekOn phone for 24 hours for help(
  • Weight WatchersAnother program whos there everyday questions and concerns about the programs they give you the choice of what to eat and how much they should eat.Give you a book of recipes to what you can eatYou can eat what ever you want and just watch your portion control and caloriesThere to talk 24 hours(
  • Nutrisystem They don’t have meeting but there you can always contact them on the phone. For any questions or any other concerns about the food.Most of its food is air packedNon frozen foodsGive you a months worth of foodHave to eat it all before your next ship of food comesBeen successful for 30 years(
  • Problems about diet programs is money. There programs cost a lot of money. Some foods can also lead to health problems if you do the correct way.(
  • Parent need to communicate with there children so they don’t feel alone and end up over weight. Feeding them the right thing and making them be active everyday can change the way they act in the future.TeenagersIf they keep eating the right foods and be active all the time they can help loosing the risks of obesity.(
  • -Working out and dieting for a overweight person will help them have a happier life-When at a average weight keeping working out and eating the right stuff-Below normal might want to gain to muscle for health benefits If over weightWork outWatch what you eatBalance dietIf your adverageKeep up the good workIf you your Under NormalMaybe gain more muscles or body fat (
  • -Doing nothing is not going to help you stay fit and/or loose weight-that will make you gain weight more then loose weight-Watching TV and the computer is killing your brain cells and gain weight if you do that often.INSTEADGo outside Be activeHelp a friendMove aroundBike ride etc.-Go outside smell fresh air. Doing something out side will help a lot when dealing with weight problems-Join a sport, club, swim etc.-Help a friend move stuff or just hanging out-if stuck in the house do something with the family, work out-Bike riding is a great way to loose weight (
  • Senior Graduation Project

    1. 1. Diet&Exercise <br />For (OBESITY) Teenagers<br />Mariel Desimone<br />Ms. Oren Pd. 9<br />SGP 2010<br />
    2. 2. Overview of Presentation<br />PowerPoint<br />Diet<br />Exercise<br />Obesity<br />Causes<br />Foods<br />Fast Food<br />Teenagers<br />Food Programs<br />Problems <br />Preventions <br />Application<br />Class Activity<br />Conclusion <br />
    3. 3. Thesis<br />Diet and exercise are really important for teenagers because they will create less stress, lower risks of health problems, and help teens develop better body image.<br />
    4. 4. Relevance of Topic<br />
    5. 5. “Were getting bigger”<br />Personal Relevance <br />
    6. 6. DIETS<br />
    7. 7. Show some color<br />Nutrition<br />
    8. 8. TEMPTING?<br />Confort Food<br />Ice Cream<br />Chips<br />Candy<br />Popcorn<br />Cake<br />Soda<br />Donuts..<br />
    9. 9. Gaining Muscle <br />
    10. 10. Getting Fit<br />“it reduces the long-term risk of developing cardiovascular disease” <br />Staying Fit<br />
    11. 11. 10 Bad Habits!<br />Reading on the treadmill<br />Skipping pre-workout snack to cut calories <br />Constantly searching for the newest workout tools to supercharge your workout<br />Using weights that are too light<br />Watching the scale <br />
    12. 12. 10 Bad Habits!<br /><ul><li>Reading on the treadmill
    13. 13. Skipping pre-workout snack to cut calories
    14. 14. Constantly searching for the newest workout tools to supercharge your workout
    15. 15. Using weights that are too light
    16. 16. Watching the scale </li></li></ul><li>10 Bad Habits!<br /><ul><li>Reading on the treadmill
    17. 17. Skipping pre-workout snack to cut calories
    18. 18. Constantly searching for the newest workout tools to supercharge your workout
    19. 19. Using weights that are too light
    20. 20. Watching the scale </li></li></ul><li>10 Bad Habits!<br /><ul><li>Reading on the treadmill
    21. 21. Skipping pre-workout snack to cut calories
    22. 22. Constantly searching for the newest workout tools to supercharge your workout
    23. 23. Using weights that are too light
    24. 24. Watching the scale </li></li></ul><li>10 Bad Habits!<br /><ul><li>Reading on the treadmill
    25. 25. Skipping pre-workout snack to cut calories
    26. 26. Constantly searching for the newest workout tools to supercharge your workout
    27. 27. Using weights that are too light
    28. 28. Watching the scale </li></li></ul><li>Doing cardio only at the end of your workout <br />Treating the gym like the neighborhood hot spot <br />Sticking only to Yoga and Pilates to get a long, lean body<br />Only focusing on losing hose 10 pounds<br />Following a tried-and-true workout program<br />10 Bad Habits!<br />
    29. 29. 10 Bad Habits!<br />Doing cardio only at the end of your workout <br />Treating the gym like the neighborhood hot spot <br />Sticking only to Yoga and Pilates to get a long, lean body<br />Only focusing on losing hose 10 pounds<br />Following a tried-and-true workout program<br />
    30. 30. 10 Bad Habits!<br /><ul><li>Doing cardio only at the end of your workout
    31. 31. Treating the gym like the neighborhood hot spot
    32. 32. Sticking only to Yoga and Pilates to get a long, lean body
    33. 33. Only focusing on losing hose 10 pounds
    34. 34. Following a tried-and-true workout program</li></li></ul><li>10 Bad Habits!<br /><ul><li>Doing cardio only at the end of your workout
    35. 35. Treating the gym like the neighborhood hot spot
    36. 36. Sticking only to Yoga and Pilates to get a long, lean body
    37. 37. Only focusing on losing hose 10 pounds
    38. 38. Following a tried-and-true workout program</li></li></ul><li>10 Bad Habits!<br /><ul><li>Doing cardio only at the end of your workout
    39. 39. Treating the gym like the neighborhood hot spot
    40. 40. Sticking only to Yoga and Pilates to get a long, lean body
    41. 41. Only focusing on losing hose 10 pounds
    42. 42. Following a tried-and-true workout program</li></li></ul><li>Don’t have time to work out?<br />“Just walking makes a difference”<br />
    43. 43. TODAY<br />Don’t<br />Tomorrow<br />
    44. 44. Family History<br />“Runs in thegenes”<br />No Balanced Diet<br />Lack of Exercise<br />FOOD<br />Stress<br />Medical<br />
    45. 45. 13,000 <br />
    46. 46.
    47. 47. Stress<br />Between 12 and up<br />
    48. 48. Less Stress & Lose Weight<br />
    49. 49. Depression?<br />
    50. 50. Calling all Teenagers<br />
    51. 51. 1700 to 2300 calories <br />
    52. 52. Diet Programs<br />How do they work?<br />
    53. 53. Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack with additional substance<br />
    54. 54. eat what ever you want<br />
    55. 55. Been successful for 30 years<br />
    56. 56. Problems…<br />Most diet programs cost a lot of money…<br />Jenny Craig<br />$100 worth of foods for a week <br />Weight Watchers<br />Depending cost for certain things and sticking with it<br />Nutrisystem<br />Around $400 month of food<br />
    57. 57. How to prevent it<br />Teenagers<br />Eat the right foods<br />Keep balance diet<br />Be active<br />Work out <br />Parents<br />Talk <br />Don’t make them feel that there alone.<br />Let them be active by joining clubs, sports, etc.<br />Give them the proper foods <br />
    58. 58. What to do?<br />
    59. 59. Try Not To…<br />DO NOTHING<br />Sit around the house<br />Watch TV<br />Sit in front of the computer<br />
    60. 60. Conclusion<br />What I learned from this project is that being overweight is a frightful thing and if I did not change my life style my future would be really unhealthy <br />
    61. 61. Application<br />Made a website for teenagers to look up to try new ways to lose weight or stay fit<br /><br />
    62. 62. Class Activity <br />Stretch out with yoga<br />Mini-workout: Strength training<br />Healthy snack<br />
    63. 63. Work Cited<br /> “ARTS.” Fitness Bootcamp. Final ed. N.p.: n.p., n.d. N. pag. ART. Rpt. of “Body Fat and Your Health .” The Guelph Mercury [USA] 31 July 2009, Final ed.: n. pag. Web. 23 Nov. 2009.<br />Brainstein, Joel B. “A new model - Combining weights and aerobics.” A new model - Combining weights and aerobics 56.00958301: 34. eLibrary. Web. 30 Jan. 2010. <‌elibweb/‌elib/‌do/‌document?set=mylist&gro%E2%80%A6US%00%00 >.<br />Craig, Jenny. “Jenny Craig.” Jenny Craig. Ed. Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig, n.d. Web. 1 Apr. 2010. <>.<br />Edell, Dean, Dr. “Obesity and Depression.” Obesity and Depression 23 Sept. 2003: n. pag. Health Central. Web. 16 Mar. 2010. <‌drdean/‌408/‌60641.html#continue>.<br />Hobson, Katherine. “A World of Way to Eat Right .” World Report 26 May 2008: n. pag. Web. 3 Dec. 2009.<br />Kadey, Matthew G. “Recharge Your Body.” Better Nutrition (June 2006): n. pag. Web. 3 Dec. 2009.<br />Kwan, Karen. “Bad-habit Busters.” Flare 1 June 2008: n. pag. Web. 3 Dec. 2009.<br />
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