9 7-10


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9 7-10

  1. 1. Denham’s Diggity Dogs’ News See Spelling and Vocabulary Words 9/7/10 through 9/10/10 and Decodable Stories on back. No School Spelling hot hop pop pot dot on 9-6-10 not back pick now want Labor Day! Vocabulary don’t of so Students + Parents + Teachers = Success Box Tops HOMEWORK Thanks to Jaunte, Zaralyn, Taylor and Tylar SPELLING/PHONICS: Study words every night. TUESDAY – Write the words 2 times each. WEDNESDAY – Draw and label a pot, something hot, SKILLS FOR THE WEEK something that can hop, and something that will pop. Phonics – short vowel o as in hot and pop Grammar – asking sentences (questions) Spelling test will be on Friday. Reading – drawing conclusions and making inferences READING: Math – subtraction strategies: make a model, Every day: act it out, and draw a picture, write a Study the vocabulary words every night until you subtraction sentence to solve problems know them by sight. I expect you to read them to me Science – Weather quickly. Read the decodable stories every night until Social Studies – our state and nation: you can read them fluently and with expression. I will Health – food pyramid test for expression and vocabulary Friday. Behavior Reports, Calendar and Weekly MATH: Progress Reports are sent home to keep you THURSDAY - practice worksheet Math tests and assessments occur when students are informed of your child’s current skills, progress ready. and behavior. Please discuss them with your child and sign them so I will know you have seen Parents, Please them. Call 884-3326 or send a note or e-mail for work on teaching scheduling conferences. your child to tie E-MAIL ADDRESS mdenham@liberty.k12.liberty.ga.us/ shoes on their own. I will give ICE CREAM DAYS!!!! each child a trip to the treasure chest if s/he can Every Wednesday and Friday!!! show me how they can do it! Bring $1 if you want ice cream.
  2. 2. information A monthly calendar is attached to the "Return To School" side of the Homework Folder. Parents, please initial the calendar daily. The notations on the calendar have the following meanings: $Accelerated Reader Happy stamp - "I had a good day and I'm on the road to success!" Please listen to your child read at night. Y - "I know I broke a rule and I lost 5 minutes of If you would like to see your child recess." succeed at Accelerated Reader, ask B - "I broke a rule again, lost 10 minutes of recess and I'm loosing out on learning time." comprehension questions. Help your child R - "I broke a rule once more, lost all my recess, and dig into the book and begin learning how I'm keeping my classmates from learning." to read for understanding. Students may If you need more information about your child’s take a test everyday if they are ready. behavior, please schedule a conference or send me GO TEAM! a note. Homework Policy Homework is an important part of your child’s school experience. Supporting good work habits requires a joint effort. I will support your child and encourage good work habits at school. Your child will greatly benefit from your support and encouragement at home. All homework assignments are due the next school day after the assignment is given. I will not accept late homework assignment unless your child was absent the day it was due. If a student is at school and forgets the homework assignments or does not complete it, s/he will receive a zero for the assignment. s/he will go to silent lunch and then to the Homework Study Hall during recess and complete the assignments there. This newsletter outlines all homework assignments for the week and any worksheets will be sent home in the Homework Binder. Lists of words and stories are on the back of this newsletter weekly and on the website. School Website
  3. 3. http://www.liberty.k12.ga.us/