ACI Publications Catalogue 2010


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ACI Publications Catalogue 2010

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ACI Publications Catalogue 2010

  1. 1. ACI Publications Catalogue march 2010
  2. 2. organization of aci Airports Council International (ACI) is the international association of the world’s airports. It is a non-profit organization, the prime purpose of which is to foster cooperation among its member airports and with other partners in world aviation, including organizations representing governments, airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Through this cooperation, ACI makes a significant contribution to providing the travelling public with an air transport system that is safe, secure, efficient and environmentally compatible.
  3. 3. contents organization of aci directories ACI World Airports Directory and World Business Partners Directory 009 aci policy and recommended practices handbook 009 statistics ACI Annual World Airport Traffic Report (Annual WATR) ACI Quarterly Traffic Bulletin ACI Statistics Package ACI Monthly World Airport Traffic Report (Monthly WATR) ACI Monthly International Passenger and Freight Traffic Report (Monthly IPFTR) economics ACI Airport Economics Survey 008 Global Traffic Forecast 009 edition: 008 - 07 handbooks Aerodrome Bird Hazard Prevention and Wildlife Management Handbook Airside Safety Handbook Apron Markings and Signs Handbook Common Use IT Handbook Airports Persons with Disabilities: A handbook for airport operators Application of Biometrics at Airports, The ACI CUSS (Common Use Self-Service) Survey Report 005 ACI Survey on Apron Incidents and Accidents 006 007 aci mission
  4. 4. ACI World Airports Directory 009 ACI World Business Partners Directory 009 EQUIPM ENT IT AND COMMUN RETAIL ICATION AND S COM CONSUL MERCIA TING L MANAGE AND HANDLIN director y MENT G AND AIRFIELD PLANNI NG CONSTR AND UCTION SECURIT Y ports CIL World Air TS COUN ORY AIRPOR ATIONAL DIRECT INTERN World Bu siness DIRECT Partners ORY 2009 THE DE FINITIVE ORLD AIRPOR THE W T SUPP OUND LIERS DI ORTS AR RECTOR ACI AIRP Y 2009 ACI World Airports Directory Contents Airports Worldwide Airport Operators ACI World Business Partners Directory Contents 009 Equipment Paperback IT and Communications 500 pages Retail and Commercial Two Directories in ONE book Consulting and Management Handling and Airfield Members: € 00 Planning and Construction Non-members: € 00 Security
  5. 5. aci policy and recommended practices handbook ACI Policy and Recommended Practices Handbook 009 The ACI Policy and Recommended Practices Handbook is a compilation of the policy positions and the recommended practices approved by Policies and the ACI membership. It contains the Recommended Practices Handbook current policies of the organization 2009 for use by the staff of ACI World office and Regional Offices and by ACI representatives at international meetings. SEVENTH edition | November 2009 Airports Council International, Geneva | PO Box 16, Geneva Airport, 1215, Geneva, Switzerland | Click on our website for a free download Contents Airport economics Air transport regulation Facilitation and airport services 009 Airport automation and e-business eBook Airport planning, design, operations and safety 9 pages Airports and the environment Security at airports Free download Emergency medical services, hygiene and sanitation at airports 5
  6. 6. ACI has six standing committees which prepare policies and documents in their specific areas of competence Airport Information Technology Standing Committee Economic Standing Committee Environment Standing Committee Facilitation and Airport Services Standing Committee Security Standing Committee Safety and Technical Standing Committee 6
  7. 7. ACI Annual World Airport Traffic Report 2008 The report provides a commentary with tables and graphs looking at the regional and international trends in the st atistics industry in 008. The report then details traffic results from each of the 00 airports that took part in the statistical analysis. This ACI World Airport Traffic Report is a companion piece to the ACI Economics Survey and ACI Global Traffic Forecast – together providing a rich source of information for those within the airport industry and the organizations that work with us every day. 009 Contents eBook and Excel Commentary 5 pages Country-by-country traffic data - by region World Ranking: Passengers World Ranking: Aircraft movements eBook Members: € 50 World Ranking: Cargo tonnage Non-members: € 500 Top 0: International passengers Top 0: International freight movements Excel Data Section: Data from all airports - by airport Members: € 700 World and Regional Trends: Graphs showing trends Non-members: € ,500 7
  8. 8. ACI Quarterly Traffic Bulletin BulletinQUARTERLY TRAFFIC ACI has compiled a new Quarterly Traffic Bulletin of global traffic Q2 2009 Quarterly figures (all figures presented are year-on-year comparisons) Worldwide traffic shrank by 5.4% in the second quarter of 2009 compared to the corresponding period of performance (passengers, freight and statistics movements) from the previous quarter. 2008. Freight volumes decreased by -15.8% while movements went down by 7 .4%. These figures represent an improvement from Q1 quarterly results, however, year-to-date figures remain very depressed as shown in Figure 1 below. Figure 1: Q2 2009 percentage growth year-on-year and year-to-date Passengers Cargo Movements 0% -5% -5.4% -6.9% -7.4% -8.0% Quarterly traffic growth is shown by region for both total and international -10% -15% -20% -15.8% -17.6% year-on-year year-to-date traffic. The report also shows market share by airport size, airport growth ACI Quarterly Traffic Bulletin Q2 2009 by country, and corresponding GDP figures. 1 Data analysis indicates the top growers and decliners along with top 9 in 200 international airport growth, and global trade volumes. w Ne Quarterly eBook pages Members: Gratis Non-members - issue: € 0 8 Non-members - Annual: € 60 ( issues)
  9. 9. ACI Statistics Package 00 (available April 00) ACI Monthly World Airport Traffic Report ACI Monthly International Passenger and Freight Traffic Report st atistics IC RAFF O RT T I C S AIRP A T I S T ST CIL COUNAL ORTS N AIRP RNATIO INTE 2007 JULY s strong growth ly in Ju nt AIRP R 20 07 perce by 5 TOBE ster s cargo rcent, 18 OC c regi region rcent, s up 6 pe OR RUN: traffi in all 7 pe wa port grew ing by r traffic AIRP S T A T TRAFF ld air ffic ris enge Wor Traffic ger tra 07, pass OR ssen h pa nths of 20 INTE TS COUN wth wit RNAT CI robus t gro t seven mo IONAL L TIST firs Y I e show . For the % YO ICS C rldwid 06 rts wo to July 20 nt. 07 0 airpo d perce LY 20 5.5 m 85 nt compare w by 3 2007 YE JU s fro result by 3 perce ments gre JULY % YO Y 056 32 1 2.8 JULY July 2007 move ments nt and mo ve JULY 2007 4 304 8 63 76 44 906 2 2.6 2007 and up 2 perce Y YTD 6.0 67 22 2 Intern cargo % YO 9 09 540 68 683 0 2.1 ation al Pa H MONT 2 6 2.9 Intern 43 49 348 S 6.6 39 28 9 July atio Intern nal pass ssen STAT S 8 874 421 42 257 4.6 20 comp 07 result ationa enge gers REGI ON 6 366 3.2 DWID E traffic ared to s fro m 57 l freig r tra ht m ffic cont Fre ENGE RS 5 976 786 FIC W ORL by 3 July 2006 1 airpo perce . Fir rts sh ainta in ins st ues stro ight R PASS CARG O S ORT TRAF nt. st se ow ven mo ed intern nths ation rong perfo ng gr owth eport MENT AIRP ments of 20 al pa rman MOVE F AP 07 ssen ON O Move R 20 show ger tra ce 07 ed int LUTI ernati ffic rose EVO rs Cargo onal pass by 8 perce enge enge nt Pass r traffic and fre PASS SUM up by ight traffic EN MONT MAR 8 pe by 4 FREIG GERS H Y rcent and perce HT % YO freigh nt 184 84 Y t 12.0 YTD 3 827 JULY 3 947 2007 10.0 080 7.9 % YO 4.1 1 040 Y YEAR 399 YE JU 8.0 26 24 309 LY 20 07 3 55 7.5 % YO 3 Intern IOUS 16 2.5 1 763 Y 6.0 ationa 589 l pass 46 07 237 PREV JUL 14 enge 8 35 2 7.2 4.0 JUN r and 3.6 fre ar FROM MAY ight us ye 12 trend 2.0 APR Pass s MAR enge ANGE previo 10 rs FEB Freigh 0.0 JAN t % CH DEC 8 from 2007 -2.0 NOV OCT ange by: 6 SEP ced aero) -4.0 Produ @aci. AUG (stats % Ch tics 4 2006 Statis ACI 2 0 AUG 2006 SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN 2007 FEB MAR APR MAY JUN Produc JUL ACI ed by: Statist ics (sta ts@aci .aero) Monthly eBook and Excel pages each The ACI Statistics Package provides eBook issues ( months) of both the Members months: €75 Non-members months: € 950 World Airport Traffic Report and the International Passenger and Freight Excel Traffic Report. Members months: € ,50 Non-members months: € 5,750 9
  10. 10. ACI Monthly International Passenger and Freight Traffic Report (IPFTR) ACI’s Monthly International Passenger and Freight Traffic Report features statistics AIRPORT TRAFFIC STATISTICS AIRPORTS COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL detailed statistics on airports JULY 2007 International Passengers Freight Report International passenger traffic continues strong growth participating in the monthly collection. The report covers up-to-date International freight maintains strong performance July 2007 results from 571 airports showed international passenger traffic rose by 8 percent and freight traffic by 4 percent compared to July 2006. First seven months of 2007 showed international passenger traffic up by 8 percent and freight traffic by 3 percent. international passenger, cargo and SUMMARY APR 2007 MONTH % YOY YTD JULY 2007 % YOY YE JULY 2007 % YOY PASSENGERS 184 843 827 7.9 1 040 399 309 7.5 1 763 589 237 7.2 FREIGHT 3 947 080 4.1 26 243 553 2.5 46 078 352 3.6 16 International passenger and freight trends Passengers Freight aircraft movements. 14 % Change from previous year 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL 2006 2007 Produced by: ACI Statistics ( Contents International Passenger and Freight Monthly Report Summary eBook and Excel pages Trends: Worldwide International Traffic Regional International Passenger eBook Regional International Freight Members month: € 0 Regional International Passengers and Freight Members months: € 75 Africa Non-members month: € 75 Asia-Pacific Non-members months: € 675 Europe Latin America Excel Middle East Members month: € 50 Members months: € ,500 North America Non-members month: € 75 ACI Statistics regions 0 Non-members months: € ,750 Country codes
  11. 11. ACI Monthly World Airport Traffic Report (WATR) ACI’s Monthly Worldwide Airport Traffic Report features detailed statistics on AIRPORT TRAFFIC STATISTICS airports participating in the monthly AIRPORTS COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL statistics RUN: 18 OCTOBER 2007 collection. The report covers up-to-date JULY 2007 World airport traffic registers strong growth in July Traffic grew in all regions worldwide passenger, cargo and aircraft July 2007 results from 850 airports worldwide show robust growth with passenger traffic rising by 7 percent, cargo by 5 percent and movements by 3 percent compared to July 2006. For the first seven months of 2007, passenger traffic was up 6 percent, cargo up 2 percent and movements grew by 3 percent. JULY 2007 movements. PASSENGERS CARGO MOVEMENTS STATS REGIONS MONTH 421 428 874 6 366 257 5 976 786 % YOY 6.6 4.6 3.2 YTD JULY 2007 2 540 689 090 43 496 683 39 289 348 % YOY 6.0 2.1 2.9 YE JULY 2007 4 304 056 321 76 448 632 67 222 906 % YOY 5.5 2.8 2.6 EVOLUTION OF AIRPORT TRAFFIC WORLDWIDE 12.0 Passengers Cargo Movements 10.0 % CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS YEAR 8.0 6.0 4.0 2.0 0.0 -2.0 -4.0 AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL 2006 2007 Produced by: ACI Statistics ( Contents Worldwide Airport Traffic Report Report Summary Monthly Monthly Trends: Worldwide eBook and Excel Regional Trends - Passenger pages Regional Trends - Cargo Regional Trends - Movements eBook Airport Traffic Statistics Members month: € 0 Africa Members months: € 75 Asia-Pacific Non-members month: € 75 Europe Non-members months: € 675 Latin America Excel Middle East Members month: € 50 North America Members months: € ,500 ACI Statistics regions Non-members month: € 75 Country codes Non-members months: € ,750
  12. 12. ACI Airport Economics Survey 009 The ACI Airport Economics Survey 009, is based on financial data submitted by economics 709 airports, which represent 70 percent of traffic worldwide. Analysis in the Survey covers major facets of airport economics: airport revenue, the split between aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues, capital expenditure, airport employment and the outlook based on current world passenger trends and world freight trends. Three summary tables with details on airport projects are provided by Momberger Aviation Information. 009 eBook Contents 9 pages ACI Airport Economics Survey Major New and Recent Airport Projects Members: € 60 Who Owns and Manages Airports? Non-members: € 50 Airports Quoted on Stock Exchanges
  13. 13. Global Traffic Forecast 009 edition: 2008 - 2027 Based on traffic forecasts from over 50 airports for 008 – 07 this , AIRPORTS COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL economics report provides extensive information GLOBAL TRAFFIC FORECAST and analysis on expected traffic 2008-2027 development around the world. The major new addition to the 009 report is an exhaustive table section providing individual country forecasts for over 0 countries. These forecasts show traffic development by region for each of those countries as well as between world regions. Revised Forecast 009 included Available with or without data in Excel format 009 Contents eBook Introduction 00 pages Executive Summary Without Excel tables Traffic Forecast 008-07 Members: € ,000 Current Market Environment Non-members: € ,00 Demand for Air Travel Appendix: Forecast Tables WITH Excel tables Global Forecast Tables Members: € ,50 Country by Country Forecast Tables Non-members: € ,650
  14. 14. Aerodrome Bird Hazard Prevention and Wildlife Management Handbook handbooks Wildlife, and in particular birds, are a known hazard to aircraft. This handbook gives guidance for wildlife management programmes to significantly increase the safety at the aerodrome and decrease the number of incidents and accidents related to wildlife. Contents Chapter Introduction to bird and wildlife hazards Chapter The attraction of the aerodrome environment Chapter Aerodrome habitat management Chapter Bird hazard and wildlife management in the vicinity of the aerodrome Chapter 5 Active methods of scaring and controlling birds Chapter 6 Organization of wildlife management on aerodromes Chapter 7 Control of mammals First edition 005 Paperback Chapter 8 Reporting and record keeping 5 pages Chapter 9 Conclusion Appendix A Activities covered by a wildlife Members: € 50 hazard prevention operative Non-members: € 00 Appendix B References, sources and internet sites
  15. 15. Airside Safety Handbook This handbook is a guide to airside safety and is written for airside handbooks managers. It builds on previous work ACI Airside Safety Handbook by ACI - namely the Apron Safety Third edition 2006 (revised 2009) Handbook. The remit of this handbook Authors: ACI World Operational Safety Sub-committee has been widened to include a number of selected topics relating to safe operations in outside areas. Contents Chapter Safety Management Third edition 006 Chapter Apron Safety (revised in 2009) Chapter Airside Safety eBook Chapter Annexes 80 pages Chapter 5 Useful documents Chapter 6 Useful websites Members: € 75 Chapter 7 Abbreviations index Non-members: € 50 5
  16. 16. Apron Markings and Signs Handbook This handbook is a useful complement to ICAO documentation, such as Annex handbooks , Volume I (Aerodrome Design and Operations) and the Aerodrome Design Manual, Part (Visual Aids) and is intended for use by planners of apron areas, ground staff working on aprons, air traffic controllers, apron controllers and pilots. 2 009 n e wi N Contents Second edition 009 Chapter Principles Paperback Chapter Apron and taxiway markings for aircraft 80 pages Chapter Apron markings for vehicles Chapter Apron signs Members: € 75 Chapter 5 Form and proportions of letters and numbers 6 Non-members: € 50 Chapter 6 Examples of apron markings
  17. 17. Common Use IT Handbook This handbook provides a compilation of best industry practices taken from handbooks airports around the world and identifies some of the key areas that must be considered in the development of common use IT services. It provides airport operators with a high level overview as well as the detailed technical descriptions contained in the annexes. Contents Chapter Foreword Chapter Introduction Chapter Communication infrastructure First edition 007 Chapter Passenger services Paperback Chapter 5 Flight information services 58 pages Chapter 6 Security systems Chapter 7 Annexes Members: € 75 Chapter 8 Abbreviations index Non-members: € 50 7
  18. 18. Airports and Persons with Disabilities: A handbook for airport operators handbooks This handbook, primarily addressed to airport operators, is intended to enhance the accessibility of air travel to persons with disabilities. Contents Chapter Aims and purposes of the handbook Chapter Definitions, legal considerations, types Fourth edition 00 of disability Paperback 0 pages Chapter Airport infrastructure and architecture Chapter Operational and organizational Members: € 50 measures 8 Non-members: € 00 Annexes
  19. 19. The Application of Biometrics at Airports ACI recognizes the benefits if using biometrics to confirm personal identity for border control, airport passenger processing and airport access control, to improve security, efficiency and facilitation. Identity can be verified by capturing a biometric sample from an individual, and comparing it against references data securely recorded on a machine readable Travel document (MRTD) or stored in a database. Contents Summary ACI Position November 005 Passenger Facilitation Paperback Airport utilization of staff biometrics credentials 6 pages Consideration of ICAO recommendations Applications of Biometrics Members: € 0 Definitions Non-members: € 60 9
  20. 20. ACI CUSS (Common Use Self-Service) Survey Report 005 The report of the Common Use Self Service (CUSS) Kiosk Survey conducted in 005/006 contains a snapshot of the current CUSS deployments. 90 airports responded to the survey giving a wide spread to the results. The report gives details on the types of deployments taking place at airports as well as details such as the location of kiosks, bag drop set ups, and the technology being deployed on the kiosks. 006 Paperback and eBook Contents 6 pages Foreword Introduction Paperback Survey results and analysis Members: € 50 Current Cuss deployment Non-members: € 00 CUSS kiosk platform details Plans for future CUSS deployment eBook Development of the business case for CUSS projects Members: € 50 5 Conclusions 0 Non-members: € 00 6 ACI policy on self service kiosks: ACI policy handbook
  21. 21. ACI Survey on Apron Incidents and Accidents 006 and 007 The survey on apron incidents and accidents is designed to promote greater apron safety awareness among airport management, airlines and personnel, in conjunction with worldwide, regional and/or local apron safety campaigns and seminars. This survey is designed to promote greater apron safety awareness among airport management, airlines and personnel, in conjunction with worldwide, regional and/or local apron safety campaigns and seminars. Contents Analysis of full year 006 results 009 Analysis of full year 007 results eBook Conclusions pages Apron Safety Definitions Members: € 0 Survey form (007) Non-members: € 60
  22. 22. to order any of our publications use the order form order directly from our website contact the aci publications department Please note prices are subject to change and are correct as of March 00.
  23. 23. ACI has the following Mission: ACI advances the collective interests of, and acts as the voice of, the world’s airports and the communities they serve, and promotes professional excellence in airport management and operations. ACI has the following Objectives and Role: . Maximize the contributions of airports to maintaining and developing a safe, secure and viable aviation industry in a responsible and sustainable manner. . Promote cooperation among all segments of the aviation industry and their stakeholders as well as with governments, regional and international organizations. . Influence international, regional and national legislation, rules, policies, standards and practices, based on established policies representing airports’ interests and priorities. . Advance the development of the aviation system by enhancing public awareness of the economic and social importance of air travel and airport development. 5. Provide leadership in airport operations and management through the development of global technical standards and/or recommended practices. 6. Maximize cooperation and mutual assistance among airports. 7 Provide members with industry knowledge, advice and assistance, and . foster professional excellence in airport management and operations. 8. Build ACI’s worldwide organizational capacity and resources to serve all members effectively and efficiently.
  24. 24.