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This presentation titled, "Unleashing the Value of Review/User Content," was delivered at OMS in San Diego on 2/8/2012.

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  • The impact this can have goes far beyond online sales. A typical retailer will have a 2% to 3% conversion rate, which means that 97% to 98% of their visitors are then going elsewhere, which in many cases means the brick & mortar store to check the product out and buy in person.Forrester estimates that by 2014 over half of ALL purchases will be influenced by online research.This means that the valuable word of mouth content your brand can help source from your advocates can reach over half of all shoppers. If you think of conversion as making the decision to purchase, that 77% stat can still apply to those visitors who choose to go to the store itself to complete their purchase.
  • To break through the content isolation barrier, we leverage the Bazaarvoice Platform to publish content in multiple environments simultaneously.[click to build]So not only do we collect, moderate, and publish content collected on both Facebook and your brand site; but cross-publish that content which allows users from both environments to connect with each other through your brand’s most valuable online environments.
  • -Scotch recently introduced a new scissor. From a technical standpoint, Scotch felt they had a superior product. -They developed marketing copy that detailed the technical advantage of these scissors. -Yet sales got off to a lukewarm start.
  • -Of course, reviews will sometimes be negative. -Hearing about product issues direct from the consumer (instead of waiting for the channel) offers you a tremendous advantage.-ScotchBrite knew there was an issue with their “dish wand” product. But the incoming consumer reviews made the problem clear. The blue button on this dish wand, leaks and dislodges.-It turns out that the issue was due to poor sourcing in manufacturing – a rubber that shrinks when wet.-ScotchBrite was able to react quickly, reaching out to affected consumers and accelerating production on new dish wands. Within 90 days, they were able to replace the poorly performing products at their biggest retail accounts.
  • 2012.02 dehaven-sd-unleashing-reviews-b

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    9. 9. • target keywords • sort by newest • 20% pro content • 80% user content • feature user content • be interactive • must be crawlable@bazaarvoice @stormseo #OMS12
    10. 10. • target review words • eliminate or reduce product description • sort by helpfulness • keep calls to action • 30-40 items of UGC • paginate • must be crawlable@bazaarvoice @stormseo #OMS12
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    20. 20. By 2014, 53% of all purchases willbe influenced by online research(Forrester) @bazaarvoice @stormseo #OMS12
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