Texas Dental Association- The Annual Session 2013


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Texas Dental Association- The Annual Session 2013

  1. 1. exhibitor prospectus Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center T h e A n n u a l S e ss i o n of the T e x as D e n ta l A ss o c i at i o n T E X A Sthe meeting MAY 2–4 • 2013 200 e. market street, san antonio TX
  2. 2. Show Management Paula Lerash, CEM Exhibits Manger, Texas Dental Association 1946 S. IH-35, Suite 400, Austin, Texas 78704booth pricing (512) 443-3675 • paula@tda.org texasmeeting.comAdvance Rates (10’ x 10’)Advance pricing is valid ONLYwhen your booth is paid in fullby the discount deadline date of O F F I C I A L C ONT R A C TO RNovember 2. Freeman$1400/Inline 3323 IH-35, North, Suite 120$1600/Corner San Antonio, Texas 78219$1700/Center/Main aisle (210) 227-0341Standard Rates (10’ x 10’)Standard rates apply if your 2 0 1 3 S HOW S C HE D U L Ebooth space is not paid in full byNovember 2. Tuesday, April 30 at 12 Noon:$1470/Inline Exhibitor move-in begins$1670/Corner Wednesday, May 1, 8AM to 7PM$1770/Center/Main aisle Exhibitor move-in continues Thursday, May 2, 7AM to 9AMBooth pricing includes Exhibitor move-in continues (must be show ready by 9AM)(per 10 x 10 booth):• (1) standard booth ID sign Thursday, May 2, 10AM to 6PM Exhibit Hours• 9 x 10 booth carpet in show colors• (5) complimentary badges Friday, May 3, 10AM to 6PM Exhibit HoursEarly Teardown penalty: $500 Saturday, May 4, 9:30AM to 1:30PM Exhibit Hours• our booth must be fully staffed Y Saturday, May 4, 1:30PM to Midnight Exhibitor move out during show hours• our booth cannot be dismantled Y until Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 1:30PM I M P O R TANT D ATE S• hould you receive an early S Summer, 2012: Booth assignments begin for premium teardown penalty, you will lose priority point holders and confirmed sponsors. any accumulated priority points and be fined $500. No exceptions. November 5, 2012: General booth assignments begin December 3, 2012: Housing opens January 1, 2013: Registration opens to register for booth badges Please visit our website at www.Texasmeeting.Com/exhibitor resources for more information! • How booths are assigned • Important deadline information • Hotel information (available December 3) • 2013 Speakers • FAQ’s
  3. 3. The TEXAS Meeting • MAY 2–4, 2013 exhibitor contractHow to 1. e-mail 2. fax 3. mail Download this PDF to your computer’s print completed form, then mail tocomplete and hard drive. You may type directly on the save completed form, then print completed form, Texas Dental Associationsend this form: form, then send one of three ways: email to paula@TDA.org and fax to 512.692.4168 1946 S IH35, Ste 400, Austin, TX 78704 O V ER V IE W LOC A T ION RE Q UE S T • A minimum of $800 deposit per booth and a properly signed contract are Referring to the enclosed floor plan, please select three booth required to reserve booth space. numbers in DIFFERENT areas of the Exhibit Hall. • Discount prices apply only to those who have paid in full by discount deadline date of November 2, 2012. After November 2, rates increase by 1st Choice__________ 2nd Choice__________ 3rd Choice__________ $70 per booth. If possible, we do not wish to be next to or across from the • A confirmation will be sent via email once your deposit and contract are companies below: received. _____________________________________________________ A GREE M EN T • y execution of this agreement, Exhibitor agrees to lease space at B _____________________________________________________ the annual session of the Texas Dental Association Texas Meeting in All assignments are based on points earned. We attempt to avoid conflicts when possible. San Antonio, Texas. • erm begins at noon on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, and ends at T Midnight, Saturday, May 4, 2013. BOO T H S P A CE PRICING – 1 0 ’ x 1 0 ’ • ooths are required to remain fully staffed and no displays may be B dismantled prior to 1:30 PM on Saturday. Noncompliance will result DISCOUNT RATES: Discount rates apply only in an automatic penalty of $500 to be assessed subject to the terms if full payment is received • Inline Booth $1400 and conditions provided on the back side of this contract. by discount deadline date • Corner Booth $1600 This contract is subject to terms conditions as stated on the reverse • Premium booth facing 30’ aisle $1700 of November 2, 2012. side. By signature on this contract, exhibitor agrees to said terms conditions which are made part of this contract by reference and are STANDARD RATES: fully incorporated herein. • Inline Booth $1470 • Corner Booth $1670 Authorized by: • Premium booth facing 30’ aisle $1770 Title: *Booth carpet in show color is included in 10’ x 10’ booth space Signature: Date: PRICE BREAKDOWN: Contract MUST be signed. 0 Inline Booths (x) $1400, or $1470 = _________ ___ 0 Corner Booths (x) $1600, or $1670 = _________ ___ CO M P A N Y IN F OR M A T ION Please type or print your company name EXACTLY as you wish it to 0 Premium Booth facing 30’ aisles (x) $1700 or $1770 = ________ ___ appear in printed convention materials: 0 $25/per listing for each additional ___ Company Name: Distributor/Manufacturer after 4 listings = ________ 0 $25.00 – Web Link from TDA web site = ________ ___ Phone: Fax: 0 Grand Total = $______________ Website: Payment List below the person who should receive all future instructions and exhibit booth information: Payment Method: Check VISA / MC / AMEX / Discover Booth Contact: Credit Card #: Address: Expiration Date: City, State, Zip: Name on Card: Phone: Billing Zip Code: Fax: Signature: E-mail: Amount to be Charged: $ Are you a first time exhibitor? Yes No Please make checks payable to Texas Dental Association.
  4. 4. The TEXAS Meeting • MAY 2–4, 2013 exhibitor contract T e r ms a n d C o n d i t i o n sBOO T H A S S IGN M EN T S ECURI T YPoints are assigned to exhibitors. Number of years, number of booths, and sponsor- A security guard will be provided to guard exhibit hall entrances each night of theships will be used in determining the booth assignment. Upon receipt of a signed convention; however, TDA does not assume responsibility for theft or robbery ofcontract and deposit, notification of booth assignment will be e-mailed to the merchandise on exhibit.exhibitor. IN S UR A NCE A N D IN D E M NI T YS T A N D A R D EXHIBI T F EE PRICE S The Texas Dental Association will not be held responsible for the safety of exhibits,Inline Booth $1470 | Corner Booth $1670 | Center/Main Aisle Booth $1770 exhibitors or their employees against robbery or damage by fire, accident or otherMust be paid in full by Feb 24, 2013. cause, but will use every effort to protect exhibitors against such losses. In all cases, exhibitors wishing to insure their goods must do so at their own expense.D I S COUN T E D R A T E S By signing the exhibitor contract, exhibitors agree to indemnify and hold harmlessTo receive discount pricing, full payment must be submitted before Nov. 2, 2012. the TDA from all liability. It is recommended that all exhibitors have representa-Discounted price eligibility will be determined by the postmark date printed on tives in attendance at all times when the exhibits are open, and especially whencorrespondence. After Nov 2, rates increase by $70. Full booth payment is due in exhibits are being set up or dismantled, to protect them against loss. It is expresslythe TDA central office by March 1, 2013, to guarantee a booth reservation. Any understood and agreed, and the Exhibitor agrees by accepting this contract, that hebooth with an outstanding balance after this date will be subject to reassignment will make no claim of any kind against TDA, or any of its members or its employeesor cancellation. Booth reservations made after this date must be paid in full at the for any loss, damage to or destruction of goods, or for any injury that may occur totime of the request. himself or his employees while in the Convention Center, or for any damage of anyBOO T H F URNI S HING S A N D S PECI F IC A T ION S nature or character whatsoever.Exhibit fee includes standard 8’ back and 3’ side drape in show colors, 9’ x 10’ GENER A L CON D I T ION Sbooth carpet, standard booth identification sign (21 characters per line), 5 1. irect exhibit floor sales are allowed during regular exhibit hall hours. Dexhibitor registrations per 10’ x l0’ booth — $10 per badge in excess of 5 badges. However, products purchased requiring delivery cannot be delivered to theNo utilities or furnishings are included in the exhibit fee, but can be ordered Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Exhibitors are responsible for any and allthrough Freeman. Displays must not extend farther out on the sides than 4’ from tax permits required by Texas law or local ordinance.the back wall to permit a clear view of all booths. An Exhibitor Service Kit 2. he TDA Council on Annual Session and the Exhibits Manager retain the right to Tincluding rules and regulations will be available online January 2013. eliminate any objectionable exhibits, persons, advertisements, souvenirs or otherC A NCELL A T ION O F EXHIBI T S P A CE features that will impair the high standards of the Texas Dental Association.All booth cancellations must be submitted to the TDA Exhibits Manager in writing. 3. ll solicitation of business must be restricted to the space assigned to each ARefunds are as follows: exhibitor. No special signs or apparatus may extend beyond booth space limits.• 50% refund if cancelled by November 3, 2012 Interviews, solicitations in the aisle, demonstrations, distributions of literature,• No refund after November 3, 2012 etc. must be confined to the Exhibitor’s space, otherwise individuals will beAfter the TDA has been given a written cancellation notice, the TDA has the right removed.to re-assign the booth space. No refunds for no-shows. 4. ll aisles must be kept clear and are subject to control by the show management. AIN S T A LLING A N D D I S M A N T LING EXHIBI T S All empty crates must be removed from the exhibit for proper storage.Exhibitor set up is Tues, April 30 from Noon - 5:00 PM and Wed, May 1 from 8:00 5. o damage of any nature may be done to the booth structures or to any part of NAM - 7:00 PM. All exhibits must be completely set by Thurs, May 2 at 9:00 AM. the exhibit hall. No nailing or attaching to any part of the building is permitted.Tear-down is Sat, May 4 from 1:30 PM - Midnight. Your booth must remain fully 6. how management retains the right to determine the sound level of each exhibit Sstaffed, and no displays may be dismantled prior to 1:30 PM Sat. If an exhibitor booth.chooses to dismantle earlier than 1:30 PM, the TDA has the right not to allow 7. asers must be operated within a suitably enclosed space with appropriate Lexhibitor to participate in future shows and a $500 penalty will automatically be protective eyewear for anyone in the booth either operating and/or viewing theassessed. laser. No laser equipment may be left unattended in operable condition and a booth representative must always be present at the booth during show hours.S UBLE T T ING S P A CE 8. elium balloons and combustible materials in exhibits are not allowed. HExhibitors are prohibited from assigning or subletting a booth or any part of the 9. y the authorized signature on the front of this contract, the authorized party Bspace allotted to them, except upon written permission from the TDA Council on indicates that he or she understands and accepts to receive periodic facsimile andAnnual Session. Exhibitors shall not exhibit, nor permit to be exhibited in their electronic e-mail advertisements from the Association. Any personnel changesspace, any merchandise not a part of their own regular products, or any advertising made during said contract will stay binding for said facsimile and electronic e-mailmaterial directly pertaining to such products. Representatives of firms occupying advertisements.space must be bonafide employees of the firm which has contracted for space. 10. y signing this contract, authorized party understands that said BS HIPPING IN S T RUC T ION S Exhibitor is not to have any social functions or otherwise that compete with theSee your Exhibitor Kit for shipping instructions, dates and deadlines. hours of the TEXAS Meeting between Thurs, May 2 through, Sat, May 4, 2013.Shipments should NOT be addressed to the Exhibit Hall, which hasno provisions for acceptance of shipments.