pharmacologyforadvancedpracticecliniciansregister early andsave $140earn up to52.5 CE hoursforadvancedpracticeclinicianspa...
pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm132CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMWith the advent of the affordable Care a...
easy ways toregisteronline (Credit Card only)contemporaryforums.comphone (Credit Card only)(800) 377-7707Monday – friday8a...
pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm134CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpreConFerenCe sCheDuLepeDiatriC pharmaCo...
5CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13pharmaCoLogy Course sCheDuLeSan FranciSc...
pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm136CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmaCoLogy Course sCheDuLethursDay (rx...
Registrations must include full tuition paymentto be accepted. Registrations faxed withoutpayment will not be processed. C...
contemporary Forums has a specialdiscount agreement with united airlinesunavailable to the general public. toobtain these ...
QuEStIonS?mEthoD of tuItIon PaymEntMake payment by check (payable to Contemporary Forums and enclose withRegistration Form...
PhaRmaCology foR aDVanCED PRaCtICE ClInICIanSREgIStRatIon foRmSEnD thIS foRm WIth full PaymEnt (u.S. funDS) to:CoDE fRom m...
7CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13pharmaCoLogy Course sCheDuLesaturDay (rx...
pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm138CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMprinCipaL instruCtorsalan p. agins, phDe...
9CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm132013 ConFerenCe CaLenDar(partiaL Listing...
pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm1310CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMoffered in three cities throughout the ...
11CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13points oFinterestsan FranCisCoaugust 19...
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Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Clinicians


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Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Clinicians

  1. 1. pharmacologyforadvancedpracticecliniciansregister early andsave $140earn up to52.5 CE hoursforadvancedpracticeclinicianspagE 3insErt – apediatric pharmacology updatesF: 8/19; DC: 9/30; Lv: 11/11prEconferencepagE 445-hour Course For obtaining or renewingpresCriptive authority anD upDating your knowLeDgesan Francisco8/20 –25, 2013washington D.C.10/1 – 10/6, 2013Las vegas11/12 – 17, 2013register onLine at www.ContemporaryForums.Com or by CaLLing 800-377-7707
  2. 2. pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm132CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMWith the advent of the affordable Care act and thespotlight on primary care, prevention and chronicdisease management, advanced practice Clinicianswill play a significant role in caring for the largevolume of patients expected to impact our healthcare system. Knowledge about therapeutic effects,monitoring patient response, and managing sideeffects are all critical aspects of effective prescribingpractices. Having prescriptive authority and beingup-to-date on contemporary pharmacotherapyfor acute and chronic conditions are essential forproviding comprehensive care and competing inthis changing health care environment.Now in its 19thyear, pharmacology for advancedpractice Clinicians, continues to be the “go-to”course for prescriptive authority, whether you aremaking initial application or meeting the requirementsfor renewal. Many who have taken the course alsoreturn periodically for a “refresher” on what’s newin pharmacotherapy. Our Principal Instructors,Alan Agins, PhD and Jody Agins, MSN, RNP, FNP/GNP-BC, WCC, have designed a comprehensivecourse which addresses the pharmacology andtherapeutic uses of current medications used forprimary care, as well as common clinical issuesand concerns related to prescribing. The contentis brought to life through case study discussionand question and answer sessions throughout thecourse, and additional clinician faculty membersenhance learning through specialty application.please note: States’ requirements for prescriptive authority vary.Please contact your State Board of Nursing regarding educational requirements.ContentsAccreditation ........................... 2conference Schedules..........4conference faculty ...............8online ce Library...................9Host city Information......... 10pull-out insErt ContEntsconference Information...... AHotel Accommodations.......Bregistration Information .....cregistration form..................Dwho shouLDattenD?• Nurse Practitioners• Certified Nurse-Midwives• Clinical Nurse Specialists• Physician Assistants• Registered Nurses• Nurse Educators• Physicians• Pharmacists…and anyone elseinterested in acomprehensiveprimary carepharmacologyupdate.aCCreDitationA certificate of Attendance will be available online after you complete the course requirements,enabling you to register your credit with the appropriate licensing boards or associations. Toapply for credit not listed below, use the procedure established by the specific organization.peDiatriC pharmaCoLogy pharmaCoLogy Course*nurses anD nursepraCtitioners7.5 ANCC/9 CA BRNcontact hours45 ANCC/54 CA BRNcontact hours**physiCians 7.5 credits 45 credits***nurse-miDwives 7.5 hours 45 hours****physiCianassistants7.5 hours 45 hours*****pharmaCists 7.5 hours/.75 CEUs 44.25 hours, 4.425 CEUs available*Contemporary Forums is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing educationby the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.Contemporary Forums is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing,Provider #04516. (CA BRN contact hour = 50 minutes)This activity has been submitted to the Ohio Nurses Association (OBN-001-91) forapproval to award contact hours. The ONA is an accredited approver by the ANCC.The Pediatric Pharmacology Preconference is approvedfor a maximum of 7.5 NAPNAP contact hours of which amaximum of 7.5 contain pharmacology (Rx) contentper the National Association of Pediatric NursePractitioners (NAPNAP) Continuing EducationGuidelines. Contemporary Forums, NAPNAPApproved Provider, Agency #12.**Contemporary Forums is accredited by the Accreditation Council for ContinuingMedical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.Contemporary Forums designates this Live Activity for a maximum of 52.5 AMAPRA Category 1 CreditsTM(7.5 Pediatric Pharmacology, 45 Pharmacology Course).Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of theirparticipation in the activity.***TheContinuingEducationCommitteeoftheAmericanCollegeofNurse-Midwivesgrants reciprocity status to the Accreditation Council for Continuing MedicalEducation (ACCME) for Category 1 offerings, providing the program is relevant tonurse-midwifery. Nurse-Midwives may report up to the listed hours of credit.****The American Academy of Physician Assistants accepts Category 1 CME approvalfrom organizations accredited by the ACCME to grant Category 1 hours toward thePhysician’s Recognition Award. PAs may report up to the listed hours of credit.Pharmacology Credit for Prescriptive AuthorityRx indicates pharmacology content. Because states’ requirements vary, contactyour Board of Nursing for more information.*****Contemporary Forums is accredited by the AccreditationCouncil for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuingpharmacy education. This conference has multiple ACPE UniversalActivity Numbers and is a knowledge-based CPE activity.Contemporary Forums will utilize CPE Monitor for tracking and reporting ofall ACPE accredited sessions. Pharmacists will need to create their e-profile in order to obtain their NABP e-Profile ID (ePID).To receive CE credit you must provide your ePID and birth date when youcomplete your online post-conference evaluations.
  3. 3. easy ways toregisteronline (Credit Card only)contemporaryforums.comphone (Credit Card only)(800) 377-7707Monday – friday8am - 5pm (Pacific Time)Fax (Credit Card or Purchase Order)(800) 329-9923mailAttn: registrar6377 clark Ave., Suite 200Dublin, cA 94568highLights anDbeneFits oF the 2013ConFerenCe inCLuDeConFerenCe objeCtivesuu A dynamic Preconference on Pediatric Pharmacology,focusing on medications and prescribing regimensspecific to providing primary care for children.uu experienced and knowledgeable clinical faculty with arelaxed and entertaining teaching style.uu A case-based approach to help you apply the contentto clinical problems you face daily in your practice.uu 7 action-packed days of content, allowing you to meetmany states’ requirements with minimal time awayfrom your life and practice.uu Daily registration for those with selective needs forrenewing prescriptive authority or updating currentknowledge in pharmacology.uu Inclusion of the california Brn Schedule IIcontrolled Substances educational requirementsat the San francisco and Las Vegas courses.UPoN CoMPlEtioN of thE CoURsE,thE PARtiCiPANt will BE ABlE to:uu explain the pharmacodynamics andpharmacokinetics of a variety of drugsused to treat primary care conditions.uu Discuss pharmaceutical options and developa therapeutic regimen that maximizeseffectiveness while minimizing adverse reactions.uu evaluate the response of the patient to the drugsand devices and implement appropriate action.uu Demonstrate clinical application of the pharmacologycontent through case study discussion.uu Provide appropriate patient education regardingdrug therapy for a given disease state.uu Discuss the pharmacology of select dietarysupplements and botanicals.uu review the professional and legal aspectsof prescribing and furnishing drugs.3ContemporaryForums.ComprinCipaLinstruCtorsDr. alan p. agins, phDjody F. agins,msn, rnp, Fnp/gnp-bC, wCC
  4. 4. pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm134CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpreConFerenCe sCheDuLepeDiatriC pharmaCoLogy upDateSan FranciSco • auguSt 19WaShington, D.c. • September 30LaS VegaS• noVember 11Keeping up with updated guidelines and informationon the medications you prescribe when providing primarycare for children is indeed a challenge. Plan now tojoin your colleagues for what promises to be aninformation-packed day on drugs used for commonpediatric health problems in the primary care setting.monDay (rx = 7.5 hrs.)7:00 a.m. Preconference registrationcontinental Breakfast for conference Participants8:00 infectious Conditions: treatmentotitis Media; otitis Media withEffusion; otitis ExternautipneumoniaAcPe #0263-000-13-375-L01-P1.5 contact Hours/.15 ceUsVictoria Weill,MSn, cPnP-Pc9:30 update on “hot topics” inpediatric pharmacologyAcPe #0263-000-13-376-L01-P.5 contact Hours/.05 ceUPatricia reiter Becker,MS, cfnP-Bc10:00 Break10:15 managing respiratory problemsrsV/synagis updateasthmaallergic rhinitisAcPe #0263-000-13-377-L01-P2 contact Hours/.2 ceUsPatricia reiter Becker,MS, cfnP-Bc12:00 p.m. Question and answer12:15 Lunch on Your own1:15 Common Dermatologic ConditionsacneMrsa, atopic Dermatitisand other rashesAcPe #0263-000-13-378-L01-P1.5 contact Hours/.15 ceUsPatricia reiter Becker,MS, cfnP-BcVictoria Weill,MSn, cPnP-Pc2:45 Break3:00 managing gi problems in ChildrengErDConstipationAcPe #0263-000-13-379-L01-P1 contact Hour/.1 ceUsVictoria Weill,MSn, cPnP-Pc4:00 infectious Conditions: preventionimmunization updateAcPe #0263-000-13-380-L01-P1 contact Hour/.1 ceUsVictoria Weill,MSn, cPnP-Pc4:45 Question and answer5:00 AdjournrX=pharmaCoLogy CreDit For presCriptive authorityaCpe = CreDit For pharmaCiststaught by two cliniciansand educators, this updatewill enable you to better:• Identify medications and prescribingregimens for common and complexpediatric primary care problems.• Anticipate potential side effects and adversereactions and discuss their management.• Evaluate the effectiveness of a variety oftreatment regimens through interactivecase study sessions.
  5. 5. 5CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13pharmaCoLogy Course sCheDuLeSan FranciSco • auguSt 20-25WaShington, D.c. • october 1-6LaS VegaS • noVember 12-17daily registration is also available (see insert page a). this course will not be recorded.tuesDay (rx = 8.5 hrs.)7:00 a.m. registration, continental Breakfast for conference Participants8:00 introduction: the Fundamentalsof pharmacology and therapeutics(including Drug interactions)pharmacodynamics and pharmacokineticsAcPe #0263-000-13-359-L01-P3.75 contact Hours/.375 ceUs Alan P. Agins, PhD11:45 Question and answer12:00 p.m. Lunch Will Be Provided1:00 Cardiovascular pharmacology (part 1)HypertensionDyslipidemiaoral HypoglycemicsAcPe #0263-000-13-360-L01-P4.75 contact Hours/.475 ceUsAlan P. Agins, PhDJody f. Agins,MSn, rnP, fnP/GnP-Bc, Wcc5:45 Question and answer6:00 AdjournweDnesDay (rx = 8.5 hrs.)7:30 a.m. registration, continental Breakfast for conference Participants8:00 infectious Disease pharmacologyantibioticsantifungalsAcPe #0263-000-13-361-L01-P3.75 contact Hours/.375 ceUs Alan P. Agins, PhD11:45 Question and answer12:00 p.m. Lunch on Your own1:00 treating infections:guidelines and Case studiesotitis/sinusitisCommunity-acquired pneumoniaMrsaC. difficileothersAcPe #0263-000-13-362-L01-P2.75 contact Hours/.275 ceUsJody f. Agins,MSn, rnP, fnP/GnP-Bc, Wccupdate on adult vaccinesAcPe #0263-000-13-363-L01-P1.5 contact Hours/.15 ceUsJody f. Agins,MSn, rnP, fnP/GnP-Bc, Wcc5:15 Question and answer5:30 AdjournrX=pharmaCoLogy CreDit For presCriptive authorityaCpe = CreDit For pharmaCists
  6. 6. pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm136CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmaCoLogy Course sCheDuLethursDay (rx = 8 hrs.)7:30 a.m. registration, continental Breakfast for conference Participants8:00 Dermatology updateFungal, Bacterial, Viral skin infectionsallergic Dermatitis, Eczema, othersAcPe #0263-000-13-364-L01-P2 contact Hours/.2 ceUsJody f. Agins,MSn, rnP, fnP/GnP-Bc, Wccpsychopharmacology &neuropharmacologyDementia and DeliriumDrugs for Cognitionantiepileptics (for behaviors)AcPe #0263-000-13-365-L01-P6 contact Hours/.6 ceUsAlan P. Agins, PhDJody f. Agins,MSn, rnP, fnP/GnP-Bc, Wcc11:45 Question and answer12:00 p.m. Lunch on Your own1:00 psychopharmacology &neuropharmacology (continued)antipsychoticsantidepressantsantianxiety/sedative-Hypnotics5:15 Question and answer5:30 Adjournattention: california nurse practitioners & nurse-midwives*prescribing schedule ii controlled substanceContent to meet the requirements of the California Board of Registered Nursing to furnish Schedule II medications will be presented on Friday in san franciscoandlasVegas only. California NPs and CNMs who already have a furnishing number may register for Friday only in San Francisco and Las Vegas and will receivea Schedule II certificate. The CA BRN requirements will NOT be presented at the Washington, D.C. course.FriDay (*schedule ii requirements) (rx = 8 hrs.)7:30 a.m. registration, continental Breakfast for conference Participants8:00 stimulants*aDHDAcPe #0263-000-13-366-L01-P 1 contact Hour /.1 ceUsopioid analgesics*AcPe # 0263-000-13-367-Lo1-P 1.5 contact Hours/.15 ceUs Alan P. Agins, PhD10:15 Question and answer10:45 Legal aspects of prescribing*AcPe #0263-000-13-368-L03-P 1 contact Hour/.1 ceUscarolyn Buppert,JD, MSn, crnPCalifornia brn schedule ii requirements*(presented in san Francisco and las Vegas only) To Be Announced12:30 p.m. Lunch on Your own1:30 pain management strategies:Clinical applicationsacuteChronicneuropathicEnd of lifeopioidsantidepressantsantiepilepticstopicalsAcPe #0263-000-13-369-L01-P3.75 contact Hours/.375 ceUsAlan P. Agins, PhDJody f. Agins,MSn, rnP, fnP/GnP-Bc, Wcc5:15 Question and answer5:30 Adjourn
  7. 7. Registrations must include full tuition paymentto be accepted. Registrations faxed withoutpayment will not be processed. Conferencecommunications are sent via email.When registering please provide attendee’sbest email address as some emails are filteredand blocked. Since conference registration andhotel rooms are limited, early registrationis advised.Registration FeesPediatricPharmacologyPreconferencePharmacologyCourseEarly*(On/before 30 daysprior to start date) $225 $745Regular(Within 29 daysof start date) $265 $845*Postmarked or phone/fax/online registration and fees receivedon/before 30 days prior to each course.Pharmacology Course Daily Registration is Available1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days$225 $365 $495 $625 $725Your tuition includes continental breakfasts, lunch on Tuesday,Program Syllabus and Certificate of Attendance. Registrationsmay not be shared.Out of consideration to registrants, children of any age and spousesmay not attend the sessions.Please see Insert C for additional registration information and discounts.ConfEREnCEInfoRmatIononlInE(cRedit caRd Only)Visit us 24 hours a day at:Contemporaryforums.comPhonE(cRedit caRd Only)(800) 377-7707Monday – Friday8am - 5pm, Pacific timebeFORe calling, cOMPleteall RegistRatiOn inFORMatiOn.fax(cRedit caRd OR PuRchase ORdeR)(800) 329-9923maIlattn: Registrar6377 clark ave., suite 200dublin, ca 945684 EaSy WaySto REgIStER:Pull-out InSERtFOR yOuRcOnVenience!pharmacologyforadvancedpracticecliniciansa
  8. 8. contemporary Forums has a specialdiscount agreement with united airlinesunavailable to the general public. toobtain these special conference fares, insert offER CoDEZPCB367092. ticketing and payment canbe done directly by you or through yourtravel agent. to ensure the best flights andtimes, since seats are limited, make yourreservations early. Fares are guaranteed atthe time of the ticket purchasehertz is the official car rental agencyfor the conference.special rates will be in effect throughoutthe conference as well as one weekbefore and after.For special rates, call heRtZ at(800) 654-2240 and refer tocontemporary Forums plus theconference discount code CV#03000260.Special group rates are in effect for participantsand their guests, based on room must make your reservation early and before the “hotel room blockrelease date” listed for each hotel. Rooms may sell out before this date sobe sure to make your reservation now. after the release date, rooms andgroup rates may no longer be available so call the hotel for availability.Rates are per room and subject to prevailing state and local taxes.For room reservations, call the hotel and inform them that you are attendingthe contemporary Forums’ Pharmacology course. Request a confirmationnumber and written confirmation of your Regency San francisco5 embarcadero centersan Francisco, ca 94111hotel room release date: July 26, 2013Rates: $229 single/double occupancyfor reservations call (800) 233-1234.For additionalinformation, callhyatt RegencySan franciscoat (415) Regency on Capitol hill400 new Jersey avenue, nWWashington, d.c. 20001hotel room release date: september 6, 2013Rates: $229 single/double occupancyfor reservations call (888) 421-1442.For additionalinformation, callhyatt Regencyon Capitol hillat (202) 737-1234.Planet hollywood3667 las Vegas blvd. southlas Vegas, nV 89109hotel room release date: October 11, 2013Rates: $139 single/double occupancyfor reservations call (800) 223-7277.For additional hotelinformation, callPlanet hollywoodat (702) 785-5555.hotEl aCCommoDatIonSpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13BCONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COM
  9. 9. QuEStIonS?mEthoD of tuItIon PaymEntMake payment by check (payable to Contemporary Forums and enclose withRegistration Form), Visa, masterCard, Discover, american Express or Purchaseorder. a $30 fee is charged for any returned check. Personal checks are nOtaccepted at the conference. Purchase Orders must be received with registrationby the conference date and include the P.O. number, invoice address, tuition,approval signature, contact name, email address and phone contemporary Forums at(800) 377-7707, Monday – Friday,8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Pacific time) oremail: info@cforums.comif you require special arrangements atthis conference, call (800) 377-7707,at least 30 days prior to the conference.$45 PERPERSondiscount for 5 ormore in a groupCanCEl30 DayS BEfoREConfEREnCEto receive afull refund30days$25 PERPERSondiscount for3 or 4 in a groupgRouP DISCountS(Mail, fax or call in together. Online registration is not available.)tuition discounts are given to groups of 3 ormore registering for the complete PharmacologyCourse. discounts do not apply to the PediatricPharmacology Preconference. to qualify for thegroup discount, all registration information must becomplete for all group members, payment includedand forms sent together. if faxing, list all groupmembers on cover sheet.CanCEllatIonScancellations may be made by phone or in writing.cancellations received 30 days prior to the startof each course receive a full tuition refund. cancellationsreceived after that date are assessed a $50 processingfee. no refunds for cancellations received after theconference begins or for “no shows.” if this meetingis cancelled for any reason, including labor strikesor acts of god, liability is limited to a full refund ofregistration fees.PRogRam ChangEScontemporary Forums reserves the right tomake necessary changes in speakers, topics orschedule. the most current program can befound on our website.CCONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COM
  10. 10. PhaRmaCology foR aDVanCED PRaCtICE ClInICIanSREgIStRatIon foRmSEnD thIS foRm WIth full PaymEnt (u.S. funDS) to:CoDE fRom maIlER: _____REgIStRatIon InfoRmatIon(Please Print Clearly)*name, license/degrees, Place of employment, city, stateappear on your badge.*First name*last name*license/degrees*Place of employment*city *stateattendee’s email (Required)For confirmation, receipt, handouts prior to conference,and access to your Certificate of Attendance. Provideyour best email address as some emails are filteredand blocked.home addresscity state Zipdaytime Phone(s)We collect this data in order to provide you with informationabout contemporary Forums and conferences. if you prefernot to receive further information, please see our privacystatement at Contemporaryforums.comPRofESSIonal PRofIlEchoose onE category in each section that best appliesto you. if you have multiple roles and select the one thatoccupies the majority of your time. use “Other” only ifnone of the choices apply to you.1. SPECIALTY❏ adult Medicine❏ cardiology❏ emergency/urgent care❏ Family Practice❏ gerontology❏ inpatient/Outpatient❏ internal Medicine❏ nursing education❏ Ob/gyn/Women’s health❏ Pediatrics❏ Psychiatry❏ Other:__________2. LICENSURE/PROFESSION❏ cnM/nM❏ cns❏ nP❏ Pa/Pa-c❏ Pharmacist/Pharmd❏ Physician❏ Rn/Rnc❏ student❏ Other:__________REgIStER to attEnD:Conference location:q San franciscoq Washington D.C.q las VegasPaymEnt SummaRy #78/73/75early Fee deadline:30 DayS PRIoR to fIRSt Day of CouRSEConference tuition(45 hr. course)$group Discount* –oRDaily Registration fee $❏ 1 day = $225❏ 2 days = $365❏ 3 days = $495❏ 4 days = $625❏ 5 days = $725Preconference tuition(Pediatric Pharmacologyupdate)+total PaymEntEnCloSED*See Insert C. Registration forms must be sent in together.❏ check/Money Order Payableto contemporary Forumscredit card #exp. datePrint cardholder’s namebilling addresscitystate ZipPayer emailPayer Phone #Contemporary forumsattn: Registrar6377 clark ave.suite 200dublin, ca 94568oRREgIStER onlInE 24/7 at:ContEmPoRaRyfoRumS.ComPhone: (800) 377-7707Fax: (800) 329-9923pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13DCONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COM
  11. 11. 7CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13pharmaCoLogy Course sCheDuLesaturDay (rx = 8 hrs.)7:30 a.m. registration, continental Breakfast for conference Participants8:00 Dietary supplementsprobioticsVitamin D3omega-3Botanicals Alan P. Agins, PhDAcPe #0263-000-13-370-L01-P 1.5 contact Hours/.15 ceUs9:45 women’s health DrugsHormonal ContraceptionHormone therapyosteoporosis updateMedications During pregnancy and lactation Patricia Geraghty, MSn, rn, fnPAcPe #0263-000-13-371-L01-P 4 contact Hours/.4 ceUs12:15 p.m. Lunch on Your own1:15 women’s health Drugs (continued)2:30 Question and answer3:00 respiratory pharmacology:a Case study approachallergic rhinitis and seasonal allergiesasthmaCopD – Chronic and acute ExacerbationsElderly Considerationspulmonary HypertensionJamie Lynch,MSn, ArnPAcPe #0263-000-13-372-L01-P 2.5 contact Hours/.25 ceUs5:15 Question and answer5:30 AdjournsunDay (rx = 4.5 hrs.)7:30 a.m. registration, continental Breakfast for conference Participants8:00 Cardiovascular pharmacology (part 2):a Case study approachangina/Coronary artery Diseaserisk Factors and symptom ManagementFocus on insulinatrial Fibrillationpharmacologic ManagementFocus on anticoagulationCongestive Heart FailureDiastolic/systolicCardiomyopathiesElderly Considerationsneurocardiogenic syncopeJamie Lynch,MSn, ArnPAcPe #0263-000-13-373-L01-P 3.5 contact Hours/.35 ceUs11:30 Question and answer11:45 review self-assessment post-testAcPe #0263-000-13-374-L01-P 1 contact Hour/.1 ceUs12:45 p.m. Adjourn
  12. 12. pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm138CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMprinCipaL instruCtorsalan p. agins, phDearned a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of rhode Island.He has held faculty appointments at Brown Medical School, northeasternUniversity School of Pharmacy and University of Virginia School of nursing.During his tenure at Brown, he received the “Dean’s Teaching excellence Award”over five consecutive years for his outstanding pharmacology lectures. Asfounder and President of Prn Associates, Dr. Agins has lectured nationally tomore than 75,000 advanced practice clinicians and allied health professionalsover the past 19 years. He is the author of 3 books, writes pharmacology–related articles and continuing education monographs and presents weeklylive ce webinars for pharmacists through rxSchool (AMn Healthcare). Inaddition, Dr. Agins has developed a number of educational videos for onlinece that are unique, informative and entertaining.jody F. agins, msn, rnp, Fnp/gnp-bC, wCCreceived her MSn/family nurse Practitioner from the University of Kansas.She has held faculty appointments at the University of Kansas, Truman StateUniversity and Arizona State University. Mrs. Agins is board certified by theAncc in family Practice and Gerontology as well as wound care certifiedthrough WceI. She is currently the chief medical officer for Soreo PathwaysHospice in Tucson, AZ. She is also a primary care provider for careMore Touchand is President of Seminars for Healthcare education, Inc. Mrs. Agins is aclinical preceptor for family and Geriatric nurse Practitioner students forUniversity of Phoenix, University of Arizona and Arizona State Universityand is currently on the editorial board for Clinician Review.The “take-home-message” that Dr. Agins and Mrs. Agins attempt to instill is toadopt a profound respect for, but also cautious attitude about drugs - what theycan do … and what their limitations are.  After many years “on the road” andevery conceivable pharmacology question from their audiences, they maintaintheir great sense of humor and wit, as well as a unique talent for breathing lifeinto dry or difficult subject matter. Their goal is to make this course memorable,informative and enjoyable … essentially the very best pharmacology ceexperience for everyone who attends.aDDitional FaCultypatricia reiter becker, ms, CFnp-bCnurse PractitionerBroomall PediatricsWest Chester, Pennsylvaniafaculty, Widener UniversityChester, PennsylvaniaCarolyn buppert, jD, msn, CrnpAuthor: Prescribing: Preventing Legal Pitfalls (2010)The Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practiceand Legal Guide (2011)Attorney, Health care LawBoulder, Coloradopatricia geraghty, msn, rn, FnpAdjunct clinical faculty, Holy names UniversityOakland, Californianurse Practitioner, Private PracticeWalnut Creek, Californiajamie Lynch, msn, arnpnurse Practitionerorlando Heart centerOrlando, Floridavictoria weill, msn, Cpnp-pCAssociate Program DirectorPediatric nurse Practitioner ProgramUniversity of Pennsylvania School of nursingPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaPediatric nurse Practitionernorth Penn VnA children’s clinicLansdale, Pennsylvaniaeaat
  13. 13. 9CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm132013 ConFerenCe CaLenDar(partiaL Listing)adolescent Health Care orlando, fL May 2-4, 2013neonatal pharmacology La Jolla, cA June 6-8, 2013Hot topics in primary Care Jackson Hole, WY July 21-24, 2013Emergency Care summit Snowmass, co July 21-24, 2013revolutionizing nursing Education –using interprofessional teams and technologyAnaheim, cA July 25-27, 2013office gynecology Jackson Hole, WY July 28-31, 2013ambulatory oB/gyn nursing Las Vegas, nV october 13-16, 2013Contraceptive technology:Quest for ExcellenceAtlanta, GAoctober 31 –november 2, 2013Case Management along the Continuum chicago, IL november 10-13, 2013for complete conference information, visit our website at, call toll free at 800-377-7707or email us at contemporary forums is a division of American career college.Contemporary Forums onlineCE library is the leading sourcefor quality accredited healthcarecontinuing education.The Library,, containsover 1,000 multimedia presentationsrecorded at our national live conferencesand is continually updated. each sessionis presented by expert faculty and topicscover a wide range of clinical CE library group accountsHospitals, clinics and healthcare facilitiescan provide and manage quality accreditedcontinuing education to meet staff needs.To request group account discount pricingand details, visit orcall (925) 361-4811.exhibitsWe are inviting representatives fromprofessionally relevant companies,organizations and hospitals to exhibitequipment, supplies, services andcareer opportunities.for exhibit space availabilityor additional information:phone:(925) 361-4807email: exhibits@cforums.comvisit: upDatesIf you are not currently receivingconference and/or online celibrary information and updatesvia email, please go andjoin our mailing list or update youremail address. You will then benotified of all conferences as soonas they are announced as well ashave access to all special promotions.All email addresses are forcontemporary forums use only.earn Ce CreDit onLineat your ConvenienCe
  14. 14. pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm1310CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMoffered in three cities throughout the fall of2013, Pharmacology for Advanced PracticeClinicians offers the chance to learn in andexplore three of America’s favorite cities.Whether it’s touring the hills and neighborhoodsof san Francisco, seeing America’s historyin Washington, D.C., or enjoying the plushnightlife and entertainment of las Vegas,each city offers a different experience thatadds to your learning experience.san Francisco8/19 –25washington D.C.9/30 –10/6Las vegas11/11 –17host Cities
  15. 15. 11CONTEMPORARYFORUMS.COMpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13points oFinterestsan FranCisCoaugust 19-25check out fisherman’s Wharf and itsvibrant energy of fishing boats, streetperformers, and artists. As you hoponto a cable car, your breath will betaken away by stunning views of thecity and its various neighborhoods,including the Golden Gate Bridge,Alcatraz, piers, beaches, the ItalianQuarter, chinatown, and much more!take in a game at at&tpark, home of the 2012world series Championsan Francisco giants!spend some timein Chinatown (the largeston the west Coast)Don’t miss golden gate park(25 minutes by bus/light rail)extend your stay and drivenorth for wine-tasting inthe world famous napa andsonoma valley vineyards(1 hour by car)For more information aboutsan Francisco and thesurrounding areas, visitwww.sfvisitor.orgwashington, D.C.september 30 – oCtober 6The nation’s capital combines aunique blend of politics, diplomacy,and history. While in D.c., make sureto tour world-famous historicbuildings, memorials, and museums,which include the impressive capitolBuilding, national Archives, the Libraryof congress, Jefferson Memorial,Smithsonian Institution, Museumof natural History, and much more!visit and take photographsof one of the world’smost iconic buildings –the white house.stretching from 3rdto 14thstreet, the national mallcontains an extensivecollection of historicmonuments and museums.built as a tribute to georgewashington, the washingtonmonument towers over 555feet above the national mall.honoring the 16thpresidentof the united states, theLincoln memorial is hometo many historic milestonesand events.Las vegasnovember 11-17Viva Las Vegas… America’s playgroundhas something for the entire family.check out the many five-star luxuriouscasino hotels and resorts located onthe famous Las Vegas Strip, world-classrestaurants and chefs, a multitude ofshows and performances for all ages,endless shopping options, andmuch more!visit the replicatedeiffel tower at paris, athemed luxury hotel thatis sure to impress.visit the bellagio hoteland witness over 1,200illuminated jets dance inone of the world’s mostfamous choreographedwater shows.towering over 1,100feet above the strip, thestratosphere tower offerssome of the most incredibleviews of Las vegas andits surroundings.
  16. 16. pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13ContemporaryForums6377clarkAvenue,Suite200Dublin,cA94568pharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians|SF,DC,LV|#pharm13PRSRTSTDU.S.POSTAGEPAIDCONTEMPORARYFORUMSregisterearlyandsave$140InSerTAearnupto52.5cehoursPAGe2pleasesharethiswithyourcolleagues.CODE:OSpharmacologyforadvancedpracticeclinicians45-hourCourseForobtainingorrenewingpresCriptiveauthorityanDupDatingyourknowLeDgesanFrancisco8/20–25,2013washingtonD.C.10/1–10/6,2013Lasvegas11/12–17,2013pediatricpharmacologyupdatesF:8/19;DC:9/30;Lv:11/11PAGe4prEconference