Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography & Echo Boards Review


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Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography & Echo Boards Review

  1. 1. BBeetthh IIssrraaeell DDeeaaccoonneessss MMeeddiiccaall CCeenntteerr DDeeppaarrttmmeenntt ooff AAnneesstthheessiiaa,, CCrriittiiccaall CCaarree aanndd PPaaiinn MMeeddiicciinnee HHaarrvvaarrdd MMeeddiiccaall SScchhooooll DDeeppaarrttmmeenntt ooff CCoonnttiinnuuiinngg EEdduuccaattiioonn 1100tthh AAnnnnuuaall PPeerriiooppeerraattiivvee TTrraannsseessoopphhaaggeeaall EEcchhooccaarrddiiooggrraapphhyy aanndd EEcchhoo BBooaarrddss RReevviieeww AA CCaassee--BBaasseedd AApppprrooaacchh FFrriiddaayy -- SSuunnddaayy SSeepptteemmbbeerr 2277 -- 2299,, 22001133 TThhee FFaaiirrmmoonntt CCoopplleeyy PPllaazzaa HHootteell •• BBoossttoonn,, MMAA CCoouurrssee DDiirreeccttoorr:: FFeerroozzee MMaahhmmoooodd,, MMDD Co-Directors: Peter Panzica, MD • Adam Lerner, MD • Douglas Shook, MD -- MMiittrraall VVaallvvee SSyymmppoossiiuumm -- TThhrreeee--DDiimmeennssiioonnaall EEcchhooccaarrddiiooggrraapphhyy SSyymmppoossiiuumm -- PPeerrccuuttaanneeoouuss IInntteerrvveennttiioonnss && EEcchhooccaarrddiiooggrraapphhyy -- LLiivvee PPoorrcciinnee DDiisssseeccttiioonn -- CCoommpprreehheennssiivvee BBaassiicc && AAddvvaanncceedd EEcchhoo BBooaarrddss RReevviieeww ©PresidentandFellowsofHarvardCollege
  2. 2. 1100TTHH AANNNNUUAALL PPEERRIIOOPPEERRAATTIIVVEE TTRRAANNSSEESSOOPPHHAAGGEEAALL EECCHHOOCCAARRDDIIOOGGRRAAPPHHYY AANNDD EECCHHOO BBOOAARRDDSS RREEVVIIEEWW CCOOUURRSSEE LLOOCCAATTIIOONN:: All sessions for this course will be held at The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, 138 St. James Avenue, Boston, MA 02116 (Telephone: 617-267-5300 or 800-441-1414) Fax: 617-375-9648 CCOOUURRSSEE DDEESSCCRRIIPPTTIIOONN:: This course is designed to benefit practicing clinicians who want a comprehensive review of the basic echocardiographic anatomy of the heart and intermediate level practitioners who want to have an update on the latest echocardiographic techniques. Teaching methods includes didactic lectures, panel discussions, question and answers, problems solving, demonstrations, hands-on skills stations, case review and feedback using an audience response system. This activity is designed to address the lack of knowledge and competence for those who have received no advance train- ing in this area; and lack of performance for those who have the basic skills but have not had the opportunity for the hands-on training, which will expand their capabilities of probe manipu- lations during high risk surgeries. Clinicians planning on taking the Echo Boards exam for Special Competence in Perioperative TEE as well as clinicians planning on taking the “Basic TEE Exam” can enroll in the “Echo Boards Review” session, which will include a review of echo questions as well as video clips, followed by a simulated echo boards exam. The NBE, its officers and directors have no involvement with the Echo Boards Review portion of this course or the simulated exam. TTAARRGGEETT AAUUDDIIEENNCCEE:: Participants attending the Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography (PTEE) course are physician based, with a specialty in anesthesiology and cardiology. Participants come from with- in the continental US and as far away as Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. LLEEAARRNNIINNGG OOBBJJEECCTTIIVVEESS:: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: - Evaluate the basics of comprehensive intraoperative echo examination, valvular assessment and repair/replacement, and advanced diastolic function and Doppler techniques - Perform a comprehensive perioperative TEE examination - Operate and troubleshoot TEE equipment - Utilize TEE as a monitoring modality during high-risk non-cardiac surgery - Learn the application of echo data in the clinical context AACCCCOOMMMMOODDAATTIIOONNSS//TTRRAAVVEELL:: A limited number of rooms have been reserved at Fairmont Copley Plaza (Telephone: 617-267- 5300 or 800-441-1414) until SSeepptteemmbbeerr 66,, 22001133. Please specify that you are enrolled in this course to receive a reduced room rate of $309 Single/Double (Moderate and Fairmont Rooms). Hotel arrangements can also be made online at: 2013. Please do not purchase non-refundable airline ticket(s) until you have received an email from our office confirming your paid registration. For airline reservations contact the HMS Travel Desk toll free 1-877-4-HARVMD (1-877-442-7863) Monday - Friday 9 AM - 8 PM (EST). From outside the U.S., Canada and Virgin Islands, please call 617-559-3764.
  3. 3. HHAARRVVAARRDD MMEEDDIICCAALL SSCCHHOOOOLL CCOOUURRSSEE FFAACCUULLTTYY CCoouurrssee DDiirreeccttoorr:: FFeerroozzee MMaahhmmoooodd,, MMDD,, BBeetthh IIssrraaeell DDeeaaccoonneessss MMeeddiiccaall CCeenntteerr CCoo--DDiirreeccttoorrss:: AAddaamm LLeerrnneerr,, MMDD,, BBeetthh IIssrraaeell DDeeaaccoonneessss MMeeddiiccaall CCeenntteerr PPeetteerr PPaannzziiccaa,, MMDD,, BBeetthh IIssrraaeell DDeeaaccoonneessss MMeeddiiccaall CCeenntteerr DDoouuggllaass SShhooookk,, MMDD,, BBrriigghhaamm aanndd WWoommeenn’’ss HHoossppiittaall HHAARRVVAARRDD MMEEDDIICCAALL SSCCHHOOOOLL CCOOUURRSSEE DDIIRREECCTTOORRSS GGUUEESSTT FFAACCUULLTTYY RReemmccoo BBeerrggmmaann,, MMDD Anesthesiologist, Fellow of Intensive Care Department of Critical Care University Medical Center Groningen Groningen, The Netherlands AArrtthhuurr BBeerrtt,, MMDD Professor, Clinical Professor Surgery (Anesthesiology) Department of Bio Med Surgery Brown University, Providence, RI AAllbbeerrtt CChheeuunngg,, MMDD Professor of Anesthesia, Department of Anesthesia, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA. Co-Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Anesthesia Clinical Research Group, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA GGrreegggg SS.. HHaarrttmmaann,, MMDD Professor of Anesthesiology, Dartmouth Medical School, Lebanon, NH Director of Cardiac Anesthesia, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH JJaayyaanntt SS.. JJaaiinnaanndduunnssiinngg,, MMDD Cardiac Anesthesiologist Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine University Medical Center Groningen Groningen, The Netherlands HHaann KKiimm,, MMDD Lecturer in Anesthesia University of Toronto, Staff Anesthesiologist St. Michael’s Hospital Toronto, Ontario, Canada GG.. BBuurrkkhhaarrdd MMaacckkeennssoonn,, MMDD,, PPhhDD,, FFAASSEE UW Medicine Research & Education Endowed Professor in Anesthesiology, Adjunct Professor of Medicine University of Washington Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology UW Medicine Regional Heart Center Seattle, WA AAnnddrreeww MMaassllooww,, MMDD Clinical Associate Professor in Anesthesiology, Brown University, Providence, RI Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesiology, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI AAlleexxaannddeerr MMiittttnnaacchhtt,, MMDD Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Icahn School of Medicine @ Mount Sinai Director of Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY AAlliinnaa NNiiccooaarraa,, MMDD Assistant Professor Anesthesiology, Duke University Medical School, Durham, NC AAtthheennaa PPooppppaass,, MMDD Assistant Professor of Medicine, Brown Medical School Director, Echocardiography Laboratory, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI BBEETTHH IISSRRAAEELL DDEEAACCOONNEESSSS MMEEDDIICCAALL CCEENNTTEERR Ruma Bose, MD Kamal Khabbaz, MD David C. Liu, MD Robina Matyal, MD John Mitchell, MD Mario Montealegre, MD Sajid Shahul, MD Balachundhar Subramaniam, MD Sugantha Sundar, MD Senthilnathan Venkatachalam, MD BBRRIIGGHHAAMM AANNDD WWOOMMEENN’’SS HHOOSSPPIITTAALL Lauren Cornella, MD Amanda Fox, MD John Fox, MD Jennifer McSweeney, MD J. Daniel Muehlschlegel, MD Charles Nyman, MD Prem Shekar, MD Andrea Worthington, BA Kerry Wilusz, BA CCHHIILLDDRREENN’’SS HHOOSSPPIITTAALL BBOOSSTTOONN Tommy Burch, MD
  4. 4. TTrraaiinniinngg iinn PPeerriiooppeerraattiivvee TTrraannsseessoopphhaaggeeaall EEcchhooccaarrddiiooggrraapphhyy A five day observership in the OR (basic or advanced level) q Echo simulation center with state-of-the-art TEE/TTE simulators q Probe manipulation/image optimization q Problem-based learning and Echo Boards Review Sessions q 3-D echocardiography training q Offered once a month with a maximum of two participants per week q Real-time decision making in the operating room CCoouurrssee DDiirreeccttoorrss:: Feroze Mahmood, MD / Robina Matyal, MD VVIISSIITT OOUURR WWEEBBSSIITTEE:: Contact Ronald Mayes at (617) 667-5039 or for more information. Reference course number 3344122 Echo Preceptorship AAllssoo OOffffeerreedd
  5. 5. FFRRIIDDAAYY,, SSEEPPTTEEMMBBEERR 2277,, 22001133 EECCHHOO BBOOAARRDDSS RREEVVIIEEWW -- SSEESSSSIIOONN II PPhhyyssiiccss aanndd HHeemmooddyynnaammiiccss WWoorrkksshhoopp SSEEPPTTEEMMBBEERR 2277TTHH 33::0000--55::0000 PPMM MMooddeerraattoorrss:: Feroze Mahmood, MD, Han Kim, MD, Remco Bergman, MD, Robina Matyal, MD, Gregg Hartman, MD 11.. A detailed and interactive review of the principles of echocardiographic physics, image formation, artifacts, Doppler and hemodynamic equations 22.. Audience interactions 33.. Questions and Calculations 44.. Discussion with faculty 55::0000--55::3300 BBrreeaakk BBAASSIICC RREEVVIIEEWW 11:00-12:00pm Registration LLIIVVEE PPOORRCCIINNEE DDIISSSSEECCTTIIOONN SSppeeaakkeerr DDoouuggllaass SShhooookk,, MMDD LLaauurreenn CCoorrnneellllaa,, MMDD 1122::0000--22::3300 PPOORRCCIINNEE DDIISSSSEECCTTIIOONN - One Heart per Person - Detailed Overview of the Anatomy - Valvular Anatomy and Echocardiographic Correlation FFaaccuullttyy:: John Fox, MD, Charles Nyman, MD, Jennifer McSweeney, MD, Andrea Worthington, BA, Kerry Wilusz, BA 22::3300--33::0000 BBrreeaakk HHAANNDDSS––OONN TTEEEE SSIIMMUULLAATTIIOONN WWOORRKKSSHHOOPP MMuullttiippllee ssiimmuullaattoorr ssttaattiioonnss wwiitthh hhaannddss--oonn pprraaccttiiccee 5:30-7:30 DDeessccrriippttiioonn:: 11.. Multiple simulators with normal and abnormal anatomy 22.. Interactive 33.. Faculty Input 44.. Metrics for performance assessment FFaaccuullttyy:: Robina Matyal, MD, Han Kim, MD, Remco Bergman, MD, Lauren Cornella, MD, Bilal Chaudry, MD, Jayant Jainandunsing, MD
  6. 6. SSAATTUURRDDAAYY,, SSEEPPTTEEMMBBEERR 2288,, 22001133 FFOOCCUUSSEEDD CCLLIINNIICCAALL SSYYMMPPOOSSIIAA 66::0000--77::0000aamm BBRREEAAKKFFAASSTT AAOORRTTIICC VVAALLVVEE SSYYMMPPOOSSIIUUMM MMooddeerraattoorr | Feroze Mahmood, MD 7:00-7:30 Aortic Stenosis–Echocardiographic Assessment | Amanda Fox, MD 7:30-8:00 Aortic Regurgitation–Echocardiographic Assessment | John Mitchell, MD 8:00-8:30 Low Gradient Aortic Stenosis – Intraoperative Assessment | Adam Lerner, MD 8:30-9:00 Aortic Valve Repair–Role of Echocardiography | Athena Poppas, MD 9:00-9:15 Case Presentation & Questions MMooddeerraattoorr | John Mitchell, MD 99::1155--99::3300 BBrreeaakk MMIITTRRAALL VVAALLVVEE SSYYMMPPOOSSIIUUMM MMooddeerraattoorr || DDoouuggllaass SShhooookk,, MMDD 9:30-10:00 Echocardiographic Assessment for Suitability for Repair | J. Daniel Muehlschegel, MD 10:00-10:30 Surgical Expectations for TEE for Repair | Kamal Khabbaz, MD 10:30-11:00 Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation – Intraoperative Perspective | Albert Cheung, MD 11:00-11:30 Assessment of a Repaired Mitral Valve | Andrew Maslow, MD 11:30-12:15 Mitral Valve Case Presentation – Panel Discussion Bala Subramaniam, MD Jennifer McSweeney, MD Surgical Prem Shekar, MD Kamal Khabbaz, MD David C. Liu, MD 1122::1155--11::1155 LLuunncchh ((OOnn yyoouurr oowwnn)) CCLLIINNIICCAALL CCHHAALLLLEENNGGEESS MMooddeerraattoorr || AAddaamm LLeerrnneerr,, MMDD 1:15-1:45 Tricuspid Valve – Intraoperative Perspective | Arthur Bert, MD 1:45-2:15 Adult Congenital Heart Disease and TEE | Tommy Burch, MD 2:15-2:45 TEE and Pericardial Disease | Peter Panzica, MD 2:45-3:15 Practical Assessment of Diastolic Function and Dysfunction | Alina Nicoara, MD 3:15-3:45 Prosthetic Valve Assessment | Alexander Mittnacht, MD 3:45-4:00 BBrreeaakk EECCHHOOCCAARRDDIIOOGGRRAAPPHHYY AANNDD PPEERRCCUUTTAANNEEOOUUSS IINNTTEERRVVEENNTTIIOONNSS ((SSaappiieenn && AAoorrttiicc VVaallvveess)) MMooddeerraattoorr || Feroze Mahmood, MD 4:00-4:30 Percutaneous Aortic Valves - Introduction | Jeffrey Popma, MD 4:30-5:00 Echocardiographic Approach to Percutaneous Aortic Valve | Sugantha Sundar, MD 5:00-5:30 Interventional Echocardiography in the Cath and EP Lab | Charles Nyman, MD 5:30-6:00 BBrreeaakk
  7. 7. EECCHHOO BBOOAARRDDSS RREEVVIIEEWW -- SSEESSSSIIOONN IIIIII MMoocckk EExxaamm SSEEPPTTEEMMBBEERR 2299TTHH 1122::3300--44::0000 PPMM FFaaccuullttyy:: Feroze Mahmood, MD Peter Panzica, MD Adam Lerner, MD Robina Matyal, MD FFOORRMMAATT:: 11.. Echo Boards Style Multiple Choice Questions 2. Audience Response System 2. Discussion with faculty and overview of concepts 44::0000 Adjourn SSAATTUURRDDAAYY,, SSEEPPTTEEMMBBEERR 2288,, 22001133 ccoonntt’’dd EECCHHOO BBOOAARRDDSS RREEVVIIEEWW -- SSEESSSSIIOONN IIII IINNTTEERRAACCTTIIVVEE EEXXAAMM SSEEPPTTEEMMBBEERR 2288TTHH 66::0000--88::0000 PPMM FFaaccuullttyy:: Feroze Mahmood, MD Peter Panzica, MD Adam Lerner, MD Robina Matyal, MD OOBBJJEECCTTIIVVEESS:: 11.. Echo Boards Style Multiple Choice Questions 2. Audience Response System 33.. Discussion with faculty and overview of concepts Program changes/substitutions may be made without notice. BBAASSIICC -- AADDVVAANNCCEEDD SSYYMMPPOOSSIIAA 66::3300--77::0000aamm BBRREEAAKKFFAASSTT TTHHRREEEE--DDIIMMEENNSSIIOONNAALL EECCHHOOCCAARRDDIIOOGGRRAAPPHHYY SSYYMMPPOOSSIIUUMM MMooddeerraattoorr | Adam Lerner, MD 7:00-7:30 Overview of three-dimensional echocardiography | G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD 7:30-8:00 Available Technologies – Potentials and Limitations | Feroze Mahmood, MD 8:00-8:30 Clinical Cases – When 3D makes a difference | G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD 8:30-8:45 Questions and Comments 88::4455--99::0000 BBrreeaakk CClliinniiccaall CCaasseess ++ DDiissccuussssiioonn MMoodduullee MMooddeerraattoorr | Andrew Maslow, MD 9:00-11:30 Challenging case presentations from faculty with input for surgeons, cardiologists and anesthesiologists. Audience participation FFaaccuullttyy:: John Fox, MD, Prem Shekar, MD, Burkhard Mackenson, MD, PhD, FASE, Adam Lerner, MD, Kamal Khabbaz, MD, David C. Liu, MD 1111::3300--1122::3300 LLuunncchh SSUUNNDDAAYY,, SSEEPPTTEEMMBBEERR 2299,, 22001133
  8. 8. ACCREDITATION: The Harvard Medical School is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians. The Harvard Medical School designates this live activity for a maximum of 25.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. ACGME COMPETENCIES: This course is designed to meet one or more of the following Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education competencies: • Patient care • Medical knowledge • Practiced-based learning and improvement • Interpersonal and communication skills • Systems-based practice REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Registration by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) can be made at: www.cme.hms. Registration by check (draft on a United States bank), please make payable to Harvard Medical School and mail with registration form to Harvard Medical School - Department of Continuing Education, P.O. Box 417476, Boston, MA 02241-7476. Telephone or fax registration is not accepted. Registration with cash payment is not permitted. Upon receipt of your paid registration an email confirmation from the HMS-DCE office will be sent to you. Be sure to include an email address that you check frequently. Your email address is used for critical information including: registration confirmation, evaluation and certificate. INQUIRIES: By phone 617-384-8600, Monday-Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM (EST) or by email at: hms- ONLINE INFORMATION: To register or view activity information online, visit: To ensure proper registration, please add the first three characters of the source code found at the bottom of this registration form. DISCLOSURE POLICY: Harvard Medical School (HMS) adheres to all ACCME Essential Areas, Standards, and Policies. It is HMS's policy that those who have influenced the content of a CME activity (e.g. planners, faculty, authors, reviewers and others) disclose all relevant financial relationships with commercial entities so that HMS may identify and resolve any conflicts of interest prior to the activity. These disclosures will be provided in the activity materials along with disclosure of any commercial support received for the activity. Additionally, faculty members have been instructed to disclose any limitations of data and unlabeled or investigational uses of products during their presentations. REFUND POLICY: A handling fee of $60 is deducted for cancellation. Refund requests must be received by postal mail, email or fax one week prior to the course. No refunds will be made thereafter. 1100tthh AAnnnnuuaall PPeerriiooppeerraattiivvee TTrraannsseessoopphhaaggeeaall EEcchhooccaarrddiiooggrraapphhyy aanndd EEcchhoo BBooaarrddss RReevviieeww SSeepptteemmbbeerr 2277 -- 2299,, 22001133
  9. 9. CChhoooossee YYoouurr FFeeee:: Course Only Course & Echo Boards Review Physicians $1230 (USD) $1490 (USD) Residents/Fellows in Training $830 (USD) $865 (USD) Allied Health Professionals $830 (USD) $865 (USD) AAllll FFiieellddss RReeqquuiirreedd.. PPlleeaassee PPrriinntt CClleeaarrllyy:: _______________________________________________________________________ First Name Middle Initial Last Name _______________________________________________________________________ Street Address _______________________________________________________________________ City State/Province Zip/Postal Code _______________________________________________________________________ Country _______________________________________________________________________ Daytime Phone Fax Number PPlleeaassee nnoottee:: Your email address is used for critical information about the course including: registration, confirmation, evaluation and certificate. Please be sure to include an email address you check daily or frequently. _______________________________________________________________________ Email Address Please check if you wish to be excluded from receiving email notices of future Harvard Medical School - Department of Continuing Education programs. _______________________________________________________________________ Profession Degree _______________________________________________________________________ Primary Specialty (Physicians Only) Board Certified? Yes No Professional School Attended (Physicians Only) Harvard Medical School U.S. Medical School International Year of Graduation _____________ Source Code: WEBA B X Z Z Z Online Registrants: Add the first three characters of the source code found here 1100tthh AAnnnnuuaall PPeerriiooppeerraattiivvee TTrraannsseessoopphhaaggeeaall EEcchhooccaarrddiiooggrraapphhyy aanndd EEcchhoo BBooaarrddss RReevviieeww CCllaassss ##333311228888 £ September 27-29, 2013