International Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissues

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  • 1. 7    Schedule SUNDAY, October 27, 2013 4pm Hotel check in Pick up welcome envelope at front desk 4 – 6:45pm Check-in/registration Download oral presentations Gorski Suite Welcome reception: Light buffet Sunday Session 1 New Approaches to Investigation of Cell Lineage and Mineral Phase of Calcified Tissues Salon ABC Chairs Eve Donnelly, Jeff Gorski, Charles Sfeir – 11th ICCBMT Organizers 7– 7:15pm Opening Remarks Organizers 7:15 Pulp Cell Tracking by Nuclear Imaging for Dental Tissue Engineering Sibylle Opsahl Vital 7:35 Mineral Association Changes the Secondary Structure and Dynamic Properties of amelogenin Wendy Shaw 7:55 Multiscale Phenotypic Analysis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta in Murine Bone Joseph M. Wallace 8:15 Heterotopic Ossification and Raman Spectroscopy: Early Diagnosis, Age, and Burn Injuries Katherine E. Cilwa    
  • 2. 8    MONDAY, October 28, 2013 7 -8:15am Breakfast Evergreen 1-2 Monday Session 2 Amelogenesis- Gene Expression and Proteins Salon ABC 8:20 – 8:30am Opening Remarks Organizers 8:30 Regulation of Calcium Phosphate Formation by Native Amelogenins in vitro. Henry C. Margolis 8:50 Proinflammatory Cytokines Induce Amelotin Transcription in Human Gingival Fibroblasts Yohei Nakayama 9:10 Ameloblast Transcriptome Changes from Secretory to Maturation Stages James P. Simmer 9:30 Moonlighting Enamel Proteins - the Systemic Expression of Amelogenin and Ameloblastin Jamie Jacques 9:50 Uncoupling Protein-2 is an Antioxidant that is Upregulated in the Enamel Organ of Fluoride-Treated Rats John D. Bartlett 10:10am BREAK Ballroom Foyer Monday Session 3 Structure and Function of Dentinal Proteins Salon ABC 10:30 Identifying Protein -Protein Interactions at the Dentogingival Attachment Site Bernhard Ganss 10:50 Characterization of Peritubular Dentin: An Enigmatic, Non- collagenous Mineralized Tissue Jason R. Dorvee 11:10 Ultrastructural Organization of Dentin in Mice Lacking Dentin Sialo-phosphoprotein Elia Beniash 11:30 Matrix Metalloproteinase-20 is Enriched in the Dentin-enamel Junction of Mature Teeth Where it Could Play a Role in Enamel Delamination Following Radiotherapy Ahmad Mousa 12 NOON LUNCH Evergreen 1-2 Monday Session 4 Functional Dynamics of Dental Pulp Cells Salon ABC 2:30 Quantification of Clonal Heterogeneity of Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells in Dental Pulp and Bone Marrow Rachel Waddington 2:50 Variations in Dental Pulp Stem Cell Ageing and Response to Oxidative Stress Influence Regenerative Potential Alastair J Sloan 3:10 Insights into the Effects of Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) Signaling on Odontoprogenitors in the Dental Pulp Karen Sagomonyants 3:30pm BREAK Ballroom Foyer 3:50 Gain of Function MDA5 Mutation Affects Cell Survival and Collagen Expression in Human Dental Cells Changming Lu 4:10 Stuctural and Molecular Basis for Control of Mineralization at the Periodontal Ligament-Cementum Junction Eli D. Sone 4:30 Characterization of the Bone Sialoprotein (Bsp)-null Phenotype: Role in Periodontal Tissue Integrity Harvey A. Goldberg 5:00pm FREE TIME Mount Posters Salon C 6:30pm DINNER Evergreen 1-2
  • 3. 9    TUESDAY, October 29, 2013 7 -8:15am Breakfast Evergreen 1-2 Tuesday Session 5 Microstructural Characterization and Molecular Analysis of Mineralized Tissues Salon ABC 8:20 – 8:30am Opening Remarks Organizers 8:30 Gain of Mineral and Loss of Non-mineral Material in Enamel Depend on Ameloblastin. Yong-Hee P Chun (Patricia) 8:50 Shedding Light on the Chemical Diversity of Ectopic Calcifications in Kidney Tissues: Diagnostic and Research Aspects Arnaud Dessombz 9:10 The Role of Phosphorylation in Dentin Phosphoprotein Peptide Absorption to Hydroxyapatite Surfaces: A Molecular Dynamics Study Eduardo Villarreal- Ramirez 9:30 Dark-field Transmission Electron Microscopy of Cortical Bone Reveals Further Hierarchical Detail Henry P. Schwarcz 9:50 Correlative Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Buried Interfaces in Tooth Enamel Michael J. Cohen 10:10am BREAK Ballroom Foyer Tuesday Session 6 Animal and Disease Models of Mineralization Salon ABC 10:30 MEPE-derived ASARM Peptide Impairs Mineralization in Tooth Models of X-linked Hypophosphatemia Benjamin Salmon 10:50 Osterix Deficiency Disrupts Ameloblast and Odontoblast Maturation but Not Tooth Morphogenesis Amjad Javed 11:10 Osterix is Essential for Stability and Function of Runx2 Protein During Bone Formation Harunur Rashid 11:30 Dental Tissue Phenotype and Ultrastructural Changes in Mouse Brtl/+ Teeth Kostas Verdelis 12 NOON LUNCH Evergreen 1-2 Tuesday Session 6 Animal and Disease Models of Mineralization Salon ABC 2:00 Cortical Bone Matrix Composition in Cynomolgus Monkeys Treated with Sclerostin Antibody Ryan Ross 2:20 Inactivation of Gnas Alters Postnatal Bone Quality Eileen Shore 2:40 Bone-Specific DMP1 Overexpression: Implications on Endochondral Ossification Joshua D. Padovano 3:00pm BREAK Ballroom Foyer 3:20 Regulatory Circuity of Msx 1 and Msx2 Homeogenes in Bone Ariane Berdal 3:40 Characterization of DSPP-Cerulean/DMP1-Cherry Reporter Mice Mina Mina 4:00 An Essential Role of Bmp Receptor1A (ALK3) in Postnatal Skeleton Formation J.Q. Feng 4:30pm FREE TIME 6:30pm DINNER Evergreen 1-2 7:30pm Poster Session-1 Salon C
  • 4. 10    WEDNESDAY, October 30, 2013 7 -8:15am Breakfast Evergreen 1-2 Wednesday Session 7 Osteoblasts and Osteocytes Salon ABC 8:20 – 8:30am Opening Remarks Organizers 8:30 Postnatal Osteoblast Function and Skeletal Homeostasis is Dependent on Runx2 Mitra Adhami 8:50 Transcriptional Regulation of Dentin Matrix Protein 1 by TCF11 during Osteoblast and Odontoblast Differentiation Anne George 9:10 Hedgehog Regulated Matrix Metalloproteinases Expressed in Bone-Invasive KCOTs Hope M. Amm 9:30 Endothelin Signaling Promotes Osteogenesis via Wnt Signaling Derepression and Induction of IGF-1 and PGE2 Michael G. Johnson 9:50 The Rapid 1α,25(OH)2D3-Mediated Activation of Phospholipaes A2 is Modulated by Ca2+/CaM-Dependent Protein Kinase II in Osteoblasts Maryam Doroudi 10:10 Osteocytes are Key to the Formation and Maintenance of Mineralized Bone Yinshi (Rene) Ren 10:30am BREAK Ballroom Foyer Wednesday Session 8 Clinical Translation Studies Salon ABC 10:30 Examining if Nanoscale Mineral Properties in Bone Formed in Response to Loading is Altered by Aging Marta Aido 10:50 Enamel Defects Reflect Perinatal Exposure to Bisphenol A Katia Jedeon 11:10 Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Combat-related Heterotopic Ossification Development Nicole J. Crane 11:30 The Character of Gene Expression of Human Periosteum Used to Form New Tissue in Allograft Bone William Landis 12 NOON LUNCH Evergreen 1-2 Wednesday Session 9 Mineralization Mechanisms in Non-Mammalian Systems Salon ABC 2:30 Proteomic Analysis of Skeletal Organic Matrix from the Stony Coral Stylophora Pistillata Jeana L. Drake 2:50 Crystal-Modulating Protein Films from Molluscan Nacre that form Mesocrystalline Calcite Assemblies Eric P. Chang 3:10 Meso-to-Nanoscale Structure and Mechanical Properties of Biogenic Crystals from Mollusks Lara A. Estroff 3:30pm BREAK Ballroom Foyer 3:50 Microstructures, Phylogeny and Biomineralization Across the Regular Sea Urchins Stuart R. Stock 4:10 Sea Urchin Embryo Spicules: Buried Interfaces, Phase Transformations, and Mechanical Properties Derk Joester 4:30 Influence of Genetic Selection and Physical Activity on Bone Properties of Laying Hens Alejandro B. Rodriguez- Navarro 5:00pm FREE TIME 6:30pm DINNER Evergreen 1-2 7:30pm Poster Session-2 (Remove all posters after poster session 2) Salon C
  • 5. 11    Thursday, October 31, 2013 7 -8:15am Breakfast Evergreen 1-2 Thursday Session 10 Role of Non-collagenous Proteins in Mineralization Salon ABC 8:20 – 8:30am Opening Remarks 8:30 Tensile Force in Collagen Induced by Osmotic Pressure Peter Fratzl 8:50 The High Resolution Xray Crystal Structure of Bovine 3 Glu Osteocalcin Terry L. Dowd 9:10 Osteopontin as a Novel Substrate for Proprotein Convertase 5/6 (PCSK5) in Bone Betty Hoac 9:30 IPV-like Motif in Secreted Acidic Proteins of Many Species Enables Rapid Exit from the Ca2+-rich ER Larry W. Fisher 9:50am BREAK Ballroom Foyer 10:10 Bones and Stones- Why are Inhibitory Proteins Involved in Both? Laurie Gower 10:30 Dentin Phosphoprotein Binds Annexin 2 and is Involved in Calcium Transport in Rat Kidney Ureteric Bud Cells Keith Alvares 10:30 Binding Affinity and Effect on Hydroxyapatite Mineralization of the Enamel Protein Amelotin Nastaran Abbarin 10:50 DSP-PP Precursor Protein Cleavage Helena H. Ritchie 11:10 Phosphorylation-dependent Incorporation of Osteopontin Peptides into Calcium Oxalate Crystals Graeme K. Hunter 11:30 FAM20C Plays Critical Roles in Biomineralization Xiaofang Wang 12:30pm LUNCH Evergreen 1-2 Thursday Session 11 Tissue Engineering Salon ABC 2:00 Mineralization of Dense Collagen Hydrogel Scaffolds Regulated by Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells Benjamin R. Coyac 2:20 Intracellular Mechanism of Osteogenic Effect of Magnesium Ion on Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Sayuri Yoshizawa 2:40 Dual Functioning Peptides Encourage Human Bone Marrow Cell Specific Attachment to Mineralized Biomaterials Harsha Ramaraju 3:00 Amelogenin-chitosan Matrix forms an Organized Mineralized Layer with a Dense Interface with Enamel Qichao Ruan 3:20 Plithotaxis, a Collective Cell Migration, Regulates the Sliding of Proliferating Pulp Cells Located in the Root Apical Papilla Niche Michel Goldberg 3:40 Differential Responses of Osteoblast Lineage Cells to Nanotopographically-modified, Microroughened Titanium- aluminum-vanadium (TiAlV) Alloy Surfaces Rolando A. Gittens 4:00pm FREE TIME 5:30pm Reception Ballroom Foyer 6:00pm Banquet Evergreen 1-2 7:00pm The Eve and Arthur Veis Keynote Speaker David Eyre, PhD Salon ABC 8:15pm Award Presentation and Acknowledgements Concluding Remarks Salon ABC
  • 6. 12    FRIDAY, November 1, 2013 5:00 -8:00am Breakfast Evergreen 1-2 Departure to Airport