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Antibody Engineering and Discovery 2013
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Antibody Engineering and Discovery 2013


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  • 1. Tel: +1 212 537 5898 Fax: +1 212 537 5898 Email: info@hansonwade.comwww.antibody-engineering.comA) Exploring Future Potential and Applications of Next Generation Sequencing in Antibody Engineering and Discovery. Richard Shimkets, President and CEO, Abeome CorporationB) Latest Advances in Reducing the Risk of Immunogenicity: Deimmunization and Tolerance Induction Anne DeGroot, CEO, EpiVax, Inc.C) Designing Better Antibodies Juan Carlos Almagro, Senior Director, Center for Therapeutic Innovation, Pfizer Sreekumar Kodangattil, Senior Principal Scientist, PfizerKathleen Clouse-StrebelDirector, Division of MonoclonalAntibodiesFDAJonny FinlayAssociate Director, DiscoveryResearchPfizerGeorge GeorgiouProfessorUniversity of Texas, AustinAlexey LugovskoyDirector of Therapeutic AntibodyDesignMerrimackDan LightwoodSenior Group Leader, AntibodyDiscoveryUCBIra Pastan Head, Molecular Biology Section NCI, NIHDavid MeiningerExecutive Director, DiscoveryResearchMerckBill StrohlVice President, Biologics ResearchJohnson & JohnsonTariq GhayurSenior Research FellowAbbVieClaire DobsonAssociate Director, AntibodyDiscovery and Protein EngineeringMedImmune• Hear from 25 pioneering industry thought-leaders as they outlinedozens of radical new approaches to help you discover andengineer antibodies with superior biophysical and functionalproperties• Learn how to use innovative differentiation technologies in acommercial environment, to develop therapeutic antibodies faster,at a lower cost and with higher efficacy• Network and learn from an audience focused on discovery andengineering, and consisting of over 70% drug developers*, helpingyou take away useable information that you can use directly onyour return to the lab * 71% attendance drug developers in 2012• Get the latest insights from the FDA, as they discuss where drugdevelopers should be focusing their attention as approaches andformats adopted by industry continue to evolve25 expert speakers includingBenefits of attendingBook early and save up to $500Program PartnerWorkshops: 23rd July 2013
  • 2. Tel: +1 212 537 5898 Fax: +1 212 537 5898 Email: info@hansonwade.comwww.antibody-engineering.comAED 2013 Boston 23rd – 25th July 2013Juan Carlos AlmagroSenior Director,Center for TherapeuticInnovationPfizerCaroline ColleySenior Scientist, LeadGenerationMedImmuneIvan CorreiaPrincipal ResearchScientist, ProteinAnalyticsAbbVieMitchell HoChief, Antibody TherapySectionNational CancerInstitute (NCI)Ira PastanHead, MolecularBiology SectionNational CancerInstitute (NCI)Claire DobsonAssociate Director,Antibody Discovery andProtein EngineeringMedImmuneTariq GhayurSenior Research FellowAbbVieAlexey LugovskoyDirector of TherapeuticAntibody DesignMerrimackSarah RueSenior Scientist, AntibodyTherapeuticsGenomics Institute ofthe Novartis ResearchFoundationGrant ShimamotoSenior ScientistAmgenJonny FinlayAssociate Director,Discovery ResearchPfizerJaafar HaiderSenior Scientist,Antibody TechnologyImClone SystemsDavid MeiningerExecutive Director,Molecular DiscoveryMerckKathleen Clouse-StrebelDirector, Division ofMonoclonal AntibodiesFDARay CamphausenAssociate VicePresident, ProteinDesignAdnexus TherapeuticsRandall BrezskiSenior ScientistJanssenAnne De GrootCEO & CSOEpiVaxGeorge GeorgiouProfessorUniversity of Texas,AustinDan LightwoodSenior Group Leader,Antibody DiscoveryUCBPeter PavlikSenior ScientistMedImmuneJuan Carlos work focuses on thedevelopment and application oftechnologies to engineer the nextgeneration of medicines inspired bybiotherapeutics. He has authored over50 publications.Caroline leads a team that hasresponsibilities for isolation,optimization and functionalcharacterization of candidatetherapeutic biologic drugs, and alsolead early stage drug discovery projects.Prior to joining AbbVie, Ivan was aCSO at a start-up developing drugsfor Alzheimer’s Disease. Ivan is leadanalytical scientist for commercial,late phase and products early indevelopment.Mitchells is Chair of the NIH AntibodyInterest Group and a recipient ofthe 2011 NCI Director’s IntramuralInnovation Award for PrincipalInvestigators. His current work focuseson cancer pathogenesis and antibody-based therapy development.Ira is a multi-award winning scientist.Scientific milestones credited toIra include the first example of apositive control of gene expression,groundbreaking research leading to thediscovery of the endosome, and thediscovery of mesothelin.Randy was a post doc at Centocor in aResearch Scientist position within theFc engineering group, where he workedon developing a novel Fc “silent”monoclonal antibody platform.Anne co-founded EpiVax in 1998,and has been CEO/CSO of thecompany ever since. She is originallyknown for her contributions to thefields of immunoinformatics andvaccinology, and has adding expertisein autoimmunity and tolerance.George is a member of the NationalAcademy of Engineering and theAmerican Academy of Microbiologyand has received numerousinternational awards.During his 13 years at UCB, Dan hasplayed a key role in developing UCB’santibody discovery platform and hasbeen responsible for successfullyapplying the technology across anumber of UCB therapeutic antibodyprograms.Peter undertakes antibody lead isolationin several different disease areas.His specialities are HT panning andscreening of antibodies from phagelibraries and hybridomas, laboratoryautomation, HT screening assays andautomated sample and data tracking.Kathleen is Director of the MonoclonalAntibodies Division within the FDA.She will be discussing the steps drugdevelopers can take to minimizeregulatory concerns around antibodyformats in development.Claire joined CAT in 2000 and hasover thirteen years experience in phageand ribosome display and antibodyengineering. She was a member ofthe team that delivered Benlysta®andalso contributed to the discovery ofMapatumumab and Lexatumumab.Tariq holds multiple patents and isthe author of several ground-breakingpeer-reviewed publications. He hasa long history of successfully leadingtherapeutic antibody discovery teams.Alexey is a Senior Director ofTherapeutic Design at MerrimackPharmaceuticals. He is a co-author of40 manuscripts, 34 patent applicationsand 1 book chapter, and he receivedhis Ph.D. in Biophysics from HarvardUniversity.Sarah leads a team of scientistsresponsible for therapeutic antibodydiscovery and optimization, as wellas engineering alternative antibodyformats.Ray has served as Associate VicePresident, Protein Design since June,2008. Prior to Adnexus, he served asVice President, Research & Discoveryat Thios Pharmaceuticals, Inc., abiotechnology start-up in California.Jonny is responsible for the discoveryand molecular engineering of proteintherapeutics for use in indicationsacross all Pfizer Research Units. Priorto Pfizer, Jonny researched recombinantprotein engineering at several institutes,including CBER, FDA.Jaafar joined the Antibody TechnologyDepartment at ImClone Systems towork on antibody humanization andoptimization. His role in ImClone isfocused on engineering novel biologicsfor use in cancer therapy across the LillyOncology Business Unit.Dave is champion of the Adimabcollaboration, and co-champion ofthe Ambrx antibody-drug conjugatecollaboration. He is responsible foroversight of lead generation in supportof biotherapeutic programs spanningmultiple indications.Grant is currently a group leader in thedepartment of Biologics Optimization,responsible for pipeline supportof discovery programs involvingprotein production and modification/engineering for several differenttherapeutic areas at Amgen.Richard ShimketsPresident and CEOAbeome CorporationBill StrohlVice President, BiologicsResearchJohnson & JohnsonDongxing ZhaResearch Fellow and GroupLeader, Protein EngineeringMerckBrenda StevensSenior Scientist, ProteinEngineeringBristol-Myers SquibbRichard serves as the President andCEO of Abeome Corporation. Priorto joining Abeome, he served as VP ofDrug Discovery and VP of ScientificDevelopment for CuraGen.Brenda is currently responsible forleading the protein engineering effortsfor therapeutic candidate optimization,including; lead candidate moleculedesign, reagent generation for in vivostudies, and candidate moleculecharacterization.Bill has over 100 publications, ownsseveral patents and has held a varietyof leadership roles in both academia &industry.Before the Merck acquisition of GlycoFi,Dongxing worked on glycoengineeringyeast and their utility as a host forantibody expression. Dongxing has co-authored many papers in peer reviewedjournals and books, and filed multipleUS and international patents.New & Groundbreaking Insights From:
  • 3. Tel: +1 212 537 5898 Fax: +1 212 537 5898 Email: info@hansonwade.comwww.antibody-engineering.comAED 2013 Boston 23rd – 25th July 2013“High quality speakers, highcontent presentations and lots ofopportunities for networking”Juan Carlos AlmagroSenior Director, Center for TherapeuticInnovationPfizer“Great meeting. Open and informaldiscussion sharing experiencesaround the similar challenges weface in discovering antibody drugs”MedImmune“Networking is key for my business.Thanks for providing opportunities”GSK“Great talks, good networking, veryopen discussions”EMD Serono“A good venue for a reviewing theantibody engineering industry andopportunities to learn about newbreakthroughs”AbbVie“Nice agenda, top notch speakers,and great presentations and speednetworking”AldevronAs competition increases, differentiation in antibody discovery andengineering has never been more important. It’s becoming critical tounderstand how to make new differentiating technologies work in a pressured,commercial environment.AED 2013 is unique because it focuses on the needs of drug developers. It isdesigned to help you optimize the clinical potential of every single antibodycandidate in your pipeline. To understand how other drug developers areusing new and existing discovery and engineering technologies to achievebetter, differentiated antibodies.How will AED 2013 help you create the best antibody candidates?AED 2013 will deliver useable information that makes a valuable difference tothe performance of your business. That means a commitment to high speakercalibre, and unbeatable opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking.Speakers are selected through referral only, for their pioneering work andwillingness to challenge existing approaches. Plus, to ensure the quality ofinteraction is high, attendee numbers are restricted to 100. The audience isweighted so at least 70% of the audience are drug developers.AED 2013 will give you the opportunity to discuss your current priorities withpeers and receive 1:1 guidance from leading minds in the field of commercialantibody development.• Hear George Georgiou and Ira Pastan outline ground-breaking newdiscovery and engineering approaches that will change the way youoperate.• Get valuable insights into the latest efforts of MedImmune, Pfizer, Merckand UCB in modifying their discovery approaches to deliver bettercandidates.• Understand how to adapt the most recent approaches taken by Janssen,Merrimack, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Novartis to enhance biophysicaland functional properties.• Leverage new computational approaches to assist antibody engineeringand enhance design outcomes, with groundbreaking information fromImClone Systems and Pfizer.• Discover innovative ways of developing new, antibody-based formatsthat overcome the limitations of classical antibodies, from AbbVie, BMS,Amgen and Merck.Following the success of previous meetings, we’d like to extend a warm welcomeback to our regular attendees, as well as greet new:• Directors and Heads of antibody discovery, protein engineering, biologicsand drug discovery at large pharmaceutical and biotech companies.• Researchers and scientists dedicated to developing more effective antibodydrugs through innovative discovery, selection and engineering approaches.• CEOs, CSOs and Heads of antibody development at pioneering and innovativebiotechs.• Providers of platform technologies that are relevant for antibody discovery,selection and engineering.• Preclinical CROs, equipment and reagent suppliers.Search groups for: Antibody Engineering andDiscovery Forum to join the online community.Create Better & Differentiated AntibodiesJoin the Therapeutic Antibody CommunityHear what previous HansonWade attendees have to say
  • 4. Tel: +1 212 537 5898 Fax: +1 212 537 5898 Email: info@hansonwade.comwww.antibody-engineering.comAED 2013 Boston 23rd – 25th July 20138.00 Registration, Coffee & Networking9.00 A FDA Update on the Development of Therapeutic mAbsand Their Alternatives• Understanding existing and novel antibody formats andcharacteristics that are most favoured• How you can address areas of concern that areincreasing in frequency of occurrence Kathleen Clouse-Strebel, Director, Division of MonoclonalAntibodies, FDA9.30 Next Generation Technologies for Antibody Discovery andEngineering: A Radical New Approach for EngineeringAntibody Therapeutics• The discovery of potent, biologically active antibodiesvia mining of the serum antibody repertoire.• The use of engineered aglycosylated Fc domains toimpart completely novel and enhanced effector function George Georgiou, Professor, University of Texas, Austin10.00 Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments A revolutionary and highly valued way to meet fellowattendees in a 60 minute session. Bring lots of businesscards!Digging for Diamonds: Finding the OptimalAntibody Leads11.30 Efficient Mining of the Immune B Cell Repertoire toGenerate High-Quality Monoclonal Antibodies• A novel antibody discovery process that enablesextremely efficient sampling of the B-cell repertoire• Identification and isolation of individual antigen-specificB-cells from heterogeneous populations Dan Lightwood, Senior Group Leader, Antibody Discovery,UCB12.00 A Novel Transgenic Mouse System for the ComprehensiveCharacterization of an Antibody Immune Response• Generation of a transgenic system for enabling efficientantigen selection of antibody-producing cells• Next-gen sequencing approach to characterizing antigen-specific repertoires; applications for target screening Richard Shimkets, President and CEO,Abeome Corporation12.30 Networking Lunch1.30 Case Study: Comprehensive Interrogation of a MinimalistSynthetic CRD-H3 Library and its Ability to GenerateAntibodies with Therapeutic Potential• Creating large synthetic scFV libraries built using a singleframework pair• The critical association between CDR length and stemdiversity, and functional library content William Finlay, Associate Director, Discovery Research,Pfizer2.00 Moving Your Therapeutic Antibody Discovery CapabilityForward • The merits and limitations of discovery approaches andplatforms, and addressing diversity George Georgiou, University of Texas, Austin; DavidMeininger, Merck; Peter Pavlik, MedImmuneDeveloping Antibodies for New and Challenging Targets2.30 Isolating/Optimizing mAbs to Challenging Targets• Isolating functional antibodies to GPCRs and ionchannels, and challenges around conformation,expression and antigenicity Caroline Colley, Senior Scientist, Lead Generation,MedImmune3.00 Case Study: Generation of Novel Human Single-DomainAntibodies Targeting Glypican-3 and Mesothelin forCancer Therapy• Generation of appropriate single-domain antibodiesagainst novel cancer targets• Demonstration of functional antibodies that disruptoncogenic signalling Mitchell Ho, Chief, Antibody Therapy Section,National Cancer Institute3.30 Afternoon Refreshments NetworkingUnderstanding and Optimizing Bispecific Formats4.30 Case Study: Engineering of IL-23/IL-17A/F NeutralizingBispecific Antibodies• An overview of a multi-specific antibody that presents aninnovative therapeutic for inflammatory disorders• Evaluation of novel and validated bispecific antibody-likeformats Brenda Stevens, Senior Scientist, Protein Engineering,Bristol-Myers Squibb5.00 High Resolution Imaging Techniques to Reveal Protein andCell Dynamics• Imaging dynamics of the DVD-IG molecules, andimplications for the design of other protein therapeutics Ivan Correia, Principal Research Scientist, ProteinAnalytics, Process Sciences, AbbVie5.30 Managing the Risks and Benefits of Engineering DifferentBispecific Formats• Key considerations and lessons learned from developingbispecific formats Dongxing Zha, Merck; Brenda Stevens,Bristol-Myers Squibb; Tariq Ghayur, AbbVie;Ivan Correia, AbbVie;6.00 Close of Day & Networking DrinksDay 1 24th July 2013Keynote Session Panel Session Networking Session
  • 5. Tel: +1 212 537 5898 Fax: +1 212 537 5898 Email: info@hansonwade.comwww.antibody-engineering.comAED 2013 Boston 23rd – 25th July 20138.00 Registration, Coffee & Networking9.00 Biology First! Putting Therapeutic Antibody Engineeringinto the Context of Past, Present, and FutureDevelopments• Considering antibody discovery and engineering – keylessons and their implications for drug developers• Assessing the importance of the targets – predictions forthe future Bill Strohl, Vice President, Biologics Research,Johnson & Johnson9.30 Immunotoxin Treatment of Leukemia and Mesothelioma• An outline of the composition and mechanism of actionof recombinant immunotoxins (RITs)• Response to RIT Moexetumomab pasudotox in patientswith drug resistant Hairy Cell Leukemia and childrenwith refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia• Development of RITs to treat solid tumors, withdecreased immunogenicity and mutations that remove Band T-cell epitopes Ira Pastan, Head, Molecular Biology Section, LaboratoryChief, Center for Cancer Research, NCINew Approaches for Engineering Antibodies withDesired Properties10.00 Harnessing Rational Design Strategies to Improve theStability of Therapeutic Proteins• Strategies to generate high affinity antibodies• Overcoming developability challenges• Improving the physiochemical properties of antibodiesthrough protein engineering Claire Dobson, Associate Director, Antibody Discovery andProtein Engineering, MedImmune10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking11.00 Understanding the Design Characteristics of Antibodiesand Antibody-like Molecules to Enable their FocusedOptimization for Therapeutic Use• Using and understanding of the target biology to drivelead identification and therapeutic format selection• Tackling the complexity of the antibody design spacethrough modular engineering• Efficient ways of engineering for biological activity andbiophysical properties in discovery to minimize thechances of failure in development Alexey Lugovskoy, Director of Therapeutic AntibodyDesign, Merrimack11.30 Phamacokinetic Modulation of Adnectin Therapeutics:Experiences from Bench to Clinic• Approaches for the modification of Adnectins withimproved pharmacokineticsRay Camphausen, Associate Vice President, Protein Design,Adnexus Therapeutics12.00 Mastermind Groups Mastermind groups are an opportunity to discusspertinent industry challenges and generatesolutions through collective experience sharing.Interactive break-out groups work together to discussand debate key questions, predict future challengesin this space and brainstorm possible solutions.12.30 Networking Lunch 1.30 Engineering Therapeutic IgG Half-Molecules• An overview of the modifications required tomonomerize hIgGs• Performance of IgG half molecules in cell-based assaysand pharmacokinetic studies Sarah Rue, Senior Scientist, Antibody Therapeutics,Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research FoundationLeveraging the Convergence of ComputationalApproaches and mAb Engineering2.00 Making the Link Between Computational andExperimental: Knowledge-Based Approaches to AntibodyEngineering• Mined antibody structural datasets to unveil the impactof: - The framework region on antibody recognition - The structural flexibility of CDRs on the affinity of antigen recognition Jaafar Haider, Senior Scientist, Antibody Technology,ImClone Systems2.30 Afternoon Refreshments & NetworkingNovel Engineering and Optimization Approaches toDevelop Differentiated, Ground-Breaking Antibodies3.00 Novel Engineering Insights on Developing IncreasinglyEffective Antibodies for Cancer Therapies• Detailing IgG1 proteolysis as a potential immune-evasionmechanism• Engineering protease-resistant antibodies with selectivekilling functions Randall Brezski, Senior Scientist, Janssen3.30 General Perspectives on Peptibody Design, Production andClinical Utility• Peptibody definition and history• Design objectives and an outline of manufacturingconsiderations• Clinical considerations for the therapeutic application ofPeptibody’s. Grant Shimamoto, Senior Scientist, Amgen4.00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & End of Day TwoDay 2 25th July 2013Keynote Session Panel Session Networking Session
  • 6. Tel: +1 212 537 5898 Fax: +1 212 537 5898 Email: info@hansonwade.comwww.antibody-engineering.comAED 2013 Boston 23rd – 25th July 2013To make therapeutic antibodies faster, at a lower cost but with higherefficacy, the designing principles to enhance potency, cross-reactivity,solubility and other important properties of the therapeutic antibodies areconstantly being improved.This knowledge, together with the (I) full characterization of the germlinegene antibody repertoire, (II) faster and more user friendly antibody modelingmethods, and (III) development of technologies capable of generatingsequence information of repertoires at low cost, are leading to implementationof more effective designs.In the workshop you will learn:1. The state of the art of antibody modeling2. Designing principles and computational tools to engineer moredevelopable antibodies3. Bioinformatic approaches to analyzing large antibody data setsJuan Carlos’s work focuses on thedevelopment and application of technologiesto engineer the next generation ofbiotherapeutics. He has been active in theantibody and protein engineering fields sincethe beginning of the 1990’s, with more thanten years of experience in academic settingsand over six years of experience in thePharma/Biotech industry.Workshop leaderJuan Carlos AlmagroSenior Director, Center forTherapeutic InnovationPfizerWorkshop C: Designing Better Antibodies Date: 23rd July 2013 Time: 4pm – 7pmAdvances in DNA sequencing have made it possible to determine the variableregion sequences of entire antibody repertoires in a variety of model systemsand in humans.Translating this massive amount of information into useful commercialantibody products represents a challenging but extremely rewarding leapforward in antibody development.In this workshop you will learn:1. Technologies available for antibody repertoire sequencing2. Experimental design for sequence-based studies3. Bioinformatics approaches to analyzing large antibody data setsAttend this workshop to discuss your challenges in antibody discovery,engineering and development. Then learn how next-generation sequencingapproaches will address them.Deimmunization is currently practiced by protein engineers to render biologicsless immunogenic in the clinic. And the recent discovery of Tregitopes hashad a profound impact on the design of biologics. Many companies havenow integrated both Treg epitope and T effector epitope screening into theirapproach to biologics.In this workshop, you will learn how to:1. Factors that contribute to immunogenicity2. Methods for screening biologics in vitro and in silico3. Identification of Tregs by FACS, cytokine profiling and expression of FoxP34. Expansion of antigen-specific regulatory T cells (adaptive Tregs)Experienced users will describe the application of web-based immunoinformaticstools to their pre-clinical pipeline. An online demonstration of the ISPRI systemwill be provided for workshop participants.Richard Shimkets, PhD. serves as thePresident and CEO of Abeome Corporation.Prior to joining Abeome, he served asVice President of Drug Discovery andVice President of Scientific Developmentfor CuraGen Corporation. He developedand managed partnerships with Genetech,Biogen, Bayer, and other biotechnology andpharmaceutical companies.Anne co-founded EpiVax in 1998 andhas been CEO/CSO of the companysince. Although Anne is known forher contributions to the fields ofimmunoinformatics and vaccinology,the discovery of Tregitopes by the EpiVaxresearch team in 2008 resulted in a shift inher research efforts, adding new explorationsin autoimmunity and tolerance.Workshop leaderRichard ShimketsPresident and CEOAbeome CorporationWorkshop leaderAnne DeGrootCEOEpiVaxWorkshop A: Exploring Future Potential and Applications of NextGeneration Sequencing in Antibody Engineering and DiscoveryWorkshop B: Latest Advances in Reducing the Risk ofImmunogenicity: Deimmunization and Tolerance InductionDate: 23rd July 2013Time: 9am – 12pmDate: 23rd July 2013Time: 12.30pm – 3.30pm
  • 7. Tel: +1 212 537 5898 Fax: +1 212 537 5898 Email: info@hansonwade.comwww.antibody-engineering.comAED 2013 Boston 23rd – 25th July 2013When you work with Hanson Wade you work with a partnerfocused on your success. Your investment in both time andmoney needs to generate a return.Our clients want that too and that’s why they work with us. Theywant to reach a targeted audience and eliminate wastage fromtheir marketing activities. They work with us because we deliverresults. We’re proud of this fact.Our research identifies ground breaking issues and allows youto influence industry thinking at an early stage. Our expertiseis recognised and respected by the industry. And our eventsare focused, leading edge and attended by people looking forknowledge before making decisions.If your organization needsto raise profile, promoteproducts and services ordevelop new partnershipopportunities in theantibody sector, contact:tel: +44 (0)20 3141 8797email: mharley@hansonwade.comMiles HarleyDrug DevelopersRegulatorsAcademicsPlatform TechnologyCompaniesDirectorScientist/ManagerVice PresidentC-Level71%15%31%32%2%7%20%Abeome CorporationAbeome Corporation develops, manufactures, and partnersproprietary monoclonal antibody technology for use in thebiotechnology industry. Abeome has developed two differentantibody technologies. Direct Selection of Hybridomas (DiSH)technology utilizes genetically engineered myeloma fusionpartners that produce hybridomas that surface-express andsecrete antibody. DiSH kits are distributed for Abeome by EnzoLife Sciences. Abeome’s transgenic AbeoMouse(TM) technologyproduces large quantities of B cells that both surface expressand secrete antibody, for use in antibody discovery primarilyon therapeutic targets where high affinity neutralizing antibodyrepertoires are sought rapidly.22%Media PartnersSponsorship Opportunities Working with Hanson WadeAttendee Breakdown Program PartnerBreakdown of Last Year’s AttendeesSeniority Breakdown of Last Year’s Attendees
  • 8. AED 2013 Boston 23rd – 25th July 2013 Priority Code: WEBTel: +1 212 537 5898 Fax: +1 212 537 5898 Email: info@hansonwade.comwww.antibody-engineering.comRegisterTeam DiscountsVenue and AccommodationPackageRegister and paybefore: Friday 3rdMay *Register and paybefore: Friday 7thJune*StandardPrice*Standard Pricing2 Day Conference+3 workshops$3698(SAVE $500)$3798(SAVE $400)$3898(SAVE $300)2 Day Conference+2 workshops$3197(SAVE $400)$3297(SAVE $300)$3397(SAVE $200)2 Day Conference+1 workshop$2698(SAVE $300)$2798(SAVE $200)$29982 Day Conference$2199(SAVE $200)$2299(SAVE $100)$2399Workshop (each) $599Please select your choice of workshop: Workshop A Workshop B Workshop C*All discount offers (including team discounts) require payment at the time of registrationto receive any discount. ‘Early Bird’ discounts require payment at time of registrationand on or before the cut-off date to receive any discount. All discount offers cannot becombined with any other offer. The conference fee includes lunch, refreshments andcourse documentation. The fee does not include travel or hotel accommodation.Title: Forename: Surname:Job Title: Company/Organization:Email: Direct Manager:Address: Postcode:Country: Direct Telephone:Direct Fax: Mobile:Switchboard: Signature: Date:Number of delegates: Amount: $ Conference Documentation: Credit Card: Visa Mastercard AmexCard No: Valid from: / Expiry Date: /Cardholders name:Signature: Date:Card billing address:Mail:Hanson Wade304 Park Avenue South11th FloorNew York, NY 10010Full payment is due on registration. Cancellation and Substitution Policy:Cancellations must be received in writing. If the cancellation is receivedmore than 14 days before the conference attendees will receive a full creditto a future conference. Cancellations received 14 days or less (including thefourteenth day) prior to the conference will be liable for the full fee.A substitution from the same organization can be made at any time.Changes to Conference & Agenda: Hanson Wade reserves the right topostpone or cancel an event, to change the location or alter the advertisedspeakers. Hanson Wade is not responsible for any loss or damage or costsincurred as a result of substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellationof an event for any reason and including causes beyond its controlincluding without limitation, acts of God, natural disasters, sabotage,accident, trade or industrial disputes, terrorism or hostilities.Data Protection: The personal information shown and/or provided by youwill be held in a database. It may be used to keep you up to date withdevelopments in your industry. Sometimes your details may be obtained ormade available to third parties for marketing purposes. If you do not wishyour details to be used for this purpose, please write to: Database Manager,Hanson Wade, Charter House, 13-15 Carteret Street, London SW1H 9DJHanson Wade Limited. Registered in England & Wales. Company No: 6752216TERMS & CONDITIONSCode:3454Online: www.antibody-engineering.comTel: +1 212 537 5898Fax: +1 212 537 5898Email:• 10% discount – 3 delegates• 15% discount – 4 delegates• 20% discount – 5 or more delegatesPlease note that discounts are only valid when three or moredelegates from one company book and pay at the same time.VenueRevere Hotel, Boston Common200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116AccommodationOvernight accommodation is not included in the registrationfee, however accommodation options will be sent out withyour confirmation email upon registering.Delegate DetailsPayment DetailsEvent Prices