3rd Western Conference on Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders – The Process Addictions


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3rd Western Conference on Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders – The Process Addictions

  1. 1. Co-Sponsors Amen Clinics The Greenhouse Newport Academy Promises The Refuge Alere/Avee ToxicologyHealth Communications
  2. 2. What is the Western Program FocusConference on Behavioral and ThemesHealth and Addictive Disorders? The 3rd Western Conference on Behav-It is a premier educational and training event, spe- ioral Health and Addictive Disorderscializing in mental health and the addictions field. will focus on The Process Addictions,US Journal Training, Inc and The Institute for In- also known as Behavioral Addictions.tegral Development have a combined 60-plus years Recently, the American Society of Ad-of experience presenting nationally recognized diction Medicine broadened its defini-faculty who can address a wide variety of today’s tion of Addiction to include behavioralmost relevant topics. process addictions based on new brain science. Clinical experience indicatesWho Should Attend? that many process addictions occurThe training will be especially valuable for those in association with early onset of sub-working in the areas of: stance abuse disorders. Expert faculty• Mental Health • Registered Nursing will address The Process Addictions, to• Addictions Counseling • Courts and Corrections include:• Marriage and Family • Prevention • Food and Sugar Addiction; Therapy • Employee Assistance • Love and Sex Addiction;• Psychology • School and Pastoral • Compulsive Gambling;• Research Counseling • Internet/Gaming • Spending/Shopping/HoardingNewport Beach Faculty Also Includes: Leo Booth, MTh Larry Ashley, EDS Ralph E. Carson, PhD Priya Chaudhri, PhD Ryan Van Cleave, PhD Charles F. Harper, MDiv Jamison Monroe Shannon Reed, CADC II David Sack, MD David E. Smith, MD2 usjt.com
  3. 3. Strike a perfect balance between work and play in the heart of Orange County. Newport Beach is one of California’s most popu- lar vacation spots. Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Huntington Beach are all short distances from the conference site. Fashion Island, a stone’s throw from the Marriot Hotel, offers the finest of shops, dining, and entertainment. The area boasts many Conference Site attractions including Balboa Island, Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa Disneyland, Newport Harbor fishing 900 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660 cruises, and Knott’s Berry Farm. 800-228-9290 or 949-640-4000 The Marriott Hotel at Fashion Island offers the ultimate in Southern Cali- Full time fornia style and hospitality. Nestled near the spectacular Newport Harbor Registration and the Pacific Ocean, the Marriott features two outdoor pools and a state- Includes: of-the-art spa (Pure Blu). • 2 Continental US Journal Training has reserved a block of rooms for regis- Breakfasts trants until September 12 (Room block may fill prior to this date). • Morning Room rates at the Newport Beach Marriott are $175 single or dou- and Afternoon ble (plus tax). Reservations must be guaranteed with credit card. Refreshments For reservations call 877-622-3056. To receive conference rate, men- • Conference tion US Journal Training October 2012. Note hotel’s cancellation policy. Materials Getting to Newport Beach Marriott Hotel • Continuing Super Shuttle provides service from Orange County/John Wayne Air- Education port at $15 one way. Shuttle service from all three airports to the confer- Certificate ence site is available through Super Shuttle www.supershuttle.com or • 3 issues of (800) 258-3826. COUNSELOR From Los Angeles International/LAX—45 miles Magazine Super Shuttle $36 one way From Long beach Airport—25 miles Super Shuttle $43 one way invite the first 150 Full-Time Conference Registrants to a Sunset Harbor Cruise in Newport Beach, Friday evening, Oct 12 on the “Eternity” Jeffrey Fortuna, PhD Mathew Torrington, MDKenneth Perlmutter, PhD Gordon Scheible, MDiv usjt.com 3
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  5. 5. Wednesday • October 10 Pre-Conference ETHICS Workshop Meets ETHICS Licensing Requirements—6 HoursReach Out and Shrink Someone . . .and Other Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas:Strategies for PsychotherapistsThe 21st Century has brought innovations and developments that require psy-chotherapists to consider confidentiality, record keeping, boundary controver-sies, and many dilemmas never before taken into account by researchers, teach-ers, clinicians and academicians. This workshop will address contemporary Pamela H.issues and various complex dilemmas including technology, websites, internet Harmell, PhD.therapy and ethical advertising, personal privacy and social media, working with Permanent Lecturer,couples, modern multiculturalism, and updates to boundary controversies. Lit- Pepperdine Graduateerature updates, along with relevant Codes of Ethics and current expert opinion School of Educa-on standard of care will be included. tion Psychology,8:00-8:30am Pre-Conference Workshop Registration Psychologist, Private Practice, Los Angeles8:30-10:30am Introduction to Law and Ethics; Malpractice; Proper Adver- CA. Past Chair, tising and Role Conflicts; Handling Unethical Behavior in CA Psychological Colleagues; General Confidentiality and Privilege; Informed Association Ethics Consent; Writing Patient Notes; Record Keeping Guidelines. Committee, Former10:45–11:45am thical Issues and Diversity; Cultural Competency; E President, L.A. Counter-Transference. County Psychological12:45-1:45pm Working with Adolescents and Young Adults, Couples and Association. other Multiclient Situations; Confidentiality and Informed Consent with Couples, Dealing with Subpoenas in Multiclient Situations.2:00-4:00pm Multiple Relationships and Managing Boundaries; Controversies in Boundary Issues; Giving or Receiving Gifts; Bartering for Service; Social Relationships with Clients; Internet Therapy and Website Dilemmas; Social Media Issues; The Patriot Act.5:00-7:00pm Early Conference Registration Thursday • October 118:00-8:45am Registration Continued/Continental Breakfast8:45-10:00am Opening Welcome and KeynoteUnchain Your Brain from Process Addictions Dan Amen, MD Physician, child and adult psychiatrist, brain imaging specialist, bestselling author, distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and CEO and Medical Director of the Amen Clin- ics, Host of several PBS-TV specials, including Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. In this lecture Dr. Amen will explore the neuroscience of process addictions, such as obe- sity, gambling and sexual addictions, based on the brain imaging work done at the Amen Clinics. He will also describe 6 different types and specific treatments for each type.10:00-11:00am Keynote Food Addiction, Compulsive Overeating and other Process Addictions such as Gambling and Sex: Shared Causal Mechanisms Mark S. Gold, MD Distinguished Professor, Dizney Eminent Scholar and Chairman of the Department of Psychia- try, University of Florida. He is a teacher, pioneer, researcher and inventor, working for over 40 years to create models for understanding the effects of tobacco, opiates and other drugs on thebrain and behavior. Author of over 1,000 medical articles, chapters and abstracts; twelve professional books andfifteen general audience books.This presentation looks at Process Addictions and their similarities with and differences to SubstanceAddictions. The clinical features, risk factors and common neurobiological mechanisms are exploredalong with how these mechanisms impact treatment.Program continued on page 7 usjt.com 5
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  7. 7. Program continued from page 511:30am-12:30pm KeynoteHeroes and Fame: Signifiers or Canaries in the Cage Patrick Carnes, PhD Nationally known speaker on sexual addiction, sexual trauma, impaired partners and recovery issues. He has received national and international recognition for his writing and research on sexual addiction and is author of the groundbreaking book, Out of the Shadows: Understand- ing Sexual Addiction. He is Executive Director, Pine Grove’s Gentle Path, Hattiesburg, MS. Treating people of great achievement presents special problems because of whatthey represent for the culture. For many, repeated rehab trips of the famous reveals the dualities ofthose we admire. From a clinical and public health point of view, they also reveal the disparity betweenexpert opinion and public understanding—which is important since addiction is our number one pub-lic health problem.2:00-3:30pm Concurrent WorkshopsEmerging Profiles of Cybersex: Gender, Orientation, and AgePatrick Carnes, PhDCybersex is lumped together, even in clinicians minds, as a vast land of seemingly unlimited sexualbehavior. Science is now at the point to see that across the cybersex landscape patterns are now emerg-ing which are important for the clinician to know at the outset as “one size does not fit all” in terms ofintervention.Problem Gambling: The Other AddictionLarry Ashley, EDS, LCADC, CPGCAddictions Specialist, Associate Professor in Residence, Department of Educational and Clinical Services; Director,Problem Gambling Treatment, Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Clinical Associate Professor, Depart-ment of Internal Medicine (Addiction Medicine), University of Nevada, School of Medicine.This presentation will discuss the signs and symptoms of problem gambling. In addition, problemgambling will be compared to substance abuse to show similarities and the importance of screeningfor problem gambling in substance abuse treatment programs.Youth, Drug Abuse and Process AddictionsDavid E. Smith, MD, FASAM, FAACT Diplomate, American Board of Addiction Medicine; Founder, Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic; Chair, Adolescent Addiction Treatment, Newport Academy, Newport Beach, CA.Jeffrey Fortuna, DrPH Faculty, Department of Health Sciences at California State University, FullertonKevin Maxwell, CATC-N Family Therapist, Newport AcademyJessica Block, MFT Primary Therapist, Newport AcademyThe American Medical Society of Addiction Medicine has broadened its definition of addiction to in-clude behavioral process addictions based on new brain science. Clinical experience indicates that manyprocess addictions occur in association with early onset substance abuse disorders. Based on treatmentprotocols developed at Newport Academy, specific techniques will be presented on internet, sex, andfood addictions—the most co-occurring process addictions with substance abusing adolescents.Understanding Religious CodependencyLeo Booth, MThUnity Minister, internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and trainer in all aspects of spirituality and recoveryfrom depression, addiction, compulsive behaviors and low self-esteem. Rev. Leo’s newest book, to be published laterthis year, addresses the issue of religious codependencyHealing Religious Addiction—this is a new compulsion that has been around forever and yet has notreally been addressed. Rev Leo believes that when we confront religious codependency, it changesour relationship with God, giving us a new way to pray.4:00-5:30pm Concurrent WorkshopsThe Neurobiology of Impulse Control DisordersDavid Sack, MDChief Executive Officer, Promises Treatment Centers. Prior to joining Promises, Dr Sack enjoyed successful careersin clinical research and administrative psychology. He served as senior clinical scientist at NIMH and Senior VP forClinical Research for Comprehensive Neurosciences.Impulse Control Disorders are viewed by media and the public as a cover for bad behavior. This work-shop explores the evidence for a common neurobiology for impulse control problems and other addic-tions. Discussion will include difficulties to reach consensus definitions for sexual addiction, compul-sive spending and gambling, as well as new treatment approaches based on recent research discoveries.Workshops continued on page 9 usjt.com 7
  8. 8. Co-Sponsor Michael Cartwright is pleased to announce his most recent acquisition, The Greenhouse Spa, a true Texas treasure. This nationally recognized luxury spa was built in 1965 by Stanley Marcus, founder of Neiman Marcus. Located between Fort Worth and Dallas, TX and built as a southern-style mansion, The Greenhouse is a 56,000-square-foot facility nestled on 5.66 acres of the most exquisite manicured property. The facility includes 37 guest rooms, a well-appointed fitness center, a pool built specifically for aquatic exercise, an outdoor swimming pool for relaxation, tennis courts, and walking trails, among other amenities. The Greenhouse program specializes in helping men and women who have alcohol and drug addictions that are co-occurring with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and/or trauma issues. Individualized treatment programs are designed to heal, balance and restore the mind, body, and spirit. Our nationally recognized treatment program includes: • Medically supervised detox • Education and guidance in • A holistic approach to • Comprehensive evaluations living a life of recovery total well-being through and assessments • Multiple therapy groups meditation, yoga, massage, • Separate men and women’s • A 12-step recovery program exercise, and supplements residences • A trauma recovery program • The empowerment to heal • One-on-one therapy with • Recreational activities to family relationships mental health and addiction experience enjoyment with • Family and recovery care professionals sobriety programs 8GH-ad-small4.indd 1 5/15/12 10:43 A
  9. 9. Workshops continued from page 7The Lies That Bind: Dismantling Impaired Coping in Familieswith Addiction and Mental IllnessKenneth Perlmutter, PhDPsychologist and educator specializing in family systems, addiction and training and education.Based in San Fran-cisco Bay Area, he serves as Clinical Director for the MindTherapy Clinic and conducts family workshops for Morn-ingside Recovery in Newport Beach.A set of powerful stories, “the lies that bind” holds members in rigid ways of responding and interfereswith efforts to create system shifts towards health. This workshop will explore these distorted beliefsand offer clinical tools to intervene and open the clinical conversation in these wounded families.Hidden Epidemic: Substance Abuse and Older AdultsGordon Scheible, MDiv, CADCIIChemical Dependency Counselor, Hemet Valley Recovery Center where he manages/facilitates the Older AdultProgram.Sylvia Dobrow, MPHGroup Facilitator, Hemet Valley Recovery CenterIt is commonly thought that older adults are not the usual suspect when it comes to substance abusedisorders. But what do we really know about how common this issue is in the elderly? Is it really aproblem? If it is, why is it hidden and what can be done about it? This session will review informationabout the disease of addiction among the older adult population and explore strategies to effectivelyaddress this problem.Medication Assisted Treatment for Substance DependenceMatthew Torrington, MDFamily Medicine physician with specialty in Addiction Medicine, Dr Torrington has a clinical focus on the treatmentof stimulant dependence, alcohol dependence, opiate dependence, and pain. Since 2002, he has worked as clinical re-search physician with Integrated Substance Abuse Program (ISAP) considered one of the foremost substance abuseresearch groups in the world.Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease requiring ongoing individualized multimodal treatment.Treatment should be tailored to each person’s biological, psychological, social, spiritual and nutrition-al needs. Medication can be an important part of the biologic aspect of addiction treatment. Only byincluding appropriate medical supervision and interventions in the treatment of those with substancedependence do those suffering from these conditions have the best possible chance to not die from thislife threatening illness. 7:00-8:00 pm Evening Program (Optional) Healing All Addictions Leo Booth, MTh, CAC, CEDC Rev Leo Booth has taught for many years that the key to healing ANY addiction involves spirituality. His powerful and incisive definition of spirituality is to be a POSITIVE and CREATIVE human being. In this lecture, he gives a new spiritual model for healing. Friday • October 128:30-10:00 am KeynoteAchieving Clinical Excellence: 3 Steps to Superior Performance Scott Miller, PhD Co-founder of the Center for Clinical Excellence, an international consortium of clinicians, re- searchers and educators dedicated to promoting excellence in behavioral health. Dr. Miller con- ducts workshops and trainings throughout the world, helping hundreds of agencies and organi- zations, both public and private, to achieve superior results. Thanks to a number of recent studies, there is now solid empirical evidence for whatdistinguishes highly effective from average therapists. Participants will also learn a simple method formeasuring success rates that can be used to a profile of their most and least effective moments in ther-apy—what works and what doesn’t work.Program continued on page 11 usjt.com 9
  10. 10. Co-Sponsor Creating Extraordinary Lives ❂ Residential, extended care, sober living and intensive day patient and outpatient for substance abuse and behavioral health ❂ Highly trained and experienced staff provide a safe and intimate environment for healingwww.promises.com 866.390.2340 10
  11. 11. Program continued from page 910:30am-11:30pm KeynoteThe Art of Empathy: Understanding Narcissism and Addiction as Emotional Survival Rob Weiss, LCSW Founding Director of the Sexual Recovery Institute (SRI) and Director of Sexual Disorders Ser- vices for Elements Behavioral Health whose programs include The Ranch in Tennessee, Prom- ises Treatment Center and SRI in California. Author: Cruise Control, Co-author, Untangling the Web and Cybersex Exposed with Dr Jennifer Schneider. Media expert to CNN, The OprahWinfrey Network, Dr Drew and the Today Show.For many addiction and psychotherapy treatment clients, behavioral addictions and problem person-ality concerns are in part the outgrowth of early attachment disruptions, parental narcissism and/orchildhood emotional neglect. This presentation is organized to help professionals gain increased em-pathy and insight into how these early survival skills are actually dysfunctional adult attempts at emo-tional survival in a world that often feels internally chaotic and unwelcoming.11:30am-12:30pm KeynoteThe Loneliest Heart: Attachment and Intimacy Issues Judy Crane, LMHC Founder and Executive Director of The Refuge - A Healing Place with over 20 years experience in residential and out-patient practices; hypnotherapist and specialist for healing sexual trauma and addiction. The concept of attachment as it pertains to the evolution of trauma will be explored. The issues underlying the struggle with intimacy for trauma survivors and appropri-ate interventions as well as the role of loneliness, its causes, effects and potential therapeutic solutionswill also be presented. 12:45-1:45pm The Prescription Drug Epidemic: The Number One Teen Killer (Optional) Introduction and Commentary by: Jamison Monroe, Newport Academy Founder and Director and David Smith, MD, Chair, Adolescent Addiction Treatment, Newport Academy Presentation will feature “Behind The Orange Curtain”, a new documentary that tells “the real story” of what is happening in Orange County, CA. The film’s goal is to open our eyes, all our eyes, to the tragedies occurring every day here in Orange County, and throughout the United States.2:00-3:30pm KeynoteOut of Control Behaviors: The New Presentation of Addictive Disorders? Reef Karim, DO “Dr Reef” is a leader and pioneer in the fields of mental health, addiction medicine and dating/ relationship therapy as well as an accomplished television host, writer and expert. He is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and the founder and Medical Director of The Control Center in Beverly Hills, CA., an integrated outpatient treat-ment center for chemical dependency and behavioral addictions.Is the definition of addiction changing from ingesting toxic substances to alterations in brain experi-ence and plasticity? We now have non-substance addictions that destroy lives by altering brain chem-istry through behavior. This presentaion will highlight the behavioral addictive conditions, classifica-tions and neurobiology.4:00-5:30pm Concurrent WorkshopsWorking with the Persistent, Unmotivated, or Mandated Client:Evidence-based Tips, Tools and StrategiesScott Miller, PhDNowadays, therapists are frequently asked to provide services to unmotivated, court-referred, orotherwise “involuntary” clients. Such clients provide a unique challenge to professionals attempt-ing to provide quality service to both the client and referral source. Participants will learn a variety ofresearch-based methods for preventing, avoiding, and resolving resistance to change. Participants willalso learn a simple, straightforward method for forming cooperative working relationships with man-dated clients that have been shown to improve both retention in and outcome of treatment.Workshops continued on page 13 usjt.com 11
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  13. 13. Workshops continued from page 11Sex, Tech, Intimacy Infidelity: The Effect of Social Media Technology on Cheating, Intimacy Disorders and Sex AddictionRob Weiss, LCSWPsychotherapy and addiction professionals report increased numbers of clients and their spousesseeking clinical help for problems related to online sexual and romantic behavior, as well as porn abuse,smart-phone hook-ups and anonymous sex. This session is designed to provide both a solid overviewof the problem and treatment of impulsive, compulsive and addictive sexual behavior problems as wellas a clear description of how the various areas of evolving technology and social media are effectingintimate sexuality, fidelity, addiction and relationships.Food Addiction and Dying To Be Thin: Understanding DisorderedEating and Effective Treatment for Behavioral AddictionsPriya Chaudhri, PhDClinical Director of The Control Center, Beverly Hills, CA., Trainer in behavioral medicine and addiction, with over10 years experience working with various outpatient and residential substance abuse programs. She also has exten-sive experience in integrating alternative medicine and other advanced techniques in the treatment of chemical andbehavioral addictions.We live in an “all or nothing” nation” with diets, extreme makeovers and a dangerous drive to perfec-tion, Dieting has evolved into somewhat of a religion and the preoccupation with food and image hasevolved into a serious epidemic. This workshop will highlight the disordered eating diagnostic consid-erations, research of neurochemical mechanisms associated with food addiction and substance abuseand advances in treatment options for behavioral addictions.Shopping Addiction and Compulsive Buying: Can Shoes, Pursesand iPads be Addictive?Reef Karim, DOWhat woman doesn’t have shoes? And what guy doesn’t love the Apple Store? Is shopping addictionreally a true disorder? “Dr. Reef ” will discuss what research is out there and current classification forcompulsive shopping.Fear of Boredom: The #1 Obstacle to SobrietyCharles F. Harper, MDiv‘Charlie’ is a Spiritual Care Counselor at Betty Ford Center, a grateful recovering advertising executive, seniorpastor, and, not coincidentally, alcoholic. He received his Masters of Divinity from Yale University in 1992 and hasworked with adolescents, their parents and addicts struggling with addiction, as a life coach, pastor and spiritualcounselor ever since. Author of Amazing Grief, a HelpingGuide for Parents and Young Addicts.For many, the fear of boredom is the number one block to the desire to get sober. In fact, those whoexperience short term sobriety can mistake the beginnings of serenity for boredom. The theologicalperception shift and practical exercises suggested to abate the fear of boredom in early sobriety willbe discussed. Saturday • October 138:30-10:00am KeynoteCognitive Behavior Therapy with Individuals with Impulse Control Problems: Core Tasks of Psychotherapy Donald Meichenbaum, PhD Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and Research Di- rector, The Melissa Institute of Violence Prevention and the Treatment of Victims of Violence, Miami, Fl. Author, Cognitive Behavior Modification: An Integrative Approach and Treat- ing Patients With Anger Control Problems.This presentation will demonstrate applications of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with applica-tions to impulse control and related therapeutic issues. The nature of decision-making and implica-tions for understanding impulse control problems will be addressed along with specific ways to bolsterself-regulatory behaviors.Program continued on page 15 usjt.com 13
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  15. 15. Program continued from page 1310:30 -11:30am KeynoteLove Unwoven: The Journey from Love to Addiction Pat Love, EdD Family Life Educator; Consultant, Master Trainer for Imago Relationship Therapy; author of several books, including The Emotional Incest Syndrome; The Truth About Love; and Nev- er Be Lonely Again—The Way Out of Emptiness, Isolation and A Life Unfulfilled. An increasing number of perfectly good relationships are being destroyed by the technological culture in which we live -- and sadly the majority of those ensnared in the euphoric high of sexual stimulation are shocked to find themselves there. Comeexplore how everyday habits at work and home can lure us into a world of hurt and heartache for every-one concerned.11:30am-12:30pm Keynote Believable Hope: Overcoming Addiction through Positive Thinking Michael Cartwright, MA Chairman of the Board, Forterus Health which provides treatment and recovery options for drugs, alcohol, food, obesity, gambling and smoking at treatment facilities in Southern Califor- nia, Las Vegas, and the Greenhouse in Dallas, TX. His newest venture is as founder of FitRX, a premiere, physician-driven weight-loss retreat facility just outside Nashville, TN.Individuals suffering with addiction and mental health issues often lose all hope of having a “normal”life. Taking the key components of AA, self-help, and motivational interviewing techniques and de-veloping a solution to one of the most common reasons for treatment not working will be discussed.Participants will come away with knowledge on DiClemente’s 6 stages of change and Cartwright’s 5essential elements to creating a new mindset using motivational interviewing.1:45-3:15pm Concurrent WorkshopsLove, Lust, Attraction, Attachment: The Therapeutic Importanceof Knowing the DifferencePat Love, EdDNow, more than ever, therapists need a more complex understanding of the neurological underpin-nings of human behavior and relationships. Fortunately, research has emerged which provides cleardirection for therapeutic change. Come learn why you can’t just think your way to a better life of loveand happiness, and learn new techniques that go beyond the therapy door.The Brain Fix—Using Neuroscience as a Metaphor for RecoveryRalph E. Carson, PhDInvolved in the clinical aspects of nutrition, obesity and eating disorders for over 30 years. Board member of the In-ternational Association of Eating Disorder Professionals; author of The Brain Fix, What’s the Matter with YourGray Matter, and Harnessing the Healing Power of Fruit.With a “fixed” brain, you can improve your quality of life by thinking more clearly, enjoying a sharpermemory, feeling happier and less stressed and being in control of your habits. This presentation takeson their challenge of explaining how your diet provides the much needed ingredients for maintenanceand repair, and will reveal the latest breakthroughs that nutritional science has to offer in acceleratingand providing as more permanent recovery.Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SocialNetworking (But Were Afraid to Ask): A Crash Course for MentalHealth ProfessionalsRyan Van Cleave, PhDFaculty member of Ringling College of Art and Design; author of 18 books, including Unplugged: My Journey intothe Dark World of Video Game Addiction and whose work has appeared in The New York Times Review ofBooks, Psychology Today, and Writer’s DigestThe rise of social networking has changed the dynamics of popularity, gossip, and relationships foradults as well as kids. This session details how interaction has become addictive, how “friending” hasredefined relationship, how cyber-stalking has emerged, and how issues of privacy and self-esteem arerooted in this new immersive technology.Workshops continued on page 17 usjt.com 15
  16. 16. Participating Sponsors Betty Ford Center is a not-for-profit organization providing treatment for alcoholism and other drug dependency to help women, men, and families begin the process of recovery. For more information, please contact us: (800) 434-7495 • www.bettyfordcenter.org Where Neuroscience Meets Holistic Healing A leading outpatient treatment center for mental health disorders, chemical dependency, and behavioral addictions. 1.310.271.8700 info@thecontrolcenter.com 9777 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 704 Beverly Hills, CA 9021016 usjt.com
  17. 17. Workshops continued from page 15Brain Pathways: The Phenomenon of Drug Cravingand DependenceJeffrey Fortuna, PhDFounder and Director of the Pharmaceutical Education Consultants; faculty, Department of Health Sciences atCalifornia State University, Fullerton; author of Nutrition for the Focused Brain and Food, Brain Chemistryand Behavior.Over the past 15 years, significant progress has been made in identifying some of the precise neuro-physiologic mechanisms involved in drug dependence. This includes a clarification of the cellular andneural pathways involved in drug craving sand specific forms of drug dependence, such as tobacco, al-cohol, cocaine and methamphetamine dependence.3:45-5:15pm Concurrent WorkshopsTreatment of Individuals with Co-occurring Psychiatricand Substance Abuse ProblemsDonald Meichenbaum, PhDThe incidence of co-occurring disorders is as high as 80% and this provides a treatment challenge. Thissession will consider the concept and incidence of comorbidity and the various sequential, parallel andintegrative treatment approaches. Presentation will provide a Case Conceptualization Model that in-forms treatment decision making and highlight ways to reduce the likelihood of relapse.Food and Mood: When Food and Eating is a Problem in LifeRalph E. Carson, PhDMany emotions and behaviors are tied into the eating disorder patient’s relationship with food. Thispresentation deals with neurophysiological basis of how trigger foods control a person’s life to thepoint it takes on characteristics of an obsession or even an addiction. A recommended interventionplan will be recommended.Video Game Addiction: Surrender and Consequences inthe Electronic AgeRyan Van Cleave, PhDVideo games aren’t just about kids anymore - recent studies show that the average gamer is 35 and hasbeen playing for 12 years. This session details the addictive elements of gaming and explores the poten-tial consequences of surrendering power to this “digital” drug. Participants will learn the warning signsof video game (and digital) addictions and learn new strategies for dealing with existing conditions.Love Addiction, Attachment and AbandonmentShannon Reed, CADC II, CAADC, ICADCClinical Outreach Coordinator, Academic Diresctor, Newport AcademyThis lecture discusses true science, neurobiology and similarities between love addiction and chemi-cal dependence as well as how attachment styles, culture, media and other variables are commonly in-dicative in the make-up of the love addict. Insecure attachment and abandonment are among the mostcommon traits that lead to debilitating and toxic behaviors and emotions for the love addicted person.Lecture will focus on the therapy techniques, treatment modalities and tools proved most effective,allowing clients the opportunity to learn to have healthy adult romantic relationships. Recharge, relax and stay abreast of upcoming events with our bimonthly e-newsletter featuring: • In the Spotlight: Addiction news you can use • Book Reviews: The latest books for professional and personal growth • Meditative Moment: Inspirational and/or meditative reading • Recovery Road: Message of experience, strength and hope Scan this code or sign up at • Continuing Education: Important training conferences and events counselormagazine.com usjt.com 17
  18. 18. Participating Sponsors Online learning COntinuing eduCatiOn with u.S. JOurnal training USJT.com offers individual Continuing Education units (CEs) to help you achieve your professional goals. Presented by credentialed leaders in the field, these lectures provide valuable information to enhance your career development. USJT.com’s Distance Learning Center makes earning CEs easy! • Search from over 200 available lectures • Listen to lecture audio • Take exams online and know instantly if you pass or fail • Access your completed certificates from your personal usjt.com account • Download your completed certificates to your computer Distance Learning topics • Adolescents and Young Adults • Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders • Counseling Skills and Advances • Interventions • Neuroscience Meets Recovery www.usjt.com18 usjt.com
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  20. 20. Michael Cartwright Ralph E. Carson, PhD Available Available August 2012 August 2012 Item: 7308 • $14.95 Item: 6298 • $15.95 Cartwright shares his personal struggles and the In The Brain Fix, Carson reveals an arsenal of 5-pronged approach that has caused dramatic proven tools that help regenerate new cells and transformation with clientele ranging from those connections in the brain, and he shares a myriad living on the street, to celebrities, and everyone of simple changes to make in your environment, in-between. This book is a lifeline for people diet, sleep habits, and exercise routine that will battling addiction and a fresh sense of hope for yield both immediate and long-term changes to those who love them. your gray matter. Patrick J. Carnes, Leo Booth, MTh PhD Available Item: 5262 • $13.95 September 2012 Item: 7022 • $12.95 In this in-depth study of exploitive relationships, With a broad spectrum of references from music, Carnes shows how to recognize when traumatic dance, theater, sexuality, relationships, nature, bonding has occurred, provides a checklist for and the author’s personal experiences, Booth examining relationships and gives steps for safely takes an unconventional approach to explaining extricating someone from these relationships. that we don’t need to get spirituality, but instead we discover it. Available July 2012 Available Aug. 2012 Item: 5860 • $14.95 Item: 595X • $14.95 Item: 6158 • $12.95 Item: 6697 • $14.95 Item: 6441 • $16.95 20
  21. 21. Pat Love, EdD Item: 5658 • $14.95 An approach that breaks through isolation and loneliness—and puts readers on a path to true happiness. Love and Carlson tackle the problem of loneliness head on, showing how to develop healthier, more emotionally satisfying behaviors that will nurture the relationships we have and make us more open to lasting personal connections. Ryan G. Scott D. Miller, Van Cleave, PhD PhD Item: 0332 • $10.95 Item: 3620 • $14.95 Unplugged takes readers on a journey through Ryan’s Using surfing as a metaphor for motivation semi-reclusive life with video games at the center of and self-improvement concepts and written his experiences. Ryan shares his ongoing battle to in accessible, everyday language peppered control his impulses to play, providing prescriptive with surfer slang, and black and white advice and resources for those caught in the grip of illustrations. Staying on Top proves that the this very real addiction. good life is available right now. Item: 631X • $9.95Item: 6174 • $10.95 Item: 768X • $14.95 21
  22. 22. Continuing Education: A maximum of 27 contact hours are available for this conference. 6 hours Pre-Conference ETHICS Workshop October 10. 19 core credit hours for October 11-13 (6 hours for Th, 6.5 hours for F, S) and 2 optional hours, (1.0 for Thursday evening, and 1.0 for Friday at 12:30pm). US Journal Training, Inc. is an approved provider by: National Board for Certified Counselors. #5130. National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC). #000194. Association of Social Work Board (ASWB) (1-880-225-6880) through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. #1143. Florida Certification Board, Inc. #17A. Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage/Family Therapy, and Mental Health Coun- seling, CE Broker. #50-2076. California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC) #OS-86-057- 0514. California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Provider # PCE 78. Course meets the qualifications for up to 27 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs and /or LCSWs as required by the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences. Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Federation (CACCF) California Board Registered Nursing #10512. Certified Employee Assistance Professionals. Application pending for up to 27 PDHs. Florida Board of Nursing. Provider 50-2076. Psychologists–International Institute for Trauma Addiction Professionals (IITAP) is an approved provider by American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor Continuing Educa- tion for psychologists. IITAP maintains responsibility for this program and its content. APA meets requirements for MCEP/CA Psychologists. Full-Time conference attendees who complete all required evaluation and attendance documen- tation are eligible to receive the maximum number of contact hours. Daily registrants can receive credit for each day in attendance. Note: If you are seeking continuing education credit for a specialty not listed above, it is your re- sponsibility to contact your licensing/certification board directly to determine eligibility to meet your CEU requirement. Conference Objectives Participants will be able: 1. To identify treatment approaches and develop counseling skills for a range of issues in mental health, behavioral health, addic- tions and co-occurring disorders. 2. To identify the key implications of neuroscience research as it applies to not only the area of “chemical dependence” addictive disorders but the increasingly important behavioral or process addictions as well. 3. To examine the impact of and treatment for disordered sexuality, eating, gaming and other behaviors. 4. To describe symptoms and characteristics manifested in these ad- dictive/behavioral disorders and to diminish/correct their nega- tive impact on the client’s interpersonal and family relationships.22 usjt.com
  23. 23. If you mail, phone or fax your registration, please complete the following:Please register me as follows: Tuition: Register before September 6 and pay only*Pre-Conference ETHICS October 10 120.00 $ $100.00 * egistrations received in R our Deerfield Beach, FloridaFull-Time Conference October 11-13 495.00 $ $445.00 office by midnight (EST) Sept. 5, 2012 will qualify. Daily Options October 11 185.00 $ $165.00 October 12 185.00 $ $ 165.00 October 13 185.00 $ $165.00 Enter the 5 digit code printed above your address on the mailing you received.PLEASE PRINTRegistrant: Email Address /Name Degree License Company NameAddressCity State ZipCell Phone Daytime Phone Fax NumberPaid by: check here if same as registrant contact information above, otherwise, please complete the followingCredit Card Payments: Cardholder’s name and address EXACTLY as it appears on the credit card statement Email Address Name Company NameAddressCity State ZipCell Phone Daytime Phone Fax Number Full payment of $_____________ enclosed Check Mastercard Visa American Express Credit Card No. Exp Date Security Card Code Cardholder’s Signature GROUPS OF TWO OR MORE RECEIVE A 10% Discount! Enter TRG10 as your special code when you register(Groups must register at the same time using one payment. This offer cannot be combined with other offers.)REGISTRATION POLICIES: Check, credit card information or agency purchase order must be attached to thisregistration form. All registration fees are refundable, less a $50.00 processing fee, when requests for can-cellation are submitted in writing and postmarked by Sept. 19. No refunds are available after Sept. 19.Your name and address will be added to our mailing list unless otherwise requested.Register by phone: 800-441-5569 or 954-360-0909, Have your MC/Visa/AMEX number ready.Register by FAX: 954-360-0034. Include MC/Visa, AMEX number, exp. date, security code and signature.Register by mail: Journal Training/Newport Beach, 3201 SW 15th St., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-8190 U.S.Please make checks payable to: U.S. Journal Training, Inc. Register On-Line at www.usjt.comusjt.com 23
  24. 24. U.S. Journal Training Inc. 3201 SW 15th Street Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-819024 usjt.com Register online and review detailed program at usjt.com Donald Meichenbaum Patrick Carnes, PhD Judy Crane, LMHC Reef Karim, DO Rob Weiss, LCSW PhD PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT #4477 Michael Cartwright, MA Dan Amen, MD Mark S. Gold, MD Scott Miller, PhD Pat Love, EdD FT. LAUDERDALE, FL Cartwright shares a life-changing Groups of Two or More approach that Receive a will help end any addiction. 10% DISCOUNT Item: 7308 (Groups must register at the same time $14.95 using one payment. This offer cannot be Now Only $10.46 combined with other offers.) See pg 20 for details Register Early and Take Advantage of Price Breaks A Available September 2012 !