MDchat: The World's First Twitter Chat for Physicans
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MDchat: The World's First Twitter Chat for Physicans

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Follow @MD_chat on Twitter ( or visit our website ...

Follow @MD_chat on Twitter ( or visit our website

We use the hashtag #MDchat as a rallying term for conversations.

Topics are wide open - from ethics to information technology to healthcare reform.

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  • 1. Introducing the World’s First Twitter Chat for Physicians: # MD chat: - @MD_chat by Phil Baumann , RN
  • 2. What’s # MD chat?
    • It’s a Twitter chat for physicians (not just MDs) and other healthcare professionals from around the world and is open to the public for participation.
    • It was ignited by @PhilBaumann - @MD_chat
  • 3. What Do You Talk About?
    • A wide range of topics pertinent to physicians from news to ethics to information technology to healthcare reform to the future of the profession and more. - @MD_chat
  • 4. Why Twitter?
    • Twitter provides a unique mode of ambient intimacy in real-time, enabling people from all over the world to express themselves, exchange knowledge, share experiences and find the latest developments around the world. - @MD_chat
  • 5. Who Can Join?
    • You - @MD_chat
  • 6. How Do I Participate?
    • There are several ways... - @MD_chat
  • 7. Hashtag: # MD chat
    • Hashtags (keywords prepended with a “#”) demarcate tweets into searchable metadata - in the case of Twitter conversations, they signify a rallying point for participants. - @MD_chat
  • 8. Search Twitter
    • Search Twitter ( ) for #MDchat to view a real-time chronological order of tweets demarcated as #Mdchat (be sure to include the # symbol). - @MD_chat
  • 9. Twitter Clients
    • Following a Twitter chat can difficult to follow since regular tweets and tweets marked with a hashtag can be difficult to segregate real-time. Fortunately, there are third-party applications which streamline participation into a focused channel. - @MD_chat
  • 10. TweetChat
    • Third-party applications enhance the value of Twitter. TweetChat ( ) is an example of one such client. It displays only the tweets bearing the hashtag you wish it to display, thus focusing your attention. - @MD_chat
  • 11. Other Applications
    • TweetDeck – TweetGrid
    • The best way to learn is to sign up to Twitter and simply follow along the hashtag during one of the chats. Most new users – even the skeptical - figure it out quickly. - @MD_chat
  • 12. Times Vary - Stay Tuned to # MD chat on Twitter
    • [email_address] - @MD_chat
  • 13. Follow @MD_Chat
  • 14. Questions?
    • Follow and reply to @MD_chat
    • or email [email_address] - @MD_chat