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For the past twenty years DSI has been providing state of the art 3D drafting services for professional designers and remodelers from coast to coast.

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dsi Drafting Services Powerpoint Presentation[1]

  1. 1. Professional Drafting Services for Professional Remodelers and Custom Home Builders<br />Design Solutions, Inc.<br />Welcome<br />Team Player<br />Drafting on Demand<br />Online Meetings Made Easy<br />Other Professional Services<br />In Our Clients’ Words<br />Some of our past builder clients are among the nation’s top Design & Build companies. They surround themselves with the best team players to ensure outstanding results. <br />NARI Member since 1993<br />dsi<br />24 Academy Street<br />Arlington, MA 02476<br />Tel: 781-648-5548<br />Email: d_s_i@msn.com<br />Web: mydesignbuildproject.com<br />
  2. 2. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />Hello & Welcome<br />Welcome<br />For the past twenty years DSI has been providing state of the art 3D drafting services for professional designers and remodelers from coast to coast.<br />Our clients’ projects range from small bathrooms to basement fit-outs to additions and whole house remodels.<br />We are committed to offering a high level of service to our dedicated remodeling professionals.<br />
  3. 3. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />The “A” Team<br />Team Player<br />Our professional residential drafting team can meet your immediate needs and produce powerful marketing images to be viewed by future clients. <br />Our highest priority is to produce an accurate set of plans with a minimumdisruptions to the production team. <br />Producing easy to read plans helps the homeowner feel confident and reassured the project will be constructed as planned.<br />
  4. 4. Time is Money <br />& <br />Service Makes It Happen<br />Design Solutions, Inc.<br />Drafting on Demand<br />With high speed computers and the latest residential software, home plans can be produced efficiently and accurately.<br />Communicating and working with structural engineers allows the production team to see all of the critical framing intersections and connections before the project is built. <br />Our on demand drafting service increases your sales and reduces the selling cycle with homeowners who simply cannot see what they are buying.<br />
  5. 5. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />Make changes in real time that everyone can enjoy<br />Online Meetings Made Easy<br />Getting homeowners on the same page has never been so easy. <br />Our online communication tools enables the drafting team to interact with the remodeling or custom home teams to ensure that they are informed before presenting to the homeowner.<br />Presenting the clients’ ideas is as much fun as drafting them. Clients and their families across the country are often surprised at how much they enjoy themselves during our interactive online design presentation meetings. <br />
  6. 6. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />Design is the evolution<br />of an idea<br />Other Professional Services<br />Energy follows attention.<br />Our goal is simple. <br />Seek to understand how we can enhance our clients design needs and provide our team artisans with a clear direction of how to produce fine quality projects.<br />Our unique team approach creates a positive attitude for all members of the design and build team resulting in the highest quality results for our clients. <br />
  7. 7. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />Kitchen Addition<br />Design Services<br />Great clients make great projects come to life. Our client wanted a simple and elegant kitchen for her family to feel relaxed and at home. <br />To achieve this goal our cabinet maker designed a custom table to coordinate with the reclaimed walnut flooring. <br />Custom cabinets and natural materials were outfitted in this kitchen addition to make it feel like part of the original home (circa 1890). <br />
  8. 8. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />Master Bedroom<br />Design Services<br />At the end of a long day our clients relax in their master suite.<br />The existing hardwood floors and the wood mantel were beautifully restored to their original luster.<br />The deep baseboard, custom door casings and crown moldings add to the charm and elegance of their bedroom retreat. <br />
  9. 9. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />Master Bathroom<br />Design Services<br />Respect and discretion are required when we design intimate and personal spaces.<br />Our clients had a very clear vision of what they needed in their new master suite bathroom. The shower needed to accommodate a warming towel bar system, steam shower, rain head and a place to rest one’s foot. <br />The frameless glass panels gives this shower a sleek and inviting look.<br />
  10. 10. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />French Country Universal Design <br />Design Services<br />Our clients wanted to build a custom home that would be a retreat for their family. The need for a safe and healthy environment was the highest priority for them and us. <br />The first level living area includes an indoor swimming pool, universal design bathrooms and an elevator that services the basement and second floor. <br />The house serves many functions for the family but the most important one is a gracious home.<br />
  11. 11. “Just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with the Dow Street team, process, progress, and quality of design.<br />The whole experience has been nothing short of excellent since day one, and we are very fortunate to have this group to work with. Your advice and guidance is greatly appreciated by Jeannie and me, and we truly feel that you have our best interest at heart. Yesterday&apos;s design ideas are awesome, powder room, the hot tub, pavilion, walk-ways, etc.<br />Your web-based design review process has even inspired me to adopt a similar initiative for our own business.<br />We look forward to the next stage of design refinement, finish level planning, lighting design, etc.”Thank you,JM <br />Design Solutions, Inc.<br />In Our Clients’ Words<br />
  12. 12. Design Solutions, Inc.<br />2009 Best Whole House Award: Remodel Northeast  Region<br />In Our Clients’ Words<br />“DSI sets the gold standard in design, planning and execution of any project in which they are involved. This unusual combination of architectural vision, craftsmanship and high-quality customer service makes them unique in their industry.&quot; <br />DI & NI<br />
  13. 13. “I don’t think I could have done this project without them; this was really the only option that would have worked for me. They post pictures online nearly every day so there was no question of what’s going on and if the work is being done. They give you comfort and peace of mind.<br />I can say for sure, I’ve never found this kind of comfort from everyone else I’ve worked with. It was a very thorough process. <br />They posted pictures and interactive updates and called weekly. I told them I hate surprises and they handled everything with the town, all the variances that we needed. From start to finish I felt comfortable.”<br />DW<br />Design Solutions, Inc.<br />In Our Clients’ Words<br />
  14. 14. Thank you<br />Design Solutions, Inc.<br />dsi<br />24 Academy Street<br />Arlington, MA 02476<br />Tel: 781-648-5548<br />Email: d_s_i@msn.com<br />Web: mydesignbuildproject.com<br />If you have questions or are thinking about an upcoming project, please call us for a confidential discussion of your drafting and design needs.<br />We appreciate your time.<br />