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Putting your research deliverables together and starting down the path to a discovery report, recommendations and a content strategy. Beautiful images from Jonathan Colman and my recent trip to South Africa inspired this presentation.

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You are here, content strategy

  1. 1. Content Strategy Putting it all together Stakeholders Personas Content Inventories Competitive AuditsBy Jérôme from Rouen, FRANCE (◉ ♥) [CC-BY-2.0(], via Wikimedia Commons
  2. 2. Your Know Your GoalsImage copyright © jonathon colman
  3. 3. You KnowYour People Image copyright © jonathon colman
  4. 4. You Know Your ContentImage copyright © jonathon colman
  5. 5. Now You Can Give Them a PathImage copyright © jonathon colman
  6. 6. Goals Help Us Define TogetherImage copyright © jonathon colman
  7. 7. Personas Help Us RelateImage copyright © gatherball
  8. 8. Content Inventories Help Us Find Touch PointsImage copyright © gatherballl
  9. 9. So We Can Map Experiences That Reach Every PathImage copyright © jonathon colman
  10. 10. You can talk to your client about• Where they can go• Who they can bring with them• What they should pack• And what they should leave at home
  11. 11. It’s a big world out thereImage copyright © paul watts
  12. 12. Rather, it’s a big ecosystemImage copyright © paul watts
  13. 13. Reasons to love a competitive audit
  14. 14. Get to know the locals and find a way to stand outDifferentiate Image copyright © paul watts
  15. 15. We can learn the local dialects and become locals ourselves Domain KnowledgeImage copyright © paul watts
  16. 16. We look to others instinctivelyThis way we get a list we can shareBenchmarking Image copyright © Save the Rhinos!
  17. 17. Then there’s the competition part…Image copyright © paul watts Others can inspire us Or warn us of danger