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Preview version of talk for #LavaCon 2013
How Recovered a Content Initiative Gone Astray: Case Study of Content Audit in the Classroom. Content strategy students partner with nonprofit organize to better understand and improve their digital communications.

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  • Overlap. Let’s run through this case study and leave as much time as possible questions. My main question in this case study is if people new to auditing can produce up with actionable findings. What can an audit do for an organization with low resources.
  • Case Study What I teach – What the client did with the results. Effective way to teach auditing to 10 weeks, main purpose of my course is graduate students who have experience auditing. “Who should conduct a content audit?” The more people qualified to audit, the merrier.
  • Multi-channel content auditsGA version, sexy version – you’re here because your content professionals so I figure you want to see the screenshots of spreadsheets. You are in the right room.
  • Course is CS for IA, undergrad and grad Information School. Library & Information Science. Partner with a nonprofit active channels, content, content problems. Budget, Staff. Feminist Gender Gap 90s
  • Why I created the class Graduate students who could get out and audit 2 meetings, 2 hours. 1 hour review work through activity, 1 hour cover task ahead.Meetings with client – one-on-ones, interviews, observations, follow-up.
  • Accountable Graded Content Inventory Client Summary/Business Goals Audience/User Analysis = Persona Competitive Audit Content Audit Website Page Description DiagramRecommendations ReportClient Presentation
  • Guerilla Content Strategy. I want to stress that they’ve met stakeholders and determined project goals. They’ve interviewed users and made personas Their next focus is inventory and audit – also, what they can learn about the client and audience from the INTERWEBS. Meaning every channel that we can find. I treat them as interns, Most coverage, most eyeballs but in real-world setting, I would split the work and that takes some strategic thinking.
  • First have to teach the inventory. JeffreyVeen in 2002. Tedious. Throw you head first into the deep end. Something you have to experience to truly learn. You have to conduct inventories in order to read them and attach many to the spreadsheet columns and data inside. I give them instructions, specific about how the inventory is organized, how their supposed to conduct it (copy and paste), and how much they should include. Sections replicate navigation. Notice the changes in yellow. This inventory was used to identify quick win changes to the website navigation labeling. Notice the numbering system Find orphans and unused channels Size of page Media attached Last updated Crawler
  • I don’t tell them about Crawlers until they’re done with inventories. Problems with crawlersThere are levels to quantitative inventories : Enhanced quantitative element that crawlers can give you – CAT I also give students an SEO audit of one page template made by Jonathan Colman – 300 categories. I tell them they’d have to collect all this and put it in the right order for every page.
  • What they look for in quantitative inventory How much Where is it Duplicates Dead Unused Obvious Errors The client never tellsyou everything How will you find ALL the THINGS not linked from the website? They can’t help some auditing, keep notes but to set a timer. Hard deadline, no exceptions, look at how getting behind now would impact the entire project timeline. Late inventory, late final grade. Big incentive to keep it quantitative.
  • Domain Knowledge Industry Language – JARGON Benchmarking, industry standards, best practices Doing wellNot doing well, not doing at all DifferentiateGoals Audiences
  • Not doing well, not doing at all DifferentiateWho decides what the competition is?
  • Audits are contextualGoalsAudiences What’s missingErrorsFinding gaps, quality of content Readability, plain english Listing, overkillROTKeywords that users prefer over jargon, code, size Not looking at features, optimization
  • Agreeing on criteria. Numbering system. Collaboration.
  • Social Usage Analytics Goals Audiences Links to other channels, direct actions Guidelines Voice and tone Topics, trends New content ideas – what’s doing well on social, what your audience likes. What times they are online, demographics
  • In the whole discovery process not just in the inventory and audit, they learned what Daniel Erwin demonstrates, you got a structure or a design that doesn’t match the contents because no one advocated for the content. Trapped into Design Volunteer built, no attention to content, labeling, goals or users Migrated, deal with content after
  • Skeletons in the Closet Staff hate website and won’t mention itNot in print, not in words Sending people to youtube, linking to vimeo on the global nav
  • Preferred Social Media always – Scandal. They didn’t tell us, a student found it. One tweet can get executives fired.
  • Social media guidelines Goals Audience Audience wasn’t aware of them or their channels = opportunity New Staff – wouldn’t be throwing out anyone’s babies with the bathwater.
  • Interns – make to do anything. Margot Bloomstein Interns ideal for content audits Being able to react, inform, delegate
  • What we told them in presentation.
  • Explaining the audit process and scope, putting it into a master inventory with face to face presentations. TOP 5 THINGS they should do.
  • Low hanging fruit Buttons don’t workBrokenlinksUnclear language – especially actions Font sizes, colors, readability Addressed with inventory or to do list
  • Dead channels are one-way user journeys bad for SEO. Client knew those terms.
  • ContentInterns GoalsDefined audience, outreach
  • Showed up and brought their interns Eschewed documentation Fixed low hanging fruit immediately Payment processing
  • Intern training and guidelines
  • Started an internal content audit Website staff can be proud of
  • Added to social media guidelines
  • Understand in house need, workflow In a better position to work with volunteer, intern and staff Can’t get more staff without money, so horse meet cart.
  • What I learned. Round 4 and 13 years in nonprofits web management. In this case, it was because they didn’t have any content that feel under their definition of performance. They could have a lot of content but none of the right content. Almost no content, community or traffic – in which case user research and competitive audits are necessary. Can’t evaluate without an audit that tells me patterns, shows me gaps, shows me the distance to goals and targets.
  • Jose Sermeno
  • When you’re starting at zero, there are no dollar signs yet
  • Demographics can be meaningful to shareholders/donors Get you into a conversation but you still have to build the relationship Establish relationship with humans and robots
  • Between broadcasting and conversation. Move from one to many to many to many communication. Looking for quick, automated answers. Content = I exist, therefore, donate. I have a button, therefore, they should buy. For certain sectors, traditional interpersonal or what works in real-life is still important and they may put that effort before investing more time and money in web or technology. And that’s ok, as long as they understand. Broadcasting requires time & money, we’re competing with big brands and budgets. The Internet didn’t change the rules tit’s just like an infinite expansion pack.
  • I will call competitors or partners and ask them about their CMS. Or meet people at conferences 
  • LavaCon Case Study: Content Audit Reel Grrls

    1. 1. How Recovered a Content Initiative Gone Astray Misty Weaver @content_insight @meaningmeasure Content Insight @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    2. 2. What I do Content, Community and Social Media Management Nonprofits Education Startups @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    3. 3. What I do Content Strategy in Information Architecture @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    4. 4. Disclaimer @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    5. 5. The Client @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    6. 6. The Classroom @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    7. 7. Discovery & Delivery Define Decide Demonstrate @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    8. 8. Data Collection Content Inventory Quantitative Measurement Client Summary Stakeholder interview Reviewing client goals Defining project goals User Research Personal interview Personas Connecting messaging Competitive Audit Domain Knowledge Content Audit Qualitative Differentiation Measurement Benchmarking SEO @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    9. 9. 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 @meaningmeasure @LavaCon #SMX #21C
    10. 10. 10/23/2013 Misty Weaver , @meaningmeasure @meaningmeasure @LavaCon 10
    11. 11. SEO Audit, Yippee! @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    12. 12. @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    13. 13. Competitive and Comparative @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    14. 14. Reasons to love a competitive audit @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    15. 15. Choosing your competitors 1 Similar Programs 2 Similar Programs Larger Scale 3 Media 4 Not assigned by client, could be interesting to surprise them @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    16. 16. Qualitative @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    17. 17. Content audits are contextual @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    18. 18. @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    19. 19. User Journeys Fund a Filmmaker Donate @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    20. 20. Findings @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    21. 21. Locked in design Daniel Erwin. Explain IA @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    22. 22. Channels like hall closets @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    23. 23. But we like social media! @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    24. 24. Always find a cause to celebrate Credit: libertyandvigilance 10459273@N05/ @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    25. 25. Interns Credit: xlordashx @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    26. 26. Findings Part 2: What we said @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    27. 27. Informed Audit @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    28. 28. Pick the low hanging fruit By Allie @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    29. 29. Ditch the duplicates and dead zones @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    30. 30. Simplify payment processing 10/23/2013 Misty Weaver , @meaningmeasure @meaningmeasure @LavaCon 30
    31. 31. Connect the channels @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    32. 32. Tell the story the user wants to hear @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    33. 33. Client’s situation • Audit showed – Errors, duplicates, orphans, broken links, unreadable fonts, non-functioning actions – Duplicates and orphans – Disconnected channels – Payment Processing simplification possible – Lack of content for audiences • Locked in design – Volunteer website, custom CMS • Non Disclosure Agreement • Interns publish to channels @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    34. 34. What would you do? • No budget • Staff have no extra time • Locked in a CMS, design @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    35. 35. Assets @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    36. 36. This client @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    37. 37. Empowered the content managers @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    38. 38. Took the reins Director learned to code @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    39. 39. Distributed Ownership @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    40. 40. Connecting Channels Fund a Filmmaker Donate @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    41. 41. Make room for more staff @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    42. 42. Thank you, I am Misty Weaver @meaningmeasure @content_insight Virtual Coffees arranged via Skype Google+ @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    43. 43. BREAK @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    44. 44. What I learned from this process @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    45. 45. When a client asks “Why isn’t my content performing?” @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    46. 46. Rethink Content ROI @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    47. 47. Content Audit ROI 0 < Content that meets business goals 0 < Content that speaks to target audiences 0 < Staff sending people to website 0 < Content differentiates from competitors 0 < Improved search engine ranking * Decreased customer service calls, emails, etc @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    48. 48. Rethink Social Content ROI @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    49. 49. Enter the Conversation @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    50. 50. Build the Relationship @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    51. 51. Guess the CMS @meaningmeasure @LavaCon
    52. 52. Thank you, I am Misty Weaver @meaningmeasure @content_insight Virtual Coffees arranged via Skype Google+ @meaningmeasure @LavaCon