Content Strategy in Information Architecture Lecture 1


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Course Overview: Introduction course INFO498 at UW iSchool, Content Strategy in Information Architecture.

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  • The web’s not just disorder it’s a disaster
  • Content Strategy in Information Architecture Lecture 1

    1. 1. Special Topic in Information Architecture Content Strategy INFO 498 Winter 2013 T, Th 3:30-5:20 MGH 228 Instructor Misty WeaverContent Strategy
    2. 2. Agenda Today • Business • How this course works • Objectives • Assignments • Intro to Information ArchitectureContent Strategy
    3. 3. Who I am Membership User Centered Misty Melissa Weaver KEXP (DB) @meaningmeasure NPower (CMS) Webjunction (IA) iSchool MLIS 2004, Staff, Academics Administrator Database Overlord IA Institute Membership & Event Program Manager Content Management ASIS&T Social Media Consultant System Migrations Publication Content Insight Social Media Coordinator Outreach Social Media Blogging Information Architecture Content StrategyContent Strategy
    4. 4. Crossroads: How do we connect users with content they want and need?Content Strategy Mitya Ilyinov
    5. 5. Guidebook GuidesContent Strategy
    6. 6. What’s Content Strategy and why do we need it? Sometimes Architecture and Design is not enoughContent Strategy
    7. 7. Content Strategy Srategy Daniel Erwin
    8. 8. web’s not just disorder it’s a disaster Content Strategy Srategy Willy Stöwer ,
    9. 9. Have ToolsContent Strategy Srategy
    10. 10. Be FEMA PreparedContent Strategy Srategy
    11. 11. Help PeopleContent Strategy Srategy Joe Mabel
    12. 12. How this course works Course Goals • Understand the specific role of content strategy within IA practice • Become familiar with how content strategy research deliverables are created and used • Develop a content strategy discovery report and execute key IA/Content Strategy DeliverablesContent Strategy
    13. 13. Achieving Objectives Through  Building Vocabulary  Practicing Domain-appropriate Writing Skills  Practicing IA Deliverables  Working with a real-world client to understand Content Strategy in contextContent Strategy
    14. 14. Different Every Time • Real Client • Research and Discovery • Everything before the wireframe • Interviews, Activities & PresentationsContent Strategy
    15. 15. How this course works • Readings: Articles & Textbook • Buy it now Amazon or Peachpit • Reading Summaries due every week starting next Friday – 1 pt each • Presentations in Week 3 & 4, I will assign individually – 4 ptsContent Strategy
    16. 16. How this course works Main Course Deliverables – 8 pts each • Content Inventory • Client Summary/Business Goals • Audience/User Analysis = Persona • Competitive Audit • Content Audit • Website Page Description DiagramContent Strategy
    17. 17. Project Summary – 30 pts The final project is a team paper providing written analysis of research with recommendations to the client Outline summarizing research results, analysis and recommendations for client (each team member will cover one of the areas below) • Client Goals, Personas • Content Inventory, Audit and SEO • Competitive Audit and Analysis • Page Description Diagrams or other work instruction sample (for example of website Home Page, About Page, etc.) (one from each team member) Executive Summary of entire report (every team member turns in individual version). Final Presentation of Report – 10 pts Summarize your proposed strategy and recommendations in person for a non- technical audience, each student will present the portion they cover in team paper. • Client Goals, Personas • Content Inventory, Audit and SEO • Comparative Audit and AnalysisContent Strategy
    18. 18. The MathContent Strategy
    19. 19. Sweatpants & SpreadsheetsContent Strategy
    20. 20. Who are you? • Name • Year of Study, Program • What most interests you about IA? • What do you most want to get out of taking this course?Content Strategy
    21. 21. Explaining Information Architecture Peter Morville and Lou Rosenfeld Strategy The Information School University of Washington
    22. 22. Explain IA Strategy The Information School University of Washington
    23. 23. Content Strategy Srategy murdocke
    24. 24. Explain IA Strategy The Information School University of Washington
    25. 25. Explain IA Explain IA Grand Prize Award-Winning entry for the Explain IA Contest. Shot and directed by Nate Bolt and Kate Nartker who make these weird videos for fun as Beep Show. This one was for for Bolt | Peters. Starring Audrey as "daughter" and Frances James as "mother."Content Strategy
    26. 26. Explain IA videos • • Strategy
    27. 27. Future Work Skills 2020 The Future Belongs to Sensemakers Institute for the Future, University of Phoenix Research Insitute: Author: Anna Davies, Devin Fidler, Marina Gorbis Creative Direction: Jean Hagan Production Editor: Lisa Mumbach Design and Production: Karin Lubeck, Jody Radzik Strategy
    28. 28. Content Strategy
    29. 29. Skills we will explore • Sense-making. The ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed • Social intelligence. The ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions • Computational thinking. The ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and to understand data-based reasoning • New-media literacy. The ability to critically assess and develop content that uses new media forms and to leverage these media for persuasive communication • Cognitive load management. The ability to discriminate and filter information for importance and to understand how to maximize cognitive functioning using a variety of tools and techniquesContent Strategy
    30. 30. Content Strategy Myths It ain’t new, here’s proofContent Strategy
    31. 31. 9 Pillars of Website Design (2003) Jesse James Garrett Adaptive PathContent Strategy
    32. 32. 9 Pillars of Website Design (2003) Jesse James Garrett Adaptive Path You are HereContent Strategy