2012 researching your first review article class


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2012 researching your first review article class

  1. 1. RESEARCHING YOURFIRST REVIEW ARTICLE researchAmy Sisson Clara Fowler medicalSouth Campus Librarian Manager, Information Servicesaasisson@mdanderson.org713-563-6557 cfowler@mdanderson.org 713-745-1538 library
  2. 2. AGENDA: 1. Overview of Types of Reviews and Instructions for Authors 2. Steps to Follow 3. Conducting a Literature Search 4. Managing Resultsresearchmedicallibrary
  3. 3. Narrative Review Article:• Analyses of the literature for primarily the past 10 yearsComprehensive Review Article:• Extensive search of the published literature• Articles summarized in a uniform manner: http://chestjournal.chestpubs.org/content/136/5/1432/T1.expansion.html• Results of literature search summarized in Methods or Appendix: http://chestjournal.chestpubs.org/content/136/5/1432/T2.expansion.html• Associated with evidence-based medicine research medical library
  4. 4. Systematic Review Article:• Follows a rigorous protocol that enables replication of the processes• Identifies inclusion and exclusion criteria• Searches for all evidence both published and unpublished• Assess the quality of each study including an analysis of bias• Interprets findings in an balanced and impartial summary• May include a meta-analysis• http://www.medicine.ox.ac.uk/bandolier/painres /download/whatis/syst-review.pdf Image available: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S00028223100 16445 research medical library
  5. 5. Steps for Writing a Review1. Define purpose, audience, scope and methods2. Select co-authors3. Identify where to submit for publication (July 11 Webinar- Before You Publish: Finding Impact Factors & Choosing a Journal)4. Perform the literature search5. Organize and select results (EndNote Basics Class)6. Write the manuscript (Scientific Publications)7. Submit to a journal (Instructions for Authors)8. Tracking the impact (Aug 8 Webinar – Research Profiles: Track Your Publications & Find Collaborators) research medical library
  6. 6. Who qualifies as an author? Authorship based on contribution Corresponding author has additional responsibilities intimately involved in the  verifies the accuracy of the data conception and design of the research  determines that all authors are responsible for data collection listed and interpretation  receives approval of the final participates in drafting the draft by all authors publication  handles all correspondence and approves the final version of the publication responds to inquiries research medical library
  7. 7. Order of AuthorsThe listing of authors is usuallyby order of importance, withthe first and last author havingthe most weight research medical library
  8. 8. Conducting a Literature SearchInexperienced researchers may think the literature search iscomplete when they: • Search PubMed and Google to find publicationsBest practice for the literature search:• Search multiple databases (3 at a minimum) to find publications• If possible, construct a similar search in each database• Search using cited references to find the most highly cited and additional relevant citations research medical library
  9. 9. Web of PubMed Scopus Cochrane CINAHL PsychInfo Science Documents including Journal articles, Journal articles, plus Journal article cost-benefit analyses, Journal articles, plus Type of Journal articles with conference some research abstracts, web sites, systematic reviews, books, chapters, and Information abstracts proceedings, journal instruments, legal cases, patents meta-analyses, and dissertations citation reports and patient info clinical trials Use when starting or Use when looking for Use when looking for Use when focusing on updating a search, or broadest possible Use when seeking high-impact/frequently Use when focusing on the psychological When to use? when looking for coverage as it contains systematic reviews or cited sources or when nursing or direct aspects of disease or the most recent materials not found in meta-analyses seeking conference patient care topics patient care information PubMed proceedingsUpdate Frequency Daily Daily Quarterly Weekly Monthly Weekly Large number of Rigorous standards articles, including applied to achieve high In-depth coverage of In-depth coverage ofPrimary Strength thousands of abstracts Breadth of coverage quality of systematic Citation analysis tools nursing-related topics psychological aspects ahead of publication reviews and meta- date analyses research medical library
  10. 10. SCOPUS indexes more than 19,500 titles: 18,500 peer-reviewed journals (including 1,800 Open Access journals) 400 trade publications 340 book series 4.9 million conference proceedings research medical library
  11. 11. researchmedicallibrary
  12. 12. Cited Reference Searching• Cited references available in SCOPUS & Web of Science• Sort by the most highly-cited articles for your search research medical library
  13. 13. Organizing Citations A citation management program will: • Organize your citations and may organize your PDFs • Works well with Microsoft Word • Formats your paper and references into the style required by the journalEndNote Basics Classes Citation Management ProgramsJuly 10, 10-11:30am, SCRB4 1st Floor • EndNoteAugust 15, 1-2:30pm, FCT 21.6008 • RefWorks*classes fill quickly, register in the Education Center • Mendeley (free) • Reference Manager • Zoho (free) • ProCite research medical library
  14. 14. Questions: http://libanswers.mdanderson.org/index.php Literature Searches Librarians and expert searchers will provide search consultations and complete literature searches. Email your search question to RML-Help@mdanderson.org Departmental Sessions A librarian will meet with your team or department to provide orientations or in-depth instruction on a variety of topics including publication metrics, searching, or using your iPad to access literature. Contact Education Coordinator April Aultman Becker, avaultman@mdanderson.org, to schedule a session.research Document Delivery - ILLIAD Articles that are not available full text online will be provided by the Research Medical Library either by scanning from ourmedical print collection or obtaining from another library. Other materials such as books and dissertations may be requested.library To use ILLIAD, visit: http://www3.mdanderson.org/library/services/ill.html