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The User Innovation case of Xbox Kinect is presented in brief following its history.

User initial hacks and the further SDK release converted Xbox Kinect from a entertainment interface to a customizable hi-tech sensor used in a wide range of scientific and technological applications.

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User Innovation - Xbox Kinect

  1. 1. User InnovationTeamLars-Erik RiechertHenri StarmansMichele D’AliessiDr. Stefan Haefliger
  2. 2. A new way to play24 November2010NOcontroller149.99$© 2012 Microsoft© 2012 Microsoft© 2012 Microsoft
  3. 3. A new way to play3one of the first spots of Xbox 360 Kinect© 2012 Microsoft
  4. 4. Play, play, play!4© 2012 Microsoft
  5. 5. How it works5Microphone arrayIR emitter Depth cameraTilt motorUSB cableColor camera
  6. 6. A different perspective6HACK IT10.11.2010Héctor Martín Canterofreed the Kinect from the Xbox and made the pure hardware available to users
  7. 7. The consequences7free access to the hardwareopen source softwaremany potential applicationsMicrosoft:“Well sue you!”HACK ITMicrosoft:“Well, that’s fine”© 2012 Open Kinect
  8. 8. NavigationKinect “hacks” applications8Hacking the Kinect with OpenNI, NITE, and Java - by Andrew DavisonScreen control 3D Modeling 3D Camera Virtual realityRobotics Interaction Entertainment
  9. 9. Microsoft open strategy9SDK“Kinect was not actually hacked. [...] What has happened is that someone [...]opened the USB connection, which we didn’t protect by design"Software Kinect Studio Lauched - 16.06.20111Commercial Windows SDK Launched -1.02.20122Microsoft Kinect for Windows is sold for 249$3 +100 $
  10. 10. Users’ communities10$ SDK‣ Open Kinect - free open souce libraries for Windows, Linux and Mac‣ - many Kinect users groups‣ Develop Kinect - programming of Kinect 3D depth sensor‣ Kinectar - use your Microsoft Kinect sensor as a MIDI controller‣ Kinect Education:educator-driven community for developers, teachers, students andenthusiasts to promote the use of Kinect applications in classrooms‣ Coding4fun:dedicated to showing off fun and cool Microsoft products’ applicationsUsers’ communitiesProfessional communities© 2012 OpenKinect © 2012 Kinectar© 2012 Kinect Education © 2012 Meetup
  11. 11. Product Augmentation11$ SDKEmpowering users and creatingextension to the core productContests AwardsTrainingWorkshopsCode CampsResearchWorkshops
  12. 12. 12$ SDKCommercial applicationsSoftware (from robotics to animation)Advertisment - Interactive AdvertismentProduct interactive preview
  13. 13. 13$ SDKCommercial applicationsJosh Cesan playing “Can’t help myself”© 2012V-energiy© 2012V-energiy
  14. 14. 14Few numbersover 20 million Kinects sold (as of 19.9.2012)Microsoft Kinect was ranked 2nd in"The 10 Most InnovativeTech Products of 2011"about 75300 videos searching “Kinect” onYouTubeabout 15700 videos searching “Kinect hacks” onYouTube....which means about 21% of the total videosmore than 7640 academic papers on researchand experiments using Kinectmore than 1000 new posts per day onKinect Apps and Hacks in forum and communities
  15. 15. 15User InnovationIntended users: kids and videogame playersLead users: hackers, programmers and robotic researchersPotential risks for users: legal consequences, hardware failureManufactorer benefits from user innovation:- totally new and different markets for Kinect- new product applications (product augmentation)- product further development (communities, education, ...)- company imageKinect resulted in a radical innovationMany entrepreneurial opportunities:- Robotics- Navigation- Interaction- Entertainment- 3D Scanning- Screen control- 3D Modeling- 3D Camera-Virtual reality© 2012 OpenKinect
  16. 16. 16Conclusion© 2012 Microsoft© 2012 Microsoft
  17. 17. Any questions?© 2012 Microsoft