The Elemental Family


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The Elemental Family
Center for Chinese Medicine
Brooke Fries, Founder

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The Elemental Family

  1. 1. wood fire earth metal water The Elemental Family Center for Chinese Medicine Brooke Fries, Founder A family wellness clinic in Los Angeles, focusing on: •  Pediatrics •  Women’s Health ~ Fertility ~ Pregnancy •  Stress and Pain Management ©brookefries2014
  2. 2. wood fire earth metal water •  A psycho-emotional and behavioral model that celebrates our differences •  Identifies five adaptive styles: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water •  Tool for gaining self-awareness •  Optimistic and flexible model for supporting children’s diverse developmental paths •  Ultimate therapeutic goal is to help you cultivate a mindful and focused quality of attention Elemental Assessment ©brookefries2014
  3. 3. •  Full medical system •  Holistic philosophy based on the natural world •  Mind and body are viewed as one interconnected entity and relate in a bi-directional manner What is Chinese Medicine? wood fire earth metal water ©brookefries2014
  4. 4. •  Stress in Chinese medicine = stagnation, contraction •  Stagnation à pain or improper functioning •  Effect of acupuncture on stress: 1.  Down-regulates the sympathetic nervous system 2.  Activates the parasympathetic nervous system à A calm, grounded, relaxed state that allows for healing and repair of all systems in the body (immune, reproductive, digestive, mental-emotional, etc.) Stress from the Chinese Medicine POV wood fire earth metal water ©brookefries2014
  5. 5. •  An illustration of what stress looks like as expressed by five different temperaments •  Asks the question, “What is right with you?” •  Emphasis on diversity and uniqueness, thereby celebrating our differences and strengths ELEMENTS QUIZ... Elemental Assessment wood fire earth metal water ©brookefries2014
  6. 6. •  Human being are a microcosm of the natural world •  Each Element corresponds to a season and has the attributes and “power” of that season: Wood ~ Spring ~ Liver Fire ~ Summer ~ Heart Earth ~ Harvest/Late Summer ~ Spleen Metal ~ Autumn ~ Lung Water ~ Winter ~ Kidney The Elements in Nature wood fire earth metal water ©brookefries2014
  7. 7. 1.  Your gifts, powers and strengths – emerge from a confident, attentive state = core self ~ parasympathetic aspect 2.  An exaggerated, fragmented version of the above – emerges with stress and insecurity = a call for help ~ sympathetic aspect The Two Aspects of Each Element wood fire earth metal water ©brookefries2014
  8. 8. wood fire earth metal water wood GROUNDED STATE EXAGGERATED STATE “The True Hero” “The Wild One” Heroic perseverance Distracted by stillness Attracted to movement Fights constraint Ambitious Easily frustrated Loves exploring Hostile Goal-driven Shouting Learns by pushing boundaries Paranoid Decisive “In the Flow” Tension headaches Muscle twitching Restlessness ©brookefries2014
  9. 9. fire GROUNDED STATE EXAGGERATED STATE “The True Leader” “The Class Clown” Compassionate humor Distracted by boredom Attracted to novelty Sensory overloaded Sensation Impulsive Charismatic Dramatic meltdowns Loves drama Over-stimulated Learns by intuition Panicky “High Engagement” Hypoglycemia Reflux Sensory issues wood fire earth metal water ©brookefries2014
  10. 10. wood fire earth metal water earth GROUNDED STATE EXAGGERATED STATE “The True Caregiver” “The Worrier” Mediators Group workers Distracted by separation Accommodating to relationships Anxious Loves pleasing others Confused Loyal Disorganized Learns by context Indecisive Diplomatic Obsessive thinking “Being Present” Meddlesome Stomachaches Easy Bruising Unruly appetite ©brookefries2014
  11. 11. wood fire earth metal water metal GROUNDED STATE EXAGGERATED STATE “The True Judge” “The Stuck Child” Ethical judgment High expectations Distracted by disorder Attracted to detail and order Rigid, perfectionism Discriminating and disciplined Hyper-focused Loves logic, rational thinking Self-Righteous Learns by patterns and cause Compulsive “Precision” Disappointed Sadness Constipation Eczema, asthma Tics ©brookefries2014
  12. 12. wood fire earth metal water water GROUNDED STATE EXAGGERATED STATE “The True Sage” “The Daydreamer” Deep self-reflection Distracted by ideas Attracted to meaning Slow Introspective Withdrawn, isolated Loves theory Apathetic Imaginative Stubborn Learns by contemplation Dread “Immersion” Malaise, fatigue Back pain Hypochondria ©brookefries2014
  13. 13. FIRE WOOD EARTH METAL WATER Elemental Spectrum Extroverted                      Balanced Introverted             ©brookefries2014
  14. 14. The Relationship Between Elements wood fire earth metal water Wood Fire Earth Metal Water ©brookefries2014
  15. 15. •  Acceptance and appreciation – for who you are and what makes you unique and different •  Compassion – for your triggers and insecurities •  Insight – into the path you must follow to fulfill your inherent nature and impulses in this life Elemental Assessment provides a detailed set of strategies for cultivating a present, focused quality of attention. This is the same mindful quality of attention that is achieved Through meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. Lessons of the Elements wood fire earth metal water ©brookefries2014
  16. 16. wood fire earth metal water References ©brookefries2014
  17. 17. wood fire earth metal water Thank You! brooke fries ©brookefries2014
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