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Peak Review Metrics Brochure

  1. 1. Peak Review Metrics Document Review Efficiency Tracking Cost, Productivity & Accuracy Control Peak Review Metrics, a proprietary software tool provides an unmatched level of cost, accuracy and productivity insight into the document review process. Acting as a dashboard, it contains multiple reporting functions to track individual and group metrics. Adaptable to almost any document review platform, it provides a historical perspective, accelerates decision making, improves productivity and gives law firms or corporate legal departments cost control and real- time metrics. With Peak Review Metrics, reviewer performance, project management, QC and project duration can all be observed and controlled resulting in large time and cost savings. Best of all, Peak Review Metrics is available free on projects staffed through Peak Discovery. Costs by task, reviewer, estimated hourly rate and total hours Automation & Quicker Decision Making Peak Review Metrics saves time and reduces overhead by automating the reporting function. The available standard reports are many and varied. Additional reports can be created based on any combination Dashboard view of reviewer accuracy and performance metrics of metrics. The result of the accumulated data is a Peak Review Metrics Benefits historical perspective that can be used to make quicker and more informed decisions. • Quicker decision making • Gain a historical perspective • Lower overhead by automating reporting functions • Increase productivity • Pinpoint where to concentrate QC resources • Identify under-performing staff earlier in the review • Shorter project duration • Real-time, to-the-minute billing information • Defensible process via better tracking and accuracy
  2. 2. Reviewer Selection and Performance Traditional recruitment and selection methods such as interviewing and reference checking lack the scientific approach that Peak Review Metrics provides, ensuring that only the best and brightest are placed on your project. We maintain a statistical profile for each reviewer which allows us to select individuals based on their skill with a specific tool, proven accuracy and speed. As the labor component is the most expensive part of any review, the ability to measure performance at every step means that underperforming review staff can be retrained or replaced in order to maximize continuous performance throughout the review, thereby saving time and money. Turn your data into a meaningful performance graph Identify where QC changes were made and look for patterns to improve the review Reporting In addition to the available standard reports listed below, new reports can be created based on any combination of metrics. • Reviewer Metrics: Dashboard view of accuracy and performance metrics for individual reviewers • Graphing: Turn your data into a meaningful performance graph • QC Change Details: Identify where QC changes were made and look for patterns to improve the review • Activity Metrics: Speed, performance and accuracy data based on activities • Tag Metrics: View tags added and subtracted, filterable by task • Tag Metrics Details: Identify tags by reviewer, time and bates range • Source Metric: Chain of custody information • Project Cost: Break down costs by task, reviewer, hourly rate and total hours • Work History: Historical time and task data from an hourly, daily or weekly perspective • Custom Report Wizard: Create customized reports based on the metrics of your choice