Softball Training Tips - Dynamic Warm

Why do we need to warm-ups? There are 2 reasons. The first one, you need to prevent...
as main to warm-ups is not effective, it does not prevent injuries and it decreases
performance. I am not saying that stat...
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Softball training tips dynamic warm-1


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Softball training tips dynamic warm-1

  1. 1. Softball Training Tips - Dynamic Warm Why do we need to warm-ups? There are 2 reasons. The first one, you need to prevent injuries, everybody knows that and the second one is you wanna to increase performance. This is the main reason why you warm-ups. Traditional warm-ups looks like this, that basically will be seems for the last 30 years, players may run a lap or two around the field and then they sit down in a circle to stretch their muscles. They usually performed called static stretching. Static stretching is a stretch where you hold the position. You might grasp the back of one thigh under the knee and pull toward the shoulder and hold for 10-20 seconds and you switch to the next ankle. You know you goanna through go to all the body part in order to make sure that every muscles is stretch and afterwards you lie down to the couple of friends and this is basically seen for many, many years. My .point is there is something wrong in the static stretching. Let me explain why. There is a thing why we need to warm-up. The first one, you wanted to get loss, second to get warm, and the third one, you wanted your nervous system to turn on, you want to be fire it up and you want to be activated just like start up or you wanted to start up your nervous system just like the engine ready to go. So whenever you do your traditional warm-ups. I called it a traditional warm-up when the players run on the fields, sit down and stretch and running with a couple of friends. That’s model works well to get body warm and it works well to get the body loss, however, if does not work well to turn on all the nervous system. Now let me tell you why it is a bad thing. Because, it generate a lot of force, generate power, speed you need your nervous system ready to fire up, you wanted to recruit your fast which much to fiber as quickly as possible, you wanna recruit a lot of them, and that happen usually when your nervous system is turn down when your nervous system is finally fire it up. You see when you sit down and you do static stretching where you hold the position, you are not turning on the nervous system “you your turning it off just like you shutting down the engine, you turning off the light. So if it is the perfect and very good sign of studies and the reason there is shown that static stretch prior to a physical performance, you decrease your power and speed output capacity by up to an hour after that static stretching. Let me tell you the exactly what that mean, It mean that you sit down and stretch, you are not able as too possible fast as you could if you didn’t stretch. So this is a really bad news for softball players, because, softball is an expose sports that a fast sports and you need a lot of power, a lot of speed to be dominant around the field. So if you show up on a first couple engines and you don’t have any powers speed you could have, then it not a good things. So basically, in that case static stretching decreases performance and you want an even better new, well studies also shown that static stretching, holding the position is not effective to prevent injuries. So when you sit down in the circle and stretch you basically wasting your time, And you see more, more softball players do dynamic warm-ups that actually do called dynamic warm-ups we goanna come to dynamic warm ups in a second but I goanna finish the static stretching, static stretching
  2. 2. as main to warm-ups is not effective, it does not prevent injuries and it decreases performance. I am not saying that static stretching is bad, it a good technique to increase flexibility but you should be performed in the cool down after your work out, after your practices, after your game. So, static stretching as a method to increased flexibility is great, it works great, it turns the body to be more flexible, however, as a technique a method or mean to warm-up is ineffective. So my point is, when you round on the field and you sit down to stretch, you shut down your nervous system, and you shut down your ability to generate maximum amount of power and speed up to an hour afterwards and that had been true to good studies you know people are being tested on a vertical jump, how high they can jump, could jump as high after the static stretch for up 10 hours afterwards. You basically hand the rain and in betting your ability to generates powers up to an hours after works. We need all the time speed possible to perform our best. Okay I convince you of the importance of not doing any static stretching prior to games. They would be only one exception to this rule. It is when an athletes super tight in one every therapy like a physical therapies or in the athletes trainer gave you a very specific stretch to do. They may give you back stretch or hand stretch. You know some stretch to prepare your muscles because it already in two types and that prospective yes could do a static stretch because static stretch is useful for that specific muscles but otherwise, I don’t want do any static stretching specially when the players are younger. They didn’t do to do that. So if the static stretching is ineffective, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t need to warm up, absolutely not, you need to warm up but you need to change on what you are doing. And this is where we come in and doing all called dynamic flexibility or dynamic warm-ups. The different between the work, static means no movement, it means that you holding the position, dynamic on other words that you are in movements, your in motion, your moving around. So we wanna accomplish are three goals, which are to get loss- your wanted muscles to be loss, to get warms- you wanna increase your body temperature, and you wanna fire it up or to activate or to turn on your nervous system and that done to dynamic movements. Dynamic movement or stretches do you perform by doing you might be twisting, or your legs swing or arm circle or arm moving side to side. There is a lot of exercise you can do to dynamic stretch the body, dynamically flexibility and you are accomplished all of getting loss, you are always to get warm, you can run around then you do dynamic stretches by doing small ability exercises by just doing some screening drills, like abc at bat etc. that you really get ready so it does accomplish that goes getting loss, getting warm, and getting fire it up. So this is what I wanted to explain dynamic warm-ups but don’t get affect that you still see majority girls in baseball even to all softball players static stretching, you know last year I attended national throw fast pitch game and one of the team form a circle and statically stretch. So, move away from static stretching and welcome into 21st century and do dynamic warm-ups.