Softball Hitting Guidelines


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If you dream of becoming a softball player, you must know that hitting is one of the most important skills you need to learn. Softball hitting may not be as easy as you might imagine, but learning this skill will definitely keep you in your team and on the game. But first things first, you will need a bat which suits you best as this is very important. This bat of your choice must not hamper you from giving the ball a good, high speed shot.

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Softball Hitting Guidelines

  1. 1. Softball Hitting Guidelines – make the best hit ever! By Marc Dagenais, MHK, CSCS, ChPC Softball hitting is the trickiest part when playing softball game. It includes a lot of concentration, physical and mental coordination and balance. In order for a player to make an outstanding stride or hit, he should be able first to keep in mind the simple guidelines on how to make a good softball hitting. The following are the most important techniques or guidelines to achieve a terrific softball hitting: • There are many players who are making inaccuracy when it comes to their selection of bat. Bat is a bludgeon use to hit the softball. This is your primary weapon that is why it is very essential for you to choose the correct bat. It does not have to be bulky; it should be just at its right size. Having the right size of the bat will give you enough speed to strike the softball. Be sure also that you can handle or make swing of the bat in a comfortable way. • Your hands are significant in handling the bat. They will be the one who will make handle of your bat. The hands, of course, have the vital part to make a good swinging. Ensure that you are holding the bat in a proper order. Keep your fingers to their comfy positions and do not grip the bat too taut and too baggy. Make your hands stable and strong when striking to ensure for a good hit of the ball. Moreover, in order for you to make a nice softball hitting you should always be watchful and prepared as the pitcher toss or throw the ball. • Stride is always to be considered in softball hitting. Timing is very necessary for you to know the right move and force that you are going to release and apply. It is not require for you to take stride in the early minute that is why focus on timing must be practiced. Concentrate on the pitcher and the softball to be thrown all the time to be able for you to get the right timing and body coordination. • Your stance is s imperative as the other techniques are. This involves the position of your feet, and it should be wider from each other and you should let your feet to take all the heaviness of your physical body. Also, let your knees to bend on to the waist and let loose. You do not need to follow a certain position or stance; the vital here is for you to have a cozy position for you to hit the softball freely by your own strategy. Familiarizing yourself with these softball hitting guidelines are not the very easy to achieve. You need further practicing and training with self – determination and self – discipline. It is also advisable to have a coach for your training so that you have someone to guide you throughout your intensive practice. You can also go online and make some research for additional information regarding softball hitting.