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Design your bright lightroom

by on Mar 28, 2011


Presentation designed to improve art classroom design through use of feng shui and other ideas. Presented at the National Art Education Convention NAEA Seattle, WA March 2011. Voice over not ...

Presentation designed to improve art classroom design through use of feng shui and other ideas. Presented at the National Art Education Convention NAEA Seattle, WA March 2011. Voice over not included. Most information shared through voice. Most information on slides cited at end of ppt., mdaberk71@gmail.com, mdaberk@lps.org, Lincoln Public Schools K-5 Art Educator Michelle L HansenDaberkow mdaberk



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  • mdaberk mdaberk DESIGNING

    2-Feng shui map

    3- These are some points to research about classroom design.

    4- A little bit about me…

    5- The main idea of a classroom is to reduce stress. To reduce stress, you can provide clean access to chairs, tables, and classroom centers. This includes the sink.

    6-Along with this idea: keep all the children facing you and your desk as priority. Face the students towards any “big” screen you have or white wall that you use for projection screens. So your screen may be behind you or to the left or right your desk.

    In the BIG picture, you may have the opportunity to redesign your space.
    You also may be restricted in space. This year I happen to be working out of a portable at a large sports complex as our building is renovated, and I get to keep everything in boxes and repack and move again July 28th or so, to begin teaching in a new art room August 9th.
    I’ve got to Move it , Move it! The more “stuff” I have, the more I have to move.

    7- Here is a photo of the room I have right now without students…
    8- The same room with students…

    9- Without the students, looking at the teacher’s desk. If I am a student, and I sit in this chair, can I see everything?

    10- with students…

    11-AS you enter the room, books should be on the left side. Just this little change around in your classroom might help encourage students to “feel” like thinking and learning in your room.

    12-In my room there are many sharp corners. Even though the tables have rounded corners, they form hexagons, so I push them together into snake like arrangements to sit as many students “facing” the desk and big screen as possible on the longest sides of the tables.

    I do have lamps in the room to help students orientate the classroom with a calm, homelike environment. I also have fake plants in pots to help bring the outdoors inside, and to create this home like sensation.

    13-Clutter… How do you feel about clutter?
    I have a younger brother that has streamlined his entire house. I am not a streamlined type of a person. I think my clutter of stuff is interesting, and I live among and around interesting items and arrangements of these items. Needless to say, I do try to keep clutter to a small amount in my classroom. I feel more able to work in less clutter, and I think children need less to do more.

    14-In my classroom, I do not have much option of arranging furniture. I placed chairs in a color order, all the red chairs at one table, tan at two others, green somewhere else, and then I can rotate colors around the room. Mismatched chairs came in handy.

    15- These are some ideas about color. The color you have on your classroom walls can be managed.
    You might get to paint sections of your room or apply large paper sheets to get a feel for what a color change might do for you.
    16-This type of space is not available to me this year. I’m currently working out of a Sports Complex, in a portable outside of the giant metal building.
    An extraordinary thing happened: I have TWO windows this year! Windows for the first time in thirteen years has been a joy. I feel like I can relate better to the outdoor world, and of course, I hear and feel the rain and snow when going in and out of the portable with students to meet the teachers in the big building.

    17-You may find this online and use it creatively. Devise of vision of how your art room looks from the doorway. For some rooms a total change is just not possible, you might make a few changes and keep these locations in mind for your office or your classroom.

    18-25…If you could walk into a blank room today…like I do during the summer for summer school…this might be your plan of action.

    26- For summer school we “rent” a building. We bring 4 car loads of art supplies and research materials to run the class. (microscopes, art supplies, animal fur, fish scales, samples of plants, files of information on each animal and plant in the state…Peterson guides, books, etc.)
    30- In this course, experts are brought in each day for experiencing frogs… pond life…etc.
    An area for the expert was in use often. Coming into a circle shape helped all the kindergarteners share the space.

    35/36- You just might have to rethink your space.
    Change can be hard. Sometimes the things of our lives are just not in our brains…
    Try a tiny change, then see if that change could change your student creativity.

    Creative classrooms can help you “CHANGE the World.”

    End slide: Enjoy!
    3 years ago
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  • mdaberk mdaberk Great presentation. Should be 'Designing your Classroom' 3 years ago
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