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Yahoodtv Bizsvcs Aug9


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  • 1. Digital Television The Business Services Opp.
  • 2. Overview
    • Simply put, Digital Television is wireless internet with 19.4mbs broadcast over the air.
      • Every major market station must offer
      • The owners of this spectrum must use a portion of this spectrum for television. This can use anywhere from 8 to 19 of the mbs.
      • The balance can be used for wireless IP transmission
      • For too much information see
  • 3. How its done
      • At the TV station an encoder has an ethernet connection and a video source connection (s)
        • The encoder then takes the feeds from the sources an combines the two together in a process also known as IP encapsulation
        • The data can be any combination of digital audio, video, data up to 19.4mbs
        • The encapsulated data is sent to the transmission tower where it is sent over the air to everyone in a radius comparable to traditional broadcast TV
  • 4. How its Received
      • HDTV televisions are built with a tuner/decoder that is capable of receiving the full 19.4mbs.
      • The TVs can tune to any video feed(s) that are sent by the station that are in one of the 18 HDTV formats. Any data not in this format is discarded
      • HOWEVER, Hauppauge and Broadlogic are now producing PC cards that can be placed in a PC that can receive the 18 HDTV formats and play them on the PC’s monitor (it is already hi def), or on an external HDTV compatible TV
  • 5. How its Received -PCs
      • PCs equipped with these cards will also be capable of receiving any IP data sent as part of the 19.4mbs. It acts as an ethernet card receiving data through an NDIS driver and sending it to its software.
      • This enables it to work in tandem with a return path back to an ISP much in the same way that DirecPC works if the application requires 2 way communication.
      • The cost for these cards are about $299 this year and should drop to become standard equipment in 24-36 months
      • Users will buy for the TV and stay for the data
  • 6. The Value of Wireless Internet
      • Basically the corporate revenue opportunity is to cost less than satellite for bit delivery
        • Every satellite application that has a localized component would be prime prospects vs the satellite cost of having to pay for a national footprint
  • 7. The Cost of Satellite Distribution
      • Basically the corporate revenue opportunity is to cost less than satellite for bit delivery
        • Every satellite application that has a localized component would be prime prospects vs the satellite cost of having to pay for a national footprint
  • 8. Training
      • 7-11 wants to have training videos in their stores on equipment.
      • Yahoo wants to send a video to employees on new Human Resources policy
      • Rather than mailing tapes to thousands of stores or employees, DTV could be used to send video that is downloaded to user computers overnight.
        • A tv quality video (Mpeg1), 30 minutes long would take 7 1/2 minutes to download on a 4mbs pipe. 30 minutes on a 1mbs pipe
  • 9. Training
      • So for a high density application for many users, the economics start to make sense
        • 500 videos in santa clara at $20 per video cost to create, ship or $10k vs $5k for 30 minutes transport time
  • 10. Stock Quotes
      • Day Traders are paying lots of money to get signal realtime quotes at $29.95 per month or more. DTV allows us to deliver realtime to any of these PCs in a market
        • In addition to the quotes a stream of news, charts, and Y! CNBC killer can be streamed .
        • This could be marketed as the Y! Day Trader PC with full ISP access, Free PC, and Broadband Wireless Quotes and Y!cnbc . Something no one else could touch.
  • 11. Digital Music Delivery
      • We could get and their competitors to pay us lots of money for download services
        • Pick the songs you want and boom, we will deliver you the songs, video, whatever WITHOUT tying up your modem
  • 12. Yahoo Committments
    • Promotions-expand awareness, reach & participation of & MGM Traditional
    • Create Promotions for MGM.Com to populate databases
    • Create Market Unique, database driven promotions to optimize marketing of new releases and MGM.Com using Tools such as Yahoo Delivery
    • Enable MGM to gain pre-emptive positioning on Yahoo entertainment sites (x% inventory)
  • 13. How Does it all Work?
    • New Yahoo! User Registers for a New Yahoo! Mail account.
    • The “Permission”