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January 2013 edition of the monthly newsletter

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  1. 1. JANUAY 2013 1 Asian Institute of Technology JANUARY 2013 AIT’s 118th GraduationA total of 271 students hailing from 20 countries ates by nationality with 103, followed by 78 students in Asia, Africa, and Europe were conferred with from Thailand. graduate degrees by AIT President Prof. SaidIrandoust at the 118th AIT Graduation Ceremony held Gracing AIT’s Graduation Ceremony for the firston 18 December 2012. time was new Chairman of the AIT Board of Trust- ees, Mr. Nopadol Gunavibool, Deputy PermanentFor the first time since the flood disaster of October Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Thai-2011, the AIT Commencement Ceremony took place land. Ms. Carrie Thompson, Acting Mission Direc-at the main campus, this time inside the Institute’s tor, Regional Development Mission for Asia, Unitednewly refurbished auditorium, and Conference Center. States Agency for International Development (US-The graduation attracted a large number of diplomats, AID), Bangkok, Thailand, delivered a well-receivedspecial dignitaries, honored guests and media. Students commencement address.from Vietnam made up the largest number of gradu- Photo feature on page 4>> INS I DE I S S UE . . . Recent News / Happenings at AIT................................................. 2, 5 Graduation..................................................................................... 3 Photo Gallery................................................................................. 4 Backpage...................................................................................... 6
  2. 2. RECENT NEWS / HAPPENINGS AT AITJANUAY 2013 2 “Thailand is proud Well wishes to Her Royal Highness to have hosted AIT Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn since its inception in 1959” AIT President Prof. Said Irandoust visited the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital on 20 December 2012, where he paid his respects on behalf of AIT by signing a book of well wishes. As announced by the Royal Mr. Nopadol Gunavibool Household Bureau, Her Prof. Said Irandoust at King Chul- Royal Highness Princess Mr. Nopadol Gunavibool, Chair- alongkorn Memorial Hospital. Maha Chakri Sirindhorn man of the AIT Board of Trustees underwent a successful and Deputy Permanent Secretary, surgical removal of calcium deposits. HRH Princess Sirindhorn Ministry of Foreign Affairs of has long been associated with AIT and is a Royal Alumna, Thailand stated that Thailand is Honorary Faculty Member, as well as recipient of AIT’s Honorary proud to have hosted AIT since its Degree of Doctor of Technology. AIT wishes Her Royal Highness inception in 1959. He was adress- a speedy recovery. ing the Institute’s 118th Gradu- ation on 18 December 2012. He added that “AIT has a very unique mandate that transcends nationalNorway Ambassador hosts NMFA boundaries, and is well positionedscholarship recipients from Myanmar to work on pressing regional as well as global issues, for the ben- Ambassador of Norway efit of peoples and communities.” to Thailand, H.E. Ms. Katja Christina Nordgaard The Board Chair added that he hosted 42 students from “felt privileged and honoured Myanmar at a reception to have been invited to serve as organized at AIT on 3 Chairman of the AIT Board of December 2012. The Trustees in the transition period. I students are recipients of am delighted that the Ministry ofMyanmar students with H.E. Ms. Katja the scholarship awarded by Foreign Affairs has been able toChristina Nordgaard. the Norwegian Ministry of work with members of the Board Foreign Affairs (NMFA), and representatives of sovereignand are studying at AIT in various Master’s and Doctoral programs. states that have already ratified the new AIT Charter, in charting aAddressing the students, the Ambassador described the event as a way forward in a pragmatic man-“great moment.” H.E. Ms. Nordgaard stated Norway is very pleased to ner.” The text of his speech can besupport capacity building in Myanmar, and the international experience read at this link:gained by students at AIT will contribute greatly towards this initiative.
  3. 3. GRADUATIONJANUAY 2013 3 “Don’t let the title of your degree dictate your future career”“Don’t let the title of your degree dictate your future career,” AITGraduation Speaker Ms. Carrie Thompson remarked stating thatmore than ever, the world needs scientists and engineers to solvethe challenging issues of our time, such as food and water scarci-ty, health pandemics and, most critically, global climate change.The Acting Mission Director of the Regional Development Mis-sion for Asia, USAID, Bangkok, quoted the motivational wordsof American President John F. Kennedy spoken in 1961, as shecalled on the Institute’s latest batch of graduates to put develop- Ms. Carrie Thompsonment agencies such as hers “out of business” with their consider-able skills. ess with entrepreneurial drive to solve serious developmental issues, she chal-Recounting some inspirational examples of young visionaries lenged AIT’s newest batch of scientists,from India and America who had combined their technical prow- managers, and engineers to do the same.Focus on the future, says AIT President Saluting the alma mater AIT President Prof. Said Irandoust stressed the need for pragmatism and focus- ing on the future while de- livering his Graduation ad- dress. The President added that “Now is a time, with the New Year soon upon us, to move forward. This is a time for moving forward and forProf. Said Irandoust reconciliation and transition Mr. Viney Hora that would help put in addi-tional steps for a stronger AIT – something now possible but only Most Outstanding Student, Mr. Vineyif people come together.” Hora of AIT’s School of Management paid his gratitude to AIT while deliver-The President quoted words of wisdom and advice of His Majesty ing his address. “I hope that as we allKing Bhumibol Adulyadej: “I always believe that your compas- embark into a new chapter of our livession and good wishes to one another will be a significant factor that choose that path makes our fami-in creating a unifying force in any group and also in the country. lies, our advisors, our professors, andThe most important thing is that there must be no conflicts. Sup- our Alma Mater, AIT, most proud, “ heport each other as is needed to achieve goals for the benefit of the said. The entire speech can be read atpeople.” this link: entire text of his speech can be read at this link:
  4. 4. PHOTO GALLERYJANUAY 2013 4 118th Graduation Ceremony
  5. 5. PEOPLEJANUAY 2013 5Entura Hydro Tasmania enters into partnership with AITEntura Hydro Tasmania, a prominent energy group fromAustralia has entered into an agreement with AIT. Thesigning of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)between the two was finalized during the inaugurationof Entura’s Clean Energy and Water Institute (CEWI) inHobart, Australia held on 11 December 2012.Inaugurating CEWI, Tasmania’s Premier Ms. Lara Gid-dings expressed the desire of her government to connect Dr. Faiz Shah (left) at CEWI’s inauguration.more closely with its Asian neighbors and welcomedthe collaboration between CEWI and AIT describing it Dr. Faiz Shah, Head of Development Managementas a positive development. AITE and course director EDSMAT, represented AIT at the inauguration.“AIT is an option for our central bank” In a strong signal to the growing regional stature of AIT’s nascent Professional Master’s in Banking and Finance (PMBF) Program, two of Asia’s senior most bankers graced the second Completion Ceremony of the pro- gram held on 15 December 2012, addressing diplomats, dignitaries, graduates and AIT officials in Bangkok. Mr. Daw Tenzin, Governor of the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan (RMB) and Mr. Md. Ahsan Ul- lah, Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank, spoke on banking and finance perspectives as they witnessed 26Mr. Daw Tenzin of their countrymen and women receive completion transcripts for their degree.OCAJI signs MoA with AITThe Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc.(OCAJI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) and a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) withAIT on 14 December 2012, following which OCAJIwill be sending employees of its member companiesto study at AIT. They will enroll in Master’s programin Construction Engineering and Infrastructure Engi-neering (CEIM) at AIT’s School of Engineering andTechnology (SET), besides enrolling in short term Prof. Said Irandoust (left) with Mr. Motoi courses. nessed by Mr. Motoi Sasaki, Director-General, LandThe MoU and MoA were signed by Mr. Toichi Tak- Economy and Construction and Engineering Industryenaka, President, OCAJI and Mr. Hajime Suzuki, Ex- Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportecutive Vice President, OCAJI respectively and wit- and Tourism (MLIT), Japan.
  6. 6. BACKPAGE JANUAY 2013 6 It’s not Stonehenge – it’s the new “2011 Flood Memorial Garden” Perched atop a small mound to the side of the roadway leading to the AIT globe monument area is a curious new fixture to the campus. Vaguely similar to a collec- tion of traditional Japanese “tori”, a number of tree logs set in a circle on the grassy knoll form the new “2011 Flood Memorial Garden” – an understated and tranquil reminder of what was AIT’s worst ever natural calamity. “Stonehenge in England was my inspiration,” says gar- den designer Mr. Kritsadakorn Thiagkhot, Chief Land- scaper at Sodexo. The natural memorial uses trees fallen mate change run-amok. “Trees rank as first producer of in the flood as a way to remind visitors of the intercon- the natural world’s ecosystems – if they die, we will die nectedness of the cycle of life, and of the danger of cli- too,” he says wistfully. News Fate of New Year Resolutions as we wish you You a Happy New Year Can Source: Use Over six months Relationship (46%) First week Self (75%) (31%) Improvement or education Editor: (47%) One month (64%) Bajinder Pal Singh Money Two weeks (34%) (71%) Designer: Weight (38%) Nadhika Mendhaka People Photos: over 50 (14%) Paitoon Tinnapong Length of Resolutions Type of Resolutions  Others (47%) For feedback, contact People (Percent above 100% because of in their twentiesMedia and Communications multiple resolutions) (39%) Unit at AIT Age Success Rates  Follow AIT at • Facebook • Youtube • Twitter • Google+