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Annual Report (2011) of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

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Ait.annual report.2011

  1. 1. Annual Report 2011Asian Institute of Technology
  2. 2. Copyright © 2011 Asian Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.ADDRESS:P Box 4, Klong Luang .O.Pathumthani This Annual Report was compiled and produced by the Media and Communications Unit (MCU), External Relations and Communications Office (ERCO), with the involvement of all AIT employees. AIT wishes to thank the many people who rendered assistance in preparing this report.
  3. 3. ContentsAIT LEADERSHIP 2 ACADEMICS 74 AIT Board of Trustees 2 Academic Quality 74 Senior Management 3 Admissions and Enrolment, Chairman’s Message 4 Management Improvements 74 President’s Message 5 Language Center 75 Career Center 76AIT OVERVIEW 6 Fields of Study & Acedemic Programs 76 AIT Quick Facts 6 Institutional Highlights 8 SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY 78 Fundraising Office 32 AIT Alumni Office 33 SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENT, RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT 84FLOOD of 2011 34 SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT 90Awards and Recognition 40 UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS 94 Alumni, Former Faculty 40 Students 42 AIT EXTENSION 96 Faculty 45 AIT CONSULTING 98AIT AT A GLANCE 52 intERLab 104 Projects 52 AIT VIETNAM 108 Students and Alumni at a Glance 54 Faculty at a Glance 55 Centers of Excellence 110 Center of Excellence on SustainableINTERNATIONAL REACH 56 Development in the context of Consolidating AIT’s Bridge with Europe Climate Change (CoE SDCC) 110 and North America 59 Yunus Center at AIT 111 Looking Towards Africa 61 CSR Asia at AIT 112 Looking towards the Indian Ocean United Nations, AIT Office 113 region and Central Asia 61 ASEAN Regional Center of Excellence Satellite campuses study for Nepal, on Millennium Development Sri Lanka and Vietnam 61 Goals (ARCMDG) 113 AIT opens its first Office in AIT-UNEP Regional Resource Centre Shanghai, China 62 for Asia and the Pacific Two stage Undergraduate and Unified (AIT-UNEP RRC.AP) 116 International Bachelor-Master’s Programs 62 Asian Center for Soil Improvement Visits and Exchanges 63 and Geosynthetics 117 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 68 WHO Collaborating Centre for Water Supply, Waste Disposal and Air Pollution 117 New Research Strategy Developed in 2011 68 Most Cited in Scopus 71 ACECOMS 118 Top Researchers with the Highest The Wetlands Alliance 2011 119 Number- of Projects initiated The Center of Excellence in 2006- 2011 71 Nanotechnology (CoEN) 120 Student Research 72 FACULTY MEMBERS 122 AIT Master’s Thesis Competition 2011 73 PARTNERS IN 2011 128 FINANCIAL REPORT 134 GLOSSARY 148 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 1
  4. 4. AIT Leadership ait board of trustees Chairman Emeritus H.E. Gen. Shantha Kottegoda Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Thailand H.E. Dr. Thanat Khoman Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and H.E. Mrs. Linglingay F. Lacanlale Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador of the Philippines to Thailand H.E. Mr. Gildas Le Lidec Chairman Ambassador of France to Thailand H.E. Dr. Tej Bunnag Professor Dr. Somkit Lertpaithoon Rector, Thammasat University Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Thailand and Assistant Secretary General for Administration, H.E. Mr. Lim Jae-hong the Thai Red Cross Society Ambassador of Republic of Korea to Thailand H.E. Mr. David Lipman Vice Chair persons Ambassador-Head of Delegation European Commission to Thailand Professor Shinichiro Ohgaki Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, H.E. Mr. Sohail Mahmood President, National Institute for Environmental Ambassador of Pakistan to Thailand Studies (NIES), Japan H.E. Ms. Sirpa Mäenpää Ambassador of Finland to Thailand Mr. Jean-Pierre Verbiest H.E. Mr. Klas Molin Former Country Director, Thailand Resident Ambassador of Sweden to Thailand Mission, Asian Development Bank H.E. Mrs. Katja Christina Nordgaard Ambassador of Norway to Thailand Board Members H.E. Mr. Ouan Phommachak H.E. Mrs. You Ay Ambassador of Lao People’s Democratic Republic Ambassador of Cambodia to Thailand to Thailand H.E. Mr. Johannes Andries Boer Dr. Chitriya Pinthong Ambassador of the Netherlands to Thailand Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Mr. Chawalit Ekabut Affairs, Thailand (retired end of September 2011) President, AIT Alumni Association (ex-officio) Mr. Deepak Seth Professor Hubert Gijzen Chairman, House of Pearl Fashion Ltd., India Director of UNESCO in Jakarta H.E. Mr. Naveen Prakash Jung Shah H.E. Mr. Mohammad Hatta Ambassador of Nepal to Thailand Ambassador of Indonesia to Thailand H.E. Mr. Ngo Duc Thang Dr. Tongchat Hongladaromp Ambassador of Vietnam to Thailand President of the University Council, King H.E. Mr. Anil Wadhwa Mongkut’s University of Technology (Thonburi) Ambassador of India to Thailand H.E. Mr. Kazi Imtiaz Hossain Khunying Jada Wattanasiritham Ambassador of Bangladesh to Thailand Director and Executive Director, Siam Commercial Professor Said Irandoust Bank Public Co., Ltd. President (ex-officio) Ms. Yang Xinyu Mr. Apichart Jeerawut Deputy Secretary-General of China Scholarship Secretary-General, Commission on Higher Council (CSC), PR of China Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand Professor Yongyuth Yuthavong H.E. Mr. Seiji Kojima Former Minister of Science and Technology, Ambassador of Japan to Thailand Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand Secretary to the Board Mrs. Kulvimol Wasuntiwongse2 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  5. 5. AIT Leadershipsenior management 2011 PRESIDENT ●● Professor Said Irandoust VICE PRESIDENTS ●● Professor Joydeep Dutta, Academic Affairs ●● Professor Sudip K. Rakshit, Research ●● Professor Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, Resource Development DEANS ●● Dr. Barbara Igel, School of Management ●● Dr. Nitin V. Afzulpurkar, School of Engineering & Technology ●● Dr. Weerakorn Ongsakul, School of Environment, Resources & Development DIRECTORS ●● Dr. Amrit Bart, AIT Vietnam ●● Mr. Nico Barito, AIT Indonesia ●● Dr. Jonathan L. Shaw, AIT Extension and Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC-AP) (Deputy Director) ●● Professor Kanchana Kanchanasut, Internet Education & Research Laboratory (intERLab) ●● Dr. Naveed Anwar, AIT Consulting ●● Mr. SanjeevJayasinghe, Fundraising ●● Dr. Sandro Calvani, ASEAN Regional Center of Excellence on Millennium Development Goals based at AIT ●● Professor Ajit P Annachhatre, AIT-United Nations . Office,based at AIT ●● Dr. Riaz Rahman Khan, Yunus Center at AIT ●● Ms. Leena Wokeck, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Asia Center at AIT ●● Professor Gabor Louis Hornyak, Center for Learning Innovation & Quality ●● Professor Dennes T Bergado, Unified Programs at AIT ●● Dr. Mukand Singh Babel, Asian Water Research and Education (AWARE) Center at AIT AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 3
  6. 6. AIT Leadership chairmans message NOW in its fifty-second year, the Asian Institute of Technol- ogy is a special and unique example of an interna- tional approach to higher education that transcends boundaries, encourages regional amity, and works for the sustainable develop- ment of Asia and beyond. As Chairman of the Board of Trustees, I am privileged to be associ- ated with this noble endeavor, and to witness the empowerment of young people that takes place at the AIT through first-class scholar- ship and learning. This has been a year when further strides were taken to position the Institute towards possibilities and opportunities that would enable its historical mission to progress to the future. As you read this report, you will see that it was another year when AIT scored highly in teach- ing, research, capacity building and outreach, across the breadth of our extensive networks. Conversely, however, 2011 will also be remembered for an historical low that tested the Insti- tute’s resolve and shook it to its very core. While certainly destructive to infrastructure, the devastating flood that submerged our campus nevertheless failed to wash away the AIT Com- munity’s most precious commodity – its spirit of international solidarity and goodwill. The AIT’s journey forward passed a significant historical signpost this year, when a new Charter was signed by twelve countries and one international organization. By moving towards becom- ing a fully fledged intergovernmental organization, a new era dawns for this noble institute situated in Thailand. H.E. Dr. Tej Bunnag Chairman of the Board of Trustees Asian Institute of Technology4 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  7. 7. AIT Leadershippresidents message AMONG the great universities and institutes of higher learning around the region and throughout the world, the Asian Institute of Technology stands out as a uniquely international organization of higher learning committed to advancing quality teaching, learning, research, capacity-building and outreach beyond boundaries. In 2011, AIT delivered on its pledge to “develop highly qualified and committed professionals who play a leading role in the region’s sustainable development and its integration into the global economy” in a multitude of ways, many of which are reflected throughout the pages of this Annual Report. Once again, AIT distinguished itself through its niche capacity for networking, connecting, reaching out as a positive agent for change for people from developing countries, and by servicing countries in transition with knowledge and expertise. Across our faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends, partners, supporters and stakeholders, the Institute achieved great results through ever more partnerships with public and private sector enterprises, all the while emphasizing excellence and practicality in the delivery of cutting edge new knowledge and enhanced human capital. In 2011, the Institute proudly finalized development of its research policy and research umbrella of “Sustainable Development in the context of Climate Change”. The five identified thematic areas of focus – Disaster Risk Management; Sustainable Land and Water Resources Management; Business and Innovation Models for a Green Economy; Urban and Rural Quality of Life and Sustainability; Lower Carbon, and Sustainable Production & Consumption Technologies & Management – aim to boost sustainable development of the region by strengthening its overall knowledge, development and business capacity, and by supporting communities and their sustainable economic development. Throughout the year, a number of significant strides were made to enhance the overall delivery of quality learning through the introduction of innovative professional master’s programs, regular postgraduate programs and the expansion of offerings in our new undergraduate programs. The inauguration of the new China Office in Shanghai, the official launch of the on campus AIT Consulting office, and the significant expansion of AIT Vietnam’s facility, signified our continued ambition to connect our experts and knowledge to opportunities and emerging markets. Near the end of the year, however, as a result of the Great Thailand Flood in 2011, the Asian Institute of Technology endured its greatest ever natural disaster and was forced to evacuate its cherished home campus. Indeed, AIT was crippled, with 50 percent of its infrastructure completely destroyed. Still, down but not undaunted, and through the resolve of the entire AIT Community, AIT was able to rise above the floodwaters that inundated our campus so that by year’s end the Institute was well on its way to recovery. It was at this darkest moment in our 52-year history that I believe AIT collectively rose up to embrace its finest hour. Looking forward, as president, let us all resolve to rebuild the Asian Institute of Technology into an even greater institute dedicated to the advancement of the region and the people of Asia and beyond. Prof. Said Irandoust President Asian Institute of Technology AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 5
  8. 8. asian institute of technology overview AIT Quick Facts: ßß Students: 2,300 from 50+ countries ßß Schools: 3 ßß Faculty: 120+ from 20+ countries ßß Research and Outreach Centers: 15 ßß Alumni: 18,000+ postgraduate-level ßß Research & Outreach Projects: 400+ graduates from 88 countries and territo- ßß Fields of Study and Academic Programs: 75+ ries who live and work in 108 countries and territories ßß Courses: 1000+ ßß Partners: 330 ßß Research Staff: 100+6 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  9. 9. AIT OverviewHOME to renowned experts, in- ternational centers, andinternational academic programs, the Asian AIT Extension offers professional educa- tion, short-course training and professional degree programs. AIT Consulting links theInstitute of Technology (AIT) situated north institute’s expertise with industry partnersof Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the leading and provides of consulting services.higher educational and research institutionsin Asia. AIT also houses a number of reputed re- search and outreach centers, such as theFounded in 1959, AIT fosters a complete Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology;multicultural learning experience in English. ASEAN Regional Center of Excellence on theMore than a university, AIT is a unique inter- Millennium Development Goals (ARCMDG);national organization of higher learning that Yunus Center at AIT, established in partner-is regionally focused, global in outlook and ship with Professor Muhammad Yunus, re-cosmopolitan in character. cipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize; CSR Asia Center at AIT; and the Center of Excel-It carries out its mission … “to develop highly lence on Sustainable Development in thequalified and committed professionals who Context of Climate Change (SDCC).play a leading role in the region’s sustain-able development and its integration into the The institute is host to the 3R (Reduce, Re-global economy” … by supporting techno- use and Recycle) Regional Knowledge Hub,logical change and sustainable development supported by the Asian Development Bankthrough rigorous academic, research, capac- (ABD), UNEP and UNESCAP AIT also hosts .ity building and outreach activities. UNEPs Regional Resource Center for Asia and Pacific (AIT-UNEP RR.CAP), a jointAIT partners with public and private sector center with UNEP; the Regional Integratedenterprises throughout the region and with Multi-hazard Early Warning System for Asiasome of the world’s top universities and in- and Africa (RIMES); and the Asia office ofternational organizations. In addition to its Télécoms Sans Frontières.main campus in Bangkok, Thailand, AIT hasestablished a center in Vietnam. With friends all over the globe, a five-decade- long history of academic excellence, and anThe main AIT campus in Pathumthani prov- enduring reputation for responding to emerg-ince is a mosaic of nationalities, ethnicities ing regional and global challenges such asand socioeconomic backgrounds. Diversity climate change and sustainability, AIT isof students, staff and faculty members is advancing new understanding and applyinga valued part of AIT campus life that leads practical solutions across Asia through itsto levels of cross-cultural engagement and knowledge hub in experiences not found at otheruniversity campuses.AIT’s degree programs are provided by itsSchool of Engineering and Technology; Schoolof Environment, Resources and Development;and School of Management. Students benefitfrom challenging academic programs and ex-citing faculty-student research projects. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 7
  10. 10. institutional highlights January AIT Consulting opens for business H.E. Ms. Katja was impressed by AIT’s achievements and progress since its inception and made detailed inquiries of the programs, strategy and funding pattern of the insti- tute. She was accompanied by Mr. Erik Svedahl, Minister Counsellor and Mr. Moonstan Chatri, Senior Programme Of- ficer of the Royal Norwegian Embassy. AIT President meets Bangladesh AIT Consulting, AIT’s latest professional services arm, officially President opened its doors for business on 20 January 2011 at a formal launching ceremony graced by numerous ambassadors, dignitar- ies, high-ranking officials, and senior AIT administration staff and faculty members. The Chairman of the AIT Board of Trustees, H.E. Dr. Tej Bunnag, and AIT President Prof. Said Irandoust cut the ceremonial ribbon to open the shiny new facility and usher in a new era for consulting services at AIT. The ceremony was witnessed by a large number of the AIT Board of Trustees and other distinguished guests. “AIT Consulting is AIT’s approach for professionalizing consultan- AIT President Prof. Said Iran- cy services in an integrative way,” said Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive doust met H.E. Mr. Moham- Director of AIT Consulting. mad Zillur Rahman, President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh during the sec- Norway assures continuous support to AIT ond convocation ceremony of Eastern University. The Presi- Norway has been a long time strong supporter of AIT, and it will dent took the opportunity of continue to support the institute in informing H.E. Mr. Rahman the future. This was stated by Her about AIT and its initiatives Excellency Ms. Katja Christina Nor- in Bangladesh. The President dgaard, Ambassador of Kingdom of also discussed the latest de- Norway to Thailand, Cambodia and velopments regarding the new Myanmar, during her visit to AIT on AIT Charter with Her Excellen- 11 January 2011. cy Hon. Dr. Dipu Moni, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh.8 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  11. 11. Institutional HighlightsProf. Irandoust also called on Republic of Indonesia becomes 14th signatoryNobel Laureate Prof. Muham- of the new AIT Chartermad Yunus and briefed himabout developments at the Yu- Indonesia becamenus Center at AIT. the fourteenth signa- tory of the new AIT Charter. In a modest“I belong to the AIT ceremony organizedfan club” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Thai Government in Bangkok on 20 Janu- ary 2011, the Ambas- sador of Indonesia to Thailand, His Excel- lency Mr. Mohammad Hatta, signed the AIT Charter. Indonesia joined 12 countries and one international orga- nization in signing the AIT Charter.“I belong to the AIT fan cluband I admire AIT.” These werethe comments of Mr. Jadul AIT is a very strong partner: JAXAApichatabutrd, Chief InspectorGeneral, Ministry of Interior of Japan Aerospace ExplorationThailand, during an interview Agency (JAXA) considers AITconducted on the sidelines of to be a very strong partner inthe Regional Workshop on the terms of space technology re-ASEAN Roadmap for the At- lated work and will continue itstainment of Millennium Devel- collaboration. This was statedopment Goals (MDGs),” orga- by Dr. Masanori Homma, Ex-nized on 24-25 January 2011 ecutive Director, JAXA, during ain Bangkok. visit to AIT on 26 January 2011. “Our association with AIT is notMr. Apichatabutrd appreciated restricted to capacity buildingthe work done by AIT, particu- and education alone, since AIT’slarly as a centre for education contribution extends to substantive issues,” Dr. Homma said.among ASEAN nations. Mr.Nicholas Rosellini, Deputy Re- Dr. Homma was accompanied by Mr. Shinichi Mizumoto, Director,gional Director, Regional Bu- JAXA Bangkok Office. JAXA has been seconding staff and faculty,reau for Asia and the Pacific, apart from supporting research at AIT.United Nations DevelopmentProgramme (UNDP), statedthat it is important that AIT isnow working on issues to dowith MDGs. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 9
  12. 12. February AIT inaugurates China office Dr. Rijsberman stated that the Foundation is looking towards AIT to come up with unique and innovative solutions in the field of sanitation. Impressed with the AIT’s research, labo- ratory work and scientific pa- pers, Dr. Rijsberman said they were interested to incentivize a move from laboratories to the field and a focus on practice and applications. “We are look- ing for innovations and tech- nology, which can benefit 80 per cent of the population that does not have access to sanita- tion,” he added. AIT inaugurated a new office in Shanghai, a first-of-its-kind in the ADB Country People’s Republic of China (PRC), on 24 February 2011. The for- Director pays maiden mal ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the AIT China office visit to AIT was jointly performed by H.E. Dr. Tej Bunnag, Chairman, Board of Trustees, AIT, and former foreign minister of Thailand; Ms. Yang Xinyu, Member, Board of Trustees, AIT, and Deputy Secretary- General, China Scholarship Council (CSC), Ministry of Education, PRC; and Prof. Said Irandoust, President, AIT. H.E. Dr. Tej Bunnag said the AIT China office not only reaffirms the institute’s longstanding relationship with China, but also signi- fies the beginning of a new era based on “an ardent desire for a bright future of linkages in higher education between China and Thailand, and other countries in the region.” Country Director, Thailand Resident Mission of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Mr. Gates Foundation interested in working with AIT Craig M. Steffensen, appreci- ated the role played by AIT, AIT enjoys a unique position and the Bill & Melinda Gates Founda- stating that it is heartening tion is exploring the pos- that the institute is producing sibility of AIT being an graduates who return to their Asian node for regional home countries to help in the cooperation. The Institute nation building process. is high on our radar, and the Foundation would love Mr. Steffensen referred to his to work with AIT. These experience in Afghanistan were the remarks of Dr. where AIT alumni are engaged Frank Rijsberman, Direc- in infrastructure development, tor, Water, Sanitation and particularly creating the road Hygiene, Bill & Melinda network in the country. At AIT Gates Foundation, during a visit to AIT on 11 February 2011. on his maiden visit as ADB10 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  13. 13. Institutional HighlightsCountry Director on 24 Febru- ‘AIT gave me the break I needed’ – Oracle Corp VPary 2011, Mr. Steffensen saidhe was aware of the long-term Dr. Rafiul Ahad, Viceengagement of ADB with AIT. President, Collabora- tion Product Develop- ment, Oracle Corpora-China Scholarship tion paid tribute to hisCouncil announces alma mater, stating40 scholarships that AIT gave him the break that he needed. Visiting the AIT cam- pus on 14 February 2011, Dr. Ahad ex- plained to senior fundraising officials about the impact AIT had on his professional career and personal life. “AIT was also where I met my wife, Frances Kasala, who was my classmate,” he joked playfully to a large audience attending his special alumni lecture at AIT on the topic “Cloud Computing: What, Why and How.” Watching her husband address the packed Milton E. Bender Jr. Auditorium, fittingly enough on Valentine’s Day, AIT alumna Ms. Frances Kasala, remembered the lecture hall vividly. Dr. Ahad alsoThe China Scholarship Coun- pledged to do what he could back home in California, USA, to as-cil (CSC) has announced 40 sist AIT’s fundraising for qualified Chi-nese candidates to undertakeMaster’s and Doctoral pro- Sri Lanka suggests AIT Colombo officegrams at AIT. A Memorandumof Agreement (MoA) to this H.E. Mr. S.B. Dis-effect was signed by Ms. Yang sanayake, Minister ofXinyu, Deputy Secretary-Gen- Higher Education, Srieral, of CSC, and Prof. Said Lanka, has welcomedIrandoust, President, AIT, dur- the initial idea ofing the inauguration ceremony opening of an AIT cityof the AIT China office on 24 office in Colombo. TheFebruary 2011 at Shanghai. minister suggested that the AIT Colombo office could offer short-term executive train-CSC will provide 10 annual ing programs in Sri Lanka, apart from overseeing the developmentscholarships for a period of of a full-fledged AIT campus in Hambantota. The minister madefour years. The scholarships these remarks during a meeting with the AIT President Prof. Saidshall include tuition, registra- Irandoust and Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe, Director Fundraising andtion, research and visa fee; Head AIT-Sri Lanka Satellite Campus Task Force, on 15 Februaryapart from living stipend and insurance; and a returninternational airfare to China Prof. Irandoust also met H.E.Mr. Namal Rajapaksa, Minister forby the most economical route. Southern Development along with Mr. R.M.D.B. Meegafnulla, Dis-The funding for each Mas- trict Secretary, Hambantota.ter’s program will be up to 24months, while the funding foreach Doctoral program shallbe up to 36 months. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 11
  14. 14. March AIT the focal point for satellite data Delivering the welcome ad- information following Japan’s disaster dress via a teleconference, Dr. Atiur Rahman, Governor, Bangladesh Bank, remarked that the program would help the young bankers emerge as future leaders. “AIT is a world class institute and this program would contribute to- wards our aim of ensuring that Bangladesh Bank becomes a NASA Attaché visits AIT AIT played a critical role in helping recovery efforts in Japan, fol- lowing the earthquake and tsunami. The Cabinet Office of Japan activated the International Charter, and the Charter had appointed AIT’s Dr. Masahiko Nagai as project manager of this disaster for the International Charter on ‘Space and Major Disasters’. Interna- tional space organizations worked along with Dr. Nagai to provide maps and satellite images for rescue and relief operations. “Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is normally the proj- ect manager of Japan, but since in the immediate aftermath of AIT hosted a visit by a senior the disasters, the JAXA repository was down, it was decided that official representative of Amer- I would act as project manager,” Dr. Nagai revealed. Dr. Nagai is ica’s National Aeronautics and Associate Director at AIT’s Geoinformatics Center, and has been Space Administration (NASA). seconded to AIT by JAXA. The International Charter was activated Mr. Justin Tilman, Attaché at following a disaster and partner agencies immediately start shar- the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, and ing satellite information and data on the disaster. NASA’s representative in the Pacific Rim, visited AIT on 25 March 2011. Arriving at the in- 21 bankers attend launch of Professional vitation of the Geoinformatics Master’s in Banking and Finance Center at AIT, Mr. Tilman met with senior officials and gave a Professional Master’s lecture to students and faculty in Banking and Fi- titled “NASA Programs and Co- nance (PMBF), a pro- operation in Asia.” gram jointly offered by AIT and the University Mr. Tilman elaborated on NA- of Applied Sciences SA’s five core themes, all of Northwestern (FNHW), which have international co- Switzerland, was for- operation components. NASA mally launched at AIT organizes its work through its on 14 March 2011. Human Spaceflight, Science, Exploration, Aeronautics, and The first batch of 21 bankers participated in the inaugural func- Education Programs. He gave tion held at Milton E. Bender Jr. Auditorium at AIT. All participants insight into its famed Human were from Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh.12 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  15. 15. Institutional HighlightsSpace Program, offering op- MoA was initiated Prof. Takashi Nakatsuji, Professor, Graduateerational specifics about the School of Engineering, HU, and Dr. Kunnawee Kanitpong, Coordi-30-year-old Shuttle Program, nator, TRE, at AIT’s School of Engineering and Technology (SET).the International Space Sta-tion program and its associat-ed international partnerships. BJU signs MoU with AIT, seeks exchangeworld class bank,” Dr. Rahman of doctoralsaid. He added that the pro- studentsgram participants had beenselected on a competitive ba- Beijing Jiaotong Univer-sis, and that this was the first sity (BJU) signed a MoUtime that the bank had sent with AIT, seeking to estab-participants for a Professional lish a strong collaborationMaster’s program. in academic and research programs. BJU and AIT decided to collaborate in academics, re- search, training, and faculty development, apart from jointly orga-AIT launches double nizing student program withHokkaido University The MoU was signed by Prof. Ning Bin, President of BJU, and Prof. Said Irandoust, President, AIT, on 23 March 2011. AIT and BJU also plan to launch a two stage Master’s program in high speed railways. Prof. Bin said that it was because of AIT’s strong inter- national brand that three Deans and one Vice Dean were part of the BJU delegation visiting AIT. Prof. Bin also expressed interest in AIT’s Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) program. Uganda’s Busitema University signs MoU AIT and Busitema Univer-AIT and Hokkaido University sity (BU), Uganda, signed a(HU) signed a Memorandum MoU to enable cooperationof Agreement (MoA) launching between the two institutes.a Double Degree program. The The MoU was signed byDouble Degree program was Prof. Mary Jossy Nakandhainitiated between the Trans- Okwakwol, Vice Chancel-portation Engineering field of lor, BU, and Prof. Said Iran-study at AIT and the Research doust, President, AIT, on 17Group of Policy for Engineer- March and Environment of Engi-neering at HU. The MoU followed three-day-long deliberations with the delegation from BU, which arrived at AIT on 15 March, 2011. The delegationThe MoA signing ceremony held talks with senior AIT officials and also visited AIT facilities.was held at AIT on 17 March Interacting with senior AIT officials, Prof. Okwakwol stated that2011 in the presence of Prof. BU is the only public university in Eastern Uganda. The UniversitySaid Irandoust, President, AIT, has seven campuses and is keen to develop a science and tech-where Dr. Nitin V. Afzulpurkar, nology park. Prof. Irandoust stated that AIT is keen to expandDean, School of Engineering its horizons in to Africa. “Asia and Africa have a lot to learn fromand Technology (SET) signed each other,” he remarked, while adding that the visit of BU is verythe MoA on behalf of AIT. The important for AIT. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 13
  16. 16. April 100 scholarships for Aceh students “I have already informed the Vice Prime Minister of Viet- nam and the Vice Minister of Education about the proposal to partner with AIT to estab- lish a university,” Mr. Thuang added. “We are requesting AIT to open a University in Ho Chi Minh City to help meet the hu- man resource needs of not just our city, but also of entire Viet- nam,” Mr. Thuan said, while addressing senior AIT officials. A five-year program involving 100 scholarships for staff and fac- ulty members of Government of Aceh, Indonesia will be launched at AIT. The Government of Aceh will provide 75 per cent of tuition AIT a ‘natural bridge’ fellowships and transportation, living and other associated costs, to Africa’s vast while AIT will offer 25 per cent tuition fellowship. opportunities This was finalized under a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signed by AIT President Prof Said Irandoust on 19 April 2011. Students under this scholarship program will be spread over five years and scholars will pursue Master’s or Doctoral degrees at AIT, mainly in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and fisheries, and food processing. The program will be open for staff African business executives, poli- and faculty members of the Government of Aceh and higher learn- ticians, government officials and ing institutions in Aceh. In addition to the MoA, the Government thought leaders concluded the of Aceh also plans to send more students to pursue community first day of the Africa and South- development study programs at AIT. East Asia Business Forum (AF- RICSEA) 2011 convinced that Africa’s social and economic po- AIT-Vietnam campus plan receives positive tential matches its vast physical support size. According to co-organizer Mr. Didier Acouetey, Executive AIT moved closer towards establishing a satellite President, AfricSearch, the an- campus in Vietnam, with a delegation headed by nual international forum aims the Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of to position Africa in South-East Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Hua Ngoc Thuan, offering Asia (SEA) by facilitating direct land and “all support” to AIT to help establish a contact between potential part- full-fledged AIT-Vietnam campus. ners located on both continents. The eight-member delegation from Vietnam AIT was the sole higher learning which visited AIT on 18 April 2011 stated that they would prepare institution partner for the event a final proposal and complete all formalities so that the concept of that opened on April 19 under AIT satellite campus in Vietnam could be presented to the appro- the theme “Bringing Africa to priate authorities. Mr. Thuan stated that an area ranging between South East Asia.” Dr. Roland 22-25 hectares will be available exclusively to AIT to establish a Amoussou, AIT adjunct faculty, university in Ho Chi Minh City. The land demarcation follows a and co-founder and president meeting with participants of various departments of Ho Chi Minh of the Asia-Africa Foundation, City. Located in the northwest part of Ho Chi Minh City, the area represented AIT leading a small , will also host two other university campuses. delegation of associates from Bangkok that included Mr. G.I.D.14 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  17. 17. Institutional HighlightsChima, Senior Counsellor, Eco- Union spearheaded a donation box for Japan at the auditorium’snomic Matters, Embassy of entrance, and the capacity crowd observed one minute of silenceNigeria to Thailand; Mr. Joseph for Japan prior to the show’s opening curtain.Bazambanza, Senior Partner,Jobaz Consulting; and Mr. Wolf-gang Bertelsmeier, former World General Declaration of UnderstandingBank and IFC official, and Asia- inked between AIT, CIRAD and University of LaAfrica Foundation representa- Réunion, Francetive. Following a five-day visit by senior officials to the French overseas De-Cultural Show partment of Réunion Island, AIT2011: AIT Unites in signed a General Declaration ofSolidarity for Japan Understanding on 9 April 2011 be- tween AIT, CIRAD and University of La Réunion, France. The tripartite General Declaration of Understanding, signed on be- half of AIT by Prof. Sudip Rakshit, Vice President for Research, ex- presses the intention to collaborate on a number of fronts, including academic exchanges of scientists and faculty, joint research, student mobility, joint thesis, and publications. It makes possible a joint mas- ter’s program, especially one on ecological intensification research.As the lights dimmed and thespotlight shone, a bevy of AIT’s Prof. Rakshit led the AIT delegation from 4-9 April 2011 to Reunionfinest performing artists took that included Prof. Ajit Annachatre (EEM), Dr. Wenresti Gallardoto the AIT Conference Center (AARM), Dr. Manzul Hazarika (Geoinformatics Center) and Dr. Lio-auditorium stage to sing, dance nel Dabbadie (CIRAD seconded faculty to AARM). Mr. Olivier Dréan,and entertain for the sheer love Coordinator of AIT-French Collaboration, facilitated the mission.of performance and to showsolidarity for the victims of therecent catastrophe in Japan. AIT alumnus appointed Ledcor Group Applied Research ChairAIT Cultural Show 2011 at-tracted a full-house of over 500 Dr. Haneef Mian, an alumnus of AIT, has beenwho witnessed a wide variety of appointed the Ledcor Group Applied Researchacts and nationalities compete Chair in Oil Sands Environmental Sustainabil-in singing, drama, talent show, ity at Northern Alberta Institute of Technologyand dance competitions. (NAIT), Canada. Dr. Haneef credits AIT for the knowledge gained during graduate studies, andOrganized on 1 April 2011 the advice offered to him at the Environmentalunder the theme “We Unite in Engineering and Management (EEM) program.Solidarity” the evening brought “The graduate training at AIT-EEM provided me with the state-of-out the very best of what the the-art tools, techniques and practices that assisted me in push-AIT Community represents. As ing the envelope,” he said. Describing his studies at AIT as “amaz-teams and individuals vied for ing” Dr. Haneef, who was earlier with the Energy Resources Controlthe judges’ approval, organiz- Board (ERCB), completed his Master’s from AIT’s Environmentalers said the competition took a Engineering and Management (EEM) in 1997. He is leading theback-seat to the spirit of inter- “Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Initiative” at the School ofnational togetherness on dis- Sustainable Building and Environmental Management at NAIT. Fol-play. The Gender and Culture lowing his appointment, he was interviewed in Tech Life Mag, apartCommittee of the AIT Student from being featured in the winter 2011 issue of the NAIT newsletter. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 15
  18. 18. May 428 graduates from 25 countries graduate Indian Administrative officers for training program at AIT AIT is a good platform for pro- viding training facilities in the field of disaster management. This was the view expressed by Mr. K.S.Prabhakar, Secretary, Four hundred and twenty eight graduates from 25 countries spread Disaster Management, Gov- across five continents graduated from AIT on 26 May 2011. Thai- ernment of Karnataka, India, land provided the maximum cohort of 144 graduates, followed by during the inaugural function 93 graduates from Vietnam. Dr. Madhav Karki, Deputy Director of the training course on “Geo- General of the International Center for Integrated Mountain Devel- spatial Technology for Flood opment (ICIMOD), who read the graduation speech on behalf of Mitigation” organized for In- Dr. Andreas Schild, Director General of ICIMOD, exhorted students dian government officials on to take risks, and experiment in their young professional life. 23 May 2011. Stating that the Indian province of Karnataka faces the flood menace regu- Assam’s Chief Minister H.E. Tarun Gogoi visits larly, Mr. Prabhakar hoped that AIT, states interest in partnership the training program would help in building capacity of the The Chief Minister of Assam State, India, H.E. Tarun Gogoi, ex- administration in tackling such pressed interest in col- disasters. Mr. Prabhakar led a laborating with AIT to team of 11 Indian Administra- address a number of tive Service (IAS) officers to priority concerns for participate in the training pro- his state, particularly gram at AIT. in the areas of edu- cation and sustain- able socioeconomic development. “These issues must be solved through a focus on improved education that stresses science and technology,” Chief Minister Gogoi told AIT President Prof. Said Irandoust. He made these comments on 3 May 2011 while leading a high-ranking del- egation to AIT to explore possibilities for partnership. The chief minister was accompanied on the visit by H.E. Mr. Pisan Manawa- pan, Thailand’s newly appointed Ambassador to India. Ambas- sador Manawapan officially assumed his diplomatic post in New Delhi on 22 March 2011.16 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  19. 19. Institutional HighlightsAmbassador plays IPLA Global Secretariat comes to AIThost to Japanesescholarshiprecipients A major new global initiative, IPLA, launched by the United Na- tions Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) to aid local governments in managing growing waste problems, was an-Ambassador of Japan, H.E. Mr. nounced at UN-Headquarters in New York on 13 May 2011. TheSeiji Kojima felicitated seven Global Secretariat of International Partnership for ExpandingAIT Japanese scholarship re- Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA) is hostedcipients at a dinner hosted at by AIT. The project is spearheaded by AIT’s Prof. C. Visvanathan.his residence to celebrate their Prof. Sudip Kumar Rakshit, Vice President for Research, represent-graduation on 19 May 2011. ed AIT at the official launch of the IPLA at UN-Headquarters inH.E. Mr. Kojima congratulated New York on 13 May 2011.the graduating students, andhighlighted the importanceof AIT as a development part- DPRK senior government officials train at AITner in promoting sustainabledevelopment in the region Ten senior officialsthrough higher education. H.E. from the DemocraticMr. Kojima thanked AIT and People’s Republic ofits contribution to the Govern- Korea (DPRK) par-ment of Japan towards recon- ticipated in a highlystruction activities in the af- specialized four-fected areas after the March week training pro-2011 earthquake and tsunami gram on integrateddisaster. The graduating stu- watershed manage-dents included three students ment and refores-from GDS field of study and tation at AIT. Thefour from Remote Sensing and training course from May 16 – June 10 on Integrated WatershedGeographical Information Sys- Management (IWSM) and Reforestation was a part of the proj-tems (RS-GIS). ect “Promoting Regional and Economic Cooperation in North-East Asia with particular focus on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)” implemented by United Nations Economic and So- cial Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).The course, conducted largely by AIT faculty and implemented by UNESCAP , was tailor-made for government officers and technical personnel from North Korea. The curriculum has been jointly prepared by UNESCAP and AIT and is based on the requirements for staff training prepared by the Ministry of Land and Environment Pro- tection and the State Academy of Sciences, Government of the DPRK. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 17
  20. 20. June Nepal President, PM praise AIT UNISDR for AIT participation in Global Assessment Report The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) is keen to associate President of Nepal, Rt. Honorable Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and with AIT in the preparation of Prime Minister Rt. Honorable Jhala Nath Khanal praised AIT, and the Global Assessment Report thanked the Institute for its contribution towards development of (GAR). This was stated by Mr. human resources in Nepal. They made these remarks in separate Jerry Velasques, Senior Regional meetings with an AIT delegation led by the AIT President Prof. Coordinator, UNISDR for Asia Said Irandoust on 16 June 2011.The Nepal president referred to and Pacific, at a meeting held at the positive experience of his son when he was studying at AIT, AIT on 3 June 2011. Interacting stating that AIT enjoys a prestigious place in the realm of educa- with the AIT President and other tion. President Yadav offered his full support to AIT and wished senior faculty and staff mem- the Institute success in its endeavours. Prime Minister Khanal bers, Mr. Velasquez stated that highlighted the importance for Nepal to consolidate and update the two had collaborated during its educational system. the Asia Pacific Disaster Report in 2010. “We know the strengths of AIT and we are keen to learn AIT and RSU launch 5-year International more about other possibilities Bachelor-Master Degree program in of collaboration particularly in engineering undertaking analytical work,” he said. AIT and Rangsit University (RSU) joined forces to offer a new Unified International Bach- Nepali alumnus Binda elor-Master Degree program in Pandey elected at ILO engineering that enables stu- dents in Thailand to earn both AIT alumnus Ms. Binda Pandey an undergraduate and graduate was elected as Deputy Member degree in five years. The Memo- of the Governing Body of the randum of Agreement (MoA) International Labour Organi- was signed by Dr. Arthit Urairat, President, RSU and Prof. Said zation (ILO), a United Nations Irandoust, President, AIT on 2 June 2012. The English-only Uni- specialized agency. Her elec- fied Program allows students to earn a bachelor in engineering tion took place at the 100th from RSU, and then further their postgraduate-level engineering Session of the International studies at AIT. RSU will initially offer a Bachelor of Engineering Labour Conference held from (B.Eng.) in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Comput- 1-17 June 2011 in Geneva, ing Engineering. Switzerland. Ms. Pandey is the former Deputy Secretary Gen-18 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  21. 21. Institutional Highlightseral and member of the cen- Better Cities.” AIT joins other universities including the Universitytral planning commission of of Pennsylvania (USA), Tongji University (China), ESSSEC Busi-the General Federation of Ne- ness School (France), and London School of Economics (UK) aspali Trade Unions (GEFONT). partners with UN-HABITAT. While inviting AIT to join the network,AIT President Said Irandoust UN-HABITAT described AIT as an “international renowned institu-offered his congratulations tion,” that will bring real added value to the award.on her being the first womanfrom South Asia elected to the188-member governing body UNESCO delegation for partnership with AITof the ILO. on sustainability issues UNESCO is working onAIT and NEF-CCN mainstreaming the issueColleges to offer of climate change in curri-joint educational cula and is keen to developprograms sustainable development indicators. UNESCO Bang- kok is also keen on policy initiatives, and it wishes to tap the expertise available at AIT. This was the sentiment expressed by a delegation of UNESCO which visited AIT on 27 June 2011. “UNESCO is keen that educational curriculum includes climate change and sustainability,” Ms. Vi- monmas Pam Vachatimanont, Programme Assistant, EducationAIT and Nepal Education Foun- for Sustainable Development Unit (ESD) remarked. Ms. Katiedation – Consortium of Col- Vanhala, Associate Expert, ESD, stated that the concept of greenleges, Nepal (NEF-CCN), will schools and community learning is a focus area. Ms. Lay-Chengjointly offer Two-stage Mas- Tan, Programme Officer, Asia-Pacific Programme of Educationalter’s Programs in Business Ad- Innovation for Development (APEID) spoke on the issue of teacherministration, Energy Business training, and was interested to learn about AIT’s experience onManagement, and in Energy training of trainers.and Environment, as well asTwo-stage Bachelor Programsin ICT, and Civil and Infra- Unified Bachelor-Master program launched instructure Engineering. This Indiafollowed the signing of threeMemorandums of Agreement A Unified Bachelor-Master-by Prof Said Irandoust, Presi- Program (UBMP) in thedent, AIT and Prof. Sriram Bh- Agri-Business Managementagut Mathe, Chairperson of (ABM) was formally launchedNEF-CCN, on 15 June 2011 at on 13 June 2011 at the Sama function organized in Kath- Higginbottom Institute ofmandu, Nepal. Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHIATS), Allahabad, India. The inaugural ceremony was at- tended by Prof. S. B. Lal, Pro Vice Chancellor, SHIATS, and Dr. Weera-AIT invited to join korn Ongsakul, Dean, AIT’s School of Environment, Resources and“Business Award for Development (SERD). This program allows students to complete aBetter Cities” Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in a period of five years, as opposed to a regular period of six years. Students spend their first four yearsAIT was invited by UN-HABITAT at SHIATS, and they move to AIT in the fifth year to complete theto join the network of partners Master’s program. The Bachelor’s degree will be awarded by SHIATSfor the “Business Award for and the Masters degree will be awarded by AIT . AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 19
  22. 22. July 54 KIIT students return after a month at AIT since it is perceived to be a politically neutral platform. Kamen om Hjärnorna is a pub- lication of Akademiska Hus, a Swedish state-owned company which manages real estate and facilities in academic and re- search institutions in Sweden. ‘US-Thai Creative Partnership’ Fifty four students of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology explores (KIIT) returned to India after spending a month of intensive stud- opportunities with ies at AIT. They were awarded certificates of attendance by Dr. AIT Weerakorn Ongsakul, Dean, School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD), at a concluding ceremony organized at the AIT Conference Center. The students, who were from the School of Rural Management of KIIT, went through a program comprising of studies and coursework at AIT, combined with field work at Saraburi province in Thailand. AIT enrols KIIT students as special students during the inter-semester period and offers them a certificate in Rural Management, which is counted towards cred- its in KIIT’s MBA in rural management. Led by Prof. Gopal Baha- dur Thapa; Prof. Jayant Kumar Routray; and Dr. Soparth Pongquan of Regional and Rural Development Planning (RRDP) field of study Opportunities exist for AIT at AIT’s SERD, the program is now running into its second year. to partner with the ‘US-Thai Creative Partnership’ across a broad range of activities. AIT featured among six successful knowledge The initiative is spearheaded environments by the Embassy of the United States in Thailand. This was AIT was featured by the Swedish publica- stated by Ms. Harriet Foster, tion Kampen om Hjärnorna, as one of the Creative Partnership Coordina- six educational institutes which possess tor, United States Embassy in a successful knowledge environment. AIT, Thailand, who paid her maiden along with University of Geneva; Univer- visit to AIT on 18 July 2011. sity of Zurich, Switzerland; University of Ms. Foster was accompanied Melbourne, Australia; University of Min- by Dr. Chonchanok Viravan, nesota, USA; and Technical University, Advisor, Amata Science City Munich; were chosen for their ability to project. The Creative Partner- create a knowledge environment which is ship is intended to streamline successful in attracting international stu- existing Thai-U.S. business and dents and furthering knowledge. “Green government efforts in innova- campus becomes a knowledge hub” is tion; increase research and how journalist Ms. Linda Karl Sson Eldh university exchange; and build described AIT. AIT’s internationality is also mentioned in the arti- beneficial bridges between the cle. Sixty per cent of AIT’s students come from abroad, and an in- private sector and academia. ternational climate pervades its entire premises, the article said. AIT is also home to several international organizations and NGOs,20 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  23. 23. Institutional HighlightsAIT to foster capacity ESCAP welcomes AIT expertise on Greenbuilding in Maldives Growth Capacity Development Training Modules United Nations Eco- nomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) are inter- ested in developing Green Growth Ca- pacity Development Training Modules along with AIT. AIT’s expertise is sought in pro- viding case studies, and subject experts to deliver the training modules. In a meeting at AIT on 6 July 2011, a delegation includ- ing Dr. Aida Karazhanova, Head, Institutional Support Component,Civil Service Commission AIT-UNEP Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.(CSC) of Republic of Maldives AP); Ms. Maria Tomovic, Green Business and Sustainable Develop-signed a Memorandum of Un- ment Consultant, Environment and Development Policy Sectionderstanding (MoU) to create (EDPS), UNESCAP; Mr. Kenan Mogultay, and Ms. Pitchayanin Suk-more capacity among civil ser- holthaman highlighted the Green Growth Capacity Developmentvants to pursue public sector Programme (GGCDP). Ms. Tomovic remarked that the GGCDP isreform initiatives. The MoU aimed at policy-makers in South-East Asia, Central Asia and thewas signed by Mr. Mohammed Pacific. She expressed interest in AIT providing case studies andFahmy Hassan, Chairman of also offering subject experts for the program.Maldives CSC, and Prof. Su-dip Kumar Rakshit, Vice Presi-dent, Research, AIT, on 25 July AIT among UNESCO-IHE partners in Gates2011.The MoU aims to facili- Foundation projecttate staff exchange programs,training of trainers and offer AIT was among the eightof professional degree and partners of UNESCO-certificate programs. AIT ex- IHE Institute for Waterperts will visit Maldives to Education, which wasoffer management and train- awarded a US$8 millioning consultancy. AIT will also grant from the Bill &encourage Doctoral and Mas- Melinda Gates Founda-ter’s level research in areas tion (BGMF). Spread over five years, the grant is targeted at educa-of relevance to Maldives. AIT tion and research in postgraduate programs with a focus on solu-Extension will despatch a fact tions for the urban poor in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.finding mission to Maldives to The project was developed by Prof. Damir Brdjanovic, Professor ofdetermine the capacity devel- Sanitary Engineering, UNESCO-IHE. Dr. Thammarat Koottatep ofopment needs of various min- AIT’s School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD)istries in the country. is spearheading the project for AIT. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foun- dation announced this grant at the AfricaSan 2011 Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, on 19 July 2011. This is one of the largest re- search and postgraduate education projects targeting sanitation for the urban poor. Earlier, a delegation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation headed by Dr. Frank Rijsberman, Director, Water, Sani- tation and Hygiene; and Mr. Doulaye Kone, Senior Program Officer had visited AIT in February 2011. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 21
  24. 24. August the inaugural address. Later, 532 students from 42 countries join AIT President Irandoust visited the TERI University campus to ex- plore ideas for possible coop- eration and joint work, and to tour its facilities. He also held talks with TERI Vice Chancel- lor Prof. Bhavik Bakshi, Regis- trar Dr. Rajiv Seth, and various deans and department heads. AIT Professor publishes book with Nobel laureate Five hundred and thirty-two students from forty-two countries con- stituted the latest batch of students at AIT enrolled for the August 2011 semester. Those accepted for admission at AIT included stu- dents from North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Welcoming the students on Orientation Day on 10 August 2011, Prof. Said Irandoust, President, AIT, remarked that AIT is an ideal platform for not only learning, but also for forging lifelong friend- ships, connections and networks. “AIT is not a normal university, as it focuses on networking and learning through interaction and observation,” Prof. Irandoust remarked. He added that AIT is an International Intergovernmental Institute of higher learning, and unlike traditional universities, students would be awarded a de- Faculty member Prof. Ganesh gree by an Intergovernmental Institute. P Shivakoti co-authored a book . with Nobel laureate Ms. Elinor Ostrom, winner of the 2009 AIT inks MOU with Nobel Laureate of TERI Nobel Prize in Economics. The University book, titled “Improving Irriga- AIT entered into a Memo- tion in Asia,” is based on a two- randum of Understanding decade-long study on innova- (MoU) with India’s TERI tive interventions for sustained University which opens up performance of irrigation sys- possibilities for cooperation tems. Co-authored by Prof. in across a range of aca- Elinor Ostrom; Mr. Wai Fung demics and research. The Lam of the University of Hong MoU was signed in 4 August Kong; Mr. Prachanda Pradhan, 2011 by AIT President Said Patron, Farmer Managed Ir- Irandoust and Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chancellor, TERI Universi- rigation Systems (FMIS) Pro- ty, India. Dr. Pachauri was the co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace motion Trust, Nepal; and Prof. Prize. The signing was made in conjunction with the opening cer- Ganesh P Shivakoti; the book . emony of the Fourth International Conference on HealthGIS 2011, was published by Edward Elgar which took place in New Delhi, India on 4-6 August 2011. The AIT publishing. The book provides President was a guest of honor for the conference and delivered practical policy solutions,22 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  25. 25. Institutional Highlightsmaking it a good resource for Sri Lankan minister visits AIT, assuresacademics and scholars of de- continuous supportvelopment studies, resourcemanagement, and irrigation Deputy Minister of Financestudies; apart from develop- and Planning, Sri Lanka,ment specialists in internation- H.E. Mr. Gitanjana Gunawar-al agencies, policymakers in dena, visited AIT on 16 Au-governments and international gust 2011, and assured thedonor agencies, Prof. Sivakoti Government of Sri Lanka’ssaid. continuous support. The Minister stated that the Government is keen that AITpartnership with should establish a campusbimtech in Sri Lanka under the AIT brand name. While interacting with the AIT President Prof. Said Irandoust, the minister remarked that the Government was actively considering the request for financial support to AIT. He added that the Government of Sri Lanka was working on the issue of allotment of land to AIT, and a formal agreement would emerge very soon. “The land allotment has been agreed in principle and the Honorable President of Sri Lanka is taking personal interest in this matter,” the Minister added. AIT and Thailand’s MWA jointly launch Professional Master’s Program in WaterAIT and Birla Institute of Man- Technology and Managementagement Technology (BIM-TECH), India have signed a AIT partnered with the Met-Memorandum of Understand- ropolitan Waterworks Au-ing (MoU) to strengthen their thority (MWA) of Thailandpartnership in the fields of stu- in launching a Professionaldent exchange, joint teaching Master’s Degree Programactivities and industry training. in Water Technology andThe MoU was signed by AIT Management (PM-WTM). APresident Prof. Said Irandoust Memorandum of Agreementand Director, BIMTECH, Dr. H (MoA) for the new profes-Chaturvedi on 19 August 2011 sional program was signedin Delhi. The MoU was signed by Prof. Said Irandoust, President, AIT, and Mr. Charoen Passara,in the presence of the Ambas- MWA Governor, on 17 August 2011 at the MWA headquarters insador of The Kingdom of Thai- Bangkok. The program offered at AIT targets middle and seniorland to India, H.E. Mr. Pisan level managers working at metropolitan and provincial water au-Manawapat, and H.E. Dr. Tej thorities who are interested in improving their technical knowledgeBunnag, Former Foreign Minis- in the field of water technology and management. Through theter of Thailand and Chairman, agreement, MWA will coordinate with the Royal Thai GovernmentAIT Board of Trustees. (RTG) and Thailand International Development Cooperation Agen- cy (TICA) to secure at least 15 Professional Master’s scholarships over a period of five years from 2011-2016. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 23
  26. 26. September AIT celebrates its 52nd Anniversary National Institution Building Project, UNDP Afghanistan. During their visit to AIT on 21 September 2011, Mr. Osmani remarked that AIT’s contribu- tion towards capacity building in Afghanistan was impressive and he sought a continuation of this work. Mr. Svanidze stat- ed that UNDP would be very happy to facilitate AIT’s work in Afghanistan. AIT students receive scholarship certificates from DAAD AIT’s Fifty-second Anniversary celebration was marked by the Nan- Twelve stu- otechnology Portfolio Release, coupled with an expert talk by Prof. dents of the Prabuddha Ganguli, CEO, Vision-IPR, and ample fun and festivities AIT were at the Renaissance Hotel in Bangkok. “For over five decades, AIT fe l i c i t a t e d has contributed towards the empowerment of Asia, and this will by the Am- continue with renewed vigour,” AIT President Prof. Said Irandoust bassador announced to a gathering of ambassadors, academics, corporate of Federal leaders, media, and members of the AIT community including Republic of students, faculty, staff and alumni. Germany to Thailand, H.E. Mr. Rolf Schul- ze, at a function held at the Afghanistan delegation expresses admiration Embassy of Germany on 15 of AIT’s work September 2011. Recipients of the Germany Academic Ex- A delegation from Afghani- change Service scholarships, stan expressed admiration the students are from Viet- of the work done by AIT nam, Cambodia and Myanmar. stating that it was “very The Ambassador stated that impressed with AIT’s aca- Germany has a keen inter- demic environment.” The est in the ASEAN region, and delegation also sought a the scientific cooperation be- framework agreement with tween the ASEAN region and AIT, and invited AIT repre- Germany has spanned more sentatives to visit Kabul to than over a century. “I express formalize an agreement. my sincere thanks and appre- Led by Mr. Rohullah Osmani, Director General, Programs Design ciation to AIT for ensuring an and Management, Independent Administrative Reform and Civil excellent academic environ- Service Commission, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the delega- ment for these students,” the tion also included Mr. Vakhtang Svanidze, Deputy Country Direc- Ambassador said. Dr. Carolin tor, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Afghani- Mülverstedt, Representative stan, and Mr. Sultan Hajiyev, Chief Capacity Development Advisor, of Deutscher Akademishcher24 AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011
  27. 27. Institutional HighlightsAustausch Dienst (DAAD), and AIT Vietnam expands presence in Ho Chi MinhDirector of DAAD Informa- Citytion Center, and Ms. AnnetteSévery, Counsellor, Press and AIT Vietnam (AIT-VN)Cultural Affairs also congratu- expanded its facility inlated the students. Ho Chi Minh City, Viet- nam, to meet the rap- idly growing demandUniversiti Teknologi for its higher learningMara signs MoU with professional programsAIT and professional devel- opment short courses in the nation’s largest city. The new office was unveiled on 31 August 2011 at a ceremony graced by H.E. Dr. Tej Bunnag, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AIT and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Thailand, who offi- cially opened the facility. The AIT chairman led a delegation from the headquarters of AIT in Bangkok, Thailand, which included Prof. Said Irandoust, AIT President, and Dr. Jonathan Shaw, Ex- ecutive Director, AIT Extension. “The sheer growth in the numberUniversiti Teknologi Mara of programs we offer has required us to increase our number of(UiTM), Malaysia, signed a classrooms and offices,” AIT-VN director Dr. Amrit Bart said.Memorandum of Understand-ing (MoU) and looks forwardto sending students to AIT. The Global Water Partnership lauds AITMoU, which was signed on 27September 2011 by the ViceChancellor of UiTM Dato’ ProfSahol Hamid Abu Bakar andAIT President Prof. Said Iran-doust, seeks to foster coop-eration between the two. Prof.Bakar stated that AIT can con-tribute towards enhancing theeducational skills of UiTM’sfaculty. “About 40 per cent of The steering committee of the Global Water Partnership South-UiTM’s 10,000-strong faculty East Asia (GWP SEA) lauded the role of AIT and sought to strength-possess a doctorate degree, en its partnership with the Institute. The steering committee alongand we are seeking to upgrade with representatives of the Thai Water Partnership (TWP) visitedthe skills of our faculty,” Prof. AIT on 20 September 2011. Dr. Mercy Dikito Wachtmeister, SeniorBakar said. He remarked that Network Officer, Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO),UiTM proposes to send five Stockholm, Sweden, stated that they were interested in the workMaster’s and five Doctoral stu- being done at AIT in the water sector. “AIT has enhanced our net-dents to AIT in the January working capacity in this region,” Dr. Mercy said. Dr. Le Vanh Minh,2012 session. Chairman of GWP SEA, said his organization consists of two rep- resentatives from nine countries in South-East Asia. AIT ANNUAL REPORT 2011 25