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Global RoHs CoC Brochure

  2. 2. wORLD-wIDE ACCEPTANCE„ A FULLY INTEgRATED SOLUTIONSGS is the market leader in RoHS SGS has now come up with a secure them into a single database to ensuretesting and our test reports have an solution: the SGS RoHS Certificate of that RoHS test reports established inexcellent reputation in industry and trade Conformity (CoC). It takes the SGS one part of the world are acceptedworldwide. However, in rare cases some Global network of laboratories, quality everywhere.local authorities might refuse test reports assurance experts and European baseddue to political reasons. CBs (Certification Bodies), and links„ THE INFORMATION INCLUDED ON A CoCz CoC certification numberz Referencez Product typez Model/Type referencez Applicantz Manufacturerz Test requiredz Test report numberz Conclusionz Signature of CoC Manager„ CoC qUALIFIED LAbORATORIESz SGS Taiwan, Taipeiz SGS China, Guangzhouz SGS China, Shanghaiz SGS Hong Kongwww.SgS.COM/COCwww.SgS.COM/ROHS
  3. 3. ATTAIN HIgH CREDIbILITY„ STEP 1 - ONLINE DATAbASE ENSURES gLObAL ACCESSWith the approval of the manufacturers, Before being added to the database, the They confirm the certification or identifywho own the SGS RoHS test reports, validity of the documents is checked and the need for additional testing.SGS builds a database of all test reports, approved by local SGS specialists.accessible worldwide.„ STEP 2 - CoC RELIES ON qUALITY ASSURANCE/CONTROLA RoHS Certificate of Conformity based Certificates of Conformity rely on theon the relevant standards is issued by internationally-recognised SGS QualitySGS affiliates in the region where the Assurance/Quality Control procedures.products will be sold.„ STEP 3 - qUICK SOLUTION FOR OUR CLIENTSCertificates of Conformity are highly CLIENT APPLYINgcredible because of SGS’ reputation forprofessionalism and integrity.In addition, authorities can easily checkall the test reports relating to a CoC inthe SGS database, without any further REvIEw SAMPLINg TESTINghassle for the manufacturer or theimporter.SGS loCAl AffIlIATES WIll ASSISTyou In dEAlInG WITH nATIonAlAuTHoRITIES fREE of AddITIonAlCHARGE. DATAbASE PASS„ STEP 4 - LOCAL AUTHORITIES TRUST IN CoC COC
  4. 4. A SECURE SOLUTION„ HISTORY PROvES OUR CERTIFICATION LEADERSHIPlEAd CERTIfICATIon Body foR lEAd CERTIfICATIon Body foR EuRoPEAn SuPPoRTInGEuRoPE unITEd STATES lABoRAToRIESSGS CEBEC, division of SGS Belgium - SGS uSTC (uS Testing & Certification), z SGS Institut freseniusBrussels, located in the heart of Europe. new Jersey, located near the big apple, (Taunusstein-Germany)Certifying electrical & electronic products Certifying electrical & electronic products z SGS Institute for Appliedsince 1923. since 1998. Chromatography (Antwerp - Belgium)„ ENSURINg COMPLIANCE, qUALITY & RELIAbILITYSGS is the world’s leading InSPECTIon, With 59’000 employees, SGS operates As a result, our expertise provides aVERIfICATIon, TESTInG and a network of over 1’000 offices and single consolidated source to reduceCERTIfICATIon company. SGS is laboratories around the world. your risk, improve efficiency and quality,recognised as the global benchmark for and ensure compliance.quality and integrity.„ OUR wORLDwIDE EXPERTISEour services are divided into eleven automobile parts, hardware, furniture, SGS ElECTRICAl & ElECTRonICSbusiness lines. one of these is CTS textiles, footwear, food, beverages and ( as part of CTS offers- ConSuMER TESTInG SERVICES electrical & electronic equipment. you in addition to the RoHS CoC the(, which includes following services.product testing and certification, e.g. for„ SgS ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICSBesides product inspection, verficiation, We offer these services in the fields of: z Performance/Reliabilitytesting and certification servies our z RoHS & WEEE & EuP z Micro- & nanotechnologycomplete service portfolio also includes z Product Safety & EMC z SolarTECHnICAl ASSISTAnCE, PRoCESS z Product Inspection z Sustainability (EuP, Ecodesign,ASSESSMEnT and ConSulTInG. z Wireless Telecommunications WEEE)
  5. 5. LOCALLY AvAILAbLE - wORLD-wIDE„ gET IN TOUCH - wITH OUR RoHS EXPERTS wORLDwIDEEUROPE ASIA Philippines ee.philippines@sgs.comBelgium China-Guangzhou t +63 281 756 ee.guangzhou@sgs.comt +32 255 600 20 t +86 208 215 5432 Singapore ee.singapore@sgs.comfinland China-Shanghai t +65 637 901 11 ext 271/ ee.shanghai@sgs.comt +358 969 632 78 t +86 216 115 2291 Taiwan ee.taiwan@sgs.comfrance China-Shenzhen t +886 222 993 279 ext ee.shenzhen@sgs.comt +33 141 248 748 t +86 755 260 125 97 Thailand ee.thailand@sgs.comGermany China-Tianjin t +66 229 474 ee.tianjin@sgs.comt +49 231 982 295 45 t +86 222 529 3899 ext 160Spain Hong Kong +34 933 203 600 t +852 277 474 16 t +1 973 575 5252Turkey ee.india@sgs.comt +90 212 368 4000 t +91 124 239 9990 ext 98 SOUTH-AMERICAunited Kingdom ee.japan@sgs.comt +44 191 377 2000 t +55 115 504 8872 t +81 453 305 040 Korea t +82 314 285 700 AUSTRALIA Malaysia t +61 398 759 023 t +603 512 123 20www.SgS.COM/COCwww.SgS.COM/ROHS
  6. 6. © 2010 SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA - All rights reserved - created by global CTS EE 2010 / 1st Version www.SgS.COM