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  • 1. TRMA 585 P1: Developing AProfessional Online Identity Spring 2012 MELISSA SHOCKMAN
  • 3. LINKEDIN• LinkedIn is a site in which to meet other professionals• Community groups include relevant conversations• Professionals in the community can view a current Resume on this site• New Study Results: “found that 59 percent of users believe LinkedIn is their most important social networking account”•
  • 5. TWITTER #TRMA585• The class discussions and sites located from Twitter offered additional insight and information• Twitter is a tool that I will likely not use right away as I find it is too difficult to wad through all of the crap• I have enjoyed being forced to become more comfortable with this tool• Twitter can be used to connect with organizations• Twitter opens up communication on world issues
  • 6. GOOGLE PLUS (G+)• Google Plus is similar to Facebook as it is a place to connect, yet people can be categorized into groups• Some simple groups to follow have been set up• Anyone can start a Hangout to discuss specific topics
  • 7. PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK PAGES• Professional Facebook pages can be tough because of client confidentiality issues• Because Facebook tends to be casual using it for business purposes might not be the best tool• Facebook is great for sharing information• Facebook causes are listed in the Community pages• I will continue to use my Facebook for personal friends in the future, but not clients
  • 8. LEARNING FROM MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS & ORGANIZATIONS• With Social Media on the Rise Marketing online is becoming an imperative for new clinicians• Creating a consistent marketing platform and maintaining an online presence forms a reputation• Some debate still exists in just how personal information content should be• For Clients choosing a professional online consistency in branding is ideal• Keeping things Simple is better than not having an online presence at all
  • 9. BLOGS: BLOGGER, WORDPRESS, TUMBLR, POSTEROUS• Blogging sites allow Clinicians to subscribe to news feeds which are relevant to their practice• Blogging can increase an online presence, yet should maintain consistency and branding• It is important to Remember in this age of information not to give it all away• Using blogging can increase a client knowledge on a topic, but should not be used in lieu of treatment• When Blogging be careful what issues to take a stand on because clients can read into opinion
  • 11. MANAGING YOUR ONLINE IDENTITY• Online management will be required for those of us who end up in private practice• In order to create a positive online presence providing basic information or linking to relevant data can assist clients in finding a clinician• Creating some level of continuity and branding will be helpful in solidifying a professional presence• Posting information which is too personal or which could be viewed as a client solicitation must be monitored and avoided.
  • 12. WEBSITES & DOMAIN NAMES•••!/MelissaShockman••• This is a song I wrote and sing with my husband:
  • 13. HAVING AN IMPACT• Networks get Formed in order to create Forums for people to connect with common issues• Social media can have a profound impact as seen with the Joseph Kony video• The capacity to spread information worldwide and therefore work on global issues is now possible• Creating an online presence can assist in seeking employment opportunities• And can assist clients in finding more information to decide if they wish to enlist our services
  • 14. GOALS & STRATEGIES• Using Creativity to Make and Maintain an online presence• Video Examples and clips on UTUBE can assist us in creating a professional profile• Linking to relevant Information, Research, or Articles can assist in networking with other professionals and clients• Social media can have a powerful impact on people all over the world and can lead to social change
  • 15. SLIDESHARE• SlideShare is a place to hold Power Point Slides• The slides can be shared with selected people• Slideshare offers space for people to store presentations online• The likelihood of someone stealing a presentation is slim based on the sheer number of available files• Some interesting topics have been covered• This might be a learning tool to use with our clients•
  • 16. FINAL THOUGHTSI have learned an incredible amount during this class although it was a tonof work for a one credit class. I am so glad I took this class and still wish Ihad taken it at the end of my schooling rather than the beginning. I feelthat I have a better understanding and attitude about the importance ofcreating a professional online presence. I think that this online business willbecome far more relevant than having a business card. I guess I am a littleold fashioned, but I hope to minimize the time I need to spend monitoringmy online presence. So I will be using tools that minimize the time I amstuck in front of my computer. I know there is a lot I can do from my phonetoo. Maybe my son will help me!