Enterprise Digital Writing
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Enterprise Digital Writing

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Provides an overview of the ExpeData Enterprise Digital Writing Solution

Provides an overview of the ExpeData Enterprise Digital Writing Solution

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  • 1. ExpeData Digital Writing Platform
    December 2009
    Powerful results from natural input…
  • 2. About ExpeData…
    We are an innovative software company focused on delivering the best enterprise digital writing platform
    Our Enterprise Digital Writing Platform (EDWP) is highly secure, easy to integrate, scale and administer
    Our handwriting interpretation is accurate with built-in learning mechanisms for continuous improvement
    We partner with global technology integrators and applications solution providers to meet the growing market demand
  • 3. EDW platform is complete and proven
    ExpeData EDW Server
    Enterprise Applications
    Document Repositories
    • The handwritten strokes are stored within the pen’s memory until routed
    • 4. The captured strokes are routed, using existing mobile devices and PCs, with acquisition software, through the firewall to the EDW server
    • 5. The EDW server software generates images, interprets and verifies the handwritten strokes
    • 6. The server outputs XML data and images to be uploaded into business systems
    • 7. The EDW platform can be seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise applications and document repositories using an EDW SDK and APIs
    • 8. The existing form is set up for handwriting interpretation using form definition software
    • 9. The micro-dot pattern is printed on the form to enable digital writing
    • 10. The micro-dot pattern form is completed using a digital pen
  • EDW Platform delivers significant benefits to Enterprises
  • 11. EDW platform supports a wide range of markets and applications
    Finance & Insurance
    Health Care & Life Science
    Oil, Utilities &
    Natural Resources
    • New account applications
    • 12. Loan applications
    • 13. Credit card applications
    • 14. Account claims
    • 15. Electronic signature
    • 16. Clinical trials - case reports
    • 17. Home health forms
    • 18. Physician office forms
    • 19. Acute care forms
    • 20. Onsite inspection reports
    • 21. Meter readings
    • 22. Inventory level reports
    Public Service & Government
    Mobility & Field Service
    Commercial &
    High Technology
    • Social services documents
    • 23. Public safety documents
    • 24. Inspection services reports
    • 25. Logistics forms
    • 26. Inspection & repair reports
    • 27. Work orders
    • 28. Time & attendance forms
    • 29. Sales/CRM documents
    • 30. Direct field services forms
    • 31. Electronic signature
  • 32. Digital pens record the micro-dot pattern background as they write
    The digital pen:
    • Is equipped with a motion picture camera
    • 33. Can complete hundreds of forms between dockings or transmissions
    • 34. Can write continuously for 5 hours per battery charge
    • 35. Can record date and time for each field
    • 36. Can read barcodes
    Ink Cartridge and
    Pressure Sensor
  • 37.
    • The micro-dots act as a positioning matrix
    • 38. They allow the pen to:
    • 39. Identify the exact piece of paper being written on
    • 40. Identify the exact location ink is being written
    1.8 mm
    1.8 mm
    Regular paper documents with micro-dot pattern enables handwriting to be captured
  • 41. 6
    Micro-dot pattern identifies the document and the location of the handwritten strokes
    • The micro-dot pattern:
    • 42. Is unique, providing an identity for each sheet (like DNA)
    • 43. Allows the digital pen to orient itself on the paper
    • 44. Micro-dot pattern is digitally printed on documents using selected devices
    • 45. 70 trillion unique pages of pattern exist
  • Stroke routing through PCs and mobile communication devices is seamless
    Supported Communication Devices
    Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia and Smart Windows mobile devices
    Carrier agnostic
    Personal Computers
    Localized for English, Spanish, French and Portuguese
    Windows XP and Vista
    Secure file routing – 128 bit encryption
    Reliable file transfer – confirm before delete
  • 46. EDW platform complies with industry best practices and Federal guidelines
    • The platform is built using industry best practices
    • 47. Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) have been created and are adhered to
    • 48. All development documentation, training and associated records are governed by the SOPs
    • 49. All records are kept in a secure and auditable manor
    • 50. The feature set meets compliance requirements
    • 51. The EDW platform is Title 21 CFR Part 111 compliant as verified by independent auditors
    “The output is considered to be trustworthy, reliable and generally equivalent to paper records”
    1Title 21 CFR Part 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations deals with the FDA guidelines on electronic records and electronic signatures in the United States. Part 11, as it is commonly called, defines the criteria under which electronic records and electronic signatures are considered to be trustworthy, reliable and generally equivalent to paper records.
  • 52. ExpeData and our clients have received multiple recognitions
    Awarded by: Bio IT World
    Awarded to: ExpeData
    Application: Best of Show - Innovation
    Awarded by: RIM
    Awarded to: SafeliteAutoGlass
    Application: Mobile Resource Management
    Awarded by: Anoto
    Awarded to: ExpeData
    Application: Most Valuable Partner
    Awarded by: the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio
    Awarded to: SafeliteAutoGlass
    Application: Mobile Resource Management
    Awarded by: Wireless Workforce Online
    Awarded to: ExpeData
    Application: Top 10 Product
    Awarded by: Technology Association of Georgia
    Awarded to: LexisNexis
    Application: Pre-employment screening