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Arfe mayo 2012 en final-ii Arfe mayo 2012 en final-ii Presentation Transcript

  • The Aquitaine- Basque Country Euro-regionWhat it is, goals, missions and governance1
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro- region About it We understand the cross-border cooperation in three levels: • Micro-level: proximity cooperation (Bidasoa-Txingudy bay) • Meso-level: urban approach (Eurociudad Vasca Baiona-San Sebastián) • Regional-level: AECT Eurorregión Aquitania-Euskadi 2
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-regionAbout it 3
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-regionAbout itWEAKNESSES STRENGTHS•Different competences • History•Different languages • No borders from 1992•Multiple stakeholders • Institutional relationships by•Weak perception outside the decadesborder • Common policies •EU legislative framework •Good perception by stakeholdersTHREATS OPPORTUNITIES•Institutional competence •Economic need and•Lack of specificness complementary nature•Technocratic project •Regional positioning •EU strategy: 2014-2020 •Policy organisation: 3 levels (local, intermediary and regional) •Coordination of different stakeholders 4
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro- region About it  The Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-Region is a European Grouping ofTerritorial Cooperation (EGTC), with its own legal status established pursuant to EC Regulation No. 1082/2006, made up by the Basque Autonomous Community and Aquitaine Region- Headquarters in Hendaye- Under French legislation 5
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro- region About it WHAT IS A EUROPEAN GROUPING OF TERRITORICAL COOPERATION? European legal instrument, created to foster flexible, simple and morestrategic territorial cooperation, by reducing the difficulties linked to the different national legislation. 6
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro- region Goals The mainMissions are: and aims of the EGTC- Cooperate in a global and transversal manner- Develop territorial cooperationfrom a European perspective-Heighten the visibility of the 2 regions in theEuropean arena- Framework for cross-border relations 7
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-regionGoals and Missions 8
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-regionGoals and Missions 9
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro- region Shared Governance and multilevel governance  The preparing of a Euro-region projectDecision-taking authorities is part of a democratic, participative and An ASSEMBLY of 20 members citizenperspectiveappointed jointly between the ► The EGTC will operate as atwo regions network and with consensus A bi-annual PRESIDENCY,assumed alternatively A 6-member EXECUTIVECOMMITTEE made up jointly A DIRECTOR 10
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro- region What for? Consolidating cohesionRegional planning Setting up an area fornetworking and exchangeFromthe Bordeaux, Pau, Bilbao, Vitoria  To achieve an attractive andrhombus dynamic open space Setting up a collective projectOvercoming barriers Obtaining a significant placein EuropeBeing heardindividually and together 11
  • Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro- region What are its benefits? Size to be competitive Nearlyfive and a half inhabitants. A new regional vision forplanning  A different dimension A framework to interactOvercoming obstacles 12
  • The Aquitaine- Basque Country Euro-region Policy areas13
  • The Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-region Policy areas Towards…Improving communication between the two regions,fostering environmentally-friendly passenger and goodstransport.  2011: over 9,000 lorries a day Showcasing renewable energiesDeveloping R&D activities, to create a new social,economic and technological dynamics  Bihartean (2010) 14
  • The Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-region Policyand education through teacher andPromoting training areasstudent mobility.  Euskampus Project.Common work in areas linked to agriculture, forestry,food and health with priority being given to quality,denomination of origin, traceability and development ofenvironmentally-friendly agriculture practices  Health convention Reinforcing artistic and cultural dynamics Showcasing all the tourist resources 15
  • The Aquitaine- Basque Country Euro-region 2011-2013 Guidelines16
  • The Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-region Priorities The Euro-region has 4 major priorities Installation and implementation Call for projects: €900,000 (2012-2013) Working on sustainable mobility   Structuring cross-border cooperation in theregion and coordinating with stakeholders 2014-2020 Strategic Plan 17
  • The Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-region LocationThe Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-region EGTCRue Leku-Eder, Z.I.Les Joncaux64700 Hendaye (France) 18
  • The Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-regionThank you for your attention 19