Npc force weekly 6 10 may 2013


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This NPC Force Weekly discusses OMPF and ESR, the May CMS/ID cycle, a Transition GPS Update, and the availability of Voluntary Sea Duty.

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Npc force weekly 6 10 may 2013

  1. 1. NPC FORCM WEEKLY6 - 10 May 2013Career progression, community management, personnel matters, and general information from the desk ofthe Navy Personnel Command Force Master Chief, FORCM(SW/AW/EXW) Leland E. MooreTODAY IN NAVAL HISTORYMay 6th1909 - The Great White Fleet anchors in San Francisco.May 7th1942 - Carrier aircraft sink Japanese carrier Shoho during the Battle of Coral Sea.May 8th1911 - The U.S. Navy ordered its first airplane, Curtiss A-1, Birthday of Naval Aviation.May 9th1942 - The USS WASP (CV-7) launches 47 Spitfire aircraft to help defend Malta.May 10th1800 - The USS CONSTITUTION captures Letter of Marque Sandwich.“The most profound statements are often said in silence.”~ Lynn JohnstonQUOTE OF THE WEEKTo help Sailors review their records, there is a new user aid that will guide them through a completeinventory and verification of their online personnel records. Sailors can use the Personnel Records Reviewand the Illustrated Guide to review their records. The "Personnel Records Review" user aid identifiesspecific personnel information Sailors should confirm, points Sailors to resources that help them addressany issues discovered, and also provides navigation tips to help Sailors perform the review efficiently andeffectively. I highly recommend providing these guides to your Sailors to ensure their records arecomplete and ready for any boards in the future. The Records Review can also be found at this link: the Illustrated Guide can be found here: YOUR OMPF AND ESRThe May CMS/ID application window opened on Thursday, 9 May 2013 at 1800 CST and will close Tuesday,21 May 2013 at 0500 CST. Ensure your Sailors have had a chance to get into CMS/ID and apply for orders;the earlier they get into CMS/ID the more time they have to discuss order choices with significant othersand their chain of command to find the best career and life fit for them. Results for May will be posted by7 June 2013 at 1630 CST. Good luck to all applicants on picking their next set of orders.MAY CMS/IDTRANSITION GPS UPDATEWith the roll-out of Transition GPS, there have been changes in documentation of completion fortransitioning members in CIMS. The following link gives a Step by Step guide to properly documentTransition GPS into CIMS. In addition, the Career Counseling page on the NPC website gives furtherinformation on Transition GPS and offers links to the CNIC T-GPS page. Take the time and review thematerial available online to better understand all of the changes to Transition Assistance and help ourSailors who are transitioning to the civilian world.VOLUNTARY SEA DUTY AVAILABLEUnder the program, Sailors may apply to extend their enlistment in their current sea duty billet beyondtheir prescribed sea tour, terminate their shore duty early in order to extend their enlistment to obtain neworders to a sea duty billet, or accept back-to-back sea duty orders. The sea duty assignment may be onboard ships, squadrons, or other qualified sea duty assignments. Sailors accepted into VSDP will be ableto defer their Perform-to-Serve (PTS) window to the minimum obligated service requirement for the ordersnegotiated, typically 24 months. Volunteers will not be required to accept a billet they do not desire. Thisprogram does not change eligibility or benefits for the Sea Duty Incentive Pay Program and Sailors maytake advantage of both programs concurrently. Interested Sailors can contact their detailer for moreinformation or call 1-866-827-5672 (DSN 882) if they need help in contacting their detailer.