15-19 July 2013
Career progression, community management, personnel matters, and general information from...
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Npc force weekly 15 19 july 2013


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This NPC Force weekly focuses on how SAPR changes are in effect, special duty screening, and family service member's group life insurance (FSGLI).

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Npc force weekly 15 19 july 2013

  1. 1. NPC FORCM WEEKLY 15-19 July 2013 Career progression, community management, personnel matters, and general information from the desk of the Navy Personnel Command Force Master Chief, FORCM(SW/AW/EXW) Leland E. Moore FAMILY SERVICEMEMBERS’ GROUP LIFE INSURANCE (FSGLI) FSGLI provides a maximum of $100,000 of life insurance coverage for spouses, not to exceed the amount of SGLI coverage the Sailor has in force and $10,000 for dependent children. Spouse coverage is available in $10,000 increments. The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) is the data source for determining enrollment for FSGLI coverage. The Under Secretary of Defense directed service members to report any changes in dependency status; such as a marriage or the birth of a child within 60 days of the event. This is in addition to the sponsor’s responsibility to report all dependents regardless of their eligibility for enrollment in other benefit programs (i.e. military spouses) such as FSGLI. Military members married to military members must report all dependents immediately, including their spouses who are sponsors in DEERS to avoid indebtedness for delinquent FSGLI premiums. Spouse premiums are calculated based on their age at the time co coverage is established. HELPFUL LINKS: The following links may help simplify FSGLI or the submission of a FSGLI claim. MILPERSMAN 1741-030, Family Service members’ Group Life Insurance MILPERSMAN 1770-250, Reporting Death of Naval Dependents and Submission of Family SGLI Claims Family SGLI Procedural Guide “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein QUOTE OF THE WEEK SAPR CHANGES IN EFFECT NAVADMIN 181/13 directs organizational changes and Fleet-wide implementation of the initiatives in support of the Department of the Navy Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program. These changes and initiatives will build upon the existing guidance and direction set forth in DODINST 6495.02, OPNAVINST 1752.1B, OPNAVINST 5354.1F CH-1, and OPNAVINST F3100.6J. Accountable personnel will make changes to applicable programs and instructions to institutionalize these endeavors. Please click on the link to the NAVADMIN to read more on the Fleet and Command responsibilities that are being i l t d SPECIAL DUTY SCREENING Special Duty programs require various screenings, yet occasionally Sailors are being transferred from their command without the necessary screenings for these programs. To request assignment to a special program, contact your rating detailer for release to a special program assignment or submit NAVPERS 1306/7 (Enlisted Personnel Action Request) to your detailer at Navy Personnel Command approximately 9-11 months prior to your projected rotation date (PRD). It is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer, the Command Master Chief; Chief of the Boat, or Senior Enlisted Advisor as well as other key personnel to ensure all applicants are fully endorsed/qualified for the specific program. For more information on Special Duty Screening, see MILPERSMAN 1306-900. TODAY IN NAVAL HISTORY July 15th 1942 – The first photographic interpretation unit is set up in the Pacific. July 16th 1915 – The first Navy ships, battleships OHIO, MISSOURI, and WISCONSIN transit Panama Canal. July 17th 1944 – The ammunition explosion at Naval Magazine, Port Chicago, CA occurs. July 18th 1775 - Continental Congress resolves that each colony provide armed vessels July 19th 1918 - Armored cruiser USS San Diego sunk off Fire Island, NY by a mine laid by U-156.