Mar 12 2010 census 2010 make your voice heard


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Mar 12 2010 census 2010 make your voice heard

  1. 1. A product of... Navy Office of Information March 12, 2010 Census 2010 — Make Your Voice Heard “Information collected through the census influences government decisions on how to spend federal funding over the next 10 years on infrastructure projects such as neighborhood schools, public works projects, hospitals and emergency services – which directly impact the quality of life of Sailors, Navy civilians and their families.” – Rear Adm. Dan Holloway, Director of Navy’s Personnel, Plans & Policy Division Beginning March 15, the Census Bureau will conduct the nation’s 23rd census to gather a complete population count. Conducted every ten years, the census gathers information that is used to fuel government decisions such as how more than $400 billion per year of federal funding is spent. Make Your Voice Heard • Participating in the census ensures proper district representation in the House of Representatives to voice a community’s opinions on important congressional discussions. • The national census is an important tool which allows individuals, including our Sailors, to directly impact how federal funding is spent on vital resources such as neighborhood schools, emergency services and hospitals. Through participation in the military census, Navy personnel are able to shape the quality of life for themselves and their families both today and in the future. • Providing constructive feedback through venues such as the census enables the government’s responsiveness to the nation. Who Will be Counted and How to Participate in the Census The 2010 census targets 100 percent of the Navy’s force, including all Sailors, their families and Navy civilians. Each installation and vessel assigns a Navy Project Manager who can provide additional information on the census. In addition, guidance has been provided by Navy Installations Command and U. S. Fleet Forces Command. • This year’s census form is the shortest in the history of the census and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. In order to make your voice heard, follow the completion and submission instructions included with your census form. o Sailors who live in marinas, RV parks, temporary lodging facilities or military group quarters will be provided the Military Census Report by installation Census Project Managers. o Sailors aboard vessels assigned to a homeport in the United States and Puerto Rico on April 1 will receive a Shipboard Census Report from command leadership. o Sailors aboard vessels who also have an ashore address will receive the standard census questionnaire at their home address as well as a Shipboard Census Report aboard the ship. Both forms should be completed and returned. o Sailors and their families stationed outside the U.S. will be counted using personnel records from the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center. No action is required by these Sailors. o Navy civilians, Sailors and their families living in homes or family base housing in the U.S. will receive a standard census questionnaire through the postal service at their home address. Key Messages Key Messages Factts & Fiigures Fac s & F gures • The Navy is committed to promoting programs and • The 2010 census form will be one of the shortest in opportunities which foster the growth and U.S. history, consisting of 10 questions, taking about advancement of Navy Sailors, civilians and families as 10 minutes to complete. citizens and as members of the Navy family. • Participation in the census allows Navy personnel and • The census form is available in English, Spanish, their families to influence how federal funding is spent Russian, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese. on community infrastructure and congressional • More information can be found at the Census decisions. website:
  2. 2. A product of... Navy Office of Information March 12, 2010