Force Weekly 2 Apr 10


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Force Weekly 2 Apr 10

  1. 1. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 2 Apr 10 Happy 117th Anniversary of the establishment of the rate of Chief Petty Officer. On Thursday, April 1, 2010, under sunny skies hundreds of chiefs attended a wreath ceremony at the Navy Memorial in Washington to honor the 117th anniversary of the establishment of the rate of Chief Petty Officer. This event was the first of its kind here in D.C. Several years ago, MCPON Joe Campa had encouraged CPO messes to find ways to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of the rate of Chief Petty Officer. Smaller presentations and luncheon events were common observances. MCPON Rick West wanted to do something a bit more formal to commemorate our 117th anniversary. The ceremony itself was simple but meaningful. After the arrival of the official party, honors, colors, the national anthem and invocation, MCPON West, CNO, ADM Gary Roughead and the Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Ray Mabus provided speeches. Afterward, MCPON Jim Herdt (Ret.) presented a replica of The Lone Sailor® statue to MCPON West that will remain in the Office of the MCPON as a reminder of who we all serve. The U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard marched on the honors cordon, and then the official party laid the wreath in honor of those chiefs who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. Upon conclusion, there was a reception in the Naval Heritage Center with a commemorative coin presented to each attendee. Last Friday I visited Millington TN, and spent some time with the Enlisted Community Managers. CAPT Roux, who has been onboard about four months, is committed to managing the health of each rating during these times of high retention and low attrition. On Saturday I visited with the senior leadership of Navy Reserve, Navy Personnel Command Detachments that were onboard for a conference. Latest Updates Continuum Of Service Initiatives: Please see NAVADMIN 114/10 for information on the Continuum of Service Initiatives: 4576-8A8F-3FB8D0C20427/0/NAV10114.txt 2010 Capt Joy Bright Hancock Award Nominations: The Navy is soliciting nominations for the 2010 CAPT Joy Bright Hancock (JBH) leadership awards. The JBH leadership awards honor the visionary leadership of service members whose ideals and dedication foster a positive working environment for reinforcing and furthering the integration of women into the Navy. Please see NAVADMIN 115/10 for more information: 223F768C7AFF/0/NAV10115.txt Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) Interview with FORCM Wright: Coverage includes 95th Birthday, Ombudsman program, Advancement, HYT, CMS-ID http://ausn.us1.list- Safe Driving Techniques: Follow the link for information on distracted driving: Sexual Assault Awareness Month: The month of April is designated as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). The Department of Defense (DOD) theme, “Hurts One. Affects All.” Please see attached NAVADMIN 119/10 for more information: 950FD9CED0EC/0/NAV10119.txt MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Timely Force and Cost Effective Force
  2. 2. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 2 Apr 10 Are Dependent Children Authorized to Remain on TRICARE Until 26 Years Old?: Currently, TRICARE is not affected by the health care reform provision to cover dependent children in health plans up to age 26. By law, TRICARE covers eligible dependent children up to the age of 21, or up to age 23 if enrolled full time at an accredited institution of higher education and reliant on the sponsor for more than 50 percent of their financial support. Coverage ends on the child's 23rd birthday or at the end of that school year, whichever comes first. TRICARE, as stated in the law, meets the minimum requirements of the law. Any changes and / or enhancements to the benefit will be made by acts of Congress that alter the laws which govern TRICARE. Solicitation Of Nominations For Immediate Fill For OPNAV Command Master Chief: This message solicits nomination of Command Master Chief (CMDCM) NEC-9580 candidates to be considered as the CMDCM for the Office of Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV). Packages will be accepted until 16 April 2010. For prerequisites and nomination procedures, please review attached NAVADMIN 109/10: A60C574348D4/0/NAV10109.txt Navy Announces Plans To ‘Can’ Paper Leave Chits: The Navy announced plans to begin phasing-out traditional paper leave chits, replacing them with a new electronic leave request system. The new system, called Self-Service Electronic Leave (E-Leave) is a web- based program that Sailors can access through their Electronic Service Record (ESR). Shore-based implementation of E-Leave is scheduled to begin in August 2010. An afloat version will be phased in over the next 24 months as shipboard Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) servers are upgraded. Sailors who have not yet established a Self-Service ESR can create an account at or on the NSIPS server on board ship. “Anchors Aweigh Protocol”: From the MCPON's 2010 CPO Induction Guidance, section 7. Training Recommendations, number (4). (4) Standardize the use of our Service Song, "Anchors Aweigh". I do not believe that any of us has attended a CPO Induction event in which "Anchors Aweigh" (our Service Song) was not played or sung, which is a great thing. However, one thing I have noticed throughout my travels is that there is no standardized protocol. Therefore, whenever "Anchors Aweigh" is played as part of an official ceremony or function/event, all Chief Petty Officers not in formation will immediately come to attention, face the source of the music, and stand-fast until the song has ended. Personnel in formation will be brought to attention and the formation commander will face in the direction of the music. Chief Petty Officers should comply with these guidelines when in uniform or civilian attire. Whenever "Anchors Aweigh" is played during non-official ceremonial functions/events (i.e., athletic competitions, PT, CPO training), all current and former Chief Petty Officers should join in the singing of our service song if it is deemed applicable by the Senior CPO present. Perform to Serve (PTS) Concerns: I have some serious concerns regarding the execution of the PTS program across the force. There has been an increase of Sailors who have some how "fallen through the cracks" since PTS for zones B and C were implemented back in February and June of 2009. What has been evident in all of the cases involving these Sailors is the Sailor and their chain of commands did not fully understand the PTS process. The BLUF is EVERY Sailor E6 and below with 0 to less than 14 years of service must submit a PTS application at least 13 months prior to their EAOS in order to reenlist in the Navy. If your Sailors don't have a reenlistment quota either in their current rating or MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Timely Force and Cost Effective Force
  3. 3. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 2 Apr 10 authorization to reenlist and convert to another rating 6 months prior to their EAOS they will receive a message from BUPERS thanking them for their service and REQUIRING them to separate at their EAOS! There are a couple of ways to prevent any of your Sailors from being separated without getting an opportunity to remain on active duty: 1. Have your CCC run a PTS report for you and your CO/XO from the list section in the Career Information Management System (CIMS) every month. The PTS report can be sorted by EAOS, PRD, SEAOS and it includes the date the application was received and the results of each application your command has submitted. The report also list all of your zone A, B, C Sailors whether they have submitted a PTS application or not. This will prevent "Sailors from falling through the cracks". 2. Do your Career Development Boards! CDB's play a pivotal role in the PTS process. Remember the PTS window starts as early as 15 months prior to the EAOS. During a reporting CDB you should be talking to your zone A-C Sailors about the health of their current rating, their ASVAB line scores with regards to their eligibility to covert to an open rating if their current rating is overmanned or they have a desire to serve in another rating. This gives your Sailors an opportunity to prepare themselves for the PTS process especially if they must retake the ASVAB in order to increase line scores and improve opportunity for conversion to another rating. 3. Read NAVADMIN 017/09 83A3-ADCC6E595E8E/0/NAV09017.txt and NAVADMIN 161/09 A1A7DC46B8CF/0/NAV09161.txt they explain in detail the PTS business rules and how they apply to Zone B and C Sailors. PTS is a Total Force shaping tool designed to expedite the Navy's goal of reaching FIT. It gives our best Sailors the opportunity to stay Navy, IF the Sailor and their chain of command engage early on in the process. The program was designed to manage reenlistment authorization from BUPERS without negatively impacting your manning or morale but it can if not managed properly at by your command. If you or your Sailors have any questions regarding PTS see your Command Career Counselor. For those of you who have a collateral duty career counselor who has not attended the command career counselor course contact your ISIC career counselor for more information on PTS. Home Depot and Lowe’s Discount: Starting March 1, 2010, The Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a 10% discount year round to all active duty personnel, reservists, retired service members, veterans and their immediate families. The Home Depot is dedicated to supporting and honoring our men and women in uniform through our business practices, recruitment efforts and corporate contributions. They are offering this discount to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe. Customers requesting the discount should present a valid military ID. Please note that the Home Depot will offer a 10% military discount up to $500.00 maximum. Marine Corps Marathon: There is still plenty of time to register one of the most challenging and rewarding races in the DC region. The Marine Corps Marathon open registration for military personnel is open until 6 April 2010. See the attached links for more information: MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Timely Force and Cost Effective Force
  4. 4. FORCM WEEKLY REPORT – 2 Apr 10 Around the Force CNRFC Change of Command: Joined by an audience which included ADM Harvey, VADM Daly and VADM Donnelly, VADM Debbink had the pleasure of speaking at the ceremony in which RDML “Buzz” Little, USN relieved RADM John Messerschmidt, USN as the Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command. On John’s watch, more than 8000 Reservists were mobilized around the world fulfilling Navy requirements in Overseas Contingency Operations. He led these efforts while seamlessly relocating the command from New Orleans to Norfolk, providing better alignment and coordination with USFFC. Admiral Messerschmidt, thank you for a job well done, ensuring that our Reserve Sailors, their families and their employers have the support they need to serve our Navy and our Nation. Admiral Little, welcome home from Iraq and back to CNRFC! Reserve Component 2020 Senior Leader Conference: VADM Debbink and I joined Mr. Dennis Biddick (DASN-RA) at a conference hosted by Secretary Dennis McCarthy (ASD-RA) at MCB Quantico on 30 March to discuss the Reserve Components in 2020. The meeting was attended by Service RC chiefs, Service Secretary representatives and other OSD and service staff personnel. The objectives of this effort are to understand the 2020 environment that the Total Force will work in with emphasis on how that environment impacts the RC in order to frame several possible visions of how the RC may be organized, manned, trained, and equipped in 2020 and beyond. Reservists from NOSC Norfolk Bring Expertise to Afloat Culture Workshops: Six RC officers recently completed Afloat Culture Workshops onboard USS KLAKRING (FFG 42) and USS NITZE (DDG 94). The RC officers facilitated the workshops and offered their combined years of Navy and civilian workforce experience to help the Commanding Officers identify potential hazards and barriers to operational excellence, while also better gauging the command climates. The immediate feedback received indicated that the workshops helped increase the commands’ awareness and internal communication skills while stressing Operational Risk Management. Navy Unique Fleet Essential Airlift UNIFIED RESPONSE Final Statistics: The valued capabilities that our VR Sailors brought to the disaster response efforts in Haiti resulted in 149 missions, transporting 3,553 people and nearly 2.5 million lbs of critical food, water and medical supplies to and from the stricken Nation. 30 DAY OUTLOOK * RSOY Paper Board, Norfolk, VA (4-7 Apr) * Ft Worth, TX (10-11 Apr) * Leave (16-19 Apr) * Reserve Flag Officer Training Symposium, Norfolk, VA (22-25 Apr) 60 DAY OUTLOOK * NOSC Bronx, CMDCM Conf (24 – 25 Apr) * Reserve Component Ombudsmen Symposium, Orlando, FL (30 Apr-2 May) * RSOY Oral Board (3-6 May) * RWW Sedona (14 – 16 May) * Ombudsman Graduation, Manchester, NH (21 – 23 May) MONTHLY COMMUNICATION PRIORITY: Timely Force and Cost Effective Force