Force 14 issue #12


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This Reserve Force Weekly, Force 14, discusses the latest news from the desk of Reserve Force Master Chief Wheeler.

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Force 14 issue #12

  1. 1. FORCE 14 – 10 May 2013From the Desk of the Reserve FORCE Master Chief:Good Day Shipmates,I hope your weekend will be productive and enjoyable. Speaking of enjoyable, Ihave been traveling to some of our great NOSCs recently, NOSC BessemerAlabama, NOSC New York (yes New York City), and NOSC San Antonio Texas. Themajor take away for me was this; we have Great Sailors everywhere! Everyone Ispoke with told me the same thing, “I just want to serve my country.” I alsolearned that we all share the same problems or issues. This is important to knowbecause sometimes we can feel that it is just “my issue” but, we all share thesame cares and worries no matter what part of the country we come from. Thankyou to everyone who shared their problems with me, I take them back and go towork on getting them fixed. If I have not been to your NOSC yet, just call,together we can get to work on making our Reserve Force better. Thanks for allyou do!10 May 2013 is Military Spouse Appreciation Day/12 May 2013 is Mother’s Day.Please don’t forget to say Thank-You to all the Mothers and Spouses as wecelebrate Mothers Day and Spouse Appreciation Day. They provide our familieswith unconditional love and support while we serve our country and Navy.Our Sailors Out and about (May):- 1 May: NOSC El Paso, TX Commanding Officer, Michael Newman attended SantaTeresa High School NJROTC Annual Awards Ceremony.- 1 May: NOSC West Palm Beach, FL Sailors attended the American Legionreception and dinner.- 2 May: NOSC Augusta, GA staff facilitated a Field Day at Copeland ElementarySchool.- 2 May: RCC SE Sailors volunteered at Bayview Elementary School during a playday.- 3-5 May: RMARCC hosted a RWW in Pittsburgh, PA.- 3 May: RCC SE Sailors volunteered setting up for the Fleming Island Relay forLife, to benefit cancer research.- 3 May: NOSC Austin, TX Sailors participated in a military themed field day atCaldwell Elementary School.- 3 May: NOSC West Palm Beach, FL Sailors participated in the Take a Hero fishingtournament as part of Fleet Week Port Everglades.- 4 May: NOSC West Palm Beach, FL entered a team into Galley Wars, an annual"Iron Chef" style cooking competition as part of Fleet Week Port Everglades.- 4 May: NOSC Greenville, SC volunteered with the Wren High School 5K run.
  2. 2. FORCE 14 – 10 May 2013- 4 May: Sailors from NOSC Spokane, WA Active Duty and SELRES, volunteered tohelp with registration check in for the Bloomsday Run in Spokane WA.- 4 May: Admiral Mike Mullen, USN (RET), was in Independence, MO to receive theTruman Public Service Award. The ceremony was held at the Truman PresidentialLibrary. NOSC Kansas City, MO was a recipient of the award last year andperformed the color guard for the event.- 4 May: NOSC Tulsa, OK coordinated the cleanup and beautification of the USSBatfish, a historical warship located in the OKC area.Keep What You’ve Earned:This past month marked the start of Navy’s Keep What You’ve Earned campaign,emphasizing responsible drinking to avoid jeopardizing your Navy career.Keeping what you’ve earned extends beyond the achievements distinguished bycollar devices or khakis. It extends beyond the pride of knowing that you are apart of a small and elite group of Americans even eligible for Naval service.Keeping what you’ve earned applies to the friendships you’ve cultivated over theyears, the family you’ve built and nurtured, and life as you know it.Success rarely comes without struggle—or stress. A drink after a long day’s workmay seem to ease your mind, but if excessive drinking is used as a response tooperational stress, disrupted sleep or the pressures of family life, the things thatseem like small problems may intensify. This is particularly true for those who areworking through depression or psychological issues. Using alcohol to ease stresswill inevitably add to it. For many, endangering your health and endangering yourNavy career can also mean placing a strain on the relationships with your lovedones, and a declining focus on your responsibilities. Put those ingredientsin a martini shaker and you’ll end up with a cocktail of suicide risk factors.According to research by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health ServicesAdministration, substance abuse is one of the biggest risk factors for suiciderelated behaviors. On average, about 33% of Navy suicides involve alcohol. Itimpairs judgment and increases impulsivity, leading to the perception that life’sstressors and challenges are unconquerable. Even if a solution doesn’t seemvisible, getting help can make a difference and save a life. Sailors are some of themost skilled problem solvers there are, and that well-deserved reputation hasbeen earned through dedication, strength and resilience. Seeking help is a sign ofstrength, and finding effective ways to navigate stress and drink responsibly canhelp you Keep What You’ve Earned. For more information, please visit:, You Matter, Make a positive impact in someones life today!