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Brief from the 2012 Leadership Mess Symposium.

Brief from the 2012 Leadership Mess Symposium.



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  • IT: 65% Fleet, 10% Fighter, 25% EnablersPASS – 100% FleetHR 75% Fleet, 25% EnablersCACO – All Fighter
  • FY13-14 reductions driving different approach to Shore strategyCNIC has a $600M shortfall beginning in FY13-14. New Shore requirements along with reduced BOS funding baseline will require approximately CIVPERS CONUS RIFS (primarily fire, safety and security personnel) in FY13 along with other mitigations across Shore programs.AEGIS Ashore includes requirements for Romania site only; future Poland site requirements not identified nor resourcedFDNF Rota homeporting includes requirements identified back for POM-13, some shortfalls for additional tenant support being addressed through OPNAV Strategic Laydown Working Group and CEG-V processCLDJ requirements were identified for transition to baseline funding, but this is pending Congressional reconciliation – may remain OCO fundedShore missions expanding iso CNO Bases & Places; will not eliminate any overall programs or assume increased risk in Fleet & Family programsQuality, quantity, and/or wholeness of output delivered will be impactedSince CNIC is a service organization, a great deal of support is provided through government civiliansResourcing shortfall impacts CNICs ability to fund the current labor forceRequire CIVPERS workforce reduction / RIFs, awaiting authority to executeDelays in RIF increase costs as shown on previous slideAdditional marks possible in PB13 will require further programmatic changes
  • Key is to raise awareness and encourage sailors to register to vote absentee at Online tool makes registration easy.The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) is the DoD agency that administers the absentee voting program. Each service works with FVAP to implement Voting Assistance Programs. CNIC is the Navy’s Senior Service Voting Representative. The Navy Voting Action Officer manages the Navy’s Voting Assistance Program.27 September – 4 October is Absentee Voters Week. It is the last emphasis week to remind voters to submit their absentee ballots and register ASAP if they haven’t done so. All command and installation voting officers should be planning outreach and awareness events.Installation Voter Assistance Offices (IVA Office): Managed by the IVAO. Installation office that is open to anyone with base access. Helps anyone with voter registration. Voting Assistance Officers (VAO): At every command. Manages voting assistance program within command. Command SME. Responsible for training command, raising awareness, and administration.All VAOs should have their command registered in VIMS ( Online database that allows program manager to track program compliance and command contact information.
  • The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series (NOFFS) provides the Navy with “best-in-class” physical fitness and nutrition performance information to train effectively and safely in both shore-based and operational environments.Customizable to meet Sailors space & equipment limitations and fitness levels Provides professional photos, detailed performance instructions and video demonstrations Nutrition information through virtual meal builder and detailed program informationFuture enhancements will include the ability to populate a meal plan for the day with a users preferred high octane foodsFrequently Asked QuestionsWhy create a NOFFS app?The app was created to enhance accessibility of the NOFFS program for Sailors. Once downloaded to an iPhone or iPod Touch, Sailors have a complete fitness and nutrition resource available anywhere in the world that is adaptable to almost any situation or environment (e.g., minimal equipment and space). Was it cost effective to create the app?The only other mechanism for program delivery was not as efficient logistically (bandwidth required for Internet downloading at sea) nor as cost effective (expensive laminated card sets or CDs). With an iPhone or iPod Touch, Sailors, civilians and other service members can access the app regardless of whether they have Internet access. Who will manage the content and update the app?N921 is responsible for managing the content, with assistance from the Marketing and Multimedia Branch (N94P) in Millington. How will you market the app?N921 and the Marketing and Multimedia Branch (N94P) in Millington will work in partnership with the CNIC PAO to develop a marketing campaign that announces the release of the app. The app can be found in the Apple App Store now. There have been over 14,000 downloads.Will there be an app for Android devices?There are plans to develop an app for most common Android operating systems in the future.

Cnic brief Cnic brief Presentation Transcript

  • UNCLASNavy Installations Command September 27, 2012
  • UNCLAS The Shore Domain Sep 2012 12 Regions POPULATION SERVED 1.9M Acres (half the size of Connecticut) 321K Active Duty64K Active Reserves (SELRES) 122 Runways/ 411 Piers & Wharves / 837 “Special Areas” 413K Family Members $182B PRV (Structures, Utilities) 575K Navy Retirees 38K Bldgs, 32K Structures, 15K Utilities $12B resources…58K employees…70 Installations…122 Product Lines NAVY‟S MOST COMPLEX PLATFORM 2 2
  • UNCLAS Installation as a Platform Access Control Bases Security Force Places Responses All-Hazards Responses Dispatch Meals Temporary Lodging Rooms Small ArmsHousing Ship Passengers and Training Events Berth Days Aircraft Activities Units Movements Cargo Moved (Gun Shoots) What and How Much Do “Bases and Places” Deliver to the Fleet? 3
  • OPERATIONS FACILITIES MANAGEMENT QUALITY OF LIFE ENABLERS Public Fleet & Family Readiness Command Air Ops Port Ops Ops Support Environment Facility Support Safety & StaffAirfield Ops Port Ops Training & Emergency Compliance Base Support Facility Unaccompanied Child & Youth Command SIC AO SIC PR Readiness Management SIC EC Vehicle & Management Housing Programs SIC CA CC_ _ CC AO CC PR SIC CX SIC EM CC EC Equipment SIC FP SIC QO SIC CD PE=0208534NPE=0208532N PE=0208533N PE=0208534N PE=0205079N PE=0702856N SIC TR CC FP CC QO CC CD • Command/Admin CA CC TR PE=0206079N PE=0208553N PE=0808519N• Admin & • Berthing & CC EM • Air • Casualty Assistance/Station CC CX PE=0708542N • Permanent Party • Child Development Hotel Services • Drinking Water • Asset Mgmt Honor Guard CBAircraft • Exercises •Operations (C3) FF&E Centers • EM Program • Construction • Child Development • Inspector General CGOperations • Harbor •Training and • Environmental • Facility Management and • Cranes • Permanent Party Security Boat Education Investment Homes • Office of Gen Counsel• Air Traffic Management • MHE Operations Maintenance (T&E) Planning Planning • Contract Spaces CFControl • Dispatch • Environmental • Railway • School Age Care • Small Arms • Public/Private • Magnetic Planning Equipment • Real Estate • Youth Programs • Public Affairs CH• Airfield Training Venture (PVV) Silencing CC OO •Pollution • Support Centers • Religious Programs CCFacilities • EOD Support • Trailers Facility • Dorms FF&E • Port Logistics (SATCs) Prevention Family Housing • Weapons • Vehicles • Staff/Force Judge• Auxiliary • Training Services • Dorms Operations SIC_ _ CC_ _Airfield • Port • Tanks & Spills SIC FX Advocate CE Solutions andSupport Operations Fire & Emergency CC FX • Furnishings Delivery • Waste, Toxics, Collateral Fisher House Center PE=0204079N 14 – 14 PE=0808545N Info Tech Svcs• Ground Services Ordnance Equipment SIC FH • Leasing • Spill Response SIC FI SIC FQ • Custodial CC FH SIC IT CC ITElectronics • Wastewater/ 15 – 15 PE=0808779N CC FI CC FQ • Grounds PE=0205079N PE=0208550N • Support Craft Stormwater • Maintenance• Passenger PE=0203779N PE=0208535N Maintenance & • Base Communications Berth Days • Fisher House 20 – 20 PE-0808779NTerminal & • Aircraft Rescue & Landscaping • Information Assurance • MILCON 22 – 22 23 – 23Cargo Conservation • Integrated Solid • IT Support & Mgmt • Support Craft Fire Fighting Collateral • ManagementHandling • Emergency Medical SIC CN Waste Mgmt Galley • NMCI Ship Equipment 11 – 11 PE=0808545N Services CC CN (ISWM) SIC GL Movements • Miscellaneous • Fire Prevention PE=0708053N • Non-MILCON •Pavement CC GL Resource Mgmt 16 – 16 PE=NA 3 Business Divisions - 31 Business Lines - 122 Products Ship Charter SIC SC • Fire Suppression, HazMat, Tech Rescue • Natural Resources Collateral Equipment Clearance • Pest Control PE=0808541N • Food Service Contracts • PPV 13 – 13 PE=0808545N • Services SIC RN CC_ _ PE=0208534N • Financial Mgmt CM CC SC Ops, Incident Facility Utilities 10 – 10 PE=0808779N Cultural • Galley Operations • G&A Various PE=0208533N Command and SIC UT • Utilities SIC CR Investment • Strategy & Future Management CC UT 12 – 12 PE=0808779N • MSC NWCF CC CR SIC _ _ Requirements CL Force PE=0703879N Lodging • Intra-station Moves Tug/Workboat PE=0901853N CC_ _ Support - Ship Protection •.Cultural • Chiller Plant SIC LO IM – IM PE=0708542N Supply SIC CT • Demolition CC LO Movements Resources SIC SP / CC SP PE=0208538N/ DE – DE • Compressed PE=0808531N Fleet & Family Air PE=0207096N 0208539N PE=0208093N • Contract Berthing Support • Delivered Fuels SIC FS CC FS • Supply Services • New Footprint Commander, Navy CC CT • Harbor Security NF – NF • Leased Quarters PE=0808520N • Electrical Installations Command • Protection Mgmt & PE=NA • PCS Lodging • Career Support/ Total Force Mgmt Retention SIC MS CC _ _ (NV52) Planning • Protection Ops • Natural Gas • VQ FF&E • Crisis Response PE=0208561N • Restoration & • Other Installation Management CC S3 Modernization • VQ Operations • Deployment • Civilian Workforce Accounting Project (IMAP) • Non-Guard RM – RM • Sewage Readiness • Sexual Assault Mgmt CJ • Manpower Mgmt CI Model 2012 Services PE=0203176N • Steam MWR Prev.& Response • PASS CQFor OMN & OMNR, excludes MILCON & OPN SIC MW • Sustainment • Water CC MW PE=0208560N Safety ST – ST PE=0808530N Other Community • Total Force Directorate BOS N81 Accredited Models SIC SA CC SA PE=0203178N Support * MS PE=0208560N PE=0208534N • Cat A Activities • Sustainment SIC OC CC OC • Shore FOM (Facility Operation Model) • Explosive Safety • Cat B Activities PE=0808541N Corrections, Transient Spec.Projects • NAVOSH ST – SM • Artifact Displays & Personnel & Personnel • Cat C Activities FSM (Facility Sustainment Model) • Recreational/ Off- Collections Accountability CV Duty Safety • Laundry & Drycleaning PE=0208560N • Ships’ Store Ashore FMM (Facility Modernization Model) • Traffic Safety • Voter Program • FECA DC – DC 4
  • UNCLAS Major Shore Business Lines Fleet & Family Support  Air Operations Family & Bachelor Housing  Port Operations Child Care/Youth  Force Protection PASS/PSD  Fire & Emergency Services  Emergency Management/ MWR Operations Centers  Facilities Chaplain Support Management/Services Face and Voice of the Navy Ashore 5 5
  • UNCLAS Not As Well Known Humanitarian Assistance  Exercises Harbor Security  Safe Harbor Voting  VEI (Vets Employment) Motorcycle Safety  SAPR Funerals: 52 Cemeteries  Ombudsman Environmental/Conservation  School Liaison Public Affairs  Digital Library/E-books NGIS Lodging Face and Voice of the Navy Ashore 6 6
  • UNCLAS Operating Funds Support for the Fleet, Fighter & Family Fleet $5.5B (82%) Fighter 0% $667M (10%) - Emergency Management $10B - Facilities Management/Services - MILPERS Services - Bachelor Housing - Environmental - Galley - Utilities - MWR - Information Technology - Safety Enablers - CACO - Fire $264M (4%) - Religious Programs - Security - Information Technology - Disability Compensation - IG, OGC, JAG, PAO, HRO - Business & Financial Mgmt 0% Family* - Air Ops/ Port Ops $266M (4%) 0% - Transportation - Child Development - Personnel Support (HR, PSD) - Fisher House - Lodging - Intrastation Moves -Fleet & Family Support * Supported by an additional $811M NAFFY11 Certified Obligations. Includes onlyBaseline OMN/OMNR (no OCO or NAF) 7
  • UNCLAS Integrated Shore Support CNO Sailing Directions: Warfighting First, Operate Forward, Be Ready CNIC Mission: Shore Integrator to sustain the Fleet, enable the Fighter, and support the Family through delivery of shore based products and services: To ensure ships, submarines, aircraft, weapons platforms, and warfighters (“Warfighting First”) are fully prepared to deter aggression and win our nation‟s wars (“Be Ready”), anywhere in the world (“Operate Forward”). Deliver critical support to assist warfighter families in handling increasingly demanding challenges associated with military life, that helps ensure sailors‟ peace of mind as they execute the Navy‟s mission (“Being Ready”). CNIC Outputs: Ship Moves, Berth Days, Aircraft Activities, Passengers and Cargo Moved, All-Hazards Responses, Meals, etc…How: Processes connect resources (people, facilities, equipment) to outputs forTotal Ownership Cost, requirements and more comprehensive risk management 8
  • UNCLAS FY14-12 BOS Funding Challenge $5.40 MPN Loss $5.20 Camp Lemonnier $5.00Billions ($) Other Requirements $4.80 $4.60 Funding $4.40 $4.20 $4.00 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 Camp Lemonnier Total New Requirements FY11 PRESBUD FY11 PRESBUD FY13 PRESBUD 9
  • UNCLASKey Issues 10
  • UNCLAS Housing Service Centers Advocate for Sailors• Installation Housing Service Center (HSC) will provide support with issue resolution --For residents of military, privatized, or community housing • Landlord/resident mediation when unable to resolve issues • Maintenance issues• Health or safety issues: -- Oversight and monitoring in military, privatized or community housing -- Monitoring for Asbestos, Carbon Monoxide, Lead Based Paint, Radon, Mold, Pest Infestation, Electrical, Structural, Sprinklers/Smoke Detectors• HSC contact info: 11
  • UNCLAS Public Private Venture (PPV)• Partnership between the Navy and private AWARDED PROJECTS Revised End State companies that construct, renovate, maintain, FAMILY Kingsville I 404 & manage Navy Housing Everett I 0 Kingsville II 150 – Key features: Everett II 288 San Diego Phase I 3,248 • Maintain zero out-of pocket cost to families New Orleans 936 • Quality new and renovated homes South Texas 417 San Diego Phase II 3,217 • Enhanced community amenities Hawaii Phase I 1,948 • 24/7 Maintenance support Northeast Region 2,953 Northwest Region 2,985 • Navy participation in key management decisions MidAtlantic Region I (includes portion of MA Region & NDW) 5,826 – 97% of Navy Family Housing is privatized Midwest Region 1,401 CONUS & Hawaii San Diego Phase III 4,068 Hawaii Phase III 2,517 – 2 Unaccompanied Pilot PPV Projects Southeast Regional 5,269 Midwest Phase II (Mid South) 318 • Pacific Beacon – San Diego, CA San Diego Phase IV (includes El Centro) 3,523 • Homeport Hampton Roads – Hampton Roads, VA MidAtlantic Phase II (Mechanicsburg) 31 MA-San Diego Phase V (NCR Assets) 257 TOTAL PRIVATIZED FAMILY 39,756 12
  • Resident Energy Conservation UNCLAS Program (RECP)• Incentivizes energy conservation with rebates for conservation and charges for excess usage• Aligns with OSD policy. All Services are implementing comparable programs• Hawaii pilot reduced electricity usage 10%. Roll out to all other installations when they are ready• Savings flow back into privatized housing projects to sustain quality homes and neighborhoods• Go to WWW.CNIC.NAVY/RECP to learn more 13
  • UNCLAS Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System• Contact Data – Ensure every Sailor updates every 6 months, including family information and contact info• Accountability – Automatically triggered when a Geographic Area Of Interest (GAOI) is established• Needs Assessment – In the event of a disaster or event, needs assessment for Sailors and their families are conducted – New Mobile App for Smartphones enables mustering, needs assessment to be done via Smartphone 14
  • UNCLAS School Liaison Officers(SLO)• Primary POC between the installation, local school administration, including DoDEA, parents and community at large• Work with state and local school districts to ensure schools are aware of the stressors on military families• Services provided to families – School Transition Services (PCS) – Deployment Support – Command, School, Community Communications – Home School Linkage and Support – Partnerships in Education – Post-Secondary Preparations 15
  • UNCLAS Navy Voting Assistance• Installation Voter Assistance Office at every installation: fixed locations to assist anyone on a walk-in basis• Voting Assistance Officer (VAO) at every command (~1,500) – Primary means of assistance „within the lifelines‟ – Manage command program, raise awareness, responsible for subordinate commands. VAOs must register in online database, Voting Information Management System (VIMS).• : Central resource for absentee registration 16
  • UNCLAS Veteran‟s Employment Initiative New TAP program is being rolled out in FY13• New TAP is called Transition GPS – Will be mandatory beginning 21 Nov 12 for all Sailors with few exemptions• 5 Day course taught by FFSC TAP instructors, Dept of Labor & VA• New elements – Military Occupational Crosswalk to civilian jobs – Individual Transition Plan (ITP) – Capstone event ~ 6 weeks after course to verify ITP – 3 optional modules for specific career paths • Education • Tech Training • Entrepreneurship 17
  • Sexual Assault Prevention UNCLAS & Response (SAPR)• NDAA 12 Requirements: All Civ or FT AD SARCs – Continue to have collateral AD SARCs in isolated areas (Above NDAA Rqmts) – Continue to have volunteer collateral duty VA‟s assigned at least one per unit – Regions & Installations hiring 66 civilian SARCs & SAPR VAs FY13 & 14• Continued use of DoD Safe Helpline (877-995-5247) as a tool for victim response in addition to Navy assets• Free Smartphone App for DoD Safe Helpline provides worldwide access to 24/7 Chat, Phone, or Text support plus referral to Navy/other resources. Available at Apple Apps Store and Google Play, 18
  • UNCLAS Safe Harbor Navy and Coast Guard‟s wounded warrior support programProvides service members and their families non-medicalsupport following a serious illness or injuryWhat is non-medical support?• Pay and personnel issues• Legal concerns• Child and youth care• Transportation needs• Education and training benefits• Adaptive athletics• And much moreWho is enrolled?•Enrollment is open to all seriously wounded, ill,•or injured service members, including:• OIF/OEF/OND casualties• Shipboard and liberty accidents• Serious illness (physical or mental) 19
  • UNCLAS Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT) On-line tool for ACDU military and their families to inquire about and assist with applying for housing• Implemented Navy wide• Can be accessed from any computer – No Common Access Card (CAC) required – Meets all DoD requirements for protection of privacy/personal information• Can apply to multiple locations to help make an informed decision• Not necessary to have orders in hand• Go to WWW.CNIC.NAVY.MIL/HEAT to learn more 20
  • UNCLAS Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Seriessupporting the 21st Century Sailor and Marine with a “best-in-class” physical fitness and nutrition performance information.• NOFFS Technology Based Delivery • Web based virtual trainer & virtual meal builder • iPhone app• Future Updates Include: • Enhanced web capabilities • iPad Application • 3 new series – Strength, Endurance and Sandbag Training • Enhanced nutrition capabilities • Go to 21
  • UNCLAS Child Care: New Global Request for Care System• A singular web application that creates “One Stop Shopping” for ALL military child care options world-wide• Better management of customer expectations to include real-time program placement times for better family planning• Standardized waiting list management that eliminates duplication across Services• Pilot underway in Hawaii and Nellis AFB, global launch scheduled for Summer 2013• Access at: 22
  • UNCLAS Navy Library E-Book Program• MWR Digital Library via NKO • Read an e-book; practice a foreign language; take a class; practice the ASVAB; study for the SAT; prepare a speech; research term paper • Register for NKO:• E- Books on Shore • 50,000+ titles available through MWR Digital Library via NKO Including Navy Professional Reading Titles, Naval/Military History, Popular Non-Fiction, Popular Fiction • End users provide own device to read the e-books • Just Beginning: E-Reader lending at Shore Libraries• E-Books @ Sea • Working to develop solicitation to deliver E-books via E-Readers to ships/subs• Access E-Library at: 23
  • UNCLAS Motorcycle Safety Motorcycle Safety Representative (MSR) designation compliance • Blue bar: number of Host & Tenant commands • Red bar: number of commands that have not designated an MSR in Enterprise Safety Applications Management System (ESAMS) INFADS (CNIC) MONO UIC DINK LIST FOR ROUND 10 MSR REPORT* 0 09-14-2012 604 1-CNIC MONO UIC 435 DINK LIST- MSR Report 10 414 143 153 146 135 122 89 68 49 20 26 29 25 10 5 11 6 3SOUTHWEST SOUTHEAST NORTHWEST MID ATLANTIC HAWAII FAR EAST EURAFSWA NDW MIDWEST MARIANAS *INCLUDES UPDATE FROM REGIONS 24
  • UNCLAS Ready Navy• Initiated “Operation Prepare” in FY06 – Public awareness campaign aimed at promoting emergency preparedness within the Navy family – Provides tools and guidelines for Emergency Managers, FFSCs, and PAOs to implement Installation- specific emergency preparedness campaigns locally• Name changed to “Ready Navy” in Sept. 2012 – Name change promotes a common “Ready” theme between DOD and DHS • “,” “Ready Army,” and “Ready Coast Guard” already implemented • Common themes will support interoperability amongst the Services, particularly at Joint Bases Be Informed > Make a Plan > Build a Kit > Stay Informed 25
  • 26
  • UNCLASBack Ups 27
  • UNCLAS UH-PPV NorfolkHomeport Hampton Roads Executed: Dec 2007 Completed: Sep 2010 Amenities include: Swimming pools, Wi-Fi lounges, media centers, club houses, fitness centers, and ball courts. Conveyed: 723 Units End-State: 1,913 Units Investment Type: LLC 28
  • UNCLASUH-PPV San Diego Pacific Beacon Executed: Dec 2006 Completed: Mar 2009 Amenities include: Swimming pools, Wi-Fi lounge and cafe, media centers, outdoor theater, fitness centers, game rooms, and ball courts. Conveyed: 258 Units End-State: 1,199 Units Investment Type: LLC 29
  • UNCLAS RECP Rollout Schedule Navy RECP Progressive Rollout Schedule (Phase I) Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep OctPartner Project 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013Forest City HI Navy (New Buffer)Patrician New OrleansBalfour SoutheastForest City MidwestForest City NorthwestLincoln San Diego (SW)Balfour NortheastLincoln East Mid AtlanticLincoln East Mid Atlantic SDCONTINUOUS Communications3 MONTHS Pre-Mock Billing3 MONTHS Mock Billing3 MONTHS Live Billing Commences 30
  • UNCLAS Keys to Success… We employ common practices and processes, to the maximum extent practicable, to measure performance,E f f e c t i v e n e s s Standardization reduce variability, and compare product and service delivery We are focused with a common sense of purpose and Alignment shared commitment in order to improve our capabilities and best execute our missiona n d Collaboration We work together with internal and externalE f f i c i e n c y stakeholders to achieve shared mission objectives We provide access to information in such a way that it Transparency is easy for internal and external stakeholders to see actions taken and results achieved 32