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Global Citizen Report

  1. 1. Page |0 1/1/2014 LUXURY24SEVEN GLOBAL CITIZEN REPORT Life and Global Mobility Solutions | Luxury24seven
  2. 2. Life and Global Mobility Solutions | Luxury24seven Q1 2014 Across the Globe & Beyond Volume 3, Issue 1 WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER AN INVESTMENT IN GLOBAL SPONSORSHIP In the technology driven sport franchise such as the FIA’s Formula One World Championship sponsorship offers investors pure data driven results as well as the benefits of a world class image of excellence and sophistication. Exceeding in expectations, development and efficiency one major benefit is the marketing strategy behind Formula One sports sponsorship that enables companies to get a message across to a global audience of up tone half a billion people on almost any given weekend during the year. The FIA’s Formula One Advantage Recently cited in the NY Times, former sponsor “LG Electronics, which has been a sponsor of the series for the last five years, released a statement thanking several groups it has worked within the Formula One company and cited figures to show what the series represented for the company as follows: 229,784 seconds of television exposure; 1,665 guests hosted; 220 televisions throughout the paddock and Formula One Paddock Club; (attending) 94 Grands Prix” in total. (Read more on page 2 ) Buying Opportunities International Real Estate 6 WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER INVESTING IN GLOBAL SPONSORSHIP 1 Investing In Art Funds? It Should Be A Regulated Affair 4 Who Is Yan Denes? 11 Internationalization and The 401K. Is It Legal? 1 Life, Death or Investing? You Decide. 6 Special points of interest:  What are the exchange benefits of “free hold” asset protection and asset appreciation? Page 1  What is the relevance of arbitrage in art fund investing? Page 4 Crisis Investing Internationalization and The 401K. Is It Legal? Crisis investing is untraditional because it is based on a long term unstable economic environment. Today more than ever, stabilizing your future and protecting against uncertainty is essential. In 2014, the United States dollar will experience more capital or currency controls and the IMF is currently recommending a capital levy placed on HNWI to reduce debt to GDP ratios and stabilize global bond markets. New FATCA regulations have been adopted to enhance international cooperation and make it harder HNWI to evade taxation by placing funds elsewhere. Along with the growing mistrust of the financial services industry, as an alternative, HNWIs are seeking safety and value through investing in fine art, vintage auto or historic coins and storing them for inflationary protection in valuable tax mitigation tools known as free ports. Their strategy involves buying and holding luxury assets for future growth. In light of the new FATCA regulations, is this a viable and legal strategy for U.S. citizens? Self-directing your IRA with international retirement planning can help you save for the future efficiently when local statutory and supplemental programs don’t provide sufficient financial security. Read More on Pg. 8 Contact:
  3. 3. Page |2 Luxury24seven Events Calendar 2014 Book Early Contact Us Jan 18: SAG Awards – Los Angeles - Fly to Los Angeles and Witness the Red Carpet Arrivals from the Red Carpet as a VIP Guest with celebrity access. Contact Us and Book Now! Jan 19: Producers Guild Awards – Los Angeles FEBRUARY MARCH Feb 2: Super Bowl – East Rutherford Mar 1: International Spirit Awards – Los Angeles Feb 5: Premiere: The Monuments Men (starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Daniel Craig) – New York Mar 1&2: Academy Awards Weekend – Los Angeles Mar 13: Premiere: Nymphomaniac P1&p2 (starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, Stacy Martin) – New York Feb 6-13: New York Fashion Week – New York Mar 29: Kids Choice Awards – Los Angeles Feb 14-18: London Fashion Week – London TBA: Premiere: Breathe In (starring Felicity Jones, Guy Pearce, Kyle MacLachlan, Amy Ryan) Feb 18-23: Milan Fashion Week – Milan APRIL Feb 19: The Brit Awards - London Apr 6: Academy of Country Music Awards – Las Vegas TBA: Premiere: Frankenstein (starring Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Jai Courtney, Miranda Otto, Caitlin Stasey) Feb 25-Mar 5: Paris Fashion Week – Paris Apr 7-13: The Masters – Augusta TBA: Premiere: Noah (starring Russel Crowe, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Connelly, Douglas Booth) TBA: Premiere: In Secret (starring Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Felton, Jessica Lange, Oscar Isaac) Jan 25: Directors Guild Awards – Los Angeles Jan 24-26: Grammy Awards Weekend – Los Angeles Feb 26: Premiere: The Bag Man (starring Robert De Niro, John Cusack) - New York Apr 13: The MTV Movie Awards – Los Angeles Apr 11-13: Coachella Weekend 1 – Indio Apr 18-20: Coachella Weekend 2 – Indio TBA: Premiere: The Other Woman (starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj) TBA: Premiere: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Felicity Jones, Paul Giamatti) TBA: Premiere: Captain America (starring Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie) June - MeetUp New York City February - Carnival Venice March- FIA Formula One Championship Race Series
  4. 4. Hospitality & The Technology Economy of Formula One Juan Manuel Cendoya, senior executive vice president of communications, corporate marketing and research for Banco Santander stated that his company “always evaluates our internal investment ( in Formula One), and in the last five years it is 1 to 5 — we are investing $1 and in the end you are getting $5 back in terms of recognition Technology driven competition is not cheap but what is unique is how the competitive technology of Formula One teams can benefit sponsors through a ROI that enables companies to improve their own performance. One example are the smart sensors used by McLaren to track the performance of their cars on the track are now being used for the first time in clinical trials of new drugs. Another example recently cited in, is of GlaxoSmithKline Plc, which asked the McLaren Team to help reduce the time spent switching its toothpaste production lines. "Changeovers in the manufacturing world are very like pit stops in an F1 team," says GSK's global manufacturing and supply chief, Roger Connor. The technology and culture of Formula One has helped improve business operations in companies like AT&T and Tata Communications to name a few. Teams use big data and cloud technology to analyze information and measure how to adapt and improve performance with speed and proficiency. A return on sponsorship investment in a Formula One series or race is exponentially greater than on any other. Why race? To capture the essence of competition; challenging one's self- consciousness & one’s self- determination.
  5. 5. Page |4 Formula One’s Story The sport franchise is strongly related to competitive capitalism as it helps define the nature of competition in a national or corporate sense away from ideology and fantasy. Formula One provides real world solutions to global problems such as sustainability or medical technology. The FIA’s Formula One Advantage Investing in Formula One or Formula E Sponsorship can comprise of an individual team, race or the overall series. No two contracts are the same in a sponsorship agreement but each agreement does contain complex and confidential get out clauses for both sides. Advantages can offer consultancy in exchange for investment as well as promotional activities such as hospitality. For U.S. multi-national corporations increasing economic interests outside the United States, according to the Economist magazine, can help align American values and national security with concerns for economic well-being. Focusing alliances with European businesses as well as those in other great nations such the BRIC nations can be beneficial. "For a business, this (Formula One/Formula E Sponsorship Investing) is a great investment, especially if you have offices all over the world. That's great for networking and business. It's a huge opportunity." Sources
  6. 6. From Artist Yan Denes Investing In Art Funds? It Should Be A Regulated Affair Since 2005, art has proven a safer investment than that of the stock market Investing in luxury collectible assets such as art, vintage auto and coins can help diversify anyone’s retirement investment portfolio and help reduce the associated risk of inflationary monetary policy serving as a hedge against inflation. What is an Art Fund? Art funds are privately offered investment funds that generate returns through acquisition and disposition of art pieces. Similar to a mutual fund, in an art fund, a buy and hold strategy varies in size, duration, compensation and investment focus. Some funds also come with restrictions and stipulations incorporated into their design. In the United States art funds usually fall within the Investment Company Act of 1940 and act as a mutual fund to investors. A very niche product, those art funds which have fewer than 500 investors are not subject to regulation. Art funds are regulated in the USA by compliance with the ERISA and other art fraud regulatory agencies but some funds benefit from this lack of transparency in the form of arbitrage. To some art funds, this concept of arbitrage is simply “bad news”. They are usually categorized as un-regulated and non-transparent but some funds do offer full disclosure and transparency to reduce risk to the investor. The Anthea Contemporary Art Investment Fund SICAV FIS is a Luxembourg firm, regulated and based in Swtizerland.
  7. 7. Page |6 From Artist Yan Denes Anthea Art fund is not registered with the SEC yet is classified as a Luxembourg regulated investment fund according to the Luxembourg law of 13 February 2007 relating to Specialised Investment Funds (SIF) and is distributed all over Europe. Being regulated in Luxembourg means to operate under the supervision and monitoring of its regulatory authority the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) which provides investors with a clear and reliable operating framework for the management of their investments. Regarding one of the most distinctive features of Anthea Contemporary Art Investment Fund SICAV FIS is definitely the quality of their Art Investment team which includes professionals such as Jean Christoph Ammann and Paolo Colombo who enjoy a very established reputations and are extremely well regarded within the art world. Advised by Paolo Colombo, who is adjunct art advisor at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. From 2001 to 2007 he was curator of MAXXI, the Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo in Rome, from 1989 to 2000 he was Director of the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva and in 1999 he curated the 6th Istanbul Biennial. The Anthea Contemporary Art Investment Fund SICAV FIS is also advised by Prof. Dr. JeanChristophe Ammann who is a Swiss curator and art historian. From 1967 to 1968 he worked together with Harald Szeemann at the Bern Kunsthalle. Afterwards he directed the Kunstmuseum in Luzern until 1977. In 1971 he was the Swiss commisar at the Paris Biennale and in 1972 he worked with Harald Szeemann on the conception of the Documenta 5, recognized as “the most interesting and influential art exhibition ever conceived”. The fund focuses on sophisticated projects with a minimum investment of 125,000 euro. Most of the fund’s investor’s are somehow involved in art such as collectors or buyers. The Anthea Contemporary Art Investment Fund SICAV FIS also focuses on a diverse mixture of emerging, established and blue chip artists. Private client collections under advisement have appreciated 120% over a 10-12 year term. Bubbles? The cost benefit of the Federal Reserve’s current asset buying has reached $4 trillion. There are concerns for asset prices becoming over inflated, but managing the effects of asset purchases or excessive leveraging or risk taking can be done in the case of a strong financial system in efforts to help avoid asset bubbles. New legislative rules are making a difference in the system also. (Continued pg. 8) For Opportunity Introductions or More Information
  8. 8. Art Investing : Outside or Inside the market. One piece masterpieces with proof of authenticity. Contact: Crisis Investing It’s Life or Death by Investing? You Decide. In 2014 and throughout the rest of the decade, most between the ages of 35 and 70 will continue to become more concerned with stabilizing their future and protecting against the economic uncertainty of our modern era European Vintage Exotic Sales and Rental – USA- Europe –Asia – Africa-Caribbean-Australia-Middle East-Central Europe-Russia We like to call it “crisis investing” or “risk managing” because it is a psychological way of dealing with the new “abnormal”. Mentally expecting a gain yet feeling and being better prepared for any real loss. If you think of a downturn or weak real indicators in the current economy as similar to a peril, a death or a devastating accident, then thinking of preparing for a loss and ensuring protection in your financial portfolio makes sense. Getting your financial portfolio to act like an insurance plan can be obtained through diversification and long term strategic investments in start ups or intellectual property, job training in bio/nano technologies and investment in utility infrastructure such as electric and natural gas. Luxury24seven has connections in Switzerland to guide investors to good investment programs in the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Greece, Japan, Korea, United Emirates, Malta, Israel, Hong Kong, Russia and Australia. Opportunities in Real Estate Investment Real estate provides a stable, liquid, high yield investment in the real economy. Demand for real estate as an investment by institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies will increase in 2014. It is expected that the market will see lower volatility and the end of quantitative easing. During the next 12 to 18 months, the Fed’s tapering of interest rates will adjust to the current market conditions. Interest rates as low as zero are traditionally accompanied by rising asset prices, but in the current economic crisis, the rate of inflation is not rising as quickly or as high as is expected. The Federal Reserve’s dual mandate of monetary and fiscal policies may be the reason. The Federal Reserve is attempting to level the playing field by using asset purchases as a supplementary tool to bolster the economy but the biggest challenge is creating sustainable jobs and reducing the rate of dissipation of the unemployed by training the needs of a 21st Century Economy. Unless the economy gets better much faster than anticipated now is a great time to use cheap money not to chase rising asset prices but to take advantage of good long term growth opportunities. A recent article in the Economist magazine suggests a way to create “fewer bubbles” and to create more growth by micro managing the market. Low interest rates help ensure cheap money. If a firm’s future profits are worth more today that should encourage investment in new buildings, new business and infrastructure.
  9. 9. Page |8 Internationalization and The 401K In 2011 Luxembourg enacted legislation creating special regime suspending VAT and customs duties on goods introduced into a free zone from third countries or originating in the EU and destined for export outside of the EU as long as the goods remain in the storage in the freeport. The value is much the same as buying and holding assets for liquidation or selling at a later date or to gain and maintain a legal tax advantage. As a result an individual pays more total tax in the future and one’s net amount gain is greater. Instead of buying traditional assets, luxury goods may be a better option. For example, luxury vintage cars have appreciated nearly 420% over the last 10 years. In a high tech freeport, 20,000 square meters and 4 stories in space the facilities can handle transportation , selling and storage of your items such as gold, art, vintage auto, jewelry and other physical assets whose values considered investment grade. Did you know free-ports exist all over the world but are most popular in Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg and China? The freehold buildings provide for indefinite storage and maintain multi -functional environment providing a list of services which help accommodate the needs of a collector, investor, museum or family office. Some free holds can even store digital material and offer a team of experts on hand to analyze valuables for example to certify an original painting versus a forgery. They may also provide insurance, photography of stored items, showrooms and even the preservation of cultural heritage acting as a neutral platform. Of course, 24 hour security and the latest safety technology are also provided. Right now the art house Chrisities’ take up 40% of the free hold space in Singapore to manage clients’ accounts. . AirSpaceH2O Networking - Investing – Travel - Retirement Planning New York April – June Miami Las Vegas September Texas November
  10. 10. A Regulated Art Fund,Really? continued Bubbles? Investment cycles usually last 5 years. Giving consideration to the amount of cash in the world, at the end of the day the purchasing power of HNWI has gone way up and this trend will probably continue especially with new wealth from Asia and Latin America. The Anthea Contemporary Art Investment Fund SICAV FIS has not been registered under the U.S. Investment Company Act of 1940 or the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and as such may not be offered for sale in the United States of America and not available to US citizens who may be restricted from opening an investor’s account. In March 2014 the fund will be closing to new investors. Opportunities in Real Estate Investment (continued) The future can see gains in strategic real estate buying, investments in education for the evolving needs of new industries. Although not a sign of a market recovery, benefits of very low prices, rental and leasing income flow as well as future appreciation of real property values, investments in single family homes, commercial and hotel properties are a safe and good bet. For investors seeking a longer perspective, there is a new wave of architecture making its way from the East as North America embraces new technology and innovate engineering design. There are already investment opportunities in putting natural gas infrastructure in place to allow for new consumption. In Dec, 2013 crude oil production in the USA is just over 8 million barrels a day with consumption just at 7.5 million barrels. The market decides which fuels get burned at which facilities. There is a less likely chance that new coal plants will be built where natural gas is beginning to exceed coal demand. In the long term coal will be phasing to a lower demand in the market. In the U.S. over 100 million Americans live in rented homes. Blackstone is centralizing the business of renting single family houses strategically buying 1 in 3 or 1 in 5 of houses on the market in communities across the country. Single family homes offer yields of 10% per year from rental income and the opportunity to profit from rising real estate prices. Not the scenario for depressed neighborhoods that need the influx of investment to improve their community. These areas property values and incomes are considered too low but opportunity for the kind of investments that will provide growth in our new economy. For Opportunity Introductions or More Information Contact:
  11. 11. P a g e | 10 Opportunities in Real Estate Investment (continued) Blackstone is also focusing on Spain’s urban rental property and low cost housing units such as apartments in urban cities and busy tourist centers. Investment opportunities along the Costa Del Sol can also assure rental income in large urban areas like Malaga or Marbella. The current gov’t scheme is to drive up rental prices in efforts to upkeep demand in the property markets. A portfolio recently offered from the Spanish gov’t includes 22 developments with 1,458 housing units and 1,588 garages situated in and around the capital city if Madrid. There are other similar portfolios that offer global opportunities for international residences along with property market investments and other luxury assets. The super-rich are already taking advantage by investing hundreds of millions into foreign property markets. The Blackstone Group is poising to re-locate parts its portfolio last year investing 135 million euro into Spain. Asia investors are also joining in on entry into the Spanish 8-10 year time frame. The Federal Reserve is also reinvesting interest earned on its $4T balance sheet. It rolls over any principal that has matured. Tapering will begin in January and their intention is to end the $85B to $95B a month of quantitative easing. Our economy may become dependent on low interest rates and when it does from a “crisis investment” perspective, having foresight, remaining informed and being prepared are essential. For Opportunity Introductions or More Information
  12. 12. Internationalization and The 401K Storage and Trading Platform for Your Luxury Goods It is common awareness that U.S. pension funds are or soon will be experiencing devastating issues. Internationalizing your money allows you to keep your retirement money’s long term value and purchasing power. Although America is attracting the ultra-rich to places like California, New York, Florida and Nevada, the world’s billionaires are buying property and assets around the globe including countries like Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malta. Even if you are not a million or billionaire, you still have the desire to increase the value of your investments or estate. (continued) So, for U.S. citizens is this legal? In determining the best legal framework in the whole world to allow you to accumulate tax deferred income clear of taxation, the answer is “Yes”. One of the benefits of citizenship through investing is increased mobility as well as the freedom to direct your funds and assets in the way you wish. One can travel more freely and settle within a country, state, province or jurisdiction of their preference. A move for global nomads or permanent transferees facing tax or legal matters may require a move to a retirement arrangement established in the relocation or host country and by following this strategy one can turbo charge their life and their funds future value. Both Canada and Australia are suited for Americans in light of new FATCA restrictions. This strategy is also beneficial for expats, international workers or multinational companies who wish to attract and retain the right talent with a competitive compensation package that includes financial security through retirement savings, these are all legal and patriotic solutions for retirement security and global mobility. . For Opportunity Introductions or More Information Investing In Worldwide Start Ups, Real Estate and Intellectual Property There is a growing demand for new technologies and high tech innovation seeking investors in intangible assets such as intellectual property in Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong. Corporations are partnering with public funds to create new opportunities. Many countries are inviting corporate groups and private equity funds to inject money into projects of formerly socialized entrepreneurships, and government business ownership is moving to more privatization. Public and private joint ventures in Spain, Portugal and Greece are finding effective ways to promote growth for future returns on investment. Your Global Storage Space - An Introduction to Foreign-Trade Zones (According to the IRS) Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) are secure areas under U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) supervision that are generally considered outside CBP territory upon activation. Located in or near CBP ports of entry, they are the United States’ version of what are known internationally as freetrade zones. Foreign and domestic merchandise may be moved into zones for operations, not otherwise prohibited by law, including storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacturing, and processing. All zone activity is subject to public interest review. Foreign-trade zone sites are subject to the laws and regulations of the United States as well as those of the states and communities in which they are located. (continued pg. 9) Read More
  13. 13. P a g e | 12 Travel / Crisis Investing / Private Consignment / Retirement Planning Air Space H2O 24Seven Bespoke Lifestyle Subscription For Your Global Lifestyle We help solve the problems associated with having secondary citizenship by assistance to ease transition with proficient and enjoyable adaptation solutions. We provide strategic introductions and consulting on project funding and portfolio improvement solutions as well as introductions / opportunities in fine art, commercial property, vintage auto, diamonds, gold and other assets. The best thing is you don’t have to be a millionaire! Who is Yan Denes? Yan was born in Lourdes (France) in 1983, although most of his adolescence was spent in the South of France. He studied at Toulon, at the School of Fine Arts in Provence Mediterranean, achieving the title (DNSEP) in 2008. Essentially his original drawings are made through different techniques using dry pastel, charcoal, chalk, and a new technique, using pure powder cake which is applied to the brush on paper. This method is a hybrid practice of both drawing and painting. To learn more about Yan please contact him. Yan is seen attending concours exhibitions of vintage European exotics and classic race cars. For Opportunity Introductions or More ONE WORLD. ONE LIFE. ONE MOMENT. CLAIM IT! Fine Art, Commercial Property, Vintage Auto, Diamonds, Gold, Property & Other Global Assets, Travel Networking, Retirement Planning .