Build a LMS Page Student Project


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Build a LMS Page Student Project

  1. 1. M. Catherine Chauvin GTCC CIS-110-Introduction to Computers
  2. 2.  Introduction to Computers  LMS course restored from department resource course  “Canned” – all text, no images  Having built a few web pages, I wanted more 2Chauvin, M. Catherine
  3. 3.  Added a theme  Did my students notice? NO!  Uploaded a few images.  Did my students notice? NO!  I continued making changes,  blobs of text … gone,  online assignments, inserted images into quizzes, etc …  Did my students notice? NO! 3Chauvin, M. Catherine
  4. 4.  Then I did something interesting.  Actually, I didn’t do it, eLearning retired the theme I was using which was replaced with “no theme.”  Did my students notice? 4Chauvin, M. Catherine
  5. 5.  “Are there any questions about this week’s assignment?”  “Hey, Ms. Chauvin, why did you change the color of our webpage?”  `“Yeah, I noticed that too.”  “ What, the green is gone?”  “Oh, man, it don’t look so good now?” 5Chauvin, M. Catherine
  6. 6. I was inspired to build a better Moodle course-room for my students. I began weekly meetings with our Instructional Designer, Tonya Riney. 6Chauvin, M. Catherine
  7. 7.  Traditional or in-seat courses  Moodle pages are generally used a repository for resources and quizzes  Instructors often do not realize the benefits of an interactive LMS course-room 7Chauvin, M. Catherine
  8. 8. 8Chauvin, M. Catherine
  9. 9.  … gigabytes of info on ‘growing gap between the teachers and students in using technology’.  We (instructors) use “experts”  … the biggest pool of experts sits right in front of our nose – out students! 9Chauvin, M. Catherine
  10. 10. “What is the viability of students teaching teachers about Moodle?” 10Chauvin, M. Catherine
  11. 11. “You have just been given full editing rights in a course in Moodle called Teach a Teacher. Your job is to upload two files and then create a folder with these two files in them. There are a couple of clips called 2 Minute Moodle's to help you work it out. Go and see who gets it done!” 11Chauvin, M. Catherine
  12. 12.  12 students  none had ever had a teacher role  4 didn’t watch the videos and finished in 5 minutes  6 watched the videos and finished in 10-15 minutes  2 finished in about 20 minutes 12Chauvin, M. Catherine
  13. 13. 13Chauvin, M. Catherine
  14. 14. Instigated a new program: “Teach a Teacher” 14Chauvin, M. Catherine
  15. 15. Presenting the idea from student to teacher requires finesse  Consider the following:  ‘Miss, do you want me to show you how Moodle Assignment activity works?”, 15Chauvin, M. Catherine
  16. 16.  Another approach:  “Miss, lots of people in our class lose or get late with assignments. Would you like me to show you how we could submit our assignments from home to save us forgetting to bring stuff from home?” 16Chauvin, M. Catherine
  17. 17.  “Would you like me/us to show you how you can…”  store all kinds of files in a place we can all easily access them anytime we want or need to (files & folders)  allow us to talk like equals without the loud kids always having the say (forum)  show you how to use quick messages to each other, not emails (messaging) 17Chauvin, M. Catherine
  18. 18.  What is the benefit in all of this for the students?  Aren’t we wasting their school time to learn this stuff?  Preparing for and learning how to teach someone a skill,  communicate appropriately and implement the training,  evaluate and improve,  learn how to use WYSIWYG/HTML,  learn how to develop assessments 18Chauvin, M. Catherine
  19. 19.  Assignment:  Group project to build a Moodle page based on your assigned chapter  As a group, present your Moodle page to the class  Teach your assigned chapter 19Chauvin, M. Catherine
  20. 20.  Requirements:  Add a theme  Add a home page summary  Reduced sections to have no empty sections  Section/Block Zero is your chapter information, clearly state your chapter number  Display blocks only on the right side  Assessment  Images  Study Guide 20Chauvin, M. Catherine
  21. 21.  Building the student groups:  Grades/ability  Attendance  Class participation  Gender  Age 21Chauvin, M. Catherine
  22. 22.  Outcome:  The computer “gurus” got their voice  Younger students helping older students  Students began making suggestions to their other instructors  Had fun!! 22Chauvin, M. Catherine
  23. 23.  Student Moodle Pages …  Main course page  Grow A Moodle, Tomaz Lasic   Or Google “grow a moodle” 23Chauvin, M. Catherine