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Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Master your data. Master your business. Master Data Management Solutions to Improve the Quality, Consistency, and Access to Key Business Data
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Siperian delivers exceptional professional services and consulting capabilities, providing system integration and education services along with customized services through our advanced working knowledge of data management and customer data integration (CDI) and master data management (MDM) technologies. Siperian consultants have unparalleled, hands on experience with CDI and MDM solutions. Siperian ROI Service provides insight into hidden data integration issues, determines the potential business value of an MDM solution, and includes a detailed financial assessment to support the business case for deploying Siperian MDM Hub. Siperian has helped many customers translate their MDM objectives from abstraction to clarity by providing insight into the business benefits of MDM. SIPERIAN PARTNERS ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS The company markets and supports its leading Financial Services MDM solutions through its own sales, professional Insurance services, and support organizations in concert Health & Life Sciences with the Siperian Partner Program network of H i g h Te c h system integrators, application developers, and Manufacturing data management providers. Our partners include, Communications and Media among others, Accenture, CSC, BearingPoint, HP, Government Unisys, IBM, Identity Systems, Trillium Software, Business Objects, Cognos and Experian. ABOUT SIPERIAN REPRESENTATIVE CUSTOMERS Siperian helps companies create and present Allergan real-time unified views of their customers, Astra Zeneca products, and suppliers to business users Deutsche Bank from distributed data sources for higher EMC Corporation profitability, reduced operational costs, and improved compliance. Our innovative Forest Laboratories master data management (MDM) solution, Johnson & Johnson Siperian MDM Hub, is the most complete, LexisNexis integrated software platform to deliver Pfizer significantly lower total cost of ownership, State Street faster time-to-value, and superior return on investment.
  3. 3. Business Demands Accurate, Unified and Actionable Views of Master Data. Stiff competition, expanding product choices for customers, increasingly complex multi-channel sales models, and new regulatory requirements have led to the demand for accurate, unified views of key business data. In this environment, a lack of integration across your sales and marketing channels, lines of business, and locations is no longer sufficient—rather, a deeper knowledge of your common business data is necessary. If your company is like most global enterprises, you are awash in a sea of data including customer and related data entities such as product, supplier, organization, and employee. Making sense of all this data, understanding the complex relationships existing among them, and identifying real-time changes to master data is an enormous challenge. A company’s key data assets are not actionable because master data is distributed across the organization in disparate systems, and is in conflict or incomplete, and cannot be easily shared across the company. MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Siperian’s innovative master data management (MDM) platform, Siperian MDM Hub™, enables organizations to create and deliver real-time unified views of their customers, products, and suppliers to business users from distributed data sources for operational and analytical purposes. By resolving master data conflicts and creating a central, shared repository of the ‘best version of the truth’, companies can finally benefit from all their data assets within critical operational processes: marketing can attract new customers efficiently and streamline new product launch processes; sales can cross-sell or up-sell effectively; customer support can address issues in absence of full customer context; and supply chain operations can reduce the cycle time in moving goods through distribution channels. Siperian MDM Hub overcomes these challenges by delivering unified views to business users so they can mobilize smart business interactions.
  4. 4. SIPERIAN ACCELERATES BUSINESS ROI With Siperian MDM Hub, you can deploy a complete, integrated master data manage- ment (MDM) solution that delivers increased profitability, reduced operational costs, and improved regulatory compliance reaching across all critical business functions. Siperian MDM Hub is the Siperian MDM Hub helps improve: Sales Efforts: enable your sales professionals most complete, integrated to better manage customers, including major software platform for master accounts, and the complex relationships between them, thereby increasing their cross- data management. sell and up-sell opportunities. Marketing Efficacy & Efficiency: synchronize activities across multiple interactions and im- prove campaign targeting and segmentation Recognize efforts—all at a lower cost of delivery. Identify any business Customer and Organization Service: achieve entity across multiple interactions higher service levels with unified and accurate customer and organizational views; support personnel are able to improve customer support Resolve functions which can have a direct impact on Authoritatively reconcile customer satisfaction and retention. master data conflicts Ability to Manage Risk and Remain Compliant: improve your regulatory compliance efforts Relate including privacy initiatives such as CAN-SPAM View and manage relationships among various business entities and disclosure issues such as Sarbanes-Oxley; in real-time improve adherence to industry regulations such as the FDA within the pharmaceutical sector, or Basel II within financial services. With real-time, unified views of your customers, suppliers, contracts, employees, products, etc. “ Siperian delivers created and presented to business users from the strongest data disparate and distributed data sources, your stewardship interface that organization can: allows users to set match rules, apply cleansing RECOGNIZE: rapidly identify any business routines, and simulate entity across multiple interactions where rules without coding.” duplicate, conflicting or incomplete master data resides; The Forrester Wave: Customer Hubs, Q4 2006 RESOLVE: authoritatively reconcile data December 2006 conflicts into a trusted source of truth and synchronize master data across systems; RELATE: view and manage relationships among various business entities in real-time and accurately unify transactions in context of operational business processes.
  5. 5. IT Investments Demand Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Faster Time-to-Value. SIPERIAN MDM HUB ADVANTAGES Only Siperian MDM Hub has a completely integrated, model-driven and flexible architecture that allows your organization to deploy any of the common master data management (MDM) architectural styles while coexisting with your existing data and IT environments. Siperian is the only MDM vendor with an integrated platform that includes all critical data management technologies within a single code-base, manages all types of master data, and automatically synchronizes data back to operational and analytical systems. Siperian MDM Hub is the only MDM platform which is model-driven allowing you to model all common business definitions to meet the Siperian MDM Hub Supports all Common MDM Styles specific needs of your MDM project, without im- posing fixed or predefined business definitions. Registry Rapidly matches similar records across and within dispersed data sources, links them Siperian offers the most flexible MDM plat- and maintains their cross-reference links form able to implement any of the common back to sources. MDM styles. You can choose some master data Consolidation Creates a downstream “system of entities to be fully reconciled and persisted as reference” to support analytical and reporting systems. an authoritative system of record while others can be linked only for identification with attri- Coexistence Creates and manages the “best version of truth” and synchronizes master data butes federated in real-time. back to operational applications or with analytical systems. Siperian MDM Hub coexists in heterogeneous Transaction An operational platform that federates IT environments within a company’s current up-to-date transaction data in real-time, data environment including with legacy master unifies it with the most reliable master data within the hub, and presents these data hubs, applications, reporting and analytical views to business applications. systems, and existing integration infrastructure. Siperian MDM Hub fits your business today and tomorrow—it easily adapts to changing business and regulatory requirements and “ No single enables you to start small to demonstrate implementation style rapid ROI and extend the platform over will meet all your time for distributed data governance across MDM objectives.” the enterprise. Gartner, Inc., “The Impor- tant Characteristics of the Siperian MDM Hub can be deployed within MDM Implementation months for the fastest time-to-value—and Style” by Andrew White et al., May 11, 2007 Siperian’s proven success is demonstrated by meeting the complex requirements of market-leading companies across all mas- ter data types. In fact, many of the larg- est pharmaceutical companies, commercial banks, and other Fortune 500 companies trust in Siperian MDM solutions.
  6. 6. Master your data. Master your business. Siperian, Inc. 1820 Gateway Drive, Suite 109 San Mateo, CA 94404 USA Toll-free: 1-866-SIPERIAN Email: New York, New York Hingham, Massachusetts Irving, Texas Toronto, Canada London, United Kingdom Copyright © 2007 Siperian, Inc. All rights reserved. Siperian, the Siperian logo, and Siperian MDM Hub are trademarks of Siperian, Inc. All other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.