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BIO International Convention Attendee and Exhibitor Summary 2011
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BIO International Convention Attendee and Exhibitor Summary 2011


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BIO International Convention Attendee and Exhibitor Summary

BIO International Convention Attendee and Exhibitor Summary

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  • 1. BIO International Convention Attendee and Exhibitor SummaryHighlights from:June 27-30, 2011, Monday - ThursdayWalter E. Washington Convention CenterWashington, DC USA OverOverSummary ResultsFind Inside:  Attendance Overview  Attendee Profile  BIO Business Forum One-on-One Partnering  BIO Exhibition and Product Interest and new Exhibitor Partnering in 2012!  Worldwide Press Coverage  Program Covering Vital Topics  How to Contact Us
  • 2. The BIO International Convention is produced by our trade association, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). Profits from BIO Global are returned to the biotech industry by supporting BIO advocacy, member programs, and initiatives. Our staff works together with members throughout the year to create a policy environment that enables the industry to fulfill its vision of bettering the world through new innovations. BIO International Convention is the Global Event for Biotechnology.The main components include:  BIO Business Forum with One-On-One Partnering®, centrally located in the BIO Exhibition  Educational Program o 125+ breakout sessions, Super Sessions o Keynote speakers  BIO Exhibition with Exhibitor Booth Partnering  Networking Opportunities – evening events, Meetups and other programs  BIO Career Fair and Services
  • 3. BIO Attendee ProfileThe 2011 BIO International Convention hosted a good mix of new and repeat attendees. 42% of the attendees came forthe first time and 58% were event alumni. 21% can be considered regular attendees (attended at least threeconsecutive years). 2011 BIO INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ATTENDANCE (Verified) Full Convention Access and other registration categories 7,799 Media 460 BIO Exhibition Visitors 2,208 Exhibit Booth Personnel 3,970 Grand Total 15,626BIO gathers biotechnology R&D and pharmaceutical companies thathelp to heal, fuel and feed the world PRIMARY COMPANY INDUSTRY SEGMENTS 1. Pharmaceutical 2. Professional Advisor/Consultant/Legal/Accounting Service 3. Therapeutics R&D 4. Academic 5. CMO/CRO Service 6. Diagnostics R&D 7. Finance/Investor 8. Food and Agriculture R&D 9. Foundation/Patient Advocacy 10. Industrial and Environmental R&D 11. Other/Non-ProfitsThe 2011 attendees came from thousands of organizations including the leading biotechcompanies, the top 25 pharma companies, top 20 CROs and CMOs, more than 300 academicinstitutions including the major research labs and government agencies and the leadingconsultants and service companies.
  • 4. BIO attracts business owners and upper management 2011 Attendance by Job Level Executive Managers Management 33% 28% C-Level 15% Directors 24%BIO hosts large and small companies Company Size by Number of Employees 0-49 33% 41% 50-99 100-250 250-499 500+ 7% 11% 8%
  • 5. More than 35% of attendees come from 65 countries ◦ Most international attendees visit as part of an international delegation; an official group of 10 or more attendees from a country other than the U.S., organized on a national level. ◦ With an abundance of global leaders attending our event we encourage you to get in touch with your country delegation organizer. ◦ For more information on international attendees or to find your delegation organizer, email or visit our website at 10 international delegations in 2009, 2010, and 2011 TOP 10 INTERNATIONAL DELEGATIONS (by # of Attendees) 2009 Atlanta 2010 Chicago 2011 Washington, DC 1. Canada 1. Canada 1. Canada 2. Germany 2. United Kingdom 2. United Kingdom 3. United Kingdom 3. Germany 3. Germany 4. France 4. France 4. France 5. Spain 5. South Korea 5. South Korea 6. South Korea 6. Spain 6. Japan 7. Australia 7. Australia 7. China 5. India 8. China 8. Belgium 9. Netherlands 9. Japan 9. Spain 10. Switzerland 10. India 10. Australia
  • 6. A diverse group of organizations attend BIOCompanies of all types take advantage of the opportunities available at the BIO International Convention. The companysize splits with 40% from large companies of 500 or more employees and 40% small companies of 50 employees orfewer. In 2011, there was a strong presence of service providers as well as companies developing and manufacturingbiotherapeutics.Top 10 Reasons for Attending BIO International Convention Partnering, networking, leads, insights….and more TOP 10 REASONS FOR ATTENDING BIO 1. Participate in partnering meetings in the BIO Business Forum 2. Make new business contacts 3. Obtain leads for products/services 4. Keep up to date on industry trends/issues 5. Network with colleagues 6. Attend the educational programs/sessions 7. See specific potential partners/company(s) within the BIO Exhibition 8. Meet with existing customers/partners/vendors 9. Marketing my company’s products 10. See new products or developmentsVarious job functions come togetherAll in one place, you can meet industry innovators, business leaders, decision makers, global policymakers, and publicofficials. JOB FUNCTION (% of Total Attendees) 2011 Business Development (Life Science) 17% Chief Executive Officer/President/Principal/Founder 13% Director - all levels (includes Managing Director/Partner) 12% Other 10% Manager - all levels 8% Vice President/ Senior / Executive Vice President 8% Attorney/General Counsel/Associate 6% Marketing and/or Sales – CMO, Director 5% Consultant (all types and areas) 4% Researcher (all types) 4% Tech Transfer (all types/levels) 3% Coordinator/Administrator 2% Chief Business, Financial, Information, Medical, Operating/Technology Officer 2% Other* 5%*Sampling of ‘Other’ includes: Professor, Student, Board Member, Public Official
  • 7. Attendees focus on vital technologiesAt BIO, you can discover pathways to success in the biotech industry. The BIO International Convention has you coveredwith the vital life science technologies to start conversations about the industry’s future and formulate innovativeplans—all under one roof! PRIMARY TECHNOLOGY (% of Total Attendees) 2011 Animal-made & Plant-made Pharmaceuticals 4% Aquaculture 1% Biocatalysis 1% Bioinformatics 3% Biomanufacturing 6% Cell Biology 4% Clinical Research Services 4% Combinatorial & Computational Chemistry 2% Drug Delivery 6% Drug Discovery & Development 19% Functional Genetics 2% Gene/Cell Therapy 4% Genomics 3% Government (All Types/All Levels) 4% Imaging 2% Medical Devices 5% Micro Arrays 2% Microfluidics 1% Nanotechnology 3% Pharmacogenomics 2% Proteomics 2% Screening 2% Stem Cell Research 3% Tech Transfer 5% Transgenics 1% Not Applicable/Other 10%
  • 8. BIO Business ForumBIO Business Forum hosts 21,000+ partnering meetingsThe BIO Business Forum is a cornerstone of the Convention that provides an opportunity for biotechnology andpharmaceutical companies, academic research institutions and investors from around the world to schedule 30-minuteone-on-one meetings and discuss potential business opportunities. The 2011 BIO Business Forum hosted a record-number 21,183 partnering meetings between 2,410 companies.Nothing beats face-to-face interaction when it comes to having productive discussions, formulating financial andstrategic plans and making deals. Using the efficiencies of BIO Business Forum One-on-One Partnering™ to investigateyour options allows you to tap strategic alternatives and drive your business forward. 2011 BIO Business Forum Company Type Breakdown (%) 45% 39% 40% 35% 30% 25% 18% 20% 15% 10% 11% 10% 5% 7% 6% 3% 5% 0% BIO Business Forum Volume History 25000 20000 15000 Attendees in the BIO Business Forum 10000 Companies Participated in BIO Business Forum 5000 One-On-One Partnering Meetings 0 2008 San 2009 Atlanta 2010 Chicago 2011 Diego Washington, D.C.
  • 9. BIO Exhibition and Product Zones 2011 BIO EXHIBITION STATISTICS Exhibitors 1,800 Product Focus Zones 5 Total Pavilions 64 Total Square Feet 180,000BIO ExhibitionThe BIO Exhibition is larger than 4 US football fields and host more than 1,800 exhibitors. The event includesstate, country and regional pavilions who in turn, host many companies from their regions. In addition, theBIO Exhibition organizes Product Focus Zones to help attendees and companies find each other. There aremany special events helps with in the exhibit hall to provide services to attendees and booth traffic.BIO Exhibition Hosts More Than 55 Pavilions 2011 U.S. STATE PAVILIONS 2011 INTERNATIONAL PAVILIONS Arizona Missouri Argentina Israel California North Carolina Australia Italy Colorado Oklahoma Austria Japan Delaware Pennsylvania Belgium Korea Georgia Puerto Rico Brazil Netherlands Indiana South Dakota Canada New Zealand Kansas Tennessee CCPIT Pavilion Poland Kentucky Texas China Queensland Louisiana Utah Czech Republic Russia Maryland Virginia EBD Scandinavia Massachusetts West Virginia Europe Scotland Michigan Wisconsin France Singapore Minnesota Germany Spain Hong Kong Switzerland Hungary Taiwan India United Kingdom Ireland
  • 10. Product Focus Zones connect you with key audiencesThe BIO Exhibition is designed to help you make the connections you need all in oneconvenient place. By tapping into any of our Product Focus Zones, you’ll take awayeverything you need to make more informed business decisions in the years ahead.2011 Product Focus Zones in BIO Exhibition:  BioProcess Zone  Contract Services Zone  Business Services Zone  Discovery Zone  Clinical Trials ZoneAttendee Buying Interest Areas by BIO Exhibition Zones Business Industrial Services &Environme 10% ntal BioProcess 10% 22% Discovery 12% Clinical Trial 19% Bio IT Contract 15% Services 12%Exhibitors receive lead generation in the BIO ExhibitionBIO Exhibition proves to generate new business with the global industry at your finger tips. It’s where participants createpartnerships, showcase new innovations and products, network, and much more. Of the many important values inattending the BIO Exhibition, global networking was the single greatest in 2011. Biggest Value Exhibitors Received in 2011 40% 36% 35% 31% 30% 25% 19% 20% 15% 11% 10% 5% 1% 1% 0% Global Lead Partnering Branding Media Product Networking Generation Attention Launch
  • 11. Cutting Edge Program on Vital TopicsThought leaders contribute to BIO EducationThe BIO International Convention offers a variety of educationalprogramming with over 125 educational sessions, 5 Super Sessions, and 2Keynote Luncheons and various special and co-located events. Ourprogram covers relevant topics— from healthcare, food and agriculture,industrial and environmental, to finance and business development. Theprogram at the BIO International Convention provides an unparalleledopportunity for speakers to gain publicity and recognition as a biotechthought leader to a global audience of thousands.Learn how to become more involved with our program by sessions motivate to solve pressing challengesSession speakers and organizers motivate others to expand biotechnology globally and to solve the world’s mostpressing challenges including disease, energy, and hunger through the different educational tracks offered at BIO Global.The 2011 event included 13 breakout session tracks with more than 125 breakout sessions.The breakout sessions were rated good, very good, or excellent by 88% of session attendees: Achieving Regulatory Approval and Compliance Finance Biofuels & Biobased Chemicals Food and Agriculture Biomarkers Global Innovations and Markets Biosecurity Health Policy and Reimbursement Biotech Patenting and Tech Transfer Innovations in Vaccines Business Development* International Case Studies Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine Manufacturing of Biologics and Drugs Drug Discovery and Development*Top 5 tracks by average # of attendees: 2010 Chicago 2011 Washington, DC 1. Innovations in Vaccines 1. Biotech Patenting and Tech Transfer 2. Business Development 2. Business Development 3. Achieving Regulatory Approval 3. Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine 4. Finance 4. Food and Agriculture 5. Biomarkers 5. Achieving Regulatory Approval and Compliance
  • 12. Worldwide Press CoverageBIO Convention remains a widely-publicized eventApproximately 460 media registered for the 2011 event, which represents more than a 25% increase from 2010. Thisincrease came from the 114 international media outlets; approximately a quarter of total media registration.The Convention made 1.5 billion media impressions in many top-tier outlets, including more than 50 U.S. newspapers,television and radio, and more than 50 trade publications. These include the Associated Press, BioCentury, BioWorld,Bloomberg, Bloomberg TV, Boston Globe, CNBC, Chicago Sun Times, Financial Times, Fortune, Huffington Post, NPR,Nature, San Francisco Business Times, Science, The Economist, Thomson Reuters, Voice of America, Wall Street JournalOnline, Washington Times and Xconomy.Social Media Further Builds the BuzzBIO Staff and attendees embrace social media tools. Content and highlights from the event can be found onTwitter, LinkedIn, Facebook postings and more.  Convention content generates online viewers and readers o Between June 26 and July 2, the BIO blog, BIOtechNOW, posted 42 blog entries which resulted in 10,000 page views o More than 7,000 tweets were posted using the hashtag #bio2011 and the potential impressions for Convention-related tweets numbered more than 3 million o BIO hosted more than two dozen podcasts 10 official guest bloggers over the course of the 4-day Convention  BIO Attendees Engage Online o The BIO Convention Twitter account has more than 5,500 followers o The myBIO LinkedIn group has more than 17,000 group members and has very active discussions. o The myBIO personal event planning tools provide attendees to engage with commenting, messages and creating event plans. o More than 30 bloggers attend BIO and meet for a bloogers meet up. o More than 12 meet ups are organized on and are held during BIO.Complimentary Press Services Allow Media to Report at BIO 460 Registered Media 40% 34% 35% 30% 25% 24% 25% 20% 15% 10% 8% 6% 5% 0% International Top Tier Print Broadcast Media Trade Online/Blog Outlets Publications Publications
  • 13. 2011 U.S. Daily CoverageLocal coverage impressions totaled more than 49 million. Coverage focused primarily on investing in biotechnology,potential growth in the biotech industry for companies and states alike, local and regional news and announcementsand major speakers at the event. Consumer print covering the Convention included: Baltimore Sun Belleville News Democrat Boston Globe Boston Herald Chicago Daily Herald Chicago Sun Times Chicago Tribune Denver Post Fredrick News Post Hartford Courant Indianapolis Star Kansas City Star Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Minneapolis Star Tribune Orlando Sentinel The Oklahoman San Francisco Business Times South Florida Sun Sentinel The State Journal-Register Washington Post Washington Times Wisconsin State Journal2011 Television and Radio CoverageThe 2011 BIO International Convention generated 44 million broadcast impressions. Broadcast coverage includedinterviews with speakers and industry thought leaders attending the event and highlights of the latest biotechinnovations. Broadcast outlets covering the Convention included: Agritalk Radio Bloomberg TV CNBC Fox Business Network The Jim Bohannon Show Voice of America WUSA-TV (CBS) WJLA-TV (ABC)2011 Trade CoverageTrade outlet coverage was focused on industry news, announcements and trends as well as the release of study results.Trade outlets covering the Convention included: Bio Business BioCentury, SciBX BioPharm International BioProcess International BioWorld Chain Drug Review Chemical Engineering News Drug Discovery & Development Fierce Biotech Food Chemical News Genetic Engineering News InVivo Life Science Leader Nature Biotechnology Nature blog Pharmaceutical Executive Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Technology Pink Sheet Science (AAAS) Scientific American Scrip World Pharmaceutical News The Burrill Report
  • 14. CONTACT USGeneral and Registration Inquiries Sponsorship Opportunities+1.202.962.6655 sponsor@bio.orgExhibiting Inquiries Onsite, Signage and Promotional Opportunities+1.202.312.9278 exhibit@bio.orgAdvertising Opportunities Media Contacts+1.202.312.9278 Tracy Cooley, Abigail Hirsch, +1.202.962.923Future Event Dates:  June 18-21, 2012, Monday - Thursday Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Boston, MA USA  April 22-25, 2013, Monday - Thursday McCormick Place Chicago, IL USA