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Digital Marketing Program Evaluation, Maturation and Evolution - A Digital Marketing Depot Webinar with Mike Corak of ethology
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Digital Marketing Program Evaluation, Maturation and Evolution - A Digital Marketing Depot Webinar with Mike Corak of ethology


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Is Your Marketing Mature Enough? Ways to Evolve Your Digital Marketing …

Is Your Marketing Mature Enough? Ways to Evolve Your Digital Marketing

Today’s digital marketing world is evolving quickly. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in social media, mobile marketing and search is crucial to staying ahead of your competitors.

Join Jeffrey Rohrs, author of the book “Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers,” with panelist: Mike Corak a digital agency veteran as they share their experience in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. They’ll expose common digital marketing weaknesses and demonstrate how to turn those into game-changing opportunities.

Attendees will learn:

How to identify common mistakes in digital marketing
How to pinpoint opportunities where none seem to exist
What tactics will help your team successfully plan and execute winning digital campaigns
Where to uncover unique opportunities to jump ahead of competitors.

Jeffrey Rohrs is VP of Marketing for Exact Target and author of the book Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers. Mike Corak has developed and implemented winning digital and integrated strategies for hundreds of companies over his 17-year career, including Bank of America, Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, FedEx, Farmers Insurance, Nike, Office Depot, and Walt Disney.

ethology, a full service digital agency audits over 100 brands' digital marketing programs annually. Their team stays at the forefront of industry trends, conducts website analyses and audits, and reviews site architecture. It's been noted through these audits that Challenger brands - those competing with industry leaders - have a great opportunity to achieve competitive advantage through thoughtful digital expansion.

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  • JR
  • our Consumer Is The Big IdeaCONSUMERISTSWe start at the consumer, & work our way upWe really strive to understand the value of the consumer, & how & where they interact with your brand.
  • Here to talk about one thing today. Audience.
  • MC
  • address the strategic focus of your content, ensuring visibility for how audiences search locally throughout their engagement to maximize relevance & exposuredevelop a local search strategy built for the future, creating content that targets locations from the top down, while building in a framework for further expansion
  • Transcript

    • 1. Is Your Marketing Mature Enough? Ways to Evolve Your Digital Marketing Thursday April 24, 2014 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT) Speakers: • Moderator: Jeffrey Rohrs, VP, Marketing | ExactTarget • Presenter: Mike Corak, EVP, Strategy | ethology
    • 2.  Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers  Technical difficulties? • Click on ―Help?‖ link • Use Q+A box  Submitting questions to speaker • Q+A session at end of webcast • Use ―Ask a Question‖ box to submit questions • Send questions at any time • #DMDwc Viewing Tips
    • 3. Today’s Presenters Moderator Jeffrey Rohrs, VP Marketing ExactTarget Presenter Mike Corak, EVP Strategy, ethology @mikecorak @jkrohrs
    • 4. Agenda Maturity Modeling Placing Customer Needs First 2014 Digital Marketing Priorities Top 5 Common Tactical Needs Operational Opportunities
    • 5. #FreeDigitalAudit Tweet #FreeDigitalAudit to be entered into a drawing to receive a Digital Opportunity Report from ethology (equivalent of +40 hours of opportunity analysis from the ethology team) #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 6. © 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 6 Study sorted marketers according to sophistication in 3 areas Strategy Governance Execution Ensures processes and experiences are consistent and that digital activities tie back to strategy. Determines how digital is changing their business. Runs the digital and traditional efforts needed to accomplish digital strategy. Source: Forrester ‘s Q3 2013 Digital Maturity Survey #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 7. *Represent as brand marketers and B2B firms. *Skew toward automotive, CPG health *Also skew toward extremely large enterprises and firms that spend <$10m/yr on marketing *Spend the most on print (although they do plan to decrease this) *Digital marketing naysayer *Skew toward travel and retail firms *Have the largest digital marketing budgets in the study *But, spend the least on mobile marketing *Ambitious, but disorganized around digital marketing *Skew toward the biggest retail, travel and telecom firms *Indicate emphasis on collaboration, communication and executive buy-in *Emphasis is on integration over new media adoption *Skew toward retailers and FS *Tend to be smaller or mid- sized enterprises *Have the largest digital teams in the study, and the largest marketing budgets *Expect to increase their spend on everything except print, radio and YP *200% greater concentration of Level 4s have a CDO *Tech enthusiast, risk-taker, experimenter Maturity Segments Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 #FreeDigitalAudit Source: Forrester ‘s Q3 2013 Digital Maturity Survey
    • 8. 9% 44% 39% 8% Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Source: Forrester ‘s Q3 2013 Digital Maturity Survey Distributed Into 4 Groups #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 9. Lessons from Mature Digital Marketers Consider how digital is changing your business strategy, not just that it introduces new marketing channels Tie employee performance to digital goals Embrace technology Business leaders: do a tour in IT Practitioners: experiment with emerging tactics Overall: work to shift to a more agile culture Dedicate resources to strategy, governance and execution Use more types of marketing tactics Source: Forrester ‘s Q3 2013 Digital Maturity Survey #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 10. What’s Missing?
    • 11. Customer Centricity #FreeDigitalAudit Advanced digital marketers understand their audiences’ needs and desires, and make stronger connections, purposefully cultivating their customer relationships
    • 14. Polling Question 1 Poll 1: Where do most marketers plan to focus their digital efforts in 2014? a) Data Acquisition b) Organizational Alignment c) Digital Channel Expansion d) Improving Conversion Rates e) Campaign Attribution f) Brand Awareness #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 15. 2014 Priorities #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 16. Polling Question 2 Poll 1: Where do you tactically feel that your digital marketing execution has the most opportunity for improvement? a) Mobile b) Content c) Social d) Email & CRM e) Advanced Analytics f) Search g) Media #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 17. Top 5 Tactical Deficiencies From +100 Audits Last 12 Months Content Performance & Modern Search Advanced Analytics Local Total Mobile Experience Expanded Media Testing #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 18. 2014 Marketing Budgets #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 19. Does Actual Need Always Match Investment? #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 20. Pro-Tip: Audit, Then Fix the Foundation Conversion Up Acts more as an ASSIST INTERACTION Acts more as a LAST INTERACTION Awareness Consideration Intent Decision THE PATH TO PURCHASE PURCHASE OTHER PAID DISPLAY CLICK 3.1 SOCIAL 1.9 EMAIL 1.4 DIRECT 0.5 REFERRAL 0.9 PAID SEARC H 1.0 ORGANIC SEARCH 0.8 LEGEND 2.2 A channel’s position on the chart is defined by the ―assist/last interaction ratio‖ #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 21. Content & Modern Search: Understand Content Demand #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 22. Taxonomies & Personas Based on Semantic Themes ATM ATM machine cash machine teller machine generic ATM machines for sale buy ATM machines sale/purchase ATM business ATM solutions ATM placement owning an ATM info ATM security ATM services ATM repair technology/services ATM companies ATM manufactures ATM providers company/provider ATM equipment ATM parts ATM models products/parts Nautilus Hyosung #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 23. Qualitative Content Audit Factors Useful and usable Redundant, outdated, trivial (ROT) Meets audiences’ needs Balances business objectives Voice, tone & style Sharable Optimized for intended channel Addresses stages in the funnel Varied types #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 24. Quanitative Audit Trending: Content Attribution #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 25. Content Strategy Guided Search: Informed & Effective 3. Gap Analysis Categories & Topics 4. Plan Creation Tactics & Prioritization 2. Content & SEO Audits Quantitative & Qualitative 5. Plan Execution Implement, Tes t & Revise 1. Audience Intelligence Vernacular & Demand
    • 26. Advanced Analytics You probably don’t need MORE data! Make sense of what you have, then expand • Audit your current implementation • Gain learnings by channel and test • Move to cross-channel analysis where tactics compliment (ex. SEO+PPC) • Goal: then look to attribution & predictive analytics in digital, followed by online + offline
    • 27. Local Approach V2 Local Search Organic Search Natural Search, Location Pages, Barnacle SEO Paid Search Yelp, YP, Yext, Google AdWords Social Google+ Local, foursquare, Faceb ook Content Demand Integrate Assimilate local search strategy with your overall digital marketing plan. Inform Leverage search & analytical research to target high converting keywords. Measure Monthly reporting that addresses on-going optimization & conversion goals. Manage Assign an account management team to oversee operations of offsite place pages. #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 28. Plan for a truly user friendly mobile web experience (for most that is responsive v. adaptive) Apps may be the future, but have a purpose beyond repeating your website Think all assets, site and beyond 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 2013 Predictions Solutions News/Insights Services Social Services Perspectives Contact us People News Careers Mobile User Experience #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 29. Email: True Responsive Design Less than 12% of emails are responsive, yet +50% of emails are accessed on a mobile device. #FreeDigitalAudit What would make the mobile version even better? • 1 Column • Larger Buttons • App Link • Click to Call!
    • 30. Expanded Media Testing ―Market Your Marketing‖ – Jay Baer PPC RETARGETING NATIVE SOCIAL MOBILE EXCHANGES NETWORKS ENGAGING #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 31. Polling Question 3 Organizationally where do you feel the biggest opportunity for digital marketing improvement lies? • Integration • Strategic Planning • Funding • Resourcing #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 32. Integrated Digital Marketing Benefits Coordinated planning and budgeting Cost efficiency Collaborative execution Ease of communication Consolidated reporting Informed evolution Improved ROI #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 33. Tactical Integration Challenges #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 34. Top 8 Integration Tips #1 Attribution Reporting • Examine entire programs • Identify conversion paths and intersections of tactical activity • Look for assists to understand which activities and assets: • First touched the target • Carried the interaction forward • Closed the deal • Use data to inform cross- channel execution, planning and budgeting #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 35. Tactical Integration #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 36. Top 5 Integration Tips #2 Tactic Clusters or ―Programs‖ Consumer Insights, Integrated Marketing Plans & Consultation Modern Search: Content Strategy, Search, Social, Cont ent Integrated & Predictive Analytics Cross-Channel Media: Search, Display, Social Retention: CRM + Email + Social + Direct Local: Content, Search, Social Cross-Channel User Experience & Centralized Content Strategy #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 37. Admin Workhorse Couch Companion Constant Companion Source: Google Mobile Display Tablet Usage Survey, US,. n= 1,430, all members of the Google Mobile Display Network. • At home or office • Task-oriented • Solitary experience • Web surfing & shopping • Entertainment • Shared experience • Always with you • Location-specific • In person • Personal Desktop Tablet Mobile Top 8 Integration Tips #3 Unify the User Experience #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 38. Top 8 Integration Tips #4 Centralize Content Tactically- agnostic Future- friendly Search Social Promotion & Discussion Analytics Lifecycle Marketing (Email) Paid Media Promotion Content Creation Content Strategy Lenses: Local + Mobile #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 39. Top 8 Integration Tips #5 Cross-channel Alignment #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 40. Top 8 Integration Tips #6 Coordinated Execution #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 41. Top 8 Integration Tips #7 Full Digital Ecosystem Planning and Budgeting Periodic strategic analysis & reporting Content strategy Publication across all channels Engagement Amplification Restructuring paid | earned | owned Real-time measurement & iteration #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 42. Top 8 Integration Tips #8 Operationally Supported Belk: 125-year-old southern department store Make everyone accountable for digital Value skills beyond digital Graduate to omni-channel “We’ve delivered results because performance goals give everyone ownership.” — Ivy Chin, SVP of eCommerce #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 43. Staffing Model Extremes In-house • Tactical execution with internal staff • Consultation from tactical industry experts • Examples: Intuit, Amazon Benefits: Cost effective, activity oversight, integration control (in theory) Risks: Planning ability, talent, ability to tactically stay cutting edge, team management, knowledge for program evolution and integration Delivery Partners • Tactical execution with external staff • Partnered planning • Examples: Most Common Benefits: Tactical accountability, Risks: Direct tactical oversight and staffing, cost, multiple agency management and integration, ability to understand where to make bets (partner competition) #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 44. Ethology (Annual) Integrated Planning Process Business Goals •Definition •Map digital KPIs •Audit ability to efficiently measure and tie back to business goals Audits & Inputs •Consumer Insights •Content Demand •Personas •Tactical Audits •User Experience Audits •Resource Audit •Competitive Analysis •Share of Voice •Offline Marketing Plan Review •Tool Assessment •Funnel Definition Strategy •Opportunity Assessment •GAP Analysis •Brand Taxonomy •Tactical Strategy •Integrated Strategy •Content Strategy •Resource Assignment •Projections Plan •Ops Design •Tactical Calendar •Content Calendar •Technical Roadmap •Usability Roadmap •Resource Roadmap •Innovation Roadmap •Integrated Processes •Roles & Responsibilities Budget •Cost Estimate Against Program & Outcomes •Feasibility Assessment Adjust and Repeat Until Approved #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 45. Aligning Budget with Opportunity: Where Our Clients Are Investing • Foundational Tactical Improvements Post Audit • Modern Search & Content Marketing • Mobile Experience Improvements • Content Strategy & User Experience Improvements • Analytics Advancement • Infrastructure Improvements: Systems, Tools, & Staff (Content Managers, Program Managers) • Media Expansion with Testing • Direct Improvements: CRM, email, & sms • Integrated Digital Marketing Planning & Execution #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 46. Questions? #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 47. #FreeDigitalAudit Don’t forget to Tweet #FreeDigitalAudit to be entered into a drawing to receive a Digital Opportunity Report from ethology (equivalent of +40 hours of opportunity analysis from the ethology team) #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 48. #FreeDigitalAudit Note: If you don’t win, but are interested in ethology services & are mid to large sized company, submit your audit request for consideration to: #FreeDigitalAudit
    • 49. #DMD Thank You! #FreeDigitalAudit