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Beyond Digital   Mcom 2013
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Beyond Digital Mcom 2013


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Our 2013 commitment to develop and promote Augmented Reality Products

Our 2013 commitment to develop and promote Augmented Reality Products

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  • 1. BeyondDigitalGreg Bhatia
  • 2. Going Beyond Digital ContentThe Challenges facing traditional educationmediums range from changes in the way we leadour lives to the technology that we use and haveadopted over the last few years with the pace ofchange accelerating…With the digital age in full swing, students arebecoming more tech-savvy. To effectively reachthem, educators must implement strategies thatdeliver learning quickly, easily, and interactively
  • 3. How Technology has alteredHuman Behavior Mode of Communication: Letter by Mail Average Response Time: 1 Month
  • 4. How Technology has alteredHuman Behavior Mode of Communication: Phone Average Response Time: 1 Day
  • 5. How Technology has alteredHuman Behavior Mode of Communication: E-Mail Average Response Time: 1 Minute
  • 6. How Technology has alteredHuman Behavior Technology has made our speed of communication FASTER But.. It has also made us MORE IMPATIENT
  • 7. How Technology has alteredHuman Behavior The average person expects to find an answer to their question online in 5 MINUTES OR LESS THAT IS 99.98% LESS TIME THAN WHAT PEOPLE WERE WILLING TO WAIT 10 YEARS AGO!
  • 8. UNFORTUNATELY…Traditional Education Mediums have not kept up with this change in behavior.
  • 9. Traditional Content Strategy Assessments & QuizzesPowerPoint based content In-Class Exercises
  • 10. Traditional Content Strategy
  • 11. But, isn’t that what e-Learningis supposed to fix???
  • 12. E-Learning had greatpotential but… It has Failed to Deliver on its Promise
  • 13. Why e-Learning fails to deliver Reading replaced by Watching, Listening and Clicking Making it “Clickable” DOES NOT make it “Interactive”
  • 14. Why e-Learning fails to deliver There is ample scientific data to prove that we learn best when “Engaged” E-Learning fails to FULLY ENGAGE Learners due to lack of interactivity.
  • 15. So What’s the Answer??
  • 16. A Brave New World Use of Video Games in Education
  • 17. A Brave New World Interactive Videos
  • 18. A Brave New World Augmented Reality
  • 19. Science Fiction?
  • 20. Not Quite…..
  • 21. Another Example
  • 22. Where it all comes together SUPPLEMENTARY INTERACTIVE ENHANCE 2 CONVERT 1
  • 23. The Road AheadAs Thought Leaders and Pioneers in the Digital Education arena,Millennium Communications & Training is committed to launchAugmented Reality based training products in 2013. We believethat by merging our interactive video games and videos withtraditional print content using Augmented Reality, we will be ableto provide our clients with a true “Virtual Learning” experiencethat is both seamless and engaging.As always, we will strive to fulfill our Vision and Corporate Mission– To Enable Our Clients to Learn – Anytime, Anywhere!Sincerely,Greg BhatiaPresident – Millennium Communications &
  • 24. ContactsFor Sales Inquiries, please contact:Nitin Khanna – nitin.khanna@mcomtraining.com1-888-WHY-MCOM