Poluarea In Judetul Dolj Final[1]

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  • 1. Pollution in the Dolj County and the region of Oltenia “ Tudor Arghezi” High School Students: Paianu Andreea , Padureanu Cristina Supervising teacher: Barbulescu Anca Motto : Clean environment - healthy life ! Comenius Project “IS THERE ANYONE HEARING ME!”
  • 2. Motto : Clean environment - healthy life !
  • 3.
    • Pollution
    • The word “pollution” refers to the harmful substances left in the environment as a result of human activity. The polluted areas become dirty and unhealthy places.
    • There are different types of pollutants :
    • - biodegradable pollutants which are naturally changed by bacteria into substances that do not harm the environment
    • - non-biodegradable pollutants which are substances that harm the environment because they cannot be naturally decomposed.
  • 4. Pollution in Oltenia
    • The region of Oltenia is located in the south west
    • of Romania and is made up of the following counties:
    • Dolj
    • Gorj
    • Olt
    • Valcea
    • Mehedinti
    • According to The Romanian Agency for the
    • Protection of the Environment, there are 45 major sources of pollution in Oltenia, sources which are closely monitored by the EU. Oltenia also has two of the biggest Romanian thermo-electric power stations (Rovinari and Turceni) and a factory of heavy water (Romag Prod) which is used in the production of nuclear energy. From the point of view of the amount of production, this factory is the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world.
    • Another important source of pollution is represented by the two Power Stations located near Craiova. The most important power station is in the village of Isalnita. Life of the people living in the area is very hard because of the ash existing in the waste dumps, ash which is spread all over the village every time the wind blows.
  • 5.
    • The most important elements of the environment which are affected by pollution are:
    • The water
    • The air
    • The soil
    • Air Pollution
    • The general increase of the temperature of the world, also known as global warming, is caused by the high levels of carbon dioxide and other gases existing into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases form a layer around the earth and keep the heat in, but at the same time allow the solar radiation get into the atmosphere.
    • Due to the greenhouse effect, by the year 2010 the temperature of the world is expected to raise with 1.4 degrees Celsius up to 5.8 degrees Celsius. The increase of the temperature of the world would lead to major climate changes with disastrous consequences: changes in sea level, agricultural changes, animal and plant extinction.
    • The air pollution has negative effects on the highest layer of the atmosphere, which is called stratosphere.
  • 6. Craiova – Main sources of pollution
    • Unfortunately, the number of the sources of pollution in Craiova has constantly increased.
    • The most important sources of pollution are:
    • CET 1 Isalnita – A thermo-electric power station
    • CET 2 Simnic- Another thermo-electric Power Station
  • 7. Craiova –sources of pollution Another important source of pollution is represented by the exhaust fumes. The number of cars has dramatically increased and the fumes resulted have severe effects upon people’s health.
  • 8.
    • Water Pollution
    • The term refers to the process of making the water dangerously dirty and not suitable for people to use.
    • Major factors of water pollution:
    • industrial waters
    • chemical substances used in agriculture
    • sewage
  • 9. Soil Pollution
    • The pollution of soil refers to the accumulation of toxic chemical substances – salts, pathogenic substances, radioactive materials, etc. which can affect the life of people, animals and plants.
    • The use of chemical substances for agricultural purposes – e. g. pesticides, fungicides- kills the micro-organisms which have such an important role in maintaining the health of the soil .
    • The most important
    • pollutants
    • in Dolj County are:
    • SC. Doljchim S.A –
    • producer of chemical
    • substances
    • - The Thermo Electri c
    • Power Station -I ş alni ţ a
  • 10. Motto: Clean environment – healthy life !
  • 11. Clean environment – healthy life!
  • 12. Bibliography
    • Gheorghitoiu Maria – The Features of the Environment in Craiova
    • Ditoiu Valeria,Holban N ina- Anthropic Environmental Changes
    • Websites:
    • http://ecosapiens.ro/
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