How to Design And Deliver A Presentation
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How to Design And Deliver A Presentation



Some tips to consider while putting together and delivering a presentation

Some tips to consider while putting together and delivering a presentation



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  • First Tip is to make your cover interesting and funIt will grab the attention of the audience so that you have everyone’s attention from the beginning
  • Before even starting the presentation, have a solid outline and understanding of what you are going to be sharing
  • Use different software other than PowerpointEx: Prezi, GoAnimate, Google Docs
  • Don’t use preset templatesEveryone has seen them beore, they aren’t original or fun
  • Its ok not to have a complex background or font.Sometimes solid backgrounds and simple font get the message across better
  • Some backgrounds prove to be difficult when trying to make your text easily read.Make sure your backgrounds give room for your text to be read easily or place a simple colored box in the corner and place the text over that instead
  • Avoid lists upon listLimit the number of bullets and amount of text on each slideStick to main points, not the entire explanations
  • Don’t be afraid to make the audience laugh by adding in a funny clip or comic It relieves the tension and lightens the moodIt also draws in their attention
  • Know your materialMake sure you are confident you can answer any questionsPeople tend to zone out if you simply read off the slides
  • Know your audienceKnow what they came to see and what their interested inConsider their cultural background, relate to them, and challenge them
  • Keep your audience entertained and paying attentionBe friendly and ask for feedback and keep the audience interested
  • Pace yourself and make sure you vary your toneNo one likes listening to a monotone speakerAct like you are just having a casual conservationAlso, control your breathing
  • Leave your laser pointers and other gadgets at homeThey are distracting and unhelpful
  • Move around up front, stay loose, and control your breathingIt makes you seem more calm, collected, and comfortable
  • Keep Eye ContactLook at Your Audience DON’T STARE AT YOUR NOTES
  • Clipart and animated photos are cheesy and unprofessionalUse only real, high quality images

How to Design And Deliver A Presentation How to Design And Deliver A Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • How To: Design and Deliver a Presentation Matthew Coffey
  • Anything But Powerpoint…
  • Watch Your Backgrounds
  • Watch the Bullets!
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