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Christian Adventures Photo report Is Anything Too Big for God

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  1. 1. IS ANYTHING TOO BIG FOR GOD? Status Report Reaching 100 Regions, Republics, NationsFor Dreaming Bigger, Going Further photo report clickhere. HEADLINE STORIES • Factory Reproducing - 15 New Village Evangelism Tents! • Focus Renewed - Evangelists Energized for Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, & the Stans! • Faith Reignited for 80,000 Towns & Villages without a Gospel Witness! 4 New Villages reached in Far East! • Frontiers Reached for first time in Greece, Turkey & Armenia!
  2. 2. FACTORY REPRODUCING15 New Tents are now added to the field. 50Gospel Tents are now operational!Partners from Australia, the USA & Eurasia aremaking this Tent Factory and these new tents areality. Welders of all types, vinyl, constructionfunds, volunteer labor, ropes and many other toolsand supplies donated by friends cause outreachefforts to accelerate to new levels. New GospelTents have gone up in Tatar Stan, Dagestan,Buryatia, Southern Russia and Siberia!FOCUS RENEWEDWhat made America great were the Christianpioneers who kept going into the open lands withtheir small tents and Bibles. They did not stop atthe edge of the Atlantic Ocean. They went all theway across the great land. 100 Tent teams arecrossing into unreached villages restoring brokenlives and communities.
  3. 3. Evangelists Tatiana and Elena pack up theirGospel tent and move on to the next towns also!These young women are unmoved by difficulties,when religious authorities challenge their youththey continue preaching the "Good News" withundisturbed passion! Their lives paint the realitythat "All things are possible - only believe!"
  4. 4. FAITH REIGNITEDBelievers from over 5000 miles away come to hearDr. Kevin speak on the border of Turkey to bring amessage of Miracles and mission to the Armenianpeople - a strategic move to reignite an ancientculture to the opportunity of 300 million people ontheir borders. Read moreFRONTIER REACHEDNew Gospel tent planted in Muslim Republic ofTatar Stan for the first time! This Pastor/Evangelistis fulfilling his vision of reaching the unevangelizedTatars of his region.The Tatars are a group of Turkic people withsizable colonies in virtually every republic of theformer Soviet Union. Although most of them livearound the Volga region, others inhabit Azerbaijan,Byelorussia, the Ukraine, and the Central Asianrepublics. The Tatars speak a language that isalso called Tatar. However, in some urban areas,nearly one-third of them claim Russian as theirmother tongue. The name Tatar means "archer."The Tatars are a settled people, mostly peasantsand merchants, who have completely lost theirtraditional tribal structure. 90% of all Tatars areMuslim.
  5. 5. The Tatars have had a strong civilization ... readmoreNew Villages in the remote regions of Buryatiareached in a multi-village evangelism circuit!Tatiana tells her story, "Finally, I am at home. Wehad four children camps and evangelism events,one Tent Festival in Ulan-Udeh. The biggestdifficulty was to get to EVENK Region. All the wayto Bagdarin lots of rains destroyed bridges androads. It took us 16 hours to drive there. Wetravelled with a team of 24 in 2 villages in KabanskRegion. In Bagdarin (Evenki) 14 people on theteam and local people took part. After that I took ateam to Lake Baikal. Our greatest victory thissummer was a trip to the North (to EVENKI) that Ihad been planning for 10 years. This year wereceived permission in Bagdarin. 77 peoplereceived Jesus during 2 day event and inparticular the youth."
  6. 6. New crowds gather in the big tent in Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan. 4000 people gather in the city centerto hear Evangelist Talas!After multiple civil uprisings and crucialgovernmental changes the believers gather againto evangelize and share testimonies of what Godis doing in their land! The Gospel tent is on theMOVE AGAIN!
  7. 7. New Countries like Greece receive their 1stEvangelists from the 100 Tent Project conductingstreet ministry, training local teams and preparingfor future outreaches. Evangelists from Belarus,Russia, and Bulgaria make the several-weekjourney to minister in Bulgaria and Greece! Seemore photos here.
  8. 8. 40 New Programs Recorded for Indian TelevisionAs the tents go up all across Eurasia, Kevin andLeslie prepare for the next Evangelists TrainingSeminar to be held in December via webinar. Evenas this is happening Christian Adventures isstrategically planning for entry into the regions ofIndia representing 1.2 Billion people!The Tent ministry was birthed in much adversityand not without great difficulty. Just a handful ofpartners and pastors believed it could be a reality!It took 3 years to acquire the initial Gospel tents,trucks, generators, and gospel materials, and trainthe initial evangelists! NOW we are focused onthe launch of Indian TV with a soul-winningprogram. Christian Adventures wont be deterred!Our partners will once again arise to the task ofexpanding to yet another continent!Thank you for going with us! We know great thingsare birthed when we press in together to completethe vision God has mandated! Check out the fullstory on India in the photo report.In 1996, the Lord said I am sending you to India -wait!! NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT FOR INDIA!
  9. 9. The Gospel Video below is a reminder that theHarvests Fields are ripe! AND YOU ARE MAKINGTHIS ADVENTURE A REALITY! TOGETHER WEARE A WINNING TEAM FOR CHRIST!OUR CHRISTIAN ADVENTURE CONTINUES.Click here to watch Gospel Video THREE SHIRTSFriends,Over the weekend I had this inspiration to toss outsome of my clothing. That does not happen veryoften so I thought I better act.After I tossed out 3 shirts I started to think whywould I pick those particular three?The first one was a beautiful blue floral shirt thatwas a favorite of mine but every time I wore itsomebody would comment on the pencil hole inthe upper left hand corner. I picked it becauseothers could not see the beauty, only the hole.There might be some things in your life thatdistract from the beauty and the only solution is toget rid of them. TOSS IT OUT.The second shirt was more.Kevin and LeslieTo unsubscribe, please click here.McNulty Ministries, 1918 S. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Bch, FL 32115