Happy thanksgiving from the mcnulty ministries


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Happy thanksgiving from the mcnulty ministries flyer

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Happy thanksgiving from the mcnulty ministries

  1. 1. One of the things we are most grateful for here at Christian Adventures is having wonderful partnerslike you!What really turns on a heart to give thanks? Seeing Jesus in the middle of the answer and knowing itcould not have happened without someone elses help. If we look tall and our accomplishments lookgreat it is because Jesus has lifted us up and exposed us to the best of people, experience andpartners.Do we have any idea the real potent capabilities many of us have because of the exposure wereceive to new ideas or the necessity for change that is required because of new societal or economicpressures? I often think of the many subjects I touch on in just one day of business here at theministry. It is amazing to see how much business management, understanding of law, use of socialmedia, leading of teams, and inspiration are required to move an organization forward. We have beenreferred to as those missionaries but when I look at the wealth of knowledge we have gleaned indealing with international governments, cultures, business executives, border controls, shipping andcontract law I am amazed that this preacher doesnt run an international fortune 500 company.Partners, together we are doing big kingdom business! This is not an individual missionary effort.Together we are empowering a global network of evangelists, ministers and thousands of individualdreams.
  2. 2. To each one of our partners we say hats off! Collectively we are a team of highly qualified GODEXECUTIVES who not only possess practical knowledge and wisdom but, we are on the mostimportant team in the earth. We are on the team that is bringing in the most important grand slam ofthe century. We are pursuing new avenues for the propagation of the BEST NEWS ever recorded inHISTORY! JESUS IS ALIVE AND HE DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU!As we reflect upon this upcoming Thanksgiving we say thank you for being a part of this GLOBALNETWORK OF EVANGELISTIC, BUSINESS-ORIENTED, MIRACLE CHANGE MAKERS! You mightsay... Who is that? THATS YOU AND ME. Why can I say that? Because if God had any smarterpeople he would use them but He doesnt. He just has YOU AND ME, people who have said yes toHis call and yes to His purposes. This Thanksgiving take a moment and reflect upon this mostimportant role you have embraced in the earth today!Enjoy this little confession sheet "My Miracle Life Purpose" and the video clip entitled "Read the BibleDifferently". I trust they will inspire you to believe on the person He has created you to be! MEASURE RIGHTAll who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and willreceive what they have asked and desired. Martin LutherFriends,We share with you what we share with masses when we minister around the world.We want all of you to see answers to your prayers. We want all of you to see your needs met anddesires fulfilled just as God has breathed these thoughts into a written Scripture that we all can read.How is it accomplished? We believe that when we make the right measurement of the 2 key
  3. 3. ingredients we will always see the answer. Those two ingredients are FAITH and GRACE. The wayyou got into this kingdom is the way you receive all from it. India, Madurai, Miracle Life EventFor by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift ofGod, not of works, lest anyone should boast. Ephesians 2:8Faith is access to the undeserved, unmerited favor of God that we call Grace. Grace is the unlimited,overflowing provision of God for Humanity. It is demonstrated when He gave His most precious gift,Jesus, God in the Flesh, to humanity. Faith is absolutely needed but it is not the main ingredient.Love favors humanity and provides for it. Faith is the accelerant that releases that provision. It doesnot create the provision.When we stand in front of masses of people without knowledge of God’s plan and provision wesimply believe He will respond with Miracles to their simplest request if it is as small as a mustardseed. Why? Because it is through the abundance of Grace and gift of Righteousness that we reign inthis world.
  4. 4. Focus right, mix your ingredients right and you will get the right results you have been looking for. Our Christian Adventure continues! Happy Thanksgiving! We are eternally your friends in the Harvest! Kevin and Leslie