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Project #1

  1. 1. Project #1 Kendra McNeil Intro to Digital Media Art 74
  2. 2. Rags Media Collection • Opus (Open Platform for Unlimited Signification) is a platform for sharing creative work. • Artist can submit their work as sore file; which can be images, video, audio, text, and software code. • OPUS is an on-line repository for sharing creative work. • Artists submit their own original source files to media objects within the system which can include images, video, audio, text and software code. OPUS (Open Platform for Unlimited Signification) is an online digital commons for sharing • Artists can then produce what Raqs Media creative work, and an example of an Collective calls Rescensions by remixing or altering important genre of New Media art?projects these sources and submitting the new works back that create an environment where artists into OPUS. submit their work and, in doing so, contribute to a larger gesamtkunstwerk of sorts. A • Each media object is tagged and tracked in OPUS complex and ambitious project with utopian as metadata that can be searched by keywords and aspirations, OPUS encourages artists and descriptions - much like a Google search. authors to upload their own original source files to appropriate media objects found • OPUS is modeled after open source software within the system (including images, video, development - it is a platform where artists can audio, text, and software code). collaborate and share their work.
  3. 3. Be Careful What You Post Online • Social networking on sites like Facebook, By David Gregorio Twitter and YouTube is really taking off. What you have to remember is what NEW YORK (Reuters) - People concerned about you post on these sites could cost you a their careers should be extra careful about job someday. what they post on the Internet during a recession, career counselors say. • Social networking is a great way to get Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and connected, stay connected and other venues present numerous communicate with friends and family. opportunities to sabotage your hunt for a job or promotion at a time when employers can • Many people post very personal things afford to be picky. "With social media, you about themselves that could effect the can be vapid, boring and annoying with way they are viewed by a potential alarming frequency," Patricia Vaccarino, employer. owner of a Seattle public relations firm, warned clients in a newsletter. Vaccarino said many of her Facebook friends have • Be very careful of the pictures you post posted "in great detail about their and the pictures friends post of you. colonoscopies, dead teeth pulled, dead dogs, flatulence, adult acne, marital • What you post online is like a public breakups, battles with mental illnesses and record - so think before you post. drinking problems."
  4. 4. Futuristic Japanese Car’s • Electric cars with many new and exciting features. • Pivo 2 – You never have to parallel park or back out of a parking space again. • Honda’s Puyo – Is made out of soft silicon material that helps protect pedestrians. • Suzuki – You get three for the price of one.
  5. 5. Apple Tablet - iPad • Apple recently announced the iPad. SAN FRANCISCO — Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the biggest nonsecret in the tech world Wednesday — a multimedia tablet computer named the iPad — • It is amazing and will be a great product to yet still managed to surprise his audience with the own. low price of the latest creation from the iconic Cupertino company. The magazine-thin tablet, • You can surf the web, watch a movie, or which starts at $499, is a full-color e-reader, game read a book, magazine or newspaper. device and video player all in one that some analysts say could create a new and lucrative product line for a company with a track record for • All the applications designed for the iPhone transforming consumer technology. run on the iPad. • It only weights 1.5 pounds and it's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. • As a student this would be a great alternative to a laptop at school. You could take notes, have e-Textbooks and do research on-line. • No more 50 pound backpacks to lug around.