The Musical Medium

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  • 1. The Musical Medium - Media Assignment Directions: In groups of 3 – 4 you will answer all of the questions below, and to complete the mind map. Your group will hand in one assignment. All names that are attached will receive that mark. All answers can be in point form. Please be neat. This assignment will be handed in today before you leave. 1. What is the purpose of music? How does it affect us as people? (list 5 points) 2. How do you think music began? How did it get started? Why do you think it began? (list 5 points) 3. Describe the kind of music that your grandparents (and/or their generation) listen (ed) to. Name some artists and or songs. (List 3 points) 4. Describe the kind of music that your parents (and/or their generation) listen (ed) to. Name some artists and or songs. (List 3 points) 5. Describe the different kinds of music (genres) that your generation listens to. Do not worry if your list is longer than you thought it would be. (List at least 8 points) 6. Who are (at this point) the defining musical icons for teenagers of your age group? (The bands do not have to be teenagers) List three and give reasons as to why they are important. As well, for each of them, in one to two sentences describe the message that they promote. Do you agree with this message? Why or why not? (3 Icons, 3 points each = 12 Points) 7. Create a mind map on musical genres. Place Musical Genres in a circle in the middle of the page. From this circle extend branches out to list the different genres. From this point, circle the genres and extend branches out from the genre and describe different ideas that you know about the genres. This could include songs, artists, culture, ideas, politics, socio-economic backgrounds that create the musical culture. (16 Marks) As a group, be prepared to share your ideas with the class. Total /50