Best Buy Enterprise Leadership Team


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Best Buy Enterprise Leadership Team

  1. 1. The Connected World<br />Enterprise Leadership Team<br />
  2. 2. “<br /> Last summer, we launched the Path to the Connected World to position the enterprise for our next era of growth – an era in which we will operate as a globally-integrated enterprise, providing high-value connectivity products and services to consumers around the world.<br />One key change we identified from the beginning was the need for a regional structure - with focused leadership and operations for the Americas, Europe and Asia - each supported by global capabilities. <br />We are now ready to move to that structure.<br />-- Brian J. Dunn<br /> CEO, Best Buy<br />”<br />
  3. 3. Americas<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />Global Capabilities<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />Information Technology<br />Global Web<br />
  4. 4. Americas<br /><ul><li> Joined Best Buy in 1993 as assistant store manager. Promoted to GM and territory level leadership positions.
  5. 5. Held corporate leadership roles in HR, legal and customer R&D.
  6. 6. Named executive vice president of retail channels (U.S. stores,, customer call centers) in 2007.</li></ul>Shari Ballard<br />President, Americas – Enterprise EVP<br /><ul><li> Joined Best Buy in 2004 as senior vice president and GM of home solutions.
  7. 7. Spent 23 years at Sony, serving in several leadership roles, finally as executive vice president.
  8. 8. Named executive vice president of Customer Operating Group in 2008.</li></ul>Mike Vitelli<br />President, Americas – Enterprise EVP<br />
  9. 9. Americas<br />Shari Ballard and Mike Vitelli will jointly lead the Americas as President, Americas – Enterprise EVP, and will jointly share leadership responsibility for the U.S. <br />Shari will assume oversight of Mexico, with Eduardo Fabregatreporting to her, and Mike will assume oversight of Canada, with Mike Pratt reporting to him. This approach allows each country to receive focused, tailored support from the enterprise.<br />Shari and Mike will keep their current U.S. responsibilities, leveraging the capabilities of the officers reporting to them – Shari overseeing U.S. stores,, customer call centers, and Business Customer Group; and Mike leading the U.S. Customer Solutions Group (CSG), Exclusive Brands, and Global Merchant Capability. <br />“I'm confident that Shari’s and Mike's unique experiences, values-based approach and complimentary skill sets - which have served the U.S. business so well - will be of great benefit to the teams in Mexico and Canada.” – Brian J. Dunn. <br />Shari Ballard<br />President, Americas – Enterprise EVP<br />Mike Vitelli<br />President, Americas – Enterprise EVP<br />
  10. 10. Americas<br />Now reporting to Shari:<br />U.S. <br />BEST BUY <br />STores<br /><br />Mexico<br />Business customer group<br />CUSTOMER CALL CENTERS<br />Shari Ballard<br />President Americas – Enterprise EVP<br />Eduardo Fabregat<br />Now reporting to Mike:<br />Customer Solutions Group<br />Global Merchant<br />Capability<br />EXCLUSIVE BRANDS<br />Canada<br />Mike Pratt<br />Mike Vitelli<br />President Americas – Enterprise EVP<br />
  11. 11. Americas<br />Asia<br />Europe<br />Global Capabilities<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />Information Technology<br />Global Web<br />
  12. 12. Europe<br />Scott Wheway<br />CEO Best Buy Europe<br />Scott Wheway, CEO of Best Buy Europe, will continue to lead the joint venture between Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse, reporting to the joint venture board. <br />“I have been very impressed with the knowledge, expertise and depth of experience Scott and the Carphone Warehouse team have demonstrated throughout our partnership, and I’m confident in Paul Antoniadis and the Best Buy Europe team’s ability to bring the Best Buy customer experience to the important European marketplace.” – Brian J. Dunn.<br />
  13. 13. Europe<br />Now reporting to Scott:<br />Carphone warehouse<br />Best buy <br />Branded Operations<br />Andrew Harrison<br />Paul Antoniadis<br />Scott Wheway<br />CEO Best Buy Europe<br />Scott’s leadership team includes Andrew Harrison, who is responsible for the 2,488 Carphone Warehouse stores in nine countries, and Paul Antoniadis who is responsible for the launch of the Best Buy brand (physical stores and online) in Europe. The first Best Buy store in the U.K. opens this springin Thurrock, 15 miles east of London.<br />
  14. 14. Americas<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />Global Capabilities<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />Information Technology<br />Global Web<br />
  15. 15. aSIA<br />Kal Patel<br />President Asia – Enterprise EVP<br />Kal Patel will lead Best Buy’s business in Asia as President Asia – Enterprise EVP. Kal has a strong point of view and a great deal of passion around Best Buy’s opportunity in the Eastern hemisphere, and he believes strongly in the power and effectiveness of local leadership. Kal will continue to champion growth platforms globally.<br />“I know Kal will nurture and guide Best Buy’s brand development in Shanghai, and help accelerate Five Star’s already impressive three-year run of aggressive growth. And I know he’s excited to help the team in Turkey build on its impressive launch and early performance.” – Brian J. Dunn.<br />
  16. 16. aSIA<br />Now reporting to Kal:<br />Five Star<br />Best Buy China<br />Best Buy Turkey<br />Kal Patel<br />President Asia – Enterprise EVP<br />Joseph Cheng Nicolas Wang<br />David Sisson<br />Ruşen Kopmaz<br />Kal’s responsibilities include the Five Star and Best Buy brands as well as our Best Buy operations in Turkey. Now reporting to Kal are Joseph Cheng and Nicolas Wang of Five Star; Moe Amirie, partnering with Joseph and Nicolas on the Five Star strategy; David Sisson, serving as country manager of the Best Buy brand in Shanghai; and Ruşen Kopmaz, president of Turkey. <br />
  17. 17. Americas<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />Global Capabilities<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />Information Technology<br />Global Web<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />
  18. 18. Enterprise Capabilities<br />Tim Sheehan<br />Chief Administrative Officer – Enterprise EVP<br />Tim Sheehan will move into a new role overseeing key global capabilities as Chief Administrative Officer – Enterprise EVP. Tim continues to have responsibility for Enterprise Retail Operations, as well as Supply Chain, Services, Global Business Services, and Enterprise Information Protection. <br />“Tim has a wealth of experience building and integrating key functions within Best Buy, and has developed a sharp perspective on where we need to centralize functions and where we must be locally differentiated. I believe he is uniquely suited to be successful in this challenging and critical role.” – Brian J. Dunn.<br />
  19. 19. Enterprise Capabilities<br />Now reporting to Tim:<br />Global Business Services<br />Supply Chain<br />ENTERPRISE Retail Operations<br />John Valente<br />TBA - Open<br />George Sherman<br />Dan Currie<br />Current Team<br />Tim Sheehan<br />Chief Administrative Officer – Enterprise EVP<br />Services<br />Enterprise information protection<br />
  20. 20. Americas<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />Global Capabilities<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />Information Technology<br />Global Web<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />
  21. 21. Human Resources & Legal<br />Carol Surface<br />Chief Human Resource Officer – Enterprise EVP<br />Carol Surface, whose arrival was announced on Wednesday, Feb. 17, is the new Chief Human Resource Officer – Enterprise EVP. Carol is responsible for global HR and Legal functions. She is a 20-year industry veteran who most recently was a senior vice president of HR for PepsiCo International, working out of their Dubai office. <br />“Carol’s global experience and proven track record make her an ideal fit for Best Buy and I’m thrilled that she shares our fundamental belief that the real secret to Best Buy’s success is its people. Her first official day with Best Buy is March 1.” – Brian J. Dunn.<br />
  22. 22. Americas<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />Global Capabilities<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />Information Technology<br />Global Web<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />
  23. 23. Finance and Enterprise Marketing<br /><ul><li>Joined Best Buy in 2002, after 10 years with Pillsbury.
  24. 24. Named senior vice president and U.S. chief financial officer (CFO) in 2006.
  25. 25. Named executive vice president and enterprise CFO in 2008.</li></ul>Jim Muehlbauer<br />Chief Finance Officer – Enterprise EVP<br /><ul><li>Joined Best Buy 1999, after serving as vice president of marketing for Caribou Coffee.
  26. 26. Helped launch in 2000.
  27. 27. Named chief marketing officer (CMO) in 2008, executive vice president and CMO in 2009.</li></ul>Barry Judge<br />Chief Marketing Officer – Enterprise EVP<br />
  28. 28. Finance and Enterprise Marketing<br />Jim Muehlbauer and Barry Judge have begun working to transform finance and marketing, respectively, into global capabilities. Jim will continue to oversee finance, international legal and corporate development, and play an instrumental role in building the strategic five-year plan, our roadmap to continued growth. <br />Barry will oversee the development and work of the new Consumer Insights Unit (CIU), formed out of our Path work, which will enable us to more effectively gather and benefit from information about what consumers want from us. <br />“All of our regions and countries will rely heavily on Jim’s and Barry’s critical enterprise leadership as we move into this exciting chapter of our company’s story.” – Brian J. Dunn.<br />Jim Muehlbauer<br />Chief Finance Officer – Enterprise EVP<br />Barry Judge<br />Chief Marketing Officer – Enterprise EVP<br />
  29. 29. Americas<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />Global Capabilities<br />Global Web<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />Information Technology<br />Global Web<br />Information Technology<br />
  30. 30. IT & Global Web<br /><ul><li>Prior to joining Best Buy in 2008, spent 18 years with Accenture as a senior partner in the global retail practice.
  31. 31. Leading work to establish a global IT infrastructure to support Best Buy’s growth.</li></ul>Neville Roberts<br />Chief Information Officer – Enterprise SVP<br /><ul><li>Joined Best Buy in 1988.
  32. 32. Directed work to develop Best Buy services business, and led Best Buy’s acquisition of Geek Squad in 2002.
  33. 33. Most recently served as president, International Retail.</li></ul>Sean Skelley<br />Enterprise SVP<br />
  34. 34. IT & Global Web<br />Neville Roberts will oversee the development of the IT infrastructure and systems we need to support our growth around the world. <br />“Neville’s experience and expertise in building and managing IT systems for global retail organizations will be invaluable to us as we deliver the Connected World.” Brian J. Dunn.<br />Sean Skelley, who most recently has served as president, International Retail, has been asked to help build out the Global Web strategy, launched as part of the Path program, until a Global Web leader is named. That position remains open. <br />“Sean brings great background and skills to this work given his recent international work, his prior contributions building our Services capability and his distinctive point of view on the ‘Connected World.’” – Brian J. Dunn.<br />Neville Roberts<br />Chief Information Officer – Enterprise SVP<br />Sean Skelley<br />Enterprise SVP<br />
  35. 35. Operations and foundation<br />Operations<br />Foundation<br /><ul><li>Joined Best Buy in 1987, and advanced from store cashier to district operations.
  36. 36. Named regional operations manager in 2000.
  37. 37. Currently responsible for primary support to the CEO.</li></ul>Stacy Webb<br />VP, Business Planning & Operations<br /><ul><li>Founded the Best Buy Children’s Foundation in 1994, and serves as the president of its board of trustees.
  38. 38. Established the Best Buy Charity Classic.
  39. 39. Previously served as SVP, Communications and chief communications officer.</li></ul>Susan Hoff<br />Founder, Chairman & CEO -<br />Best Buy Children’s Foundation<br />
  40. 40. Operations and foundation<br />Operations<br />Foundation<br />Stacy Webb will continue to serve as vice president of business planning and operations for Best Buy, responsible for providing primary support to the CEO in management, communications, executive reporting and strategy definition.<br />“Stacy has a gift for navigating the complexity of the enterprise and moving critical initiatives forward. She has the unique ability to see the big picture while simultaneously managing multiple priorities within our overall strategy.”<br />- Brian J. Dunn.<br />Susan Hoff will continue in her role as CEO & Chairman of the Best Buy Children’s Foundation, with responsibility for the company’s philanthropic activities. <br />“Susan has helped grow the Best Buy Children’s Foundation into what is today. Susan makes a tremendous difference, and helps Best Buy make a difference - in times of celebration and in times of need.” – Brian J. Dunn.<br />Stacy Webb<br />VP, Business Planning & Operations<br />Susan Hoff<br />Founder, Chairman & CEO<br />Best Buy Children’s Foundation<br />
  41. 41. Brian J. Dunn, CEO<br />STACY WEBB<br />SUSAN HOFF<br />ShariBallard<br />Mike Vitelli<br />Scott Wheway<br />Kal Patel<br />Americas<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />Global Capabilities<br />Enterprise Capabilities<br />Human Resources & Legal<br />Finance<br />Enterprise Marketing<br />Information Technology<br />Global Web<br />Carol Surface<br />Tim Sheehan<br />JimMuehlbauer<br />Barry Judge<br />Neville Roberts<br />TBA-OPEN<br />
  42. 42. “I have said, and I truly believe, that the work we’ve begun to expand our reach globally and deliver the Connected World to customers around the world will be the most challenging – and most tremendously rewarding – undertaking in the history of this company. <br />With this leadership team in place, I am confident of the success ahead of us. I look forward to continuing this journey with you.”<br /> -- Brian J. Dunn<br />
  43. 43. The Connected World<br />Enterprise Leadership Team<br />